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  • sessioner54
  • 2 days ago

The Warrior Princess She calls herself a princess but she is more of a queen. We met 4/8/24, It's rare I'm in Florida, so I couldn't miss an opportunity to meet Princess Onyx. I initially was supposed to head back home the night prior, but she was out of town till the next day. I had to adjust my plans, reroute planes and had to book another hotel and rental car. Knowing what I know now, I would have done it again. She is very fast to respond to emails. She wanted to meet later in the morning but I couldn't get a later flight that would get me in time for work. She accommodated my schedule by meeting at 7:30 am. I've been sessioning for over 20 years with over 40 different women, she is #45. I consider her platinum grade, the luxury line of a session girl, due to being so professional, well versed, and has a wonderful facility. I requested semi-competitive wrestling, no striking, with ball-busting defined as she may grab my balls to weaken or submit but not to strike them. I told her to dominate me physically and mentally, boy did she deliver. I'm 5'5 1/2 about 140pds, most the women I session with are a bit bigger and stronger than me, but in my years of sessioning, though I've lost to almost all the women, I've never been that badly physically and mentally thrashed! Total domination, I couldn't do anything to her. She's knows what exactly she is doing, truly enjoys it. Her level of control is scary, she can hold you to cause just enough discomfort to tap but not to hurt you. Her mastery of psychology and knowledge of the anatomy really makes her formidable and ads excitement to the session. Truly a rare treat, if you're near Tampa Bay or she comes to your city or near your town, I highly recommend her. You should have her apply her mastery of psychology in the session, I don't know of any other session girl that has that level of degree in psychology. Though one of my favorite session girls will soon be if not already an MD

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  • bhp126
  • 2 days ago

About 6 weeks ago I travelled to Vegas for the 1st time and booked a session with Vegas Red Head. I have to say, from the moment I laid eyes on her I couldn't believe how unbelievably beautiful and jaw droppingly sexy she was. I still savour the excitement I felt when I introduced myself. She is something special all right. Powerful, commanding and downright amazing is what she is. Her physique is something you have to see in person to take in. Her power is unrivalled and stunning. All in all, one of the most amazing people to spend any time with. I can not wait to get back to Vegas to have her show me who's boss. My neck was sore for a few days after but every moment was worth it. I actually had 2 sessions two days in a row because I could not get enough of the Goddess that is VRH. Book a session. Find out. Unparalleled.

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05/18/202405/22/2024SohoNew York
06/01/202406/30/2024London OTHER
06/01/202407/31/2024TBD OTHER

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04/21/202404/26/2024Scotland - AyrOTHER
05/14/202405/15/2024Birmingham OTHER
06/27/202406/30/2024Düsseldorf OTHER

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08/05/202408/12/2024St. PetersburgFlorida
08/13/202408/15/2024RaleighNorth Carolina

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04/18/202404/20/2024Los AngelesCalifornia
04/21/202404/23/2024Riverside California

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04/17/202404/22/2024New York CityNew York
04/20/202404/22/2024Newark New Jersey
04/23/202404/25/2024Salt Lake City Utah
04/25/202404/26/2024Las Vegas Nevada
04/26/202404/27/2024San Diego California
04/28/202404/29/2024Los Angeles California
04/29/202404/30/2024San Jose California
05/07/202405/10/2024Salt Lake City Utah

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05/06/202405/15/2024New York City New York

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04/23/202404/26/2024Los Angeles California
04/26/202404/26/2024Newark New Jersey
05/20/202405/20/2024NewarkNew Jersey

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  • lukas96
  • 3 days ago

I met Constance and Andi in Munich a few weeks ago. The communication with both of them before the session was very clear and easy. We have agreed on a semi competitive session with parts of domination. At first I start with andi. At first I tried to fight back. But to be honest she quickly showed me my place and start to dominate me. After half an hour andi changed with Constance and she continue the session..and the domination. Both women know exactly what they are doing. I had an amazing time with both of them. And they made sure that I got exactly what I wanted before the session. They are both very nice and friendly too. I can recommend them both and hope I will met them again.

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  • lukas96
  • 3 days ago

I met her and Andi in Munich a few weeks ago. The communication with both of them before the session was very clear and easy. We have agreed on a semi competitive session with parts of domination. At first I start with andi. At first I tried to fight back. But to be honest she quickly showed me my place and start to dominate me. After half an hour andi changed with Constance and she continue the session..and the domination. Both women know exactly what they are doing. I had an amazing time with both of them. And they made sure that I got exactly what I wanted before the session. They are both very nice and friendly too. I can recommend them both and hope I will met them again.

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  • mccainbailey0717
  • 3 days ago

Session Date – 4/16/2024 I have to thank whoever ended up hosting Vivienne, and bringing her to my city – I had come across her SG profile before but was honestly a bit shocked that she was on schedule to be in my area. Like many others, I dived into her profile, and it wasn’t long before I reached out to her to schedule a session. Vivienne, despite having a busy schedule, is a breeze to communicate with, and before long I was on her schedule for 90 minutes. Be thoughtful and detailed when reaching out to her, because that’s exactly what you can expect from her. Vivienne held true to her word when she was running late, honoring all of our 90 minutes, though kept me on edge waiting to discreetly enter a rather nice hotel that I had formerly been employed at (I spilled my secret to her during our session). I had done extensive research on reviews of her, and made notes of some elements I wanted incorporated. This came in handy when a smiling Vivienne greeted me at the door and had my brain turning to mush at the sight of her. Yes, this is another review confirming that she is as gorgeous as her photos would suggest. Like I said, Vivienne is detailed, and also had a copy of my initial requests. Using my own notes, I added in a few more requests. She has great emotional intelligence and was a comforting presence as we went over the impending session, allowing me to be honest about my nerves, the structure, her demeanor, and most importantly, boundaries – I’ve made the mistake of not doing this before, and it resulted in a session where I was too nervous to react at all. Now, in regards to the session itself…. Vivienne is really thoughtful, and proved so by taking a lot of elements and crafting them into an adrenaline packed 90 minutes. Donned in a green bralette, leggings, and with her hair down, she began our session with a reverse headscissor, pressure gauge style. It did not take long for my ears to be muffed by her thighs, my oxygen to deplete, and for my jaw to start feeling the squeeze. At my freshest point of the session, she had me tapping out at what she deemed to be 30% strength. Even the reviews did not prepare me for feeling that weak. From there came the escape challenge, and Vivienne put on a clinic. There was no escaping her scissorholds – only you at her mercy, often in your ear, letting you know as much. In fact, the only hold I could partially escape was her grapevine – she stretched my legs wide, but mine were long enough to untangle myself. As soon as I freed them, she whispered down at me, “that’s okay, I don’t need your legs to keep you here, do I”? And she was correct. Somewhere in our time, I confessed what we both knew already, that she was stronger than me. I’d like to think it was in that moment where she kept me pinned by her arms alone. After a few unsuccessful escape attempts, Vivienne really asserted her dominance over me. Lethal feeling rear naked chokes, scissors, and schoolgirl pins were peppered with slaps to the face, sweet talking, and getting smothered either between her cleavage, or by her turning my face into a seat. Speaking of being smothered, Vivienne helped me discover my love for squirming and feeling helpless, accomplished by that, and by what I can only describe as a simultaneously teasing and torturous tickling. I was physically defeated enough to just lay there and gather myself while Vivienne proceeded to tie me spread eagle to the bed. This is where, completely vulnerable, defenseless, and helpless, she really began to make me feel like I was her plaything. Everything she did to me untied, she also did while I was bound, and again while blindfolded. Vivienne will tickle you everywhere, and masterfully incorporated it into teasing/torture/denial. In fact, I was almost teased too much – but Vivienne gave me a break and used the time I needed to do an outfit change, leaving me bound to the bed and blindfolded. In a few minutes, I was straddled once more, had my veil lifted, and gawked at the sight of her in a little red one piece. At this point, Vivienne took advantage of my predicament and stuck her feet right in my face. This was my first time worshiping feet, and I enjoyed it far more with her than I thought I would. But soon I was being untied and found myself in a rear naked choke so forceful that my tongue involuntarily stuck out while Vivienne whispered to me. Then it happened – I found myself waking up, caressed by Vivienne, as she asked me how my nap was. She had teased and inched me toward the knockout stage during the session, then put me to sleep quickly, relatively painlessly, and without warning. I loved her implementation of the element of surprise. I spent a considerable amount of time after that on my knees, as she lay on the bed, presented me her feet once more, and allowed me to essentially make out with her feet while I exited the fog of unconsciousness. Vivienne and I spent the last few minutes of our session documenting our time with some selfies, and recorded another knockout. We chatted a bit after while gathering our things, and my only regret is not feeling fully engaged, coming back from the fog a second time. Vivienne, you were so much fun to session with, and those 90 minutes flew by. Part of me wanted to not leave a review, because you feel like a hidden gem – intelligent, thoughtful, outgoing, considerate, confident, strong, and…well…sexy. But there’s already too much testament to the experiences you’ve provided, and you more than deserve to be lauded. Session with Miss V if you have the opportunity to do so. You won’t regret it.

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05/23/202405/26/2024Fort LauderdaleFlorida

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05/17/202405/19/2024San FranciscoCalifornia

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  • roger50000
  • 3 days ago

Crystal is incredibly easy to communicate with and is super genuine. She pays close attention to what type of session you desire and delivers 100%. Already looking forward to our next session together! Would highly recommend!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/19/202404/22/2024New YorkNew York
05/15/202405/15/2024San FranciscoCalifornia
05/15/202405/15/2024San JoseCalifornia
05/19/202405/20/2024San JoseCalifornia

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  • andyuk
  • 3 days ago

I just met Alexia for the second time. The first time we met, she was just starting out with sessions and I was her first ever lift and carry session. I was excited to see what she had learned and how much stronger she had gotten over the last year. Suffice to say, I was certainly not disappointed, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I weigh 77kg, she lifted me in all sorts of ways, like I was a child. Alexia was able to carry me in lifts like fireman, cradle, shoulder ride, front lifts and piggyback and do squats in all of them. The most impressive lifts she did was the overhead lift. She was easily able to press me over her head and did it 4 times during the session. In 20 years of doing sessions, nobody has lifted me overhead that easily, I was absolutely blown away by her strength. Alexia is such a lovely person as well as being amazingly strong, she really is the total package for a lift and carry session girl. Can’t see myself wanting to meet anyone else

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  • sankaku60
  • 3 days ago

Recently I dreamed that, after a fight with a sessiongirl, I couldn’t sleep well during a week because of pain. Well, this dream has now come to reality. My session with Lara is a week ago and almost all pains are finally gone. Was she uncareful? No, the contrary is true. She is very careful, socal, charming, well listening and makes sure you have a great time and all reasonable wishes are fulfilled. And yes, she is also very skilled, wants to really fight you, and she wants to win all the points. We started off in judo Gi’s and on our knees. Lara looked wonderful in her borrowed Gi, and was happy to see I wore a Gi too. So immediately she grabbed my collar and started to work me to the ground. On my back, on my belly, every time she ended on top of me and started to work towards a tap. Chokes (by arms and legs) were clearly her and mine favorites, although the effectiveness of her armbars shouldn’t be denied either. She turned on the power and increased the pain step by step. When she saw how I enjoyed her dominance, she increased her grip step by step until my tap. Again and again. Is she a sadist? She doesn’t think so, nor do I, but clearly she is able to punish you hard when you ask for it, as I did. As she said: you like torture, right? After we changed to bikini and shorts I noticed the powerful arms of Lara. I already had felt her power during the chokes she applied, but now I was even more eager to see them in full action. So I asked Lara to force me on my back, sit on me and choke me by using the Gi trousers that I had just taken off. So she did, The feeling was so great that I forgot to tap and to both our surprise she KO’ed me in just a few seconds. When I returned to daylight we both laughed. She immediately checked if I was OK. She is so careful, which makes me feel so safe when I am under her control. After a serie body scissors and a foot domination/armbar hold we moved to another exiting part of our session. Breast smothers and face sits. She limited my air intake so well that I had to tap quickly. Lara then allowed me a little bit of air but immediately took me in the same hold. This was repeated for a few times until I panicked. Lara was so kind to allow me some air. But of course only she decided if this was the end or another round of breath torture was going to happen. I love her perfect balance in being charming and being totally in control of what was going to happen. When time was over we had a coffee and a nice chat about various topics. Lara is very open. As she is not a time watcher, she had to hurry up for the next session. So I left her with a big hug before she was going to take a shower. Announcements

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