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I am German half Persian hot goth  I compete in bodybuilding I enjoy semi-competitive, fantasy and submission wrestling sessions. I’m also into BDSM and we can have all the fun.  Do’t be fooled or underestimate me by my physique I am extremely strong and I will have you tap out within seconds and crush you with my thighs! I am an experienced session girl and into all aspects of kink so don’t be afraid to share your deepest secret fantasies with... ... Continue Reading

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  • sl0ankhn
  • 37 days ago

I was not lucky enough to have a session with torrey. Her session girl page said she would be travelling to Hyderabad, India since the last 40 days. I had contacted torrey via mail 40 days back asking to book a slot for Hyderabad on the day she will be here. We agreed and torrey said she would get back to me just before the travel date. I had been emailing her since 2 weeks asking for a time and place for the session, but torrey just ignored all the mails and today when I checked her SG page, she is not travelling to hyderabad. It was really unprofessional to do such a thing, as I waited for such a long time, If torrey could have replied saying she is not travelling to this city, I could have travelled to the city she was in to have a session. I hope you could fix this torrey, so it would be easier to have a session with you

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  • victim_of_warrioramazon
  • 37 days ago

wow, what can I say. I had the opportunity to have a session with Marina in Luxembourg today and took it straight away. I was interested in meeting her beforehand, unfortunately it didn't work out in terms of time. i don't know where to start and end. her communication is easy and very personable, appointments are made together. i walk in the door and was a bit nervous but after a little small talk and a smile from her the nervousness went away. The session is indescribable. She is fast, strong and has incredible technique. Marina is one of, if not the strongest and prettiest session girl I've had the pleasure of meeting. She responds to your wishes and it is important to her that she satisfies her clients with their wishes. Be respectful with her and she gives it back to you twice. all in all it was a 10/10 session and I can't wait to have another session with her. today I was unable to get out of her legs and scissors, once she has you it's hard to get out and she squeezes like a python. Marina thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again and I will definitely book a session with you again. BEST SESSION I EVER HAD. #TEAM_MARINA_REDSTAR

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  • sleeperholdfan
  • 37 days ago

Yesterday I had a wonderful session with Ripped Princess. Setting up the session was super easy and done in two mails. In person she was super friendly and she is absolutely huge. She is definitely the most muscular woman I've ever met. She let me touch her muscles and she was rock hard. Especially her biceps and triceps I liked most. And her forearms are as big as my upper arm . Truly amazing. She knows a lot of scissor and submission holds and she put me easily from hold to hold. I had to tap out in all of her holds. Her headlock and headscissors almost made me see stars if she hadn't reminded me to tap. Her Boston crab was my favourite. I never felt that much pain. I will definitely book again. I highly recommend her!

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  • Cheyenne-Jewel
  • 38 days ago

Aw shucks, thank you:)

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  • lukuser
  • 39 days ago

Cheetah is super beautiful and have gotten a lot stronger and more feisty lately!

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  • nickyden
  • 40 days ago

I hate to use the word "perfect", because I always like to think even the best you've experienced up to a certain point can be better. But, it's really hard to think of a more appropriate word for my 2-hour session with Bianca about a week ago in Denver. From her beauty, to her dominance, to her focus on her client and the moment, Bianca was a 5 out of 5 stars in every regard. Of course, she is a legend at this point in the global mixed wrestling world. I had high hopes because of that, and Bianca absolutely blew them away. Some SessionGirls seem like they are just trying to get through their time with you, and some SessionGirls will give you the feeling that, in every moment, they want to connect and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bianca is someone who both seeks to be the latter type of SessionGirl, and fills that role as well as anyone I've ever gotten to spend this kind of time with. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Bianca to session clients of any type of interest. She is truly an expert SessionGirl, an absolute knockout (both literally and for her exquisite beauty), and a genuinely kind and interesting person to spend time with.

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  • mmadomination
  • 40 days ago

Alexis Luna can be summed up in 3 words Bright Fiery and last but certainly not least VIOLENT!!! The amount of skill this woman possesses is other worldly. We did a shoot a while back and you simply must see her given the chance. She can box she can grapple and she can crush your skull in a heartbeat. I can't say anything but positive things about this woman.

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  • xenaguerriere
  • 41 days ago

Thank you, it was a lot of fun and I actually let you do it a bit, I could see that you really wanted it. But I also really want to win so I also had to show you that. See you soon

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  • panzertk_de
  • 41 days ago

I had my second session with P&P about two months ago and it was more amazing. She was about 20+ Kgs heavier and it was all muscle. She was huge, rock hard abs and biceps. She lifted me with ease as my head was spinning. She also wore several outfits with high heels and boots. A true Amazon beauty. All I wanted to do is worship her magnificent body. I am grateful she met me and am counting the days until the next display of pure female power and beauty. Thank you P&P.

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  • jjazzoz65
  • 41 days ago

I was extremely fortunate to have a wrestling session with Allie yesterday and it was superb! Her communication was excellent throughout the setting up and booking. I didn’t give her a lot of warning, but she found time to fit me into her busy schedule. She was always making sure to let me know all the details and to answer any questions I may have had. When she met me at the door, she is every bit as beautiful as her pictures indicate and I have to say she has a terrific smile. I was very anxious and nervous as I am quite inexperienced at this, and she put me at ease relatively quickly. The studio is great, with room for us to grapple around and have a roll. The emphasis was on safety and fun, which I can say for certain is exactly what happened. She is very easy to talk to and the conversations between falls were quite varied and came naturally to her. It helped me tremendously in loosening up and getting out of my shell. I had asked for a fantasy / semi competitive wrestle, and it was every bit of that. I am admittedly a novice (zero real experience) wrestler and while I am about twice her weight her skill offset that very easily. She’s stronger than she looks and pretty fast. When I wrestled timidly, she chewed me up and the few times I managed to get aggressive she was skilled enough to turn the tables on me. She has a pretty mean choke, which I found myself in far too often, and got me in a few headscissors which were tight, strong, and almost immediately had me tapping. I have no doubt if she wanted to she could really put a truly impressive squeeze on someone! Someday I may have to put that to the test. I held up ok for a while but her stamina and the great shape she is in eventually took its toll. I got her a couple times, but I won’t pretend I outskilled her on any level. I basically outsized her and got myself into a couple of superior positions. Beyond that she was pretty much in control throughout and rarely threatened by me. She has a couple of ‘go to’ moves that I’ll let folks find out for themselves when they see her, but they happen incredibly fast and strong and, for me at least, that was that for a particular fall. And she did all of these things with a fun smile and a bit of a sassy attitude that was difficult to get frustrated with. A rare trait in my opinion. I think she had plenty of sassy in reserve if it was needed. If I have a real regret, it is booking only 1 hour as it went by far too quickly. There certainly will be a next time for me and I am going to rectify that oversight for sure. I have a lot of falls to catch up on! If you are an experienced wrestler, have 50 or 60 lbs on her, want to wrestle a full-on competitive match, she probably isn’t for you. If you want to have a fun and enjoyable roll with a fit woman with skills enough to knock an average guy on his ass, then I would highly recommend her. If you are thinking of trying her, you will not be disappointed. My opinion is she’s a hidden gem in this particular session area. Thank you Allie!

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  • simonsays99
  • 42 days ago

Had a session last time she was in Hamburg and was very good. Incredible holds and scissors. And amazing strength - I couldn't break even a pin while I think of myself as talland reasonably strong. Bokked her also for being quite tall and was was to armwrestle - and loose - with her.

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Coining myself the “Queen of Meatheads”, I am a veteran competitive Female Bodybuilder, Kickboxer and Entertainer. As a hyper muscular and athletically built female, I enjoy showcasing my Dense Muscle Curves while taking control and dominating into submission. I can’t wait to put you to the test with some arm wrestling as I mock you with my peaked biceps and laugh as I make you scream with a damning head scissor!  You won’t stand a chance with my Exotic Appeal and I will certainly smile while I make you tap out!  I enjoy providing experiences that are memorable, fun, light hearted but I do enjoy showing my Ultra Sassy side..and I won’t apologize for it!... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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