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Recieved/Replied a review : 06/26/2023 06:26:52 PM

  • mus303
  • 299 days ago

I had a session a bit ago with Minerva, the set up went of well and professionally, a little on me 5'9" about 200 lbs., workout regularly and wrestled up to college, but against Minerva it did not matter at all. She completely overpowered me and blasted through any hold or move i got on her, could not even score a takedown let alone win, she pinned me every match with ease, she barely broke a sweat while I was sore for several days after the session.. She completely flattened me like a pancake,

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/26/2023 11:14:51 AM

  • michaelweathers
  • 299 days ago

I had an amazing session with goddess today. She was amazing. She is super nice and fun, and she will enjoy dominating you and laugh as she destroys you. She is 240 pounds but is super agile and strong. She even did high flying butt and body drops! Her breast smothering and scissors were absolutely inescapable. She can even headscissor and breast smother at the same time. Highly recommend!!!!

Updated profile: 02/26/2024 05:20:21 PM

Hello, I’m a young, strong girl who has an interest in challenging myself and improving my skills when it comes to strength. I have a very athletic background playing and excelling in basketball, volleyball, tennis and more. I’m newer to the wrestling scene but I have practiced some jiujitsu in the past and I want to sharpen and improve myself through this experience. If you want to contact me you can do so via twitter or email. *Disclaimer: I don’t offer any facesit/boob smothering and no nudity, if requested I will... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/25/2023 08:55:17 AM

  • georgeh80
  • 301 days ago

Finally, I was able to meet Ashley and let me tell you something, Ashley does equal to Amazon. First of all, she’s an amazing person, very down to earth and easy to have a conversation with. Now about the session, I can only say it was out of the world. The pics do not really show how beautiful and and in shape she is, I mean, competition shape. Super strong, skin like silk and you can see and feel the definition of every muscle she has. Definitely one of the top sessions I ever had. Ashley, looking forward to see you again, I loved our session.

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/21/2023 07:52:04 PM

  • 90spirit
  • 304 days ago

I had a 3 hour session with this amazing lady in April . First this is that she is one of the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She is super friendly and easy to talk to.I got her a few items off of her amazon wish list and one of my choice. Let me tell you. In a bikini, incredible. Amazing legs, awesome back,killer arms. But the most amazing thing is that award winning smile. She damn near perfect. We had a wonderful worship session. The 3 hours flew bye so quick. I am looking forward to seeing her again. (oh he outfit I got for her left me speechless for about 10 minutes). Thank you for a amazing time.

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/21/2023 03:51:23 PM

  • soles_scream
  • 304 days ago

I had the pleasure of working with Cleo on 3 separate occasions. She fun, positive, and energetic. Pre to post booking I have had a good experience throughout. She's also very funny so if you want to laugh, she'll make it happen. She is willing to help out wherever possible on set and is just a good presence in general. I highly recommend her for shoots and sessions.

Updated profile: 04/14/2024 04:27:04 PM

Cleo Jane is based out of Denver, CO and has been in the fetish industry for over 10 years.  Touring the US and overseas, she offers FemDom, and other fetish fantasy sessions. Sessions start at $175 and vary depending on the activities involved.  Aside from FemDom, she offers Fantasy Wrestling (no semi or competitive) Bondage, Tickling, Face sitting (non-nude), Humiliation, Sissification, Trampling, Tease and Denial, CBT, Post Orgasm Torture, Ball Busting, Blackmail, Smothering, SPH, Chastity, Pegging, Spitting, Sensory Play and Deprivation, Behavior Modification, Puppy Play, Role Play, Cosplay, and FindDom. ***Info a fetish not listed? Just ask To book the session, she require an... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/17/2024 05:34:15 PM

😈Come and feel the strength and power of Muscle Queen Mistress Saskia . 😈Let’s have some fun and games , the winner gets to chose the prize 😈 Be warned , I can be brutal . You’ll either end up being rewarded or punished . What’s it going to be? 😈I’m a Personal Trainer , Bodybuilder , Pro Domme, Fighter  and Published Model. 😈You can expect 😈scissorholds / choke holds /tap outs 😈wrestling /pins/ BJJ / MMA 😈lift n carry 😈domination 😈face sitting 😈beatdowns / ball busting 😈W/S / fetishes / kinks and more 😈I work from hotels , a private MMA cage and a dungeon and I’m happy to travel . 😈New dates 18/4/24 Leicester 20/4/24... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/17/2023 04:10:17 AM

  • stingray
  • 309 days ago

I met the stunning Nikki in London this morning. Right from meeting up, she was bubbly, chatty and a total joy to be around. I had asked for a fantasy session, and despite her petite frame, and me being 6"2, she was able to keep me pinned down throughout. No complaints here though 😀 If you get the opportunity to meet Nikki, grab the chance. She's utterly delightful. Thank you, Nikki, 😀 Lovely to meet you. Hope to see you again.

Updated profile: 04/19/2024 02:27:10 AM

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder/ Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt/ Fetish Producer and Performer   I’m Taperedphysique and I am 5’4″, 140 lbs., of pure feminine muscle and fury. I have been doing sessions since 2017 and I love it, and once you session with me – so will you!!! I love seeing the men’s faces- especially the big, muscular, cocky types, when they realize who is really in charge. I can feel the confidence just drain out of their bodies, the smirks disappear from their faces and their arms and legs just go limp – as the resignation of defeat seeps in. They just stare up at me in disbelief, as I stare back down at them and ask – would you like to try it... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/15/2023 01:29:51 PM

  • raptors0verlord
  • 310 days ago

During my visit to Switzerland I had to come over and meet her in Bern , she did not disappoint, I now want to visit the country just to meet this lovely babe again 👍

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/15/2023 01:23:16 PM

  • raptors0verlord
  • 310 days ago

LisaCross is truly a legend, her images alone is timeless and in person is even better , her body is that of heaven on earth and I want to embrace her as again as soon as possible, she is on the expensive side but with a body like hers is all worth it 👍

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/15/2023 12:15:38 PM

  • raptors0verlord
  • 310 days ago

Oh Barbara my queen ❤️ where to even start , but when I saw her photos during my visit to Milano I know I had to meet her and the rest is history, it’s like meeting a celebrity, she is kind of expensive but worth it 100% 👍

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/15/2023 12:07:08 PM

  • raptors0verlord
  • 310 days ago

She was my very first , and by that I mean the very first session girl bodybuilder lady I ever had a session with and I never looked back again ❤️ she has a lovely personality and I can’t stop thinking of our next session 100% satisfaction rate 👍

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/15/2023 09:01:34 AM

  • johnyzman
  • 311 days ago

I see Hollie everytime she comes to Philly and let me say that time with her does not disappoint! If you have seen her before, she knows exactly what you are looking for and enjoy. She is wonderful at facesitting and smothering and if you're a foot guy she has the cutest feet ever. She is very nice, accomodating and a true sweatheart the in the sessionworld!

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/14/2023 10:50:58 PM

  • mrbrando
  • 311 days ago

This is a long overdue review but I had a great time with Mistress Omega. This was my first session with her and she was patient with me and getting to know my weak spots. Definitely recommend.

Updated profile: 11/18/2023 03:44:00 PM

I am an authentic, accomplished woman who also happens to be highly skilled and with extreme physical power. I knows what i want, from myself and from you. Miss M. the Amazon goddess, female sensuality, untamed raw energy without mercy At this moment i hold the most outrageous statistics within the female bodybuilding when it comes to height 6’ ft and body-weight 200lbs. I am a Guinness Book record holder, hold the record for tallest professional bodybuilder (female), as confirmed on January 15 2021 I am truely one of a kind and often referred to as an Amazonian. Virtual Sessions, visit my platforms see links in my... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 07/31/2023 01:29:52 PM

Hi there! ***PLEASE READ ENTIRE PROFILE BEFORE REACHING OUT TO ME!!  THERE WILL BE A QUIZ!!!***   Thanks for your interest!  I’m Ashley and I am a 55 (!!) year “seasoned” FBB. <3  I am still competing on the pro stage, and of this writing (typing?), I am 3 weeks out from my 2nd show of the season.  I included a few stage shots… these are from July 20th. I would not consider myself a wrestler…I do not want to get hurt!  I am okay with doing some basic holds, scissors, and the like… but no wrestling!  I prefer sessions that include muscle worshiping, feats of strength/challenges, massage, etc. I have a 5 email msg’s limit per client. ... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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