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Recieved/Replied a review : 04/11/2023 04:10:40 PM

  • grapevine_fan
  • 239 days ago

I jumped at the opportunity to book my second session with Paris Love when I saw she was once again traveling to my area. Our first encounter was a semi-competitive session where I was thoroughly dominated, and I had convinced myself that if I fought harder, I could make the match more competitive. Unfortunately/ fortunately, I could not have been more wrong. Paris is so strong that each time we would start a round she would overpower me to the ground and get on top of me. Once underneath her, she has such strength and balance that it’s nearly impossible to recover back to a neutral position. She often ended up putting me in some inescapable hold or pin within seconds of the start of the round. I felt the most helpless when I would make some progress towards escaping her holds, only for her to up her intensity and regain a dominant position by easily overpowering me again, eventually finishing with another submission or inescapable pin. Each round basically followed this pattern. After the match, I realized that even though my level may have been higher in this second session, her wrestling skill has increased significantly since then. Also, I suspect she was just toying with me during our first session. The way Paris dominates with her wrestling, as opposed to seeking technical submissions, is so unique and leads to such a feeling of helplessness. It’s this feeling that led me to seek a second session with her and will lead me to try to book her every time she travels to my area.

Updated profile: 11/23/2023 06:13:02 AM

Hey Freaks and Wrestling Geeks I’m Barbie J, im an experienced wrestler. I am based in Northern California, but I do travel often. Drop me a message and let me know where you want to see me next. I ready to kick your ass, but don’t expect a fair fight. I will use all my stength, ass, knees, and choke holds to defeat you. I’m undefeated for a reason Best way to contact me if email or my onlyfans. I only do vitual sessions through my... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/09/2023 12:51:12 PM

  • danyo23
  • 241 days ago

Well overdue review here. I met with Goddess Athena just over a month ago and I can confirm, I was completely blown away. She is absolutely stunning and stronger than anyone I have ever met before. We did every kind of lift imaginable, worth a mention that she was able to press me overhead for reps - this wasn’t something that I expected. Muscle worship was unbelievable, her arms literally exploding as she flexed. We concluded the session with some wrestling and I was treated like an absolute rag doll, the strength difference between us, something I have never felt in my previous 8-9 sessions. Overall, I give Athena my highest recommendations, she fulfilled all of my fantasies with great ease while taking the time to make sure she understood what I wanted and what I liked in a session. If you are considering booking in with her, don’t walk - run!

Updated profile: 10/09/2023 02:55:35 AM

**NOT A BODY BUILDER** QUEEN OF; Facesitting / Smothering / Butt Drops / Head scissors Playful wrestling only (nothing competitive) No knockouts TEXT MESSAGES ARE PREFERRED!!! 4165222833 BOOKINGS IN Canada 🇨🇦 ONLY *400h* 1pm-3am Thanks😈💪🏼   ***Check out my facesitting content with Filth Fetish Studio & my head scissoring content with Scissor... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/08/2023 08:25:47 AM

  • stingray
  • 243 days ago

I met the delightful Lara this afternoon. Extremely friendly, beautiful but also very strong. It was a fantasy session, but I did try to hold my own for a bit, but with not much luck. Lara though was able to pin me again and again, making me submit on numerous occasions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and hope she returns to London in the near future. Thank you, Lara. I had a lot of fun. It was lovely meeting you 😀

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/06/2023 12:23:09 PM

  • ijmarti
  • 244 days ago

This afternoon I had a wrestling session with Mistress Hera in Marbella. I can only say that it has been sensational. Mistress Hera is very strong, you realize as soon as the session begins. I contracted an hour of wrestling. Of all the matches that We only did one I could beat her. She didn't like losing at all. I can only say, if you want a fantastic wrestling session, get in touch with this girl, it's very worth it. Next month I'll repeat it and I'm sure I'll beat her some match more. Thank you very much for this fantastic session.

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/05/2023 07:46:14 PM

  • strongman917
  • 245 days ago

I recently had a competitive session with Malice, the setup to the session went well , the only thing i had to do for Malice was provide 2 references to competitive with her, after that is was smooth sailing. I am 6'2" 275, workout and do strength contests and have some wrestling and marital arts training (not a black belt by any means), Malice is 5'4" and was about 500 lbs. I mentioned I am almost a foot taller than her, she responded by giggling and saying," not for much longer...!!!" and she was correct.. Wrestling her was like wrestling a beach ball with feet, there was no way I could get a hold on her and I could not move her to save me life. after all attempts to get something to work, she grabbed me and put me under her immense weight and squishing began, she even tried to pin for a 100 count but I tapped out at 52... she owned me like Remax, we arm wrestled and did tug of war and she crushed me at that too.. 100 % crushed..

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/05/2023 07:22:29 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 245 days ago

I had a session with Katarina earlier this month and it was out of this world! First of all, she's sexy as hell, with amazing hips and thighs and a great booty. She's also very professional when it comes to setting up the session and catering to your kinks. Her face-sitting, leg scissors, and grapevines twisted me like a pretzel and crushed me like a grape. She had a naturally dominant personality, so this isn't merely a job for her, and that made the session even more exciting. Her role-playing and smack talking was 10/10, and when she put on that animal-print zentai suit I felt like a helpless little baby antelope being stalked and pounced on by a sexy tigress. I was shaking in fear but so turned on, and as I tried to escape she dragged me to her by my ankle and then crushed me with her thighs. Thank you so much for a great time Domina!

Updated profile: 12/05/2023 08:46:43 PM

I love being in control; as a business woman , I make important decisions every day that will impact my company. I don’t need your money, but you crave my attention and that comes with a price tag.Your vulnerability lies in the palms of my hands as you release all of your power to me. Will you be a good little submissive pet? When you do as you’re told, you will be generously rewarded. I may look and sound sweet, but bad pets who misbehave really piss me off. You DON’T want to piss me off because I WILL punish you in ways that you can only dream of and I LOVE punishing my subs. Address me as ✨“mistress Chyna “✨     Deposit... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/02/2023 06:59:24 PM

  • wild-kat
  • 248 days ago

EMAIL: [email protected] to request Travel. Be ready to schedule

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/01/2023 03:10:10 PM

  • texas15
  • 249 days ago

She also talked to me about some kinks and fetishes that I’ve never experienced, she made me feel so comfortable that i tried those new fetishes and boy did I like them 😊😊 I’ve only been into lift and carry sessions but these new fetishes she showed me I will be trying them more Often and for sure with her when I go back to session with her 😊💪 Here is a pic of her carrying me upside down with her nice booty in my face :)

Updated profile: 11/29/2023 07:10:07 PM

You clicked on my profile so you must be interested in taking a step into my world. I have been a fetish model for 3 years now and will put myself in many roles to satisfy your needs. I can be your Goddess or your Mistress. Although I don’t offer nudity, I’ll be happy to strip down to bra and panties or bikini. If you dare to step into my world, continue reading on how to book a session with me. I look forward to making your fantasies come to life. P.S. I often travel and session with my sister Kody Evans! How to Book: Email [email protected] with your session request. If you have references, provide those as they will need to be verified. If this is your first session, a... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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