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  • dragon2519
  • 5 days ago

Met with Hollywood for my third Lift and Carry session with her. She is just amazing. If you are a wine drinker, Hollywood is like a red wine that just gets better with age. She a member of my Century Club which is no easy task given I'm a little over 200lbs and I out weigh her by 80lbs or more. I must admit, seeing her wrestle in glow when I was younger, I still feel star struck is her presence. Hollywood calms me down by being really down to earth and doesn't carry that Star Mentality of I'm better than you like some pro athletes. I find it remarkable how strong this 120lb girl is and I will need to give her a harder challenge next time I see her. Hope you are up for it, Hollywood. Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness every time you come to NY.

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  • mracidburn
  • 5 days ago

I recently did a session with Muscle Mistress. I can say I trust her, she values your time, and will be very engaging. She is definitely one of the best Iโ€™ve seen. She has a very outgoing personality with an attitude that oozes confidence and sexuality. She knows how to make you feel special, respected, and appreciated, while doing whatever (within reason) it is you would like to do with her. I have a huge foot fetish and her feet definitely aim to please. If youโ€™re a guy that enjoys engaging into feet, I highly recommend her services. I cannot say enough good things about her and wish her nothing but happiness both in and out of these sessions.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08/07/202408/12/2024St. PetersburgFlorida
08/12/202408/15/2024ManhattanNew York
08/28/202409/01/2024Charleston South Carolina
09/21/202409/25/2024las vegasNevada
10/08/202410/12/2024las vegasNevada

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
07/16/202407/18/2024FORT LAUDERDALEFlorida
08/07/202408/14/2024ST. PETERSBURG / TAMPAFlorida

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
07/15/202407/16/2024San AntonioTexas
07/16/202408/15/2024Oklahoma CityOklahoma
08/16/202408/17/2024Kansas CityMissouri
08/18/202409/05/2024Oklahoma City/TulsaOklahoma
10/03/202410/04/2024ManchesterNew Hampshire
10/04/202410/05/2024Bar HarborMaine
10/08/202410/09/2024ProvidenceRhode Island
10/10/202410/12/2024NewarkNew Jersey
10/14/202410/15/2024Atlantic CityNew Jersey
10/15/202410/16/2024Arlington Virginia
10/15/202410/16/2024Washinton DCDistrict of Columbia
11/11/202411/12/2024CharlestonSouth Carolina
11/13/202411/14/2024West Palm BeachFlorida
11/14/202411/16/2024St PetersburgFlorida
12/03/202412/05/2024San JoseCalifornia
12/05/202412/06/2024San FranciscoCalifornia

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  • bamountainman
  • 5 days ago

I saw Anastaxia recently during her Pittsburgh trip. Had originally seen her for 1st in summer of 2021 during a visit there. Had a great first session so glad we got a return round in 3 years later on her next visit. Setting things up with her is easy, with clear and quick communication. My sessions trend toward semi comp to comp style, which is what we had. And she was able to provide a fun and sweaty good roll. She has the looks and body of a model but a good competitive spirit and this all translates into just the kind of session I prefer. She is much stronger than she appears (especially this shapley legs) and knows her way around the mat. Sure she is awesome at any kind of session she offers. But for pure mat type wrestling, she is going to be a handful for most people. And most importantly, she is a ton of fun with a personality that matches her beauty. Would highly recommend Anastaxia for a session if u have a chance. Will be having a round 3 whenever she gets back to the area.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/05/202409/08/2024San DiegoCalifornia

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/20/202409/23/2024Las VegasNevada
09/24/202410/18/2024San Diego & Orange County California
10/19/202410/22/2024Hollywood California

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/10/2024 04:24:15 PM

  • kryptonipples
  • 5 days ago

What can I say about what a treat it was to face off against Emy Black Angel? We met in a space with plenty of mat room and both had on gi tops. She was able to me down and make me submit at will either starting in the standing position or on our knees. You can tell she is well trained in martial arts by the different take downs and submissions holds she was able to use on me. I was all sweaty by the end of the session with all the struggling I was doing to defend against her as she was not tired at all at the end of the session. Definitely one of the most beautiful and smartest session women out there. I look forward to facing off against her again.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/10/2024 02:59:52 PM

  • mdavis
  • 5 days ago

I've been doing sessions for almost 20 years and have seen many of the big names. Iโ€™d been out of circulation for a while and honestly, I thought I was retired. But I was intrigued enough by MissCheeks pictures and her profile to book a session. I'm so glad I did. Because MissCheeks is now an all-time favorite. Her pictures don't do her justice. In person, she is leaner, more muscular, and dare I say, even more beautiful. In my opinion, Miss Cheeks is the perfect blend of muscularity and femininity: well-muscled quads that could barely be contained by her dress, a nice V-tapered back leading to an improbably tight waist, rock hard abs rippling with muscle. She told me she was "thinking about" a contest in the future, which was mind-blowing because she was in such phenomenal condition that I would have thought she was well into contest prep. Given her size, her biceps and shoulders were extremely impressive, and she enjoyed showing them off. And there's her namesake...those cheeks. Words fail me, but I'll just say I've never seen a more perfect booty on a human woman. In fact, I don't even think AI could generate a more beautiful set of buns! Best of all: her attitude and personality. Within minutes of meeting, I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. (OK, a stunningly gorgeous and perfectly-muscled old friend, but you get the point!) She has a cool, laid-back vibe, is a great conversationalist, and just fun to hang out with. Setup and communication were a breeze, and MissCheeks was a complete professional in every way. I can't wait to see her again. If MissCheeks visits your area, don't hesitate to book.

Updated profile: 07/12/2024 10:51:38 PM

young and petite girl that loves dominating, fantasy wrestling and roleplays If youโ€™re looking for more of a domination experience then i offer wrestling domination sessions, bondage domination sessions, , scissor domination, foot domination you found the right place What I enjoy most about these sessions is the variety each day brings. I get to learn about new and interesting fetishes and kinks while connecting with all of you coroful people. It’s a blast to share these experiences and create memorable moments together. I reply often on my onlyfans due to a lot of spam in... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/10/2024 09:39:36 AM

  • daffieb
  • 5 days ago

Yesterday I had an semi Competitive session with Amata for the first time ever and I had so much fun. I had some confidence with my strenght but she easily pushed me to the ground and put me in all kinds of submissions. Whenever I tried to escape I could tell she was toying with me and was enjoying watching me struggle. The last hakf hour I got a bit tired and we turned down the intensity. All in all, She was very caring and very pretty and I loved every second of it!! Definitely recommend for everyone!

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/10/2024 09:03:41 AM

  • fitnessivonne
  • 5 days ago

Hola mis amores estare en Orlando Florida, del 19 al 22 si estan interesado hagan sus reservaciones estare feliz de poder comparte un grandiosa sesion con ustedes. Hello my loves, I will be in Orlando Florida, from the 19th to the 22nd, if you are interested, make your reservations, I will be happy to share a great session with you.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08/01/202408/31/2024Vancouver District of Columbia
08/12/202408/15/2024San Francisco California
08/19/202408/22/2024Los Angeles California

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/10/2024 04:25:07 AM

  • jaggedsymbol
  • 6 days ago

After a long journey Bella opened the door to me and joked about whether I was there for hot chicken wings. And I knew I was there for some hot birds so I knew I must be in the right place.;) As soon as she let me in she radiated a cosy warmth that could really help a nervous newbie or anyone that gets nervous doing these things. We opened the session with friendly chat and Bella was really easy to talk to and had such a very warm personality that it settled all my nerves in an instant. As a person she is one of the loveliest women I have ever met in my life. Her kindness and nurturing are such strong qualities that she radiates outward. Thoroughly gorgeous too. Her face has a rare beauty to it, her smile is stunning and her figure is in perfect proportions. Her legs and ass are so smooth and juicy. On the mats she held me in different chokeholds and it felt like heaven to be trapped between the powerful long legs of this mouthwateringly beautiful Queen. She kept taunting and teasing me, her facesits were mind blowing And she kept slapping me across the face while I expounded upon my love and adoration of American girls and how superior they are to me. She forced me suck her gorgeous feet and they tasted amazing. More tasty than a 5 star dish at a 5 star restaurant. I wanted to suck them forever. Her chokeholds kept me in my place and had me in subspace for so long. Bella is super strong and she no matter how strong you think you are, she will beat you. It's impossible for me to find words great enough to describe Bella. She's an awesome wrestler, she's fun, and she also is very nurturing toward her subs with great aftercare. She's very professional and always applies any safety measures. Her hooters outfit was absolutely gorgeous on her. She has the most juicy round ass in in those tight orange shorts. Words will never be enough to describe what a brilliant person she is. She really made en English dude like me submit to the superior sexiness of the American girls. I adore Bella so much and cannot wait to book her on her next visit. After seeing her once, you 'll become addicted and want to see her regularly. Thanks so much Miss Bella. You brought me so much happiness

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/10/2024 03:43:28 AM

  • jaggedsymbol
  • 6 days ago

After driving several hours to London I finally got to meet the gorgeous Lil Tokyo and she honestly made every minute of the journey seem worth it. She has a lovely personality and she made me feel at home. And once on the mat she is REALLY strong. The chokeholds she had me in were brutal but inescapable and always done with safety in mind. In the session she brings such a lot of fun. She made my session really fun and also delivered these awesome brutal faceslaps which was a request of mine. She didn't hold back and turned my pale cheeks into a deep dark shade of red with her powerful and painful slaps. She really is like the dynamite of the session. She is also brilliant at all forms of humiliation and will have you begging for mercy many times. As part of a triple session, she was great fun and made things exciting. She is also the only one that caused me to tap out. Thanks Lil Tokyo I sincerely hope we can have future sessions. And I can't recommend her strongly enough. Gorgeous sexy woman that can destroy any guy on the mat, but always makes each moment excellent fun. Don't miss your chance to book with her. No matter how far away you are, it's worth it, she's amazing, she will give you an experience you'll never forget. Thankyou for a fantastic session Miss Tokyo

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10/14/202410/21/2024Tokyo, JapanOTHER

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
07/20/202407/21/2024San DiegoCalifornia
08/02/202408/12/2024St. PeteFlorida
08/28/202409/02/2024Atlanta (Dragoncon)Georgia
09/19/202409/23/2024Las VegasNevada
10/29/202412/31/2024MesaArizona Announcements

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