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  • divine888
  • 30 days ago

She's great!

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11/14/202311/15/2023NYCNew York

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Trip to Lyon from October 1 to 3. Monday no slots available Voyage à Lyon du 1er au 3 octobre. Lundi il n’y a plus de créneau disponible.   I’ve been bodybuilding since January 2023. A rapid transformation of my body, totally natural. I’d be delighted to meet you for wrestling, arm wrestling or others.    Get straight to the point by contacting me and telling me exactly what you want. Also tell me your height, weight and what sports you do, so that I know whether your request is feasible for me.  For wrestling, I wear a tank top and tight-fitting sports shorts. No lingerie, no nudity! No nudity for you either! Just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or... ... Continue Reading

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  • iamnoshy
  • 31 days ago

J' ai une session, par Skype, avec Déesse Delphine. Elle débute dans le domaine et a un sacré potentiel. Elle a l' air très forte et hyper sympa. Hâte de la voir de plus prêt et de passer au réel. I had an online session with Déesse Delphine this evening. She looks very strong. She is new to this field and already good at it. She's gentle and easy to talk. She has great biceps and great traps! I really recommend her. Don't hesitate, she' s great and charming.

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08/28/202309/12/2023Fort LauderdaleFlorida

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  • tkhs99
  • 31 days ago

Just had a session with Gia and WOW. If you're looking for your sign to go see here, it's right here. She is drop dead gorgeous, tall, sexy, and knows her stuff. She put me in holds I never knew possible, and I loved every second of it. Her feistiness was unmatched, dragging me across the wrestling space like I was nothing, all while keeping me pinned. Even if I wanted to get up or escape her grasp, I don't think I could have. The session set up was easy and she was fast to respond and communicative. The session space was clean and welcoming. After the session was over, she immediately went to check in and make sure I was okay and if I needed water or anything. 10/10. Overall, Gia is a fantastic addition to the Philly scene, and I absolutely will be seeing her again soon.

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  • wdd_777
  • 32 days ago

She is great in teaching pro wrestling moves and so skilled and nice.

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  • wdd_777
  • 32 days ago

Amazon Ranger is a very strong, skilled, knowledgable and kind wrestler, she is familiar with lots of different fight styles and moves and a good communicator.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
01/15/202312/31/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
01/15/202312/31/2023CharlestonSouth Carolina

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  • librazen137
  • 32 days ago

KO is the total package. It would be great if we could clone her, but unfortunately we can't, and that's really too bad. KO is beautiful, wise, honest, funny, down to Earth, and warm. I was surprised at how big and muscular she looks in person, especially her legs. We wrestled and I was impressed with her speed and agility, but her strength is just unreal. You will have an unforgettable time. P.S. If you want to say thank you, don't be afraid to spoil her with a soulful massage, if you know what you're doing.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/18/202309/25/2023Los angelesCalifornia

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/16/202309/18/2023Hong KongOTHER
09/20/202309/23/2023Seoul OTHER
09/28/202309/28/2023Chennai OTHER
09/30/202309/30/2023Bangalore OTHER
10/02/202310/03/2023Mumbai OTHER
11/04/202311/05/2023Cairo OTHER
11/08/202311/09/2023Jeddah OTHER
11/14/202311/14/2023Manama OTHER
11/16/202311/16/2023Doha OTHER
11/18/202311/19/2023Dubai OTHER

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  • sassy_kae
  • 33 days ago

Had a good Fantasy / pro style wrestling session together. Would session with again

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  • agimelli
  • 33 days ago

Saw Nubia in Orlando for 2nd time . All I can say is amazing. Best session ever ! Have no fear , book with her .

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  • howyanow
  • 33 days ago

Had an amazing session with Gymnast Alexia when she last toured in London. She has an amazing physique and is incredibly strong. During our session she squeezed the life out of me in various scissor and sleeper holds and then made me her personal cushion doing some facesitting and smothering until I begged for mercy. This was followed by some muscle worship where I had the pleasure of admiring her beautiful muscles. Can highly recommend- book her if you get the chance!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08/31/202309/01/2023London OTHER
09/10/202309/12/2023Brussels OTHER
09/13/202309/15/2023Cologne OTHER
09/16/202309/17/2023Frankfurt OTHER
09/21/202309/24/2023Zurich OTHER
09/25/202309/27/2023Munich OTHER
09/28/202309/29/2023Vienna OTHER
09/30/202310/01/2023Prague OTHER
10/02/202310/04/2023Berlin OTHER

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If you’re… • looking for the kinky GFE of your dreams • a foot fetishist • into tickling • into footdom play • want to be topped by an experienced femdom… I book sessions by the hour, let’s play! 😈 I have fun and very naughty toys I would love to show you. I can be your dream Mistress, sweet and kind OR your nightmare, mean and commanding. I am very experienced in… foot worship: I like my soft feet kissed, licked, sniffed, massaged, and TICKLED. I love trampling, smothering, and toe sucking. impact play: flogging, caning, paddling, whips, and crops. bondage, domination, discipline, and sadomasochism. degradation, objectification, and humiliation... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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