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Recieved/Replied a review : 12/30/2023 01:48:24 AM

  • barkasa1
  • 166 days ago

I had session with her about month ago in Athens.When we arranged the session, she said that she does not do competitive sessions.But when we got into the hotel room she changed her mind, she probably thought it would be an easy job for her. She was right. On the other hand, I thought I had a chance, because I have little experience in BJJ, I train in the gym and I'm over 20 kg heavier than her. All this was insufficient. She beat me at armwrestling with both hands.After that we moved on to wrestling. She beat me without any problems. In most of the sessions I make some submission, but against her i can’t. She dominated me from beginning to the end of session. She did whatever she wanted with me. It's hard to do a competitive session on a hotel bed, so I console myself that I would have more chances on the tatami . Of course, I will schedule a session the next time I'm in Athens. The price-quality ratio with Mysteria is the best in Europe

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/29/2023 07:57:37 AM

  • mandysmarc
  • 167 days ago

I've had the pleasure of visiting Mandy Marx on several occasions, both for Dominatrix and Wrestling services. I can honestly say that Mandy is an absolutely incredible Domme, wrestler, and person. I'm not an experienced wrestler at all, but I've really enjoyed wrestling with Mandy. She has amazing facilities, she's strong and athletic, and she's highly skilled. She easily kicked my butt. It was a lot of fun and I absolutely can't wait for a rematch. Most of my visits focus on dominatrix themes. Mandy has incredible equipment, a wealth of experience, and an amazing personality. She's really the best in the business. Highly, highly recommended. Just beware: you will become addicted. It is guaranteed.

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/28/2023 06:25:21 PM

  • lockedup
  • 168 days ago

Its been a year since I last saw my Goddess Ashlee, each multi hour session gets better than the last. Every time we do something new, and I will long remember the helping hand she gave me. I look forward to our next adventure.

Updated profile: 01/09/2024 03:42:36 AM

🌟 **Hello Wrestling Enthusiasts! I’m Goddess Matik – Your Gateway to Fantasy Wrestling Bliss!** 🌟 🌴 *New to the Sessions World from Sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida* 🌴 🔥 Exciting News! I’m thrilled to announce that I’m diving headfirst into the world of wrestling sessions, and I can’t wait to share the adventure with you. 🎉 🎥 **Custom Video Requests and 2024 Bookings Now Open!** 🎥 Whether you’ve got a specific fantasy in mind or you’re ready to experience the intensity of a live session, I’m here for it all. Let’s make 2024 a year filled with unforgettable moments! 🌟 **Debuting with Sugar Diamond in our First... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 06/13/2024 04:35:29 PM

NOW BOOKING FET CON SESSIONS. Email me with your session style and references. References are a must. I will be sessioning at FET CON August 7th 8th and 9th You must have a room or studio for us to session as mine will be occupied by co workers. *For short notice NY NJ CT sessions I recommend sending exactly what type of session and at least 2 references to my email [email protected] with “SESSION” in the headline keep in mind it could take 2+ days to hear back from your references. You should include your references emails And Twitter or session girls page. *   I’m notorious for my fabulous, cheeky ass. I could smother you, I love face sitting,  it would feel like... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/25/2023 08:33:39 AM

  • muscleloverr
  • 171 days ago

Recently enjoyed my first ever session with Jessy. And I hope there will be many more! Jessy is an adorable and petite little powerhouse! She's even more impressive than in her photos. Her "off season" condition includes arm and should vascularity and a 6-pack that Superman would envy! Secondly, 90% (likely more than that) of the session ladies offering their services here at SGs, could take lessons from Jessy: - her communication prior to the session is absolutely flawless - she remembers and attends to her client's discussed interests - her punctuality - her willingness to please her clients (she worked her ass of for me) She's just an absolute gem in this industry. And I wish I could clone her and produce more session ladies just like her!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/24/2023 09:59:55 PM

  • rickyz06
  • 172 days ago

Was on a family trip to Niagara Falls Ontario this weekend. I emailed Pink Doll for a session and we schedule a 2 hour session. She drove from Toronto to Niagara Falls. The second she walked in i noticed her beautiful curves…her bottom was soooo huge and her legs we’re massive … 30 inch thighs. She’s not a fitness competitor or bodybuilder.. she’s just beautifully thick… she is taller than me by about 2 inches… and given the fact the muscle isnt as defined on her I definitely underestimated her….. her squeeze was one of the most brutal squeeze i have ever been in…. And she loved every second of it. I told her to go hard on me with headscissors and she did… she took me to my limits and ignore some of my taps which was really terrifying (asked for this) Her legs feel soo massive around your tiny neck.. and then you see her ginormous booty clench and all of a sudden the hold your in is unbearable… but she giggles or in this case gets mad at me… because shes not even squeezing yet. I was terrified but i loved it. If you ask her to go easy on uou and respect taps she will. But i had a death wish lol. Her scissors made me quit a couple times… i couldnt handle her squeeze… my neck is still insanely sore… im even a little congested from the session.. she squeezed so hard i had a bunch of immediately when she squeezed… i was in tears and even felt super dizzy almost as if i was gonna throw up… my eyelids were full of popped blood vessels… and when she was done she made me worship and kiss her beautiful legs and butt… and immediately obeyed her commands.

Updated profile: 03/12/2024 04:49:50 PM

Welcome to MommasWorld! Always be respectful. I dont do nudity please dont ask! Here to dominate and show you how much fun it can be to play with me! Message me if you dare to explore…. [email protected] Quick and Feisty! I challenge you to even ‘attempt” to take me down. There will be a quick lesson... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/22/2023 03:32:47 PM

  • jojo714
  • 174 days ago

I am a producer and I worked with KK Qing recently I have to say this review is so long overdue because KK is amazing she brings the best energy when she arrives from start to finish. Seeing her in person she is a tall goddess with long hair flowing and noticeably strong, equipped with crushing thighs and long powerful legs and although this wasn’t a session she easily picked up and controlled her opponent with magnificent strength in any lift carry scenario and that’s definitely translatable in a session you can’t act more strength than you have. She is also extremely professional while at the same time so much fun to be around you’ll feel as if you’ve known KK all your life I couldn’t recommend KK enough for whatever the scenario one of the best people you’ll meet in the industry

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/21/2023 07:45:25 PM

  • miapicca23
  • 175 days ago

Just had a Skype session with the Trapsqueen and OMG is she amazing! She is super cool and easy to talk to and her body is a work of art! Tina has hard, thick, well defined muscles and a beautiful face to go with it. I hope to do a live session with her the next time she is in NYC!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/21/2023 04:26:27 PM

  • dmv_footguy
  • 175 days ago

Melody was amazing to work with. Very direct and to the point. If you know what youre looking for setting up a session with her is extremely effortless. 10/10 experience and cant wait to see her again

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/21/2023 10:28:42 AM

  • yowman1234
  • 175 days ago

After doing some in-depth searching to determine who might be compatible, somehow I made the great decision on choosing Goddess Rosalin. She greeted me at the door in a drop dead combination of top and skirt, corset and sheer tan hosiery. I literally wanted to just stand and observe. Moving forward and after some casual chat, Goddess was determine to address my spanking request. She pulled from a large repertoire of implements and experimented with quit a few. Her lap was pleasure, one that I had desires to experience after just only seeing pics and then in person. She is most capable of getting one's attention, in multiple ways I will warn, smiles. Rosalin covered my entire backside, and made sure she was especially addresses those very sensitive, sit tender spots,,,, OH my did she. Little did I realize, I would feel the trophies she gave me for days to come. She is beautiful, always quick to respond with communication, and very attentive to what one's interest are. SHE will be a repeat for as long as she is willing. Awesome experience....Did I say she gorgeous too, 😍.

Updated profile: 05/30/2024 03:51:31 AM

For those of you who don’t know me, yet… my name is Nikki. I’m known for my equal parts devastating and tantalizing scissors, textbook knockouts, immersive roleplaying, and highly skilled and creative holds and submissions. I earned my reputation as being a trailblazer in the sessions scene and am excellent at what I do. I grew up as a dancer and competitive gymnast. As an avid fan of Pro-wrestling in my youth, I would play around with the neighborhood boys trying to recreate what we saw on T.V. I grew into a naturally dominant female with a passion for fitness and fighting. These days I stay fit training regularly in Cardio, Resistance Training, Yoga, Barre,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 03/06/2024 10:16:44 PM

Hello Gentlements , i am a wellness bodybuilder WITH A BOMBSHELL LOOK  who just start her fitness career 2 years ago . I love meeting fans and interact with them about fitness , competition and prep . I take great care of session with myself and want you to have the best experience for both of us . Am also , a certified deep tissue massage girl . A session with me must be pleasing , sensual , funny , easy going and relaxing . My current look is much leaner then my picture since am on prep right now (: . -NO wrestling –   For all your question , comment or chitchat , please reach me to my ONLYFAN  : @leahfitness   ONLYFAN :... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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