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Updated profile: 10/22/2023 08:54:09 PM

Hi Babes! My name is Selena Angel. I’m 27 and spend all of my free time is devoted to my athleticism- whether that be lifting weights, boxing, jiu jitsu, or long distance running. It brings me so much joy to use my strength and power to submit men into pure domination. please let me know how I can make all of your fantasies come true 🙂 My phone number is... ... Continue Reading

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  • liao51
  • 62 days ago

This woman is amazing! She genuinely cares about you and will work hard to make sure that your session is exactly what you are looking for. Her muscles are feminine and deadly! She has such an adorable giggle while she coils her legs around you depriving you of movement and breath. She is safe and trustworthy, you won’t be disappointed!

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  • washingtonpodcastgroup
  • 62 days ago

I have not only had Lady O on my show many times, but I also had the utmost pleasure of meeting her for the very first time when I was in New York City. We did a fantasy boxing match, and she kicked my hind quarters the entire time. Even got a kick or two on me. It was so much fun, and such an honor to finally meet her. I will be back soon for a rematch. But if you get the chance, definitely take her on. You will not regret it.

Updated profile: 10/21/2023 05:35:52 PM

Hi! I am a former natural pro bodybuilder; I’ve been a  personal trainer for 25 years; and I’m a practicing martial artist. Wrestling men is one of my favorite things to do! It has always been a kink of mine to dominate men physically. I started m/a in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu in the late 90s, then did some amateur boxing matches in the early 2000s. These days I don’t enjoy getting punched in the face anymore, but I’m happy to punch you! I’m strong and accurate, and can knock people out. Jiu Jitsu and lifting are my main loves, though, which is where I like to spend a lot my time in my real life and in this world! My friend, the legendary KO (the woman with the world’s... ... Continue Reading

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  • gabsyyy
  • 63 days ago


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  • thenobodysub
  • 63 days ago

Just had a wonderful experience with Goddess Duchess. She is wonderful and really good at what she does. Very communicative and honest. Would highly recommend.

Updated profile: 11/22/2023 08:05:19 PM

For over a decade, I have immersed myself in the captivating world of BDSM, exploring every facet imaginable. Whether it’s the sight of you surrendering on my bondage bench or witnessing my boys suspended from my cross, the anticipation and power exchange thrill me. Picture the moment when my chosen one patiently awaits, only to experience the exquisite torment I unleash upon them. Consider yourself truly fortunate if you find yourself in my presence. I am the epitome of a walking tease and denial, effortlessly reducing boys of all ages to their knees, surrendering to the honor of being in the presence of my greatness. My hunger for wild and intense scenes knows no bounds –... ... Continue Reading

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  • blakerz55
  • 63 days ago

Miss Devi is a true professional. I went to Her for my first ever session, and it was a wonderful time. She listened to my thoughts and concerns and crafted a scene that I will not soon forget. If you have the opportunity to serve Her, you should do it. You won't be disappointed!

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  • bigmike7
  • 63 days ago

I had a session with Goddess Supreme, a few days ago, and let me tell you, it was an absolute pleasure being in her presence. She is incredibly stunning, far more gorgeous than her pictures can capture. Not only is she a formidable woman, strong and dominant, but she also has a fun personality. You can tell she genuinely enjoys what she does, just as much as you do. Oh my goodness, the way her long and powerful legs swiftly wrapped around my neck completely blew me away. The sheer strength she possesses left me breathless, quite literally. I had to tap out because she prevented me from breathing. Her unmatched strength is truly awe-inspiring. I am definitely looking forward to booking another session with her in the near future.

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  • kendralynnxxx
  • 63 days ago

Thank you so much!!! You were awesome and I had an amazing tickle session with you!

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  • dragon2519
  • 64 days ago

I just had an amazing lift and carry session with Tatiana Steele. What can I say about this little Mighty Mouse of a girl other than WOW! Tatiana is even prettier in person then in her pictures and has surprising strength for a 100lb girl. I am double her weight and I'm in awe that she is the littlest and lightest member of my Century Club. I could not believe this little girl was able to do 100 squats and donkey calf raises with me on her back. No easy task, but her competitive spirit shined through and did it. Tatiana is very easy to set up with and responsive. She is very sweet and easy to get along with. She made me feel comfortable the minute we met. She admitted to me that she was a little nervous before our session and I'm guessing because she didn't want to disappoint me being that she doesn't normally do lift and carry and I'm most likely on the heavier end of things. I will say, Tatiana delivered a memorable session that blew my mind how strong she is. I give her 5 stars and would absolutely say you need to session with her if you can, I can't wait for her to return and try some new things.

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  • thebarnowl56
  • 64 days ago

Book her if you want to waste your time and money. I sent her hundreds for a session that kept getting canceled and a video (she sent the wrong one and never sent the right one). She is now ignoring me. Truly unbelievable. I can upload even more proof if need be but she needs to be removed from this site.

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/03/2023 06:29:58 AM

  • kurushnu
  • 65 days ago

Had the great pleasure of sessioning with Brooke a few weeks ago when she visited Houston. Amazing physique and an absolute powerhouse! Communication with her was very easy and straightforward in scheduling the session. Was easy to talk to during the session and the time spent just flew by, absolutely wished I had more time with her. Incredibly sexy. Look forward to seeing her again soon! :)

Updated profile: 11/17/2023 10:32:44 PM

I want to seduce you, Dominate you or put you in MY tight clenches! Come feel MY powerful scissors and choke holds as I wrestle you into submission! Come session with ME your MUSCLE Goddess! My FEMALE MUSCLE is strong, sexy, seductive, erotic and powerful! My pictures are always up to date~ GOOGLE ME ~ ASHLEECHAMBERS.COM & GODDESSASHLEE.COM I am Pro-Figure Competitor and Fitness Competitor. I also have a background in powerlifting and mixed martial arts. I am very experienced in BDSM, fitness modeling, fetish modeling and Domination. I am a Pro-Dominatrix and have a fully equipped dungeon in Dallas, TX. My body always stays in great shape, MUSCULAR ~ LEAN ~ STRONG I do private... ... Continue Reading

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  • avixox
  • 65 days ago

I met Anastaxia few times in NYC, London, and Tel Aviv. When I saw Anastaxia website I knew I must play with her. As a traveler I hoped our ways will cross, so I will have the chance to play with her. Unfortunately, it happened only few times. My first session with Anastaxia was in NYC. when I met her I knew I was trapped – I am addicted. I like her from the first glance. She is gorgeous. I like her as a person, and I like to play with her. I also like to see her joy when I cry in pain and understand that there is no other way only to submit. Anastaxia is very nice and friendly but be careful, don’t let her gorgeous smile fool you. She is strong, and she knows exactly what she is doing. Every session with Anastaxia was different from the others, but all of them were great. I like to begin with wrestling, then to be forced into submission, bondage, and tortures until I am forced to submit. I am kind of brat, I don’t like to obey, I submit only when I don’t have any choice. Every time Anastaxia brought me to this point to submit and cry in pain for mercy. First, Anastaxia locked my hand or leg and increased the pressure enjoying my cries. When I was totally powerless and in pain, Anastaxia put me in bondage. I was so weak that I couldn’t resist. From this point Anastaxia enjoyed the power on me, face slapping, nipple tortures CBT and spitting are only part of Anastaxia ways to make me cry in pain. I can not wait to meet Anastaxia again.

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  • majid_klaw
  • 66 days ago

I met Gia in Paris while I was having my break during work. One hour of what was supposed to be a mix of pin and submission wrestling and I it was way beyond my expectations!! It was my first session with an Amazon. I am 180cm and 85kg. So I am not a small dude and not so easy to handle. But when I saw Gia in front of me suddenly I realized I was a little shrimp next to her. We did mixed wrestling (no match for her as she pinned me on the bed like a feather and smiled at me, then she body scissored me and my back cracked, she triangle me, we did hand comparison, feet comparison, height comparison, legs comparison, facesitting and my favorite was to have the permission to worship her huge legs and feet!! So good! I will try to see you when you come back to Paris tall goddess Gia Fancy Majid haha Announcements

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