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Recieved/Replied a review : 08/15/2023 06:23:55 PM

  • nujerz
  • 45 days ago

I last saw Skylar in Cali back on April 27th.. it goes without saying she is one of my all time favorite ladies ever. Skylar is someone I wished I saw more so every time I am able see her, she is a must see. Its Always Easy to communicate and set up a time and place for session. I’m very fortunate and lucky that thanks to being a long time client/fan/friend/sub etc she pretty much already knows what I like and look for in a session with her, it makes things very easy. Her scissors are legendary for reason, more times than I can count she could have ko’d me but I either tapped or she took mercy on me. Be it wrestling, beatdowns (punches/kicks/elbows/knees), trampling, foot/booty/muscle worship, to aspects of femdom like cbt, spankings, smothers, face-sitting (split facesit combo is dear lord) etc she is the total package. She great at doing different role play scenarios as well, which always makes the session fun A Total kindhearted soul that can make you call her mommy (or Daddy lol). Yes she drop dead gorgeous, so for someone like me who is a shy introvert it can be a bit nerve racking, but she always goes out her way to make sure I feel comfortable/ok and at ease to enjoy our time together. She is a legend and I feel super fortunate and lucky to be able to session with her whenever I can.

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  • nujerz
  • 45 days ago

I saw Cay Baby back on July 17th in NJ. She was amazing. She is gorgeous with an amazing fit/athletic body her photos are accurate. Totally cool and easy to communicate and set up a session. She has one of the all time greats to guide her so I am not surprised at how great she is. Very strong scissors/legs that was able to totally trap/control me easily. I will do my best to describe what I mean.. she put me in a body scissor and was able to lift my body off the ground and held me there with ease..or rather if she was laying on her side with me still trapped between her legs was able to lift me up and turn over completely to the other side like nothing. Great at doing the role play scenario I suggested with ease and I cant wait to see her again.

Updated profile: 09/08/2023 10:12:54 PM

🌟 Embodying an irresistible blend of strength and seduction, I am the reigning queen of the Aussie Muscle worship world! 🤼‍♀️💋 With a trail of victories as 2017 Australia’s Strongest Woman and 2019 Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Woman, I’ve proven that power is my playground. 💪🏆 Crowned Miss Physique Australia in 2022, I exude a magnetic sensuality that captivates all who cross my path.  – I’m a tantalizing muscle mummy, commanding both respect and desire. My thighs, sculpted to perfection, possess a crushing strength that promises an experience unlike any other. 🔥 Whether it’s my fierce... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 08/14/2023 11:45:15 AM

(NO I AM NOT TRANS) if you’ve always had a thing for tall curvy women, then you’re in the right place. I’m looking for a long term sub. Something consistent. I’m open to doing sessions but I would prefer someone on going. I’m 6’11 in heels, I really enjoy humiliating, dominating, cuckolding, face sitting, strap on play etc.. DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOURE NOT... ... Continue Reading

Updated travels: 09/16/2023 05:36:22 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
12/05/202312/08/2023SAN DIEAGOCalifornia
12/10/202312/16/2023LOS ANGELESCalifornia

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  • chipat
  • 46 days ago

Had the pleasure of doing a doubles session with Karly and Indica Fetish recently. Wow! What an amazing time. Both of these ladies are just a blast. High energy, enthusiastic, and both just really enjoyed themselves which always makes a session better. We did a scene where Karly ball busted me while Indica watched, laughed, and commented and then Karly passed me on to Indica who also busted me. The chemistry between them was electric and made the whole session magical. Can’t recommend enough. Would totally book both again, either together or separate. Wonderful smart, sexy women and an amazing time!!

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/14/2023 06:47:21 AM

  • chipat
  • 46 days ago

Had the pleasure of doing a doubles session with Indica and Karly Salinas. Wow! What an amazing time. Both of these ladies are just a blast. High energy, enthusiastic, and both just really enjoyed themselves which always makes a session better. We did a scene where Karly ball busted me while Indica watched, laughed, and commented and then Karly passed me on to Indica who also busted me. The chemistry between them was electric and made the whole session magical. Can’t recommend enough. Would totally book both again, either together or separate. Wonderful smart, sexy women and an amazing time!!

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/13/2023 11:32:14 PM

  • cokey11
  • 46 days ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Warrior Amazon on Sunday 13th August. She has been on my bucket list for a long time and fate was it that she was travelling to the UK for 1 day only and she did not disappoint. This trip was put in her schedule at short notice as someone sponsored her on a trip to the Isle Of Wight (thank you so much dude). She was then in London for just the 1 day which was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Warrior Amazon's communication throughout was superb. She responded extremely quickly considering the short notice and put me at ease. She didnt have a problem with recording the session and didnt even charge extra which is a massive bonus considering that her price point is actually one of the cheapest for someone of her calibre and skill level. She remarked that she understands that the cost of living is high so felt unfair charging extra for her sessions right now. The session took place at a hotel. She initially met me outside and was greeted with a hug and a warm smile. She took me up to her room and proceeded to get changed into her outfit that showed off her ample assets which was perfect for the session at hand. The session itself was a domination type session with plenty of scissor holds, face sitting and breast smothers. She is insanely strong and had me gasping throughout. My only regret is that we couldn't do any proper rolling as she didnt have her mats with her for this trip and also it was in a hotel room so not the best to properly grapple. But I assured her that next time when she is back for real. I also was asked if I wanted to try knockouts but I am not quite ready yet so declined. (one day though) I would definitely recommend her just based off her personality alone, excluding the fact that she is extremely attractive. She didnt clock watch and after the session was very chill and happy to stay and chat. We chatted only for a few mins as I needed to get the train back home. For the cheap price she charges considering how popular she is, her skill level, her personality and beauty, its a no brainer. I would dare anyone to name a better combination.

Updated travels: 08/13/2023 10:58:06 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/19/202309/25/2023oklahoma cityOklahoma
10/16/202310/18/2023RaleighNorth Carolina

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/13/2023 08:36:14 PM

  • vikingo29
  • 46 days ago

Here is my second session with Lynda she is always lovely and friendly and we always have a nice chat before begin. I gave away Lynda some pretty leggings (scrunch leggings to flatter the booty) for this session WOW...! ♥ I don't sure if these leggings were made for her or if Lynda's body was made for these leggings. OMG! Lynda's got legs and she knows how to use them...! ♥ her legs are solid steel...! Was incredible to know the strong Lynda's legs are...!, Also her jiujitsu skills are great. I was thinking in have another session with Lynda, in my first session she showed me her great skill and strength, in this second session she left me as a rag doll, and maybe in the third session Lynda finish breaking me up, but well...! I will be happy to leave Lynda to make this on me...! ♥ Lynda, break me ...!

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/13/2023 10:55:35 AM

  • higgens69
  • 47 days ago

Hello everyone! If I had to recommend a session girl, it would have to be Lara the Warrior! If you want to experience a sporty fireworks display, you've come to the right place. You're guaranteed to find yourself on the mat under her and have to tap out. She is beautiful, but don't be fooled, because she is all the stronger and more dangerous for you, Lara has the clearer will to always give her best and clearly to dominate you. She is happy to fulfill her wishes, which are within limits, and she requires respectful interaction. Me too, by the way. My conclusion: 110% satisfied and enthusiastic. Always happy if it's possible, hope it's possible more often. Lara is so well trained in various martial arts techniques that she is really impressive. One of the best session girls for me

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/12/2023 08:03:04 AM

  • ebonwolf
  • 48 days ago

I booked a Fantasy Wrestling shoot with Skye during FETCON '23 and I must say I am so glad I did! She is a solid performer with an impressionable personality and was quick to understand the vision and direction that I was looking to bring for each scene that we shot. Producers-be sure to contact Skye as I am sure she will bring your content to life; Sessioners-I am confident she will provide a great session should what your are looking for be within her boundaries/limits! I will certainly be booking her again in the future.

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  • orsibwrestler
  • 48 days ago

4/2018: "Orsi looks very sexy, like a next door girl, with a very toned body but not overly muscular. She dominated the match immediately, she is very fast on the mat and has an arsenal of moves executed to perfection: head lock, various chokes, arm bars, and surprisingly killer scissors and more. She’s as cruel and merciless as it gets, and if you ask her to be aggressive and brutal- be careful what you wish for.she took me to the absolute limit. Her personality is very outgoing and very fun to be around. A fantastic experience and highly recommended." You can see a much longer version of the review and some pics attached here:

Updated profile: 09/19/2023 08:53:58 PM

I’m Rosette, a West Michigan dominatrix and grappling top. I’m a sadist, and I am most turned on by power play in whatever form it takes. I take great pleasure in exploring and enacting your deepest fantasies, and I have a genuine interest in experiencing the spectrum of human sexuality. I cater to many kinks and fetishes, but here are a few of my favorites: -Foot and Shoe Worship – Stocking/Nylon Worship, Leg Worship – Humiliation and Degradation – Impact Play -Wedgies/Bullying – SPH (small penis humiliation) – CBT (cock and ball torture) -Fantasy wrestling – Grappling And much more….. If you don’t see your kink on the list,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 08/11/2023 05:42:33 PM

I was born this way. Everything in me has exhibited strength from my earliest memories. I awaiting you to serve me. I am selective, exclusive, I provide a deep connection, a trust and intimacy far deeper than sex. I am seeking a sub who craves a powerful woman, who lusts after her, dreams about her, salivates over the very thought of her gracing the same room so that she may reach inside of you and extract all of the things you’ve ever wanted to do and make them a reality. My heart really soars when I play in BDSM, for I am in my truest... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/11/2023 12:54:15 PM

  • mattbikinis
  • 49 days ago

Wow, Goddess Fina is the perfect balance of sweet, sexy, and dominant! She rocked my world today with a facesitting and ass worship session. She is very communicable and professional when scheduling and meeting. We sessioned in her studio in lovely St. Petersburg on this hot summer day. From the time she playfully throws you on the bed to the end of the session, she owns you with her incredible tattooed body. She is bubbly and fun, but she will ensure you throughout the session that she is in control. She is the queen and you are her throne! She is also very friendly and sociable. I cannot wait to see her again! Announcements

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