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Recieved/Replied a review : 11/30/2022 10:04:16 AM

  • renato
  • 0 days ago

I had the absolute honour of meeting this amazing lady this October when I was on a trip in Northern Italy. She was very prompt in responding to my almost last-minute request and setting up a session in a properly-sized facility. I found her very punctual and tactful and almost as gorgeously-looking as in her photos, if I'm allowed to say so. We went for a competitive grappling session - which I thought would be fair since I'm lightweight. Donning her regal gi, she surprised me by showing her stellar athletic skills and even more so impressed me by her gutsy and plucky spirit and readiness to take the physical challenge and a desire to dominate. She had me in control throughout and showed a natural talent for exerting her dominance physically and psychologically on the mat. I'm also impressed by her open-mindedness and non-judgemental and readily understanding of the client's myself. It will be no exaggeration to call this encounter one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Grazie mille! And I definitely recommend having a session with her, but don't forget to show this polyglot 'warrioress' utmost respect.

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/30/2022 08:51:10 AM

  • evafighter31
  • 0 days ago

Just letting evryone know ! Im taking private classes every weeks of muaythai! Getting really fucking sharp even if a do have to deal with few injuries! This is the life of the few ones who knows what it looks like to be a fighter ;p!

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/30/2022 08:04:40 AM

  • fbbconnoisseur
  • 0 days ago

Michelle Dornon the She Hulk was my first session ever in May of 2021 in Fort Lauderdale she is legitimately one of the most awesome ppl u ever wanna meet in person but before I get ahead of myself setting up a session with her was smooth as it gets she’s highly accommodating on your fantasies I told her it was my first time and she made me feel like I’ve been doing this for years u guys make sure to get to the point and don’t waste her time let her know what u want she’s awesome with the session and booking she got skills a look that can kill and a down to earth personality that will have u wrapped around her finger don’t be afraid she will oblige to most of your fantasies with professionalism but dont disrespect her she can be very accommodating to certain fetishes and fantasies to your liking as long as u show respect she is a gym warrior and has a tough exterior tough as nails and can kick your ass but Michelle is a genuine and cool person with a beautiful petite strong body and the best personality literally ever with a great heart treat her right and she will do you the same she enjoyed it as she kicked my ass and Im 220 pounds her holds will have u begging her to let up if she grips on your neck with her thighs its lights out u can try but trust me its nothing you can do she even made me worship her feet clean as I was getting dominated by this goddess she is a 5 star session girl wrestling experience with a 5 star personality can’t wait to encounter her again

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/30/2022 07:52:35 AM

  • fbbconnoisseur
  • 0 days ago

Had an amazing session with the great Lacey Loveless in July of this year setting everything up once I reached out to her was as easy as 1-2-3 she was swift and highly professional and everything we talked about beforehand she was more than happy to accommodate me. So I walk in the door a little nervous and she was a beautiful and muscular sight to see she grabbed me and hugged me and I felt like whoa this lady is strong I went on to tell her I was a bit nervous it being my second session and before she turned the cameras on for my personal video she told me u gonna be at ease in seconds trust me and boy was she right she made me feel so comfortable immediately as if we’ve been friends for years we did a role play of her being an undercover bounty hunter and I was a fugitive at large and she seduced me to her hotel me thinking I was gonna get lucky and she put me in panty handcuffs and had her way with me threatening to turn me in to jail unless I could take her power she controlled me with head scissors from her powerful legs and I was a soldier and took it so she finally took the cuffs off. After that she obliged to all my request and was dominant yet nice to me at the same time I’ve never seen calves on a woman like those and to have them wrapped around my neck was fun scary and awesome at the same time Lacey is a great session performer and very accommodating those legs are lethal so be careful 5 star session girl without a doubt contact her if u want to experience pure power and a strong woman and the most beautiful strongest legs and calves that would snap your neck easily if she comes to your city

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*** Update 1/22/2022 : Since the website has gone through some new construction, I have lost all my reviews.  I’ve been session wrestling internationally since 2018 and I plan on continuing for at least a little while longer 🙂  If you’ve sessioned with me in the past, please feel free to leave a review for my new profile; I’d really appreciate it!   ~ The Blythe Show ***   Mostly here to punish the male ego.  In a fun way of course!!  Are you brave enough to submit? I have an incredibly sexy and powerful body and I will absolutely use it to tease and taunt you.  And if you like, twist and torture you as well~  Experienced, scrappy, and most... ... Continue Reading

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12/16/202212/18/2022Las VegasNevada

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12/08/202212/10/2022LondonOTHER Announcements

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