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  • sessioner54
  • 7 days ago

Talia, what a wonderful experience. Communication & screening was a breeze, very professional. I met with her 16 Sept 21. She had a nice space with mats in Manhattan. She smiles at you from the moment you are greeted at the door to the end of the session. She is as advertised, very fit, beautiful, with a southern charm. Before the session starts she goes over what you want & boundaries. I did a fantasy session, with domination & ball busting. She can be gentle with a smile or give you hard beating. She can deliver, so be careful what you ask for, but won’t do anything you don’t want her to do. I had a broken finger & she was great at working around it. She truly enjoys what she does & certainly enjoys being dominant, with that playful but mischievous look in her eye. I highly recommend her, she is platinum grade

Updated profile: 01/24/2023 10:37:16 AM

She loves being a leg lady and have been since 2014. Loves traveling for sessions. Headscissors, body scissors, fetish wrestling. She offers private sessions. Enjoys traveling for sessions too. Deposits are  to book sessions which can be done via email. Once it’s finalized know she does personalize each session and she does enjoy being... ... Continue Reading

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  • yogaandwrestlingmatt
  • 7 days ago

Very long overdue review for Bianca (almost a year ago) but how could I forget it? It was arranged very last minute on my part and I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet her but Bianca was so helpful in accommodating me and arranging the time to make it happen. I was so excited to finally get to meet her I almost had to pinch myself when she arrived. (I’m a big fan) The session itself 😮 sublime! Mainly a domination type based session. It felt like we both genuinely connected and I think it’s a testament to the passion Bianca has for what she does as clearly we we’re both very present in the moment. (at least whilst I wasn’t seeing stars) ✨⭐️😉😈 Connection for me is extremely important when session wrestling and Bianca nailed it along with the physical aspect which was just mind blowing. Bianca introduced me to new fetishes I have not yet fully explored 🦶😉 Incredible strength, skill, and professionalism shes a master of her trade, an incredible kind lovely person with an incredible aura and an absolute pleasure to finally meet. I have a huge amount or respect and admiration for her. I could seriously talk all day and go into the finer details but it’s better for you to just experience her for yourself 😉 I really hope to meet again soon. X

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01/13/202302/21/2023RaleighNorth Carolina

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  • dmpatrick
  • 8 days ago

I met Nikki in early January in NYC. I reached out hoping for a last minute arrangement on an unexpected business trip to NYC and she was gracious and accommodating. It was also one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. Nikki is a fun loving spirited muse who enjoys wrestling sessions as much as (perhaps more than) you do, guaranteed. Her pictures do not do her justice. She is very beautiful with more power and muscle than her pictures suggest. She will overpower you, her scissors are inescapable, and she will take joy in your helplessness. I suggest asking for a role play—she excels at teasing and trash talking. It just so happens that the week following Nikki was traveling to my hometown and we were able to meet up again. Her instincts took our second session to another level. She took what she learned about me a week before and found new ways to use it for and against me at the same time. Heaven only knows what she might do to me the the third time. In summary, say yes to Nikki. You won’t have a choice anyway.

Updated profile: 01/23/2023 06:55:23 PM

TRAVEL NOTICE!  APRIL 29th- MAY 2nd – Huntsville/Birmingham, AL. I will be available for Sessions/Bookings and will have a location. It will either be in Huntsville or Birmingham depending on where most session people end up being closer to.      Custom vids available! Price depends on details and length so send detailed request for quote.. disclaimers: 1: I require a deposit and set time/date/location to book a session at least a few days to a week in advance. 2: I DO NOT TAKE GIFT CARDS My scissors are death. I am also known as Agatha the Cannibal Carter in Lingerie Fighting Championships. I discovered my love for fighting when training in various martial arts like... ... Continue Reading

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  • bostonboy
  • 8 days ago

I had a double session with Nadia and Sydney In Boston last week and it was the time of my life. I was on cloud 9 for days after. . Nadia responded to my email quickly and within an hour we were booked and ready to go. I had never had a double session before and I'm so glad I got to pop my cherry with these two. They are absolutely gorgeous in every way and have top notch personalities. The chemistry they have and the way they build and feed off each other had me in a complete fantasy land. Nadia and Sydney both lifted and carried me with ease, doing piggyback, shoulder rides, and front straddle. I'm 6' and about 200 lbs and they didn't even struggle. Instead they squatted me and did calf raises with me on their backs. They are true certified muscle mommy's and their bodies are perfect, especially when being smothered and scissored. I booked 2 hours and I'm so glad I did. I had zero regrets whatsoever. I even got to cuddle between them at the end and get to know them a little bit. I can't wait to see these two when they come back. I hope it's real soon! xoxo Andrew

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/23/2023 06:26:29 PM

  • ldbkbrotha
  • 8 days ago

I will start by saying this woman is really strong, really really beautiful and ultra cool. I was welcomed with a warm hug and then got comfortable. We did a wrestling/ role play session and she got into the role really well, actually to a point to where it felt like it was real. Her smack talking is amazing and once she gets you in one of those scissors or smother holds you are either going to tap or pass out lol after the session we chatted it up for a little bit. She make you feel like you known her forever. I will make sure I catch Rain everytime she is in Vegas🥰. P.S. - You are definitely amazing and those eyes are🔥❤️

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/23/2023 05:42:43 PM

  • judoprince
  • 8 days ago

Iron Baby just rocked my world on the mats this very night, with hard core hustle that gripped, choked, drove, and popped my body from one end of the hour to the next (and then some: definitely not a clock watcher). And she did it with a mischievous grin that was just so distractingly hot, I almost couldn't even tell when she reversed my body, took my back, and wrapped her last sleeper on demanding that I just accept my fate. I did, and I couldn't be happier with her skills (esp. for 1st-time trying a gi), professionalism (an absolute breeze to set up), personality (she's the epitome of cool), and looks (Harley Quinn with a girl next door vibe).The only advice I have for sessioning with her (besides packing water: you'll need it) is to do it soon.

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  • foxxy_squeeze
  • 8 days ago

Thanks for the nice, detailed review 🤍 And yess - first I was struggling to find a way how to get that huge guy (almost 2m) on the matts! After a while I found out that a straight attack to your frontside with both of us falling on the matts is the only way that works, it was a little work but so much fun ;) And once you were down I could do what I’m supposed to do: SQUEEZE! I will have to learn more techniques how to get a tall guy on the matts, so be prepared for the next time 😏💪🏽

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/23/2023 04:53:38 AM

  • jocker22
  • 8 days ago

I think she's thinner now than before, right?

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04/15/202204/15/2023Los AngelesCalifornia

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