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  • mikeadams
  • 12 days ago

I had a 2 hour session with Suzy recently, and let me tell you she is one of the most pleasant and easy to talk to session girls that I've ever met. She looks exactly like her sexy pictures, and she is in excellent shape. She turns out to be very knowledgeable about health and fitness and we spent a good bit of time talking about that as well as previous experiences from both sides of the session world. She was an absolute delight to hang out with and can't wait to see her again.

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  • merick6280
  • 12 days ago

I met Nikki in Chicago. When she answered the door, she had to be 6'4 or 6'6 in those high heels. Her pictures are great, but much prettier and beautiful in person. Will admit I was a little speechless at first, but Nikki is very nice and her pretty smile makes you comfortable right away. This was a muscle worship session with some scissors and bearhugs. EXTREMELY strong, enjoyed every minute. She made it a lot of fun and I didn't want it to end. I had a great time and hope to see her again!!!

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/17/2023 06:54:25 AM

  • multiperv
  • 12 days ago

I saw Sablique have a great session of general and foot domination with a lucky fellow at a recent foot party. I was also able to have a session with her after that and while ours wasn't as physcially intense we had a great conversation and it became clear that Sablique has a deep background and knowledge of the fetish and kink worlds and knows well what she is doing. I hope that our paths cross again soon so that we can explore further.

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11/18/202311/19/2023Kansas CityMissouri
11/19/202311/20/2023Saint LouisMissouri
12/14/202312/17/2023New YorkNew York
01/24/202401/30/2024St. PetersburgFlorida
01/30/202402/01/2024Ft. LauderdaleFlorida
02/02/202402/04/2024RaleighNorth Carolina

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12/28/202312/28/2023ISP Long Island/IslipNew York
01/11/202401/11/2024San DiegoCalifornia
01/12/202401/12/2024San FranciscoCalifornia
01/31/202401/31/2024FayettevilleNorth Carolina
02/07/202402/07/2024Indianapolis Indiana
02/09/202402/09/2024Detroit Michigan
02/27/202402/27/2024Boston Massachusetts
02/29/202402/29/2024NYC New York

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03/09/202403/12/2024San AntonioTexas
03/17/202403/20/2024New OrleansLouisiana

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12/01/202312/03/2023Milano (con Pamela Strong)OTHER

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11/25/202311/26/2023Rochester New York
11/30/202312/02/2023Milwaukee Wisconsin
12/02/202312/04/2023Minneapolis Minnesota

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11/16/202312/06/2023cleveland, canton, youngstown and surrounding areasOhio
11/16/202312/06/2023pittsburgh and surrounding areas Pennsylvania
11/23/202312/06/2023detroit, southfield, troy and surrounding areasMichigan

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11/29/202312/01/2023NewYorkNew York

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  • theringmaster0969
  • 13 days ago

Just saw Malibu again today for a semi-competitive boxing/wrestling session. As always Malibu totally gave me a battle In both boxing & wrestling. She's quite strong & had me submitted numerous times. She's always fun to session with & I'd recommend her anytime you want a challenge.

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  • dragon2519
  • 13 days ago

It has been a dream of mine for a long time to meet Hollywood when I saw her in GLOW. I was not sure she would do a lift and carry session with me because I'm a little over 200lbs. Hollywood excepted my offer saying she'll do the best she can. Let me tell you, see is still jaw dropping beautiful. Hollywood surprised herself at what she was able to do with me. She was able to do 170 donkey calf raises with me. She still has amazing strength in that slender, sexy body of hers. Hollywood was very communicative all the way up to our session. No surprises and easy to set up with. she is very sweet and has a wonderful personality. I saw her a couple of days ago and I'm still smiling. you know they say never meet your hero's: This is one heroine that will not disappoint you. She is truly awesome and can't wait to see her again now that I'm on her radar of people to see (yeah for me)

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
11/20/202311/22/2023Sydney - Oaks on Castlereagh HotelOTHER
12/03/202312/05/2023Las VegasNevada
12/14/202312/15/2023New OrleansLouisiana

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  • icarus
  • 13 days ago

Could I ask, what was she like at armwrestling? I guess these girls get some practice, so develop good technique and have the muscle to back it up.

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11/14/202311/16/2023AshevilleNorth Carolina
11/21/202311/30/2023RaleighNorth Carolina
11/21/202311/23/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
11/24/202311/26/2023Louisville Kentucky
11/28/202311/30/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
12/01/202312/11/2023Bowling GreenKentucky
12/01/202312/03/2023AshevilleNorth Carolina
12/04/202312/06/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
12/07/202312/07/2023RaleighNorth Carolina
12/08/202312/11/2023ColumbiaSouth Carolina
12/15/202312/18/2023St. LouisMissouri
12/22/202312/25/2023WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
02/16/202402/18/2024RochesterNew York
02/23/202402/25/2024SouthamptonNew York
03/01/202403/03/2024NewarkNew Jersey Announcements

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