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Now booking sessions in Tampa, FL – Orlando Florida  [email protected] About me: I’m an international beauty pageant Queen, veteran editorial model, and now fetish model. I’ve been modeling professionally but have dove head first into the fetish world.  I must say that I just fell in love with the fetish world and learning all there is to it. I’m 5’8, 125 lbs, size 2 , 34DD. I am extremely fetish friendly and always eager to learn what I don’t know ;). I also have some interesting fetishes myself.  I can’t wait to share them with you and learn all about yours as well. All you have to do is contact me and share your ideas so I can bring them to life... ... Continue Reading

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Hello! Welcome to my page! Things you need to know about me. I’m super laid back, down-to-earth, bubbly, and natural.  I started out working out at the YMCA when I was 13. I was a cheerleader for over 13 years and a gymnast for 8 years before that.  I’m a professional natural body builder in IPE women’s physique in 2016 and currently pursuing figure in NPC. I have practiced muay thai, kick boxing, boxing on the side for 5 years. So I know how to strike, punch  and whoop some ass. Or we can go the other route and watch me flex and admire my decent abs and glutes, and/or massage my super tight body. I’m open to a lot of things, just looking for a good time.... ... Continue Reading

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  • anji666
  • 714 days ago

MNewby9201 08/13/2021 Had my first session with anyone ever with Goddess Anji earlier this summer. I was nervous, but she was wonderful at making me feel at ease. As for the session itself, it was fun and informative. Not only did she dominate me proverbial pillar to post, but she also taught me one or two basic moves I could take home with me. I was able to squirm out of perhaps slightly more than she was expecting, but I never stood a chance of actually winning 😜 Seriously, if you are a guy new to sessioning an unsure what to expect, Anji is an all-around recommendation. Easy to find, easy to work with/talk to.... Easy on the eyes Kcplease1 01/20/2020 Anji is the best session I’ve had. And I’ve sessioned with some of the best. I love the strong skilled women that exists on this site, but I’m not one to just let a session wrestler win. Not only did I not let Anji win, I didn’t get a single submission. And I’m no pushover when it comes to grappling. The first kill took a while for Anji to secure. We struggled back and forth. I was on the defensive most of the time, thwarting submission attempts. Finally, Anji caught me in a modified triangle of some sort. She didn’t squeeze to finish right away. Anji amped up the pressure incrementally until she left me a drooling mess in her triangle choke, belly-down, too weak to tap. Anji thankfully let go before I drifted off to dreamland. After the first fall, I tried my hardest to get a submission. One time, I started off on the attack as Anji played guard. I tried to use my strength and size to bully her a little. Anji left with my right arm as a souvenir after applying a slick straight arm bar submission. The more we rolled the more she got use to my defense, and each subsequent submission sunk me deeper into subspace as I realized...I couldn’t beat her. During one of the last competitive falls Anji held me down from side-control as I tried to escape. I flopped around like a fish out of water attempting to escape, but Anji calmly held me in position until I gave in. I stopped moving, and she finally finished me with an Americana. At that point, I had nothing left, I was hers as she had her way with me. She tossed me around like a rag doll. She cranked my shoulder from mount, successfully claiming both my arms( in case you lost count) and left shoulder as hers. Anji stretched me out in a bone-cracking grapevine. Talked about how she could break me as she held me in a tight bodyscissor. Oh yeah, and she put me to bed with a rear-naked-choke. Like Anji told me before our session, tap or nap. She let go as soon as I went out, and it’s something I told her was okay before our session. She made sure to nurse me back to health as I regained my senses. The biggest thing I got from Anji was a sense of how sweet of a being she is. She’s nice, thoughtful, and a true martial artist. Between rolls we talked about Jiu-jitsu technique, Buddhist philosophy, her background in Colombia, you name it. She also gifted me some books on finding flow, and the middle path. During our session we went well over the two hour limit. It was so amazing that I did another two hour session a few days later. Anji is the real deal and I doubt you will find a better session. She’s the best session I’ve had, and it would be an honor to do it again. Reply anji 01/23/2020 Thank you for your visit, I enjoyed your company as well. Hope to see you again in the near future. Best wishes, Anji Reply flexing_danny_deleted 07/24/2019 Anji is true professional. She our session was very competitive even she came out on top. She is beautiful and skilled and more powerful than she. If you want a hard grappling lesson book with. I want a rematch lol Reply anji 07/26/2019 Thank you Danny ! It was a fun match, specially the "secret and private" last 15 minutes ;) we will re-match when you feel ready :) Reply Anonymous 04/13/2019 I have been doing sessions since the 90’s and Anji is like no other. I’m into this because getting dominated and beat up by women is a fantasy of mine. In reality, I’m bigger and stronger than most people. All the women I’ve sessioned with beat me because I let them. Until now. It wasn’t long into our session that I realized that Anji could kick my ass in a real fight. I have no desire to have a real fight with any woman, for the record. This experience was very humbling and very exhilarating all at the same time as my fantasy became a reality. I should also note that Anji is half my size. She is one of the nicest session girls I’ve ever met. Reply Anonymous 02/22/2019 I have had several competitive wrestling sessions with women who offer competitive sessions, but Anji is one of the elite wrestlers in the session industry. She is incredibly strong, has amazing BJJ knowledge and technical skill and is a wonderful person. I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to BJJ or has more love for the art of grappling. I wrestled for six years in high school and have a blue belt in BJJ, but I’m no match for Anji. When we grapple it’s just a matter of time before she submits me with one of her signature submissions, something that occurs several times every session. Of course, I’m just fine with that because I’m well aware that Anji is a five-time BJJ World Master Champion (three times in her weight division and two times in the open division). I’ve learned a lot from Anji because she’s always willing to give advice on various techniques, and due to her high skill level I always feel perfectly safe when we session. Anji is interesting to talk to because she’s very knowledgeable about the history and competitors in the BJJ and MMA world, as well as many other subjects. However, one of the things I appreciate most about Anji is her character. She is a caring, gentle, respectful and strong person. If you decide to have a competitive wrestling session with Anji, be aware that unless you’re a seasoned black belt, you will probably not be able to beat her (yes, she has submitted some black belts). Of course, Anji is quite happy to tone down the intensity and have other than competitive sessions. I highly recommend that if you are interested in grappling with a top notch female grappler, you should not pass up the opportunity to contact and set up a session with Anji. You will be happy that you did. Reply anji 02/23/2019 Thank you for the wonderful review ! I am glad you enjoyed the sessions. Hug, Anji Reply Anonymous 01/12/2019 I met her in last summer, she personally traveled to Alabama just for me and we did a boxing session. Her skills off the charts!! She is planning on coming back in a couple of months, can't wait get beat down by the nice and beautiful lady!! Reply Royhermano9 11/16/2018 Anji welcomed me outside her house wearing a Gi with her bjj purple belt, and when we entered her house i was amazed- her house is a shrine for fighting. A lot of medals, photos, pictures of Anji with many famous fighters, and in the background there was UFC 230 running on an Apple TV. Anji breathes, eats and sleeps fighting and sports. We discussed about the session, and her conduct is so graceful and unpretentious , you see from the get go that it’s very important for her to understand what the client wants and to make the session the best experience for him. So I knew I was getting into a fight with a real fighter, I thought that my size can gain me some advantage. But when she took off her Gi and switched to her session gear (bikini bottom and sports bra), I knew that it was over. She’s thick and massive in both her arms and legs, and she definitely had more muscle than me. We armwrestled for a draw in both hands, and then the onslaught began. Anji had a tremendous core strength, and A few seconds after We began wrestling I was on the ground and she starting bending me into various shapes -I Became a pretzel, then an arch, and all kinds of shapes and forms. My arm became some sort of liquid, bent in all shapes and forms but professionally and not inflicting injury. There was no way for me to counter it, as I don’t have even 0.1% of Anji’s knowledge in fighting. And then the scissors came, and no way to last in them for more then a few seconds. Anji did not hesitate to add more dominating/fantasy holds such as facesitting, hand smothering , and she’s able to smother with her body too. I think that skill wise, Anji belongs to the Veve’s and Sheena’s elite group of the session wrestlers. Anji has size advantage over most of those wrestlers, and the fact that she dedicates her life to fighting, would make her a very tough opponent to each one of the best wrestlers. The session continued with her dominating me in every possible way.the variety of holds and position is absolutely vast. Like I said, Anji is one of the most unpretentious and lovely session wrestlers out there. We fought and fought and then I took a look at the clock and we were way passed the time agreed for the session! I have had sessions before when we continued to wrestle beyond time, but with Anji it was as if she’s not even aware of the clock , just having fun destroying a big man who is clueless about fighting. There are many session wrestlers who make you feel that they have fun just like you do, but with Anji I knew she was REALLY having fun. I also felt that money is secondary to her, having the ability to show her fighting skills and her knowledge was very important to her as well. She has a very interesting take on life, and she views fighting as some kind of spiritual way to experience life. I enjoyed not only our session but also talking to Anji and ofcourse her conduct and personality. The only concern for me is that her generosity can be exploited by the bad clients, but so far she is happy with sessions and she has some regulars already. I’m sure that if I was living in Los Angeles I would have become a regular as well. So if anyone wants to be with a true fighter, and a very interesting lady - Anji would have to be one of your top choices. Reply 08/05/2018 All the other reviews are true! I wrestled Anji last week and it was ridiculously tough! She's stronger than she looks, and she spent more than a decade practicing her fighting techniques. This woman will knock you OUT! She says she's old at the top of the profile, but imo she looked exactly like her pictures when I saw her. If you're into competitive mixed wrestling, I highly recommend Anji. She can knock you out, she can smother you, and she can make you tap from pretty much any position. She's also a really nice person in general. Apparrently, she just started offering sessions this year and she's doing it to raise money to enter more BJJ competitions or something. That's pretty cool! If you liked any of the other reviews, then take this one as a solid endorsement that they're true. You should get off sessiongirls and book a match with her now! Reply 05/31/2018 Anji is a fantastic newcomer on the scene. She definitely isn't new to Grappling or wrestling though as she is very highly skilled. Easily at the top as far as skill and knowledge go of many holds she can use to make you submit. She also can very easily do the more fantasy type stuff and take it more easy on you if that is what you are into, The session I had was more of a fantasy type session where I would resist a little but would not really go on the offensive( even if I wanted to I doubt I would of got one submission on her). Before the session I told her my Favorite hold was the Rear Naked Choke and she had the best one I have ever been put in.There wasn't really any pain and she put the pressure on slowly until I had to tap. She even kept me locked in it for a few minutes while she had her legs around my body so there there was no where for me to go and switched back and forth between her right and left arm. Absolutely amazing! Also put me in scissor holds, smothers, arm bars, face sitting, triangles, figure four head scissors and many more holds! Easily one of the best and most fun sessions I have ever had and will definitely be going back for repeat sessions. On top of everything else she is not a clock watcher and you can tell she enjoys everything that has to do with grappling/wrestling! Thanks a lot for the amazing session Anji! Reply 05/12/2018 Based partially on the previous review, I booked a session with Anji. I didn't see how she could possibly be as excellent as previously described, but to my surprise and delight, I was totally wrong. She is every bit as good as she is made out to be in the previous review. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an exigent session with a highly skilled fighter. VANTIM Reply 02/07/2018 Anji is a bright new star on the mixed wrestling scene, and perhaps the most technically skilled and serious grappler to come along in a long time. Look at her pics and website and realize this girl is no joke to international BJJ and Grappling competitions, including winning a world masters champion in BJJ. Wrestle her and realize for yourself. Unless you have some years of formal training in BJJ or even amateur wrestling, prepare to lose. She is that good. I've wrestled both VeVe and Yasmin, among others, and her skill level is easily comparable, if not more advanced. I met her at her place, where she has a wonderful setup of mats and an air conditioned room for wrestling, surrounded by her own artwork and paintings. The drive is about 25 minutes from downtown LA in a quiet town nestled up against the San Gabriel mountains, and when you come into her home, you realize how different this beautiful women is, both with her passion for competition but also with a zen like spiritually and tradition of the martial arts and life in general. She greeted me with a black Gi but wrestled in a bikini bottom and sports bra. When you see her without the Gi, you realize how strong she is (both arms and legs), and also how beautiful and sexy she is with long flowing black hair and sparkling eyes. She gave me the option to start standing up, but I chose being on my knees. I made every effort early on to gain some advantage but simply couldn’t break through her guard, or gain an upper hand. At times, she let me gain an advantage only to reverse me in a split second and tie me up in a variety of holds or locks. She will definitely tailor the match to your level and can certainly wrestle in the more traditional sense, using various scissors, pins, and even smothers (which she is very good at). Eventually my endurance waned and I spent the last quarter of the match on my back with Anji employing a number of sexy pins and smothers that I would say was more fantasy wrestling than competitive – at that point I couldn’t go any harder and realized my fate. I also never felt rushed and at ease throughout the whole match. I can’t recommend Anji enough, but if you want to engage her, do so with the utmost respect and courtesy and don’t try and take advantage of her. That could prove to be very dangerous, given her lethal abilities in martial arts. You will not be disappointed at the experience! Anji is truly an incredible new addition to the world of session wrestling and highly recommended.

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  • soles_scream
  • 717 days ago

I have had the pleasure of shooting with Phoenix a few months ago. She provided a seamless booking process and got along splendidly with the talent she had just met on site. She was shoot ready upon arrival too. She's a true professional in every respect. A scary situation out of her control happened (not COVID related) a few days prior to our shoot that many models would understandably cancel a shoot over. However, she assured me that she was fine, and even turned down the opportunity to receive a prepayment for a shoot at a future day. She assured me that she'd be ready to go on shoot day. The day came, she showed up on time and did everything we needed her to do. I recommend her for both shoots and sessions 100%

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  • smoothsha
  • 719 days ago

She does not respond back to emails.

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Nova is a professionally trained dominatrix, fetishist, and martial artist with years of experience. She is sessioning out of Philadelphia. Nova is experienced in various styles: Krav Maga, boxing, MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai. Over 8 years of professional BDSM training. Nova offers:  Fantasy wrestling & role play Pins & cuddling Sensual Deep Tissue Body Rub Various scissorholds Chokes, KOs, and one-sided beatdowns Smothering & Breath Play Trampling CBT & ballbusting Foot worship, domination, and sensual tease.  Sensory play One-sided semi-competitive boxing Deep tissue body rub Bondage Impact Play Discipline training Tease &... ... Continue Reading

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  Email me with your city and state in the subject line. The main fetish you’re interested in should be in the first sentence of the email. Please also include a list of limits or limitations I should be aware of. [email protected] Follow my Onlyfans to ask me questions that DO NOT pertain to a session, see daily updates and more! – I am a professional fetish model with over  3years of experience in helping others explore fetishes/kinks  they are curious about. I’ve been a heel/top/domme to many and a submissive/jobber to a select few. I’m based in Oklahoma, but I travel all of the USA for work. ✈️🚙Touring Next: May... ... Continue Reading

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Hello guys, I am IFBB PRO Muscledoll and I’m available for private sessions. I am available for sessions in the South East of France and do travel in Europe and the US. Please check my upcoming travel plans in the section below. Please note that: Deposits are required for all bookings! Also respect my choice of activities I do offer, so please don’t ask for: (semi) or competitive wrestling, lift and carry or strength feats. I am very dominant, so if you have a fetish of any kind feel free to tell me. I will be very happy to satisfy your darkest fantasies. I offer custom videos. I also accept live webcam sessions from 15 min. Ask for a quotation!!!! You will be amazed that you... ... Continue Reading

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  • slosser
  • 723 days ago

This lady will always look after your needs either in real or cyber couldn't recommend frankie z higher as she has always treated me like a real person unlike some of the other ladies in the business she is the best imo!

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  Travel Notes: idaho – August 2024 Chicago, IL late Sept 2024   Hello Everyone!!! I am Gabi, a ssbbw model (orginal name Gaining Gabi), squash queen and professional dom  I have been doing various sessions for well over 15 years, first squashing/crushing and then wrestling. I have returned to my quest to overpower and squash men like pancakes. To date I succeeded every time and flattened every man who has dared to challenge me ;-). Proud to be a mancrusher!! The type of sessions I offer are the following: Squashing Trampling Smothering Human Furniture (350 an hour) Face Sitting (750/hour) I offer other sessions, but can offer wrestling on a case by case bases.... ... Continue Reading Announcements

SessionGirls is a unique directory site for women who offer a variety of Athletic Fantasy Filled Sessions. These sessions include Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry, Muscle Admiration, Feats of Strength, MMA and Many More! Here you will not only discover a variety of gorgeous women with a fighting spirit, but you will also be able to purchase your favorite video clips from any girls profile! Consider SessionGirls as your One Stop Shop for everything that you Love within this special niche of the Mixed Wrestling Industry !! SessionGirls was made For the Men, but by the Girls! ENJOY!!