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Are you a naughty boy? Get on your knees beta. Serve your Mistress the way she taught you. 🍀Pegging 🍀Milking 🍀Worshipping 🍀DOMINATION 🍀XXX Contact::... ... Continue Reading

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  • librazen137
  • 79 days ago

Prepare to be shocked and humbled! Gia doesn't look very intimidating in person, but she definitely lives up to her hype. Her grappling ability combined with her strength, her height, and her weight, means that 99 percent of men have no chance at all of rising to the level of a worthy opponent. Speed: I didn't see Gia make any fast moves in our session, but she really didn't need to use any speed or agility. All that she needs to do is get a grip on you and she will have you on the floor, immobilised, helpless, humiliated, and at her mercy within a matter of seconds. Endurance: Its impossible to tell what Gia's endurance is like because she makes total domination seem natural and effortless. She maintained a patient and calm disposition the entire time while teasing me and laughing at my attempts to struggle. Gia was very good at relying entirely on her grappling skills and her weight to do all of her work for her. I can't even imagine her breaking a sweat or being out of breath during a session. Gia has a massive, strong, and sculpted back which looks spectacular from underneath while she is sitting on your chest. She is genuinely sadistic, playful, funny, and friendly, all at the same time. If you are lucky you will find out that Gia can relax on a couch while casually putting you into an unbreakable choke hold and submitting you with just her feet. Unbelievable!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/10/2022 04:48:26 PM

  • shrek00
  • 79 days ago

I don't know what to say about her. I had a session a while back with her and I was amazed. First of all she has a body sooo beautiful that you can't take your eyes from it. I booked a session with her cause since she's so short I figured I could easily overpower her and make her my bitch but I was soo wrong. At the beginning of the session I lured her into putting my head in her thighs and scissoring me thinking I'd break out easily but it was exactly the opposite. She had me tapping in less than 3 seconds. You can't imagine how many times I begged for mercy. At some point I found it hot and I just let her to do whatever she wanted with me. She played with me, she made me worship her and she made me her bitch. I am muscular but her thighs were no match for me

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/10/2022 03:52:48 PM

  • titan1
  • 79 days ago

I sessioned Kaos on 9/10 in Greece. I had asked for a kick/foot domination session. All I can say is that she gave me more than I bargained for. She is the real deal MMA pro. She could easily literally kill me in matter of seconds if she wanted. I could never believe a girl like her could kick with such strength, yet she could. She's also fun and incredibly beautiful. A I write these lines I still feel pain from her kicks but neverthelsess it was worth it

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/10/2022 04:48:45 AM

  • kroy33
  • 79 days ago

I’ve been doing sessions for about 24 years. I’ve known Veronika and been sessioning with her for about 9 years now. She is an absolutely amazing person and someone I’m proud to say I’ve been able to spend time with. I like my sessions on the rough side and she has been great in adapting to my needs. She is, and always will be my favorite session partner! She is amazing. When you session with her, the session is all about you! Book her when you can, and while you can! I’m sure you will come away with the best session you’ve had! She’s incredible!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/10/2022 04:30:41 AM

  • kroy33
  • 79 days ago

I had a great session with Roxy last week! She is an amazing individual, great to spend time with and an absolutely lovely woman. I’ve been doing sessions for 24 years and have had the pleasure of sessioning with about 35 women. Roxy ranks right there at the top. I like my sessions rough and am very specific with my wants. She was very accommodating and convincing with my particulars. I am sooo looking forward to seeing her again! Book her if you can! Highly recommended!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/10/2022 01:12:16 AM

  • phalanx125
  • 79 days ago

I had a great time with her. I had a hour muscle worship session with her. Her muscles were thick and we had a nice conversation as I felt her body.

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/09/2022 08:47:37 AM

  • liftandcarryfan
  • 80 days ago

Saw her in her pre surgery days. Beautiful thick and powerful! Super strong, I don't think she ever used her legs at more than 50% and carried me around doing most lifts with ease and I was 5'8 230. Loved my session with her and miss it very very much!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/09/2022 07:56:59 AM

  • judokahenk
  • 80 days ago

Wow , great new sessionwrestler from the UK here on sessiongirls. With Christmas I will be in London again together with my son Leon , now he is 18yr old he is interested like me for having a session with a female sessionwrestler for the first time , I think Havoc could be a nice first match for him so I am sure try to get a session booked for him as surprize with her this Christmas trip to London. Photos Leon and Leon and Me Training together some wrestling. For myself I will try book a session with the more experience fighter Kaos in London.

Updated profile: 11/14/2022 03:38:44 PM

This is your favorite ebony goddess. I’m ready to be worshipped and train my good boys into weak little subs for me. I am very experienced in slave training, pegging, humiliation, smothering, ass worship, face sitting, verbal humiliation, tickle torture, spanking, foot worship, spanking, role play, fantasy worship, and I am open to explore other fetishes. NO NUDITY! FINDOM AND FEMDOM ONLY!!! If interested you can send me an email at... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/07/2022 05:31:48 AM

  • martialartsgoddess
  • 82 days ago

Hi. Sorry for the late reply here, but I'll be in paris enf of october beginning of November! hope you can make it!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/06/2022 03:36:56 AM

  • garrick
  • 83 days ago

Working with Onyx was a real pleasure. Aside from her professionalism and easiness to communicate, she possesses the athleticism, stamina, and will to fight necessary to shoot a great scene. The atmosphere around her is pleasant and fun, and her wrestling skills are excellent. I highly recommend working and sessioning with her, she's outstanding.

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/05/2022 12:51:55 PM

  • jamaca122
  • 84 days ago

I recently have a session with her. She is gorgeous. Her muscles are big, well defined and balanced. Message to her inquiring about the session is smooth. She treats me like valued customer. Highly recommended. I would have sessions with her again. Announcements

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