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if you like getting your ass kicked by a strong and sexy woman I’m your gal… I love doing scissor session but I’m available for all fantasy types of sessions. I do CrossFit and train in MMA. I travel often. You can come to me or I can come to... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/28/2022 04:53:42 PM

Hello little boys! I am a British tall strong Amazon and I am available to do sessions currently in London and Birmingham, but I am considering international tours too. I love to meet my fans and play out your fantasy! Don’t be shy, I have a great bubbly personality, fun and energetic to put you at ease. If you are looking to book a session with me, you will have an amazing experience. I do require the following information when emailing: 1. Name, Age, Height, Weight, and Location 2. The type of session you are requesting 3. I DO NOT do anything else sex related whatsoever, don’t ask. Have respect, please. 4. I do require a non-refundable deposit before our session. I offer a wide... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/07/2022 04:27:35 AM

My name is Mistress Maggie MoonLight. I have more than 10 years experience as a Dominatrix. I offer footfetish, humiliation, shibari bondage, strapon, spitting, impact play, and more. Im a black belt Karate and I won many meritas in WAKO karate. I serve my country14 years as a military police so I know combat war, some jjb and judo technic. I offer a incredible and unique experience at my place, near Monk station. We gonna fight on my tatami judo matress. I do not do online session. I need a deposit for réservation. Go see my IG to look at my awsome kick, my video of domination, my bondage skills and other: MaggieMoonlight1 Text only: 514 992... ... Continue Reading

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  • beefstu69
  • 62 days ago

Kristiana is Super Kristiana & Killer Kristiana. Nothing but the Best. She is the BOAT. The Best Of All Time. Kristiana & I have had Sessions & I get the Greatest Coolest Best Custom Photo & Video Shoots. Kristiana is Fantastic Phenomenal. She is so hot. She always makes me feel good & laugh. She put me in a figure 4 scissor smother hold 1 time I was Hurting & Impressed. She is a Bad Babe. I love supporting her clips store. She is talented in sexy shape. Her pics are pretty. Kristiana is a Natural. You won't be disappointed you'll leave begging for more. She is the Dream Team. Very funny friendly & flirty. I cant wait to wrestle her again in NYC or LA. I hope to continue getting My Favorite Custom Clips. She is one of the best in the business a true trailblazer. Biggest Booty Smothers Lol.

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  • beefstu69
  • 62 days ago

I've been very lucky enough & fortunate to Session with Robin for almost 20yrs. I just had a session with her in July & a Sexy Silly Skype with her yesterday. Robin is The GOAT. The whole experience is wonderful incredible & awesome from emailing her to set up Sessions & Custom Videos to the end final product. The Sessions are out of this world. She's so cute in bikinis, her Smile. Then her Ball Busting is 1 of a kind. She is the Scissor Queen. I love her facesitting & smothers to die for. Robin & I are friends. She treats me so good, I take care of her well. Robin will have her way with you. She meets & matches all my session request. We have a blast & a hell of a time. She is Amazing! We wrestle in NYC & in LA. All I wanna do is Session with Robin all the time. She is a Doll & Adorable. 100% Satisfaction & Positive Vibes Only. She makes me tap out, she ko me out. She is a Dream come True. We always have fun & laugh. Nicest butt in the buis, her ass smothers are better then anyone else. Robin is a good sport. I'm glad I'm a fan & friend of hers. Love all of her work. Kick Ass Robin.

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/27/2022 02:39:51 PM

  • beefstu69
  • 62 days ago

Hollywood is a Legend. I've known Hollywood for just about 20 yrs. This is long & way over due. I've had plenty of Sessions with Hollywood. I always see her at Wrestling shows. She is one of my favs & 1 of the best. Communication is always crisp & clutch. Hollywood is super cool, really nice, & very friendly. You will have tons of fun. She is super sexy strong smart. I love her scissors. She always makes me Smile & Submit. She is the Hollywood Hottie. She pins me, traps me, her headlocks are killer. We always have positive successful sessions. She makes me laugh. I've always been a fan since her days in Glow. I love everything about Hollywood. I love her work, websites, sessions ect. She is rough & tough. She always Wins. Highly Recommended. She so athletic gifted skilled & talented. She always treats me well & with respect. Very accommodating. I always trust her & feel comfy with her. Hollywood will dominate you & put you in your place lol. I try to see her a few times a yr. I always want more. Thank You Hollywood.

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  • evafighter31
  • 62 days ago

Yeah ! Megan !! I would love to meet you one day ! Hit me up if you are coming in MTL (canada) xoxo

Updated profile: 11/11/2022 08:58:38 PM

Just came out of retirement after a decade. My experience is on camera mostly but I have recently started offering in person sessions with my real sister Megan Jones. We are offering sister tag-team experiences in the road & locally in Tennessee. I am NOT comfortable offering individual sessions yet. Open to shooting for producers, taking custom video/photo orders from fans, even offering select Skype virtual sessions. Email me if you are interested in booking... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/20/2022 10:16:09 AM

I am a female bodybuilder since 15 years I do webcam online and personal training [email protected]   Also you can join my web I have more than 1000... ... Continue Reading

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  • jdaeee
  • 64 days ago

I met Renny in Paris during hier Europe trip Had a very good height comparison session. I had never met a girl this tall, truly 205cm and 225 with heels I am 182 and i just reached her shoulders I would definitely meet her again

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/25/2022 01:57:20 AM

  • shortround99
  • 64 days ago

I had a doubles session with Goddess Nadia and Sydney Thunder. It was beyond awesome, easily one of the best sessions I ever had. Once I stepped into that room I became their jobber boy toy to do with as they pleased. The girls put me through the wringer with butt drops, elbow drops, grapevines, smothers, face sitting, I was slammed and scissored and crushed in bear hugs. Nadia and Sydney were a sublime combination of dominant and sensual and I wish I had second pair of hands for feeling their powerful muscular bodies. Would definitely have a session with both again or single sessions with either one of them. I went home sore and smiling. I was feeling the session the next day and will be thinking about it for much longer :)

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  • sissyshelly
  • 66 days ago

Miss Devi is the best. She is super attentive, and she is the perfect blend of kind and cruel. Announcements

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