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Hi my name is Mistress Jasmine. Demanding & Strict yet Sensual and Seductive.  I am kinky with a twisted dark side.  I carry Myself with poise and like a Lady, but at times cuss like a sailor and can whisper the naughtiest things to you as well as use strong commands that will bring you to your knees. I enjoy the eroticism of BDSM, the power exchange and the control I command over men.  Its so easy to control men; I have been doing it for many years and am a natural Dominant which you will see as soon as we meet. My experience in the Domination scene started at the age of 19 for Me, I had always loved manipulating men and found it easy to get what I wanted from them.  I... ... Continue Reading

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07/12/202407/14/2024New York CityNew York
07/14/202407/15/2024NewarkNew Jersey
07/16/202407/17/2024WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
07/18/202407/20/2024RaleighNorth Carolina
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05/21/202405/22/2024Cincinnati Ohio
05/22/202405/23/2024Columbus Ohio

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I am German half Persian hot goth  I compete in bodybuilding I enjoy semi-competitive, fantasy and submission wrestling sessions. I’m also into BDSM and we can have all the fun.  Do’t be fooled or underestimate me by my physique I am extremely strong and I will have you tap out within seconds and crush you with my thighs! I am an experienced session girl and into all aspects of kink so don’t be afraid to share your deepest secret fantasies with... ... Continue Reading

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  • sl0ankhn
  • 10 days ago

I consider myself the luckiest having the chance to have a session with Nika. Contacting Nika was easy, and setting up the date and place was quickly done. I still can't forget the moment, I was waiting at the entrance of the resort where we agreed to meet, and when I saw Nika coming, I couldn't believe I would be having a session with such a beautiful lady. We sat n had a chat for a some time, she is an amazing person and i could open up to her in no time, she has the most beautiful smile. She made me super comfortable and asked about my fantasises. She got ready and we started the session. Nika just got in to her dominant side and completely took control over me. Her scissors where out of this world, the way she teases and smiles during the fight is the indescribable, too perfect. 90 mins passed like 5 mins with Nika. Can't wait to have another session with you. Wishing you all the best for your future, Nika. You are a beautiful person in and out. You deserve the best

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07/21/202407/31/2024Los AngelesCalifornia
08/24/202408/27/2024JFKNew York
08/27/202408/30/2024Fairmount ParkPennsylvania

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  • sl0ankhn
  • 10 days ago

I was not lucky enough to have a session with torrey. Her session girl page said she would be travelling to Hyderabad, India since the last 40 days. I had contacted torrey via mail 40 days back asking to book a slot for Hyderabad on the day she will be here. We agreed and torrey said she would get back to me just before the travel date. I had been emailing her since 2 weeks asking for a time and place for the session, but torrey just ignored all the mails and today when I checked her SG page, she is not travelling to hyderabad. It was really unprofessional to do such a thing, as I waited for such a long time, If torrey could have replied saying she is not travelling to this city, I could have travelled to the city she was in to have a session. I hope you could fix this torrey, so it would be easier to have a session with you

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07/27/202407/29/2024BuffaloNew York

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06/27/202406/28/2024DMV (Alexandra)District of Columbia

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05/25/202405/25/2024Evansville Indiana

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05/22/202405/23/2024Brussels OTHER
06/15/202406/28/2024Los Angeles California
08/01/202408/16/2024Seoul OTHER
08/29/202409/07/2024Singapore OTHER

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  • victim_of_warrioramazon
  • 11 days ago

wow, what can I say. I had the opportunity to have a session with Marina in Luxembourg today and took it straight away. I was interested in meeting her beforehand, unfortunately it didn't work out in terms of time. i don't know where to start and end. her communication is easy and very personable, appointments are made together. i walk in the door and was a bit nervous but after a little small talk and a smile from her the nervousness went away. The session is indescribable. She is fast, strong and has incredible technique. Marina is one of, if not the strongest and prettiest session girl I've had the pleasure of meeting. She responds to your wishes and it is important to her that she satisfies her clients with their wishes. Be respectful with her and she gives it back to you twice. all in all it was a 10/10 session and I can't wait to have another session with her. today I was unable to get out of her legs and scissors, once she has you it's hard to get out and she squeezes like a python. Marina thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again and I will definitely book a session with you again. BEST SESSION I EVER HAD. #TEAM_MARINA_REDSTAR Announcements

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