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  • freshiejuice
  • 137 days ago

It was so fun! You looked like a kid in a candy store

Updated profile: 11/27/2023 08:17:04 PM

Strong and dominant Latin girl willing to fulfill your dominant fantasy and dream... feminine, beautiful and athletic. fantasy fight, I have a good physique and at the same time I am powerful and agile. I love the spirit of power and confidence that is essential to this sport. Do not you believe it? You will be very amazed and terrified if that is what you are looking for. In addition to the virtual sessions, I do them at home, I also offer personalized videos… personalized photos… I do sessions with more girls… Willing to fulfill your fantasy to the fullest… I am a very fun and outgoing girl, I really like to interact and have a very wonderful session… Serious... ... Continue Reading

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  • slimfitgal
  • 139 days ago

I can even provide fitness personal training as freelancer too.interested PPL let me know

Updated profile: 11/14/2023 10:22:11 PM

Femdom Fatale – Bad Bitch Extraordinaire In NYC Explore your Fetishes and Fantasies with Mistress Xena. World Renowned Mistress Xena has dominated men since 2001. She is an erotic Dominatrix and an absolute vision of powerful beauty. Her brown, hypnotic eyes mesmerize anyone who gazes into them. Her body is a gorgeous hour glass figure; Mistress Xena is a curvy, bombshell pin-up Goddess, Femdom Fatale Extraordinaire. Sessions are held at her private and equipped studio, conveniently located a couple blocks away from the train. Available from 10am-10pm. Novices welcome. Experienced players welcome. Couples welcome. Must be 21+. All scenes are safe, sane, and consensual. Mistress... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/27/2023 08:22:20 PM

Hey I am Red Duchess! Welcome to my page! I’m a fetish enthusiast, femdom model, media producer, CEO of Red Mirror Media. 1 year of experience in mixed martial arts- self defense, striking, kick boxing, wrestling and BJJ. I enjoy lift and carry, face & chest sitting, trampling, smothering, wrestling, spanking, butt drops, belly & foot worship and more! I’ve got plenty of muscle and curves! I’m pretty open to trying new techniques and new experiences. Will gladly take YOU on! Let’s have some fun!! 🪞5ft5in, 270lbs, chest 40M , 👣 9 lift & carry up to 200lbs Safe Sane and Consensual Risk Aware Consensual Kink ❤️‍🔥Email for booking, custom videos, and... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 07/24/2023 01:07:53 AM

Hello my muscle loving fans! I’m back baby, not really doing any IN PERSON sessions, but online Skype sessions/phone sessions. I am currently prepping for 2 shows in September and getting leaner everyday. I love to flex and show off my body especially as I start to look freakier and freakier. Traveling and doing sessions in person isn’t feasible right now so if you are down to Skype or phone chat, please contact me.... ... Continue Reading

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  • bernie
  • 141 days ago

I first met Chelcbabyyy three or four years ago via webcam. I have only had one session with her a few years ago and had an absolute blast. In the last two years the changes she had made to both her physique and her mindset as a human being are unreal. Though she had stepped away from the session world we has kept in contact. She is a sweet, kind and genuine person. As impressive as her physique was when I saw her two years ago, she almost looks like a different person. Her muscle shapes and pure size and thickness is unreal. I happened to run into her a feeling months ago and her ever present smile, welcoming eyes and great personal still shone through. And her physique is quite literally world one of the top on the world. Chelcy is an amazing human being and to see her back on this site put a big smile on my face, and made my wallet whimper with it know it won't be full for much longer. Reach out to this woman and treat her well....she is freaking amazing.

Updated profile: 10/06/2023 10:11:09 PM

Hey guys this is your girl Paris Love, I’m excited to meet new people and have fun doing sessions.  I’m told that I am a joy to have around and that I like to push people to their limits, I enjoy doing sessions and I make sure that my clients enjoy their time that spent with me, so send me an email so we can set up a session and have lots and lots of fun. Looking forward to hearing from... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 08/15/2023 09:29:19 AM

Welcome to my page. I’m a Danish viking queen residing in the UK. I am based in Wrexham North Wales but tour around the UK and possibly Denmark soon. I have incredible mental strength, striking looks and breathtaking muscles. Excited to meet enthusiasts like you who appreciate the magnificence of feminine physical power and the thrill of being in my positive energy. With my Danish NBS attitude and an impeccable physique, you’ll find yourself captivated in my presence. Although smaller in height my physique usually impresses. Though currently I’m in off season so although in fair shape I am less ripped – my instagram is always good to check for my latest physique... ... Continue Reading

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  • markwilliamsconnection
  • 143 days ago

I met with queen in Baltimore yesterday for 1 hour and she is Sweet, professional, safe and her scent is amazing, really good. We emailed back and forth for a few days and then she gave me her phone number once I was ready to book. I asked her to wear a one piece bathing suit and it looked amazing on her body. She squeezed me so tight with those big calves where I left with marks on my neck. (I am white very pale man), those calves are absolutely Amazing. I will be returning for another scissor session soon. Be prepared for a thrill.

Updated profile: 11/20/2023 02:04:06 AM

I don’t care how many references, and Sessions  you’ve had! I’m not going to waste mine or other ladies time trying to prove you’re real and of age! I screen using OF! Link below 👇 OnlyFans.Com/JessicaAnnLLC To make sure you are of age! If you can’t communicate thru my OF first , then stop inboxing me in gmail! If you continue to complain, your email gets sent to Spam!  I pay 💰 to advertise my Services on here, so I will just Block/Spam your email 📧 if your are not respectful of my time!    Moving forward 👇 Hey Y’all I’m Jess, aka, Jessica Ann, aka “Brawl’n Barnes” aka “Wild Card” aka “Mountain Momma” aka Dr. Domina Domme, Dr.... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 07/16/2023 05:20:14 AM

hey babe , im femdom nyla ! im ebony & athletic built as well as curvy. i am a 23 year old ebony pro-dominatrix ready to please you! You will definitely be satisfied with the fantasy that I can help you fulfill! im what you been looking for & im ready to dominate you with my natural ass!   im open to so many fetishes! dont be shy! i stay in houston,tx but dont worry you always able to book me out of town! i love facesitting , body smothering , trampling ,  foot worship , spanking , pegging & more! come enjoy your dark side with me i promise you will always beg for more! email me location , time & date for booking me!  ALL SESSIONS REQUIRE A DEPOSIT!!! Deposits... ... Continue Reading

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  • stendal
  • 144 days ago

I will share the meeting with Anula. After a quick communication, I drove to Warsaw dp to see her. I already have a lot of experience, but I was nervous. When she opened the apartment door, I was really amazed. I have met many female bodybuilders - for example Jana Linke Sippl, Irene Anderson, Eva Damoh, Storm, etc., but Anna is different. Height approx. 183 cm, heavy and muscular, very pleasant and open. We wrestled a bit in the post room, she tried body scissors and she is very strong. The only thing it lacks is the technique, but otherwise it's amazing. Her figure is phenomenal and whoever loves huge women, don't miss the opportunity to meet her. I'm also quite strong, which she also liked, but her musculature is completely different. At the end, I took a photo as a souvenir. Overall, I was delighted and will definitely repeat the meeting. I really recommend it to everyone!!! Announcements

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