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01/26/202401/27/2024Las VegasNevada
02/25/202402/27/2024New YorkNew York

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  • sessionking
  • 39 days ago

Kate Bacik "Queen of the South" I have seen her fight at Cage Warriors 163 in London at november 11th 2023. Kate Bacik did won her fight by Unanimous decision there against a girl from Ireland. So I only can say about her , To All Men , be careful when you do a Competitive Session with her , but when you have the change to do it when you are in the UK I sure will reccommended to do it. In June/July this year I will be in London and I sure try to book a Session with her when possible. I hope then for the first time to make the experience to have a meet with a real MMA Fighter and hope to learn also then.

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  • bob6446
  • 40 days ago

No she's serious in business. She asked me to pay the totality of the reservation by Transcash or Paypal. I know that she has a Paypal count : she's very serious !

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  • Mistress-Kayla
  • 40 days ago

Femme Comme Friday, this Friday at Venus in Bells. Pay & play mini-sessions with your favorite domes from 8pm - midnight

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  • stge82
  • 40 days ago

I had a session yesterday with Amazonia J and I was impressed by her power and her ease in dominating me, I'm 6'0 230 pounds I would be 5'5 145 pounds it was the same thing tap out every time very pleasant to talk to and friendly but once you are at his mercy it's over a real amazon,she is the strongest I recommend her

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  • rubymuscle
  • 40 days ago

It was great to meet you what a fun session I look fwd to meeting you again soon πŸ₯°

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  • joeyvmc1
  • 41 days ago I've seen Bella Ink in a whole bunch of clips. It wasn't till today after seeing her in this clip did I really started to pay attention it had nothing to do with the clip . Just wow look how gorgeous she is. The clip helped a little LOL She has my attention now! So dominate and mean OMG BELLA .......SO HOT!

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  • joeyvmc1
  • 41 days ago


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  • dante_dmc
  • 41 days ago

Had a session with Khutulun on 01/07/2024 and it was absolutely amazing! She is strong, beautiful, intelligent, skillful. Perfect sparring partner :) I am fit, but not trained in any martial arts and I had no chances of winning. Two hours flew by as 20 minutes.

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  • stelladannyy
  • 41 days ago

How incredibly sweet of you! I hope we can see each other regularly!

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  • pleasureforyou
  • 41 days ago

Just had another amazing session with Vegas Red Head last night. Absolutely sexy, controlling, and very dominant !! One great thing is the fact that she checks to make sure that any limits have not been passed and if so, they are discussed briefly. I have a lot of trust and faith and will certainly see her many more times !! t

Updated profile: 01/20/2024 03:14:46 AM

I’m Devorah- your new fascination. Perhaps it’s my large dark eyes, curly black mane, and sharp features that drew you in. My luscious dark body hair is left in its all natural state. You’ll find my hairy armpits and thick bush irresistibly pungent. My athletic and petite frame is strong and muscular, yet ample in all the right places. Intricate tattoo illustrations of mythical archetypes, bees, and flora adorn my olive skin. Quite the unconventional beau- I exude an exquisitely androgynous presence with a simultaneously strong but soft visage and form. I’m renowned for integrating kink, fetish, and D/s into an exceptional companion experience. Let me guide you if you are... ... Continue Reading

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  • joeyvmc1
  • 42 days ago

These girls I mentioned are like TV stars. Some are little cuties Nikki Next. Some are wild Sunshine Tampa. and some just check all the boxes and my favorite no woman could hold a candle to her Erika Jordan. Love you

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  • daffie999
  • 43 days ago

My first session. I booked with Goddess D in large part due to the positive reviews. Everything others said is true. Quick and professional responses. Flirty and friendly personality with the right amount of domination. She is so much more stunning in person. I left with a much better understanding of what speechless means. One of Goddess D's most remarkable qualities is her attentiveness. She catalogued my every flinch, my every smile, like a predator assessing her prey. Making every minute better than the last. It is a big reason I look forward to seeing her again. Be kind and courteous and you will have a great time! β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

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  • sessionking
  • 43 days ago

My lovely girlfriend Beau 45yr-158cm-52kg (sports Poledancing and Soccer) , love watch me always having sessions with sessiongirls , her self she always already has a wish to have a female vs female wrestling session ones against a sessiongirl double her weight , so maybe Bettie could be the one in March in Amsterdam. Beau 52kg vs Bettie 99,8 kg. Announcements

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