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  • mrtibbs
  • 22 days ago

"I had a chance to meet up with Strong N Tasty on a recent trip to Brazil and she is a true hard-cut diamond in the rough. Setting up the appointment was easy through emails and we arranged for me to meet her at her place just outside Rio. She greeted me like an old friend. I met her friendly dog, and we chatted for a bit. She’s led an interesting life and has a great perspective on how to live it. As we were talking she remarked that I didn’t seem nervous, and said that she likes it when guys are nervous. To be honest I think my nerves were just in shock over my awe. This woman has gorgeous sun-kissed muscles and the face of a movie star. When she took off her dress she revealed a sparkly posing suit and one of the most beautiful bodies on this whole planet. She started with some flexing. She knows how to sculpt huge muscles while keeping feminine symmetry and aesthetics. When she flexed her traps, shoulders, and lats popped out like a rock pile that tapered down into her sexy thin waist. Nice hard round biceps with veins running down her arm like a roadmap We moved on from flexing to some light wrestling on her bed. You can tell how much she genuinely enjoys being stronger than you by the look of glee on her face as she locks in a vice grip scissor hold. I rather not kiss and tell but I will say our session progressed from there, and this lady truly lives up to her name. Just knowing that this wonderful human being exists and I got to meet her brings a smile to my face. Easily the best Christmas present I ever bought myself."

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  • johnyzman
  • 22 days ago

Loved working with you Maria! I hope you come back to Philly soon!

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  • sessionking
  • 23 days ago

Great there is a real Dutch Female again here on , hope to see you "Strong as a Lion" this year for a Competitive Wrestling Session in Amsterdam.

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02/26/202402/28/2024NYC Times SquareNew York
02/28/202403/01/2024NEWARKNew Jersey
03/05/202403/06/2024RALEIGHNorth Carolina
03/06/202403/08/2024FT. LAUDERDALEFlorida
03/19/202403/21/2024LOS ANGELES LAXCalifornia
03/21/202403/23/2024SAN FRANCISCOCalifornia

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  • tomiko1
  • 23 days ago

Awwwww. Thank you!

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04/19/202404/22/2024Manhattan New York
05/16/202405/19/2024Fort Lauderdale Florida

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02/23/202402/26/2024Pt st lucieFlorida
02/27/202403/01/2024Houston Texas
03/05/202403/08/2024Manhattan New York
03/08/202403/11/2024 Chicago Illinois
03/11/202403/31/2024Vegas Nevada

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  • ptolemykeraunos
  • 23 days ago

I had a follow up session with mamasita the morning after my first one yesterday, and once again it was absolutely incredible! It’s a testament to how amazing the first one was that I was so grateful to get a second chance to worship her muscles. She is so wonderful and easy to talk to, the time flew by again and it left me immediately thinking about booking in our next session. It really is such a privilege to feel her muscles. she’s naturally very beautiful and you’ll be surprised how hard and defined her muscles are! She made the whole experience really comfortable and at all times is really set on making sure you’re enjoying yourself with her. 100 and 10 percent recommend her!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
02/23/202402/25/2024Kissimmee Florida
03/01/202403/01/2024Baton rougeLouisiana

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05/03/202405/09/2024Las VegasNevada

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05/22/202405/27/2024Munich OTHER
08/07/202402/12/2024St Petersburg Florida

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  • joeyvmc1
  • 24 days ago

Hey fightbabe fans, Well I officially had my first session ever and all I'm going to say is the fight babe really paid attention to what I wanted in our session I sent pics of the way I wanted her feet to dominate me .I was like a bride Zilla . I really started to get out of control. If I was her I would have said sorry your too much. But some how she knew It was a first time and I wanted it be perfect. Finally the day of the session I told her to forget everything I asked for It is your show. I figured why am I telling a professional how to there job. Between the armbars, feet in my face, and the ass smothers I never got to see anything but soles and ass I told her that's all I want to see I wanted to be dominated. I am so grateful I paid extra for a video because there was a lot I didn't remember and every time I watch the video I feel like we are having another session. I will say this with the way she was dominating me with her feet followed by the way she was talking to me and calling me her bitch and telling me your a victim of a 115 lbs girl. It felt so good I was seriously in a trance . I could tell by watching the video . She did everything I requested and more. My biggest problem now is after a perfect session like that, who can I session with now? Nobody is going to be able to top Robin's performance in that session. Without going into detail, figure it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed Bravo to the. Fight babe Top notch! Booked another session in March does that answer your question? Simply the best , no other way of saying it guys and Fight babe, have fun out there everyone stay safe!

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02/03/202402/23/2024Orange CountyCalifornia
02/04/202402/23/2024Los AngelesCalifornia
02/25/202403/02/2024ManhattanNew York

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  • mrsixtynine
  • 24 days ago

I've had two sessions each 2hrs in length with Tessa in december of 23'. She's such a soul; warm, friendly and open - but don't be mistaken, you'll get crushed by her! ;) :D Her style in not so overtly sadistic one, but she excels when she's pushing your buttons. She has an excellent understanding of her size and ability which she uses to her maximum advantage. Under her you'll just have to accept your fate, that you're just a doll for this girl to play with as she pleases so. She's open to ideas and scenarios so we tailored together a unique experience. It was real fun! :) If you're visiting Prague you've got to visit Tessa. I'm not mistaken when I say she's one of the landmarks of Prague. Next time I'm in Prague....hello again Tessa ;)

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  • dbo604
  • 24 days ago

A long pending post...I met Sade in Sacramento way back in Aug 2023. We did some wrestling and lift and carry. She is amazingly strong. It was one of my best experience. She is very easy to communicate and very polite. I would recommend her and also looking forward to meeting her again in the future. Announcements

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