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Session tour: 19/20 April BUDAPEST 11/12 May MILANO with XENA aviable for double session and custom video!     Roma soon write me a mail! Dusseldorf soon! Write me an email for more info!     Other city? Write me on [email protected]! Hi everyone! I’m Michela and I’m working with since 2018. I’ve been doing MMA, BJJ and Boxe since 2018. I’m strong, quick and skilled. I Speack English, French, Spanish, Croatian and Italian. I’m aviable for  wrestling sessions in a gym with mats In Padova (Italy) Where I’m based Or during one of my travel, I’m however aviable in Europe. Please, don’t  waste... ... Continue Reading

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  • fantasyroleplayguy
  • 452 days ago

Had a nice session with Ivanna. She was easy to work with on set up and was responsive. I met her for a fantasy wrestling session. She is knowledgeable on holds and really good a roleplay and talking trash. I will definitely see her again. If Fantasy/Semi Competitive is your desire she will be an excellent choice.

Updated profile: 03/22/2024 02:43:05 AM

I have a couple slots left on March 10th, 11th, 12th and early morning of the 13th in Philadelphia I will be in Vegas mostly for next few months. I am very, very fit and have danced in a Thotery most of my life. Now I prefer to beat guys up rather than lap dance. Wrestling, Lift and Carry and Fit Girl Stuff: I love to grapple and stay fit as fuck. I am a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also love fantasy wrestling. With Lift and Carry I can shoulder ride up to around 200 pounds. I can piggy back ride and fireman carry well over 250. I happen to love scissor hold sessions and I have very strong, long, lean legs that can choke the living fuck out of you. For Domination Sessions: You... ... Continue Reading

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  • ldbkbrotha
  • 453 days ago

I will start by saying this woman is really strong, really really beautiful and ultra cool. I was welcomed with a warm hug and then got comfortable. We did a wrestling/ role play session and she got into the role really well, actually to a point to where it felt like it was real. Her smack talking is amazing and once she gets you in one of those scissors or smother holds you are either going to tap or pass out lol after the session we chatted it up for a little bit. She make you feel like you known her forever. I will make sure I catch Rain everytime she is in Vegas🥰. P.S. - You are definitely amazing and those eyes are🔥❤️

Updated profile: 04/12/2024 04:47:01 AM

I am offering muscle worship sessions including posing, lift and carry, armwrestling, oiling, massage (nothing sexual) I started learning BJJ on private lessons so I am offering some non-competitive submission wrestling. If you want me to travel – just cover my flights & expenses and I will come to you. 50% Deposit will be required (paid with card via Revolut – link in my profile. I have no PayPal). No time wasters! I do not offer topless or nude. Any reasonable wardrobe requests will be considered. I am not offering any sexual activities!!!   You e-mail should contain: – your full name – type of session are you interested in: – all your... ... Continue Reading

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  • vettelover
  • 454 days ago

I'll be more than happy to teach you a few lessons on the mats. 😉

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  • midnight60
  • 454 days ago

Was it a beatdown session? Did she hit you in the face?

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/22/2023 09:03:17 AM

  • forksnsporks
  • 455 days ago

I’m still in awe of how incredible my session with Nadia was. Not only is she smart and freaking gorgeous, but she has the skills and power to kick your ass and make boys cry. I can’t stress how much I loved every second, from Nadia’s strong scissorholds to her suffocating smothers and pure grappling ability she put me down at will. This is paired with a wicked tongue as Nadia’s trash talk is second to none. Despite this Nadia is very down to earth, loves all things wrestling and is a great communicator. She made sure our session was tailored to what I was after and scheduling was a breeze. If you have a chance to session with her don’t miss out, I already can’t wait to see her again.

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  • spyzen
  • 456 days ago

Today was my first session with Andrea! We agreed to a 1h semi-competitive boxing session and 30 minutes of wrestling! First of all, Andrea is more stunning in person than in her photos! She is a really warm and funny person that will make you feel comfortable from the first minute that you meet her! As for the session goes, we started with boxing! I have to admit that I felt pretty confident before the first round although I had no previous experience! Boy was I wrong! We started slowly by knowing each other and I even managed to catch her 2-3 times with blows to the face, but she didn't even faze! On the contrary, she came back at me strong and stunned me with her powerful punches! Between the rounds, she was funny and was making sure that I was enjoying the session! As the fight progressed and I started to get tired, it became clear the difference in skill! Andrea could easily knocked me out if she really wanted to but she spared me in the end! This girl not only packs a punch but can take one too and will surprise you with her power and technique! Every boxing fan out there should try her boxing skills and won't regret it! After boxing, we moved to wrestle! If you find yourself in her headlock is game over! Also, I finally found out what a headscissor is! Again, you will be amazed by Andrea's strength! If she starts to apply more pressure in her grips it's a good night! All in all, my session today was 10 out of 10! I really can't wait to meet her again for our rematch! Thanks, Andrea for the best session of my life!

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  • dragon2519
  • 456 days ago

I had the honor of doing a lift and carry session with Bella Rockafella and can only say OMG!! Bella is surprisingly strong. She my not look it, but don't let those seductive eyes and gorgeous smile of hers fool you. She is the newest member of my Century Club which is two cross-fit inspired challenges. Not only did she do them, but went past the mark and did more. She did over 130 piggyback squats without putting me down. All she need to do was 100 to complete one of the challenges, but wanted to prove her power to me and did more. If Bella comes to your area, all I can say is do not pass up the opportunity to session with her. She is very sexy as you can see and better in person, very easy to talk to, she has a fantastic personality and sense of humor. She is very easy to set up with and communication with her is spot on. Bella has a hard core competitive side to her so be careful trash talking with her because she will level up her game and amaze you like she did with me. She is absolutely wonderful all around and would recommend her for any session she offers. I can't wait to see her again to see if she can up her game.

Updated profile: 04/10/2024 01:19:11 PM

Please email with serious inquiries — [email protected]    Follow me everywhere at WHOISKATEH — _______________________________________________ CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE for any in person sessions.  Only professional modeling shoots or customs with other session girls.  Again, I am not available right now and for the potential extended future for anything in person unless it’s a professional collab.  For those inquires please email me and let’s connect.  And if you are looking for a session girl in Las Vegas.  I highly recommend Agatha Delicious  _______________________________________________ FOR OTHER SESSION GIRLS (PLEASE READ)... ... Continue Reading

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I’m the female Italian stallion!  I’m able to wrestle and dominate you and make you beg for mercy!  Are you ready to face this fiery beauty from the Mediterranean who will be your sensual nemesis? Be careful for once bitten forever smitten… Hallo everyone, my name is Bianca Blance but you can call me Bianca. I’m beautiful, strong and courageous wrestler. My specialties are: semi-competitive wrestling, competitive wrestling, physical overpowering, domination wrestling, grappling, fantasy wrestling, tickle wrestling, grappling, BJJ, aikido, scissors, competitive strength challenges, lift & carry, muscle worship, posing, B&D, role play, belly punching, posing. I... ... Continue Reading

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  • stingray
  • 458 days ago

I've had the privilege of serving Miss Roper quite a few times when she's visited the UK, and without hesitation, she's my absolute favourite to session with. She genuinely enjoys what she does, and that really comes across when you're in her presence. I was fortunate to experience her head scissoring abilities last month. She took great delight in my struggles and the noises I made as she tightened her grip on me. Such sweet suffering. If you have the opportunity to serve Miss Roper, do not hesitate. Playfully sadistic. She will make you suffer, and you'll appreciate every moment of it. I've been under her spell from the get go, and have no desire to escape it.

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/17/2023 09:53:19 PM

  • jojo714
  • 459 days ago

I am a producer and had the pleasure of working with Queen Aradika I want to say first because it’s one of the most important parts she is so down to earth and makes people around her feel really comfortable. She is relatively new on the scene but upon the first time filming I absolutely could not tell. This woman is a natural performer and she shows off her athleticism in movements her long legs crushing her opponents. You can tell how much fun she has in her role whether baby face or heel. She’s so versatile and that’s something I think is rare. But she really shines when sadistically laughing while she has fun antagonizing opponents. She is truly someone I will be working with on a regular basis. She can play the mean role but is also really a sweetheart and she is a joy to be around. I’d recommend her 7 times over

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  • derek85
  • 460 days ago

I had a great time with Fitbeast. I booked her for one hour and was almost immediately wishing I booked for longer. We wrestled first. I tried competing with her a tiny bit just to feel her strength, but I could not over power her in any way, and I am a guy who works out and I like to think myself strong. When she put me in any hold I could not escape, and be warned her scissors are deadly strong, I had to tap out almost in a panic a couple times lol She was kind enough to let me worship her muscles as well. Her arms are built and strong, she could make many guys envious, and impressive, thick legs that are shockingly powerful. I really enjoyed chatting with her as well, very friendly and down to earth. She is a blast to spend time with. Definitely book a session with her if you get the chance. Highly worth it in my opinion.

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/16/2023 02:07:05 PM

  • nickcardoso
  • 460 days ago

Wow Had a Session a few years back but definitely wanted to give her a Shout-out. Angel is professional and Very nice lady, unless it's Ball busting lol. She Put me to Sleep with Standing Headscissors and made me Snore. I definitely recommend her and will be sessioning again very soon. I'm Booking a beat down next time for Sure👍 Announcements

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