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Updated profile: 04/17/2024 09:59:58 PM

  Wish to see Me in your city ? Email Me at [email protected], and we can discuss sponsored travel. My 2024 calendar will fill up quickly, so act now.     Fortune favors the bold, and so do I.  ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 🌟I encompass all facets of beauty- face and hair, and teeth included; also physically, emotionally and mentally helalthy. If those are areas you tend to overlook, you need not contact Me.  I enjoy men who recognize and appreciate a quality woman. I am not interested in spending time with clients who have a fetish for women on gear/ PEDs.      I am your All- American girl and I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and need only be surrounded by those who... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/02/2024 03:30:00 PM

Welcome to my profile! I’ve been doing this 10 years now and Nothing brings me more pleasure than head scissoring, smothering, just pushing someone into submission. I have all the “equipment” to make sure that the only breathe that you get is what I decide to give you. Luckily I’m very good at reading my victims and love going at your pace. As long as we understand I’m going to be the winner, that is. My mouth is probably the only thing that’s not controllable. I’m passionate about what I do and it shows. My repeat friends y’all know how this goes. So to my new victims I love to travel so don’t hesitate to send a message to see when I’ll be by you. I look forward... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 03/11/2024 05:57:14 AM

I am a professional full-time traveling session provider, producer, and model. I currently only offer fantasy wrestling, tests of strength, scissors, chokes, one-sided boxing, beatdowns, inflicting bondage, domination, impact play, trampling, ballbusting, foot domination & foot worship. As long as it isn’t erotic in nature, feel free to ask. I do not offer KO’s – Too much liability for my preference. I do REQUIRE REFERENCES to book. I am taking my FINAL TOUR March 20th-22nd of 2024. I’ll be taking a very long hiatus from touring full-time. I am not leaving the fetish industry – I still produce and perform in video content – and I will still be... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 03/25/2024 02:32:33 AM

If you want to book with me, please fill out my intake form. I am a young, strong, experienced mixed session wrestler, powerlifter, swordfighter, and Pro Domme, based in Chicago, but on the road frequently. Despite all my serious pictures, I’m very friendly (until we negotiate otherwise), and cater to all sorts of fetishes!  I am a lifestyler, meaning that I am heavily involved in the BDSM community and that I am a Dominant woman for pleasure. I also am open to filming fetish clips of all types, and if you don’t see your city on the travel schedule, email me anyway, and I’ll look at adding it. I am happy to session with men,... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/20/2022 03:19:46 PM

  • amazon-goddess-joy
  • 733 days ago

Thank you for the review!!!

Updated profile: 03/19/2024 01:34:07 AM

I am Fightbabe Robin! I am an Excellent Wrestle as well as Scissor and Smother Specialist! Look through my profile to see what other pleasures I seek in a Session with YOU!  I am a very experienced wrestler and have studied jujitsu under my sensei, Gokor Chivichyan.  I started my own company, Les Femmes Fatales Productions, in 1995 before most women ever hit the mats with men! I love my work and I love wrestling!  Especially with men! I also instruct men, women and couples in wrestling and love teaching women how to conquer their men at home! Outside of wrestling and jujitsu, I’m a certified yoga instructor, offering private Yoga instruction to my clients in Los Angeles so I’m... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/18/2024 01:52:14 AM

You may call me Madison (or Mistress Madison), the perfect combination of strength and curves. I have been bodybuilding for about 5 years, boxed competitively for a few years, and I’ve been in the Session community for over three years. I have no formal wrestling training.   WHEN E-MAILING, PLEASE PROVIDE: -Your location as the email title -Your physical stats (height/weight) -Type of session you are interested in -Length of session you are interested in -Some preferred days & times (see my travel schedule) -References if you have them -Outfit request Please help me help you by providing as much info as you can in the first e-mail. PLEASE DON’T E-MAIL UNTIL... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/19/2022 12:58:52 PM

  • terrace66
  • 734 days ago

tried to send her an email at the address above but it bounced back as "undeliverable"

Updated profile: 03/28/2024 08:53:59 PM

I am a four time professional boxing world champion and I started wrestling about 10 years ago. My job is more fun than your job! My 2024 travel schedule April 4th Washington DC April 26 to 28th Philadelphia, PA May 10th to 12th Boston,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 03/21/2024 02:06:22 AM

I work out 6-7 times per week on cardio. I have been involved in amateur female wrestling for awhile. I love semi comp wrestling and boxing. I have also done fetish, lingerie and adult modeling for the last 10 years.  I am serious about what I do and playful at the same time.  I am strong and love to be... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/19/2024 01:53:26 AM

Kitten’s out of the Bag…. Dez is Retiring from the Wonderful world of Session Wrestling. Therefore, you only have 2024 to book your session with her. The reviews don’t lie. If you’d like me to come to your city, I make sponsored trips priority. Boston is certain for 2024 Spring time, most likely Charlotte and Charleston can be anytime after April, just awaiting a sponsor. Detroit and Flint early may. Pittsburg and Philly in mid may. I’d love to add Nashville, Newark, NJ, any city in MAINE, Burlington, VA, Seattle, WA…. and…. somewhere near you??? If you’d like me at any of those cities, looking for a sponsor! This is a RT flight, and... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/18/2022 07:55:27 PM

  • davidparker
  • 735 days ago

I wanted to schedule a session with Oliv but for some reason she hasn’t responded to my emails, text messages, or phone calls. I already sent the full deposit to her for the session. At this point, I would just like to know if she wants to schedule the session or cancel the session?

Updated profile: 03/03/2024 04:44:03 AM

I have been an award nominated and internationally published fetish model since 2006.  I am professional yet fun and I absolutely love what I do.  The best part is when I can meet people such as yourself to play with and create new experiences together.  Im mostly known for my likable 8.5 size feet, my tickle wrestling sessions and my scissoring skills but I enjoy a number of other activities as well.   deposit required for first timers w/ me references preferred/ID requested... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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