Location: United Arab Emirates , Dubai

Last Activity: 07/14/2022


Height: 5'4” - 163 cm

Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Hi my name is Carmyna

I’m new to this site but not new to sessions. Iv been dominating men since 2016

If you are interested in begging for mercy between my scissors or worshiping my feet follow the instructions below

– Send a detailed email. Age, nationality, weight, location, and what type of session you are interested in

– I require a deposit

– Reference of who you have previously had sessions with

I do not show my face so please respect my rules and privacy as i pride my self in treating my clients the same


Services Offered

  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Armwrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Feats of Strength
  • Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
08/15/2022 08/17/2022 Paris OTHER France
09/16/2022 09/17/2022 Bahrain OTHER Bahrain
09/19/2022 09/22/2022 Doha OTHER Qatar
09/26/2022 09/27/2022 Istanbul OTHER Turkey

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2 hours ago

Dream session with Carmyna in Düsseldorf.
It was my second session ever, and I wanted to experience knockouts, so I was absolutely nervous, to be honest.
She picked me up from the elevator, that was the first time I saw her. WOW! She looks incredible. Her face is just beautiful! Her size, her curves and of course her legs, just awesome! She noticed that I was nervous, so we talked a bit to get me calm down. We agreed to start slow. Then she wanted me to lay down and she put me in a reverse headscissors. The first squeeze already felt pretty tight. From time to time she increased her power and gave me some advice how to breathe and feel more comfortable. Then she gave me I think 3 light knockouts. I started feeling something tinkling in my hands. We take some breaks between these ones and talked about some stuff. Time to recover for me. After that, she knocked me out deeper 2 times. Now I also felt some tinkling in my feet. After a short break she really knocked me out deep in her reverse, by using only 50% of her strength. She said, I stompt my foot on the ground and was shaking. I didn’t noticed that, but I felt pretty weak after that one. She gave me some water and a banana to recover.
All in all, it was an awesome session that I will never forget. If you want experience knockouts, book a session with her, you won’t be disappointed.
Hope we can meet again someday. I already miss her.

1 day ago

Had a great session with Carmyna in Munich, first we chatted about private things and then she explained to me how the session will be going. I had asked her about KO’S and she immediately agreed. Carmyna asked me what my favorite position was and then we started. I was caught in her reverse headscissor, she started slowly to see how I would react. After the second or third time came the first KO. She had a very good grip on me and I was KO in a few seconds. During the session she knocked me out 6 times. The first two were quite fast. The third was the hardest for me and I was KO’d for about 11 seconds. In the last two minutes she knocked me out twice. All in all I had a great time with her.

4 days ago

Carmyna is back in Europe for a short time and is making an extremely lasting impression. The last time I was allowed to visit her, in Vienna, was shortly before the start of the pandemic, and over the past two years she has enormously improved her skills, which were already very good before that. Today’s meeting again took place in Vienna, the capital of Austria, in a posh 5-star hotel.
It is truly magical pleasure to be the victim of Carmyna. She looks like a countess but can be as vicious as a wildcat. Her gait, her way of speaking, her graceful movements, that sets her apart from many other session girls. BUT it’s primarily about her skills, and you can tell that she already has seven years of experience and is getting better and better. The trash talk is skillful, mean and not exaggerated, in role-playing games you can see enormous acting talent, and she also enjoys it a lot. The eye contact is also particularly noteworthy, just the right dose to be slightly menacing yet very magical. AND FINALLY, she is a real scissor grenade. That really threw me off my stool. It is very, very rare to find a lady who actively asks for knockouts and executes them with absolute joy. She sent me to dreamland multiple times, painlessly and with full effectiveness. So just for a scissor session alone, meeting her is a must, but she has so much more to offer. A VERY BIG RECOMMENDATION!!

12 days ago

I had a wonderfull session with Carmyna in Stockholm some days ago. It was mostly a headscissor session with lots of KOs, and also some facesitting. She knocked me out a total of 8 times. Almost all of them where deep knockouts or really deep.. I was out in ways I have never ever experienced before. This was my third session with Carmyna. The last time I saw her was in 2018. She has definitely improved since then and this was the best session I’ve had with her. I also appreciated that she wanted to do a good job, and that I should leave happy. She felt much more experienced with KOs. Since she is eating better, she is also much healthier than before, something u can see through her glowing and beautiful skin.

When the session started, she remembered that I was interested in KOs. I could see that she got a little excited and started to squeeze me in a reverse headscissor first. After a few seconds she asked if I had really passed out already. Something I didn’t, yet… She then squeezed right away again and I got my first KO. It was a pretty light KO. From here the rest of the KOs were much deeper. During the next 20 minutes she knocked me out 2-3 more times. They were all in her reverse. One of these was very special. It wasn’t too uncomfortable until I passed out, so I managed to avoid tapping before she sent me off to dreamland. When I woke up, I didn’t understand anything. I woke up very suddenly and stood up. I saw her next to me as she smiled at me but I didn’t understand why I was there or if it was real. At first I wondered if I was dreaming or if I was wearing a VR-set.. I really couldn’t understand how I could lie half-naked in a bed with this beautiful lady, and didn’t understand how it had ended up like that. After about 10 seconds I understood and started laughing. It must have been a deep KO so we took a short break and chatted a bit. After a while she asked us to continue. It was clear she was eager to knock me out more.

We mostly did reverse headscissors, but also some standing and front headscissors. She also made me gasp for air when she held me under her soft and delicious ass. She then went back to her reverse and made me pass out 2 more times. The knockouts just got deeper and deeper. I noticed that I was shaking more and making weird facial movements when I woke up after each KO. It was good to feel the rush that goes through the body after each Knockout.

In the last 10min of the session I started to get a little tired in the head and wanted to take it a little more slowly, but she pushed me and motivated me to do 2 more knockouts in her reverse headscissor. In these, she turned up the gear from 50 percent to 70 percent. She got me burried deep in her ass and legs, and then started to squeeze. I could see her ass cheeks clinching together right infront of me. This time I started to panic and tapped, but she ignored my taps and didnt release even an inch. I passed out fast. She also held the squeeze for about 5 seconds after the KO. My reactions became more violent and I took up to 15 seconds to wake up after she let go. According to Carmyna, the last 2 knockouts were not only deep, but very deep. I noticed that and I’m very glad she motivated me to feel the power og her legs and ass.

Next time I might ask for her to go 100 percent in her reverse and keep the hold for 10seconds after knockout. A good experience. Safe travels.


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13 days ago

Recently had a session with Carmyna. We did armwrestling and wrestling. She is really strong! I could not take her in armwrestling and regarding the wrestling I stood no chance at all. She put me in various holds where I could not escape. Her legs were so strong that I am sure she could put me to sleep if she wanted to.

She also pinned me several times with the Grapevine pin. I could not move a single inch. She is also beautiful and very nice to talk to. She is great!

I am 175cm and 75kg

15 days ago

I had a wrestling / scissor domination session with Carmyna yesterday in Oslo, Norway, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, I couldn’t wait to write the review.
First of all I was stunned by Carmyna’s looks, her pictures could not do her justice. She has what I’d consider to be a perfect body for a woman; gorgeous muscles all over whilst still having the most feminine figure, with beautiful, smooth tanned skin. She told me that she wasn’t even in her best shape but to me she looked ideal. To top that off she is completely captivating to look at, with eyes that draw you in, and long black hair.
But most importantly she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. Extremely intelligent and down to earth, I enjoyed her company from the first second and felt so comfortable.

We started with some light wrestling. I have around 2 years of BJJ experience, and could feel straight away she moved her body so naturally well to trap you in dangerous positions and holds, and I could feel how strong and flexible she was. We both had a love for wrestling / grappling, and it was fun showing her a few moves.

Next we went to the scissor holds, and I could feel the excitement Carmyna had to show me. The second she wrapped her perfect thighs around my neck and pulled me deep into her inescapable grip I knew I was in trouble. I felt a little nervous but at the same time I was mesmerised at seeing her gorgeous thighs, ass and back muscles flex. I tapped out in 2 seconds cause I’ve never felt squeeze power like this. She giggled playfully that she thought I would handle more, as that was less than 50% of her squeeze, much to my surprise.
We continued and the next time, just before I was going to tap, I felt like I was waking from a dream, with warmth rushing over my body and head, and Carmyna’s soothing presence there, telling me to relax and breathe. I have never been Ko’d before, even with plenty of submission grappling experience against tough guys, yet Carmyna did it so effortlessly, without any discomfort, it blew my mind how her thighs could put me out so easily. Im also very aware of when to tap out, so the fact that she still squeezed me out so easily was so impressive.
I think I was KO’d maybe 4 or 5 times by her, but I never once felt in danger whatsoever. As well as being the most badass girl I’ve met, she’s also one of the most caring, and it was surreal being in such an amazing presence. Her love for doing what she did shone through, and feeling how excited she was to dominate with her scissor holds was extremely sexy.

We talked afterwards and altogether it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had, I could not recommend Carmyna enough, she is an absolute delight to be with, and if you want to experience the the tightest scissor squeeze by the most beautiful woman then she is your girl!

17 days ago

I had a session with Carmyna recently in Stockholm.
First impressions:
Very physically attractive woman. (and kind of cute at the same time)
She was friendly and professional.
I was slighly nervous beforehand, but she helped me relax.
I appreciate that she took the time to talk to me and get know my preferences in a session.
When we got started with the muscle worship and posing I remember thinking OMG she is so hot!
Pictures dont really make her justice. She is way hotter in person!
Strong yet very feminine. ( its very hard to put in words how I perceived her)
Best way to describe it : (She has a very rare type of seductive femininity).
When we did some semi-competive I remember how easily she controlled me underneath her with her wrestling and scissors. (I could not take much of her pressure)
I was enjoying the view to say the least. Was thinking to myself ”do I really want get out of her holds?”
And then when I decided to try I realized I could not escape. ( she is a strong woman)
Afterwards I felt very happy with my experience and I felt I just discovered a rare gem.
(Happy hormones raging through my brain)
Relevant to mention is that I currently weigh 69 kg. (just for a point of reference. )

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22 days ago

I met carmyna in London for a scissor session. After reading some reviews I couldn’t miss the chance while she was visiting. It honestly was the best session I’ve had. She completely destroyed me with her legs. There’s something about her that the other girls just don’t have. Don’t miss the chance if she’s visiting!

29 days ago

I had a session with Carmyna a few days ago, she is very beautiful lady and very strong as well, i enjoyed my time to the maximum, it’s highly recommended to see her if you want your ass to be kicked

1 month ago

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Carmyna today in Dubai. I am very glad she had availability before her upcoming travels. I had the time of my life to say the least. It was my first session ever and I am completely mesmerized.

She knocked me out 11 times in various holds. They varied from light KOs to the last one which was deep I woke up a bit unwell but she just instructed me to sit down and breathe and I was all good. I could feel myself shaking in some KOs, and in some I remember being very confused coming to my senses. One time I was so deep into a dream I was thinking to myself that I have a session to go to and I should get up and get ready lol. It was really pleasant that she can apply the scissors with little pain that I can actually refrain from tapping until I pass out. It was also very enjoyable when she sat on my face and my neck in reverse and front positions doing schoolgirl pin and the splits.

At times, I wasn’t very lucid and it feels time went fast. Some of the fond moments I clearly remember are when I passed out in her reverse and I could see she was looking back at me, when in front headscissors where she was on the couch and I was kneeling on the floor and I was just barely able to look at her face before fading out, when in a standing reverse where the last thing I remember was her saying something like ‘This one will be a KO’, when I could feel her glutes squeeze and relax and move around while she was sitting on my neck in reverse.

She is very nice and caring and easy to talk to, a true goddess in all aspects. She is absolutely gorgeous, her body, her face, her personality, the perfect combination of being feminine yet strong and dominant. She always made sure to communicate and check I’m okay and was very professional throughout, I was delighted and content just by being in her presence. The muscle control she had in her legs when squeezing was very impressive, it was a very nice feeling to feel different muscles constricting and applying different pressure on different parts of my neck.

The session started with me being very nervous when I first met her but she made sure to talk and get me to calm. She started with gauging how much I am able to take with a reverse headscissors. If I’m remembering correctly, the first KO happened after the third squeeze, and it was a light KO I wasn’t sure what had happened or if I went out. I got KOed 3-4 times in reverse in the first 10-15 minutes or so. It was an amazing feeling just being put to sleep like that and then waking up in her presence. I was also nervous when starting to email about the session, but she made everything go smoothly with the communication, and she replies very quickly and informatively.

All in all, it is by far one of the best days in my life where fantasies came to life thanks to the lovely Carmyna.

1 month ago

I met Carmyna in dubai and wow was it an amazing session. She has a sexy athletic body with her legs being my favorite. I had asked for a scissor session and it was the best iv ever had. It was 2 hours of complete domination. She controlled me through her words her scissors and sexy feet. Her reverse scissor one of the best iv ever experienced. She had me tapping frantically at ease and even knocked me out a few times. She’s a must see! And I can’t wait to see her again