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Recieved/Replied a review : 05/03/2024 07:31:46 AM

  • panzertk_de
  • 44 days ago

I had my second session with P&P about two months ago and it was more amazing. She was about 20+ Kgs heavier and it was all muscle. She was huge, rock hard abs and biceps. She lifted me with ease as my head was spinning. She also wore several outfits with high heels and boots. A true Amazon beauty. All I wanted to do is worship her magnificent body. I am grateful she met me and am counting the days until the next display of pure female power and beauty. Thank you P&P.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/03/2024 07:11:29 AM

  • jjazzoz65
  • 44 days ago

I was extremely fortunate to have a wrestling session with Allie yesterday and it was superb! Her communication was excellent throughout the setting up and booking. I didn’t give her a lot of warning, but she found time to fit me into her busy schedule. She was always making sure to let me know all the details and to answer any questions I may have had. When she met me at the door, she is every bit as beautiful as her pictures indicate and I have to say she has a terrific smile. I was very anxious and nervous as I am quite inexperienced at this, and she put me at ease relatively quickly. The studio is great, with room for us to grapple around and have a roll. The emphasis was on safety and fun, which I can say for certain is exactly what happened. She is very easy to talk to and the conversations between falls were quite varied and came naturally to her. It helped me tremendously in loosening up and getting out of my shell. I had asked for a fantasy / semi competitive wrestle, and it was every bit of that. I am admittedly a novice (zero real experience) wrestler and while I am about twice her weight her skill offset that very easily. She’s stronger than she looks and pretty fast. When I wrestled timidly, she chewed me up and the few times I managed to get aggressive she was skilled enough to turn the tables on me. She has a pretty mean choke, which I found myself in far too often, and got me in a few headscissors which were tight, strong, and almost immediately had me tapping. I have no doubt if she wanted to she could really put a truly impressive squeeze on someone! Someday I may have to put that to the test. I held up ok for a while but her stamina and the great shape she is in eventually took its toll. I got her a couple times, but I won’t pretend I outskilled her on any level. I basically outsized her and got myself into a couple of superior positions. Beyond that she was pretty much in control throughout and rarely threatened by me. She has a couple of ‘go to’ moves that I’ll let folks find out for themselves when they see her, but they happen incredibly fast and strong and, for me at least, that was that for a particular fall. And she did all of these things with a fun smile and a bit of a sassy attitude that was difficult to get frustrated with. A rare trait in my opinion. I think she had plenty of sassy in reserve if it was needed. If I have a real regret, it is booking only 1 hour as it went by far too quickly. There certainly will be a next time for me and I am going to rectify that oversight for sure. I have a lot of falls to catch up on! If you are an experienced wrestler, have 50 or 60 lbs on her, want to wrestle a full-on competitive match, she probably isn’t for you. If you want to have a fun and enjoyable roll with a fit woman with skills enough to knock an average guy on his ass, then I would highly recommend her. If you are thinking of trying her, you will not be disappointed. My opinion is she’s a hidden gem in this particular session area. Thank you Allie!

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/02/2024 11:07:50 PM

  • simonsays99
  • 44 days ago

Had a session last time she was in Hamburg and was very good. Incredible holds and scissors. And amazing strength - I couldn't break even a pin while I think of myself as talland reasonably strong. Bokked her also for being quite tall and was was to armwrestle - and loose - with her.

Updated profile: 05/02/2024 07:33:25 PM

Coining myself the “Queen of Meatheads”, I am a veteran competitive Female Bodybuilder, Kickboxer and Entertainer. As a hyper muscular and athletically built female, I enjoy showcasing my Dense Muscle Curves while taking control and dominating into submission. I can’t wait to put you to the test with some arm wrestling as I mock you with my peaked biceps and laugh as I make you scream with a damning head scissor!  You won’t stand a chance with my Exotic Appeal and I will certainly smile while I make you tap out!  I enjoy providing experiences that are memorable, fun, light hearted but I do enjoy showing my Ultra Sassy side..and I won’t apologize for it!... ... Continue Reading

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05/19/202405/21/2024Dallas Texas
05/26/202405/28/2024Orlando Florida
06/01/202406/04/2024Los Angeles California
06/15/202406/18/2024Miami Florida
08/08/202408/11/2024Saint petersburgFlorida

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/02/2024 04:10:42 PM

  • superhermie100
  • 44 days ago

Kylie is a very pretty, sweet, intelligent woman. She's patient and very easy going. We made a session go pretty well, despite it being our first ever meeting, and her not being too experienced and familiar with the style of wrestling, holds, and moves that we did.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/02/2024 03:19:17 PM

  • m-dragon
  • 44 days ago

I haven't had the chance to meet her physically but she is very, very online and I really like what she does. His body is magnificent, it's divine muscles.I've been telling her about many of her works for years and when I got in touch with her she managed to satisfy my dreams. Is she a serious person who doesn't forget and applies herself to the content she produces.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/01/2024 12:37:24 PM

  • mxrraymode
  • 46 days ago

Man where do I even start with Mistress Bella Mia? First off I’m writing this review being thankful to breathe again after experiencing an one-hour session of facesitting, and smothering in New York. I can definitely say that I had one the most memorable and fun sessions in my life with Mistress Bella Mia. From booking the session to walking to the destination it was an easy process. Her soft and thick ass and thighs can swallow every centimeter of your face, so don’t even think about breathing. Luckily for me I am young enough to hold my breath for a while.As you probably know already, she is a beautiful and fun person to hang out with as well as a very honest and blunt person who keeps everything straight. Before the session started, she had great hospitality and I felt at home. I booked my session 3 days prior and everyday I got more and more nervous (in a good way of course). She genuinely seemed like she truly enjoyed torturing me throughout the whole hour. My only regret is that I didn't book her for an extra hour because she really makes the time fly by. It was pretty obvious I was defeated after an hour.I highly recommend her and i will definitely be back for another session soon. Thanks again for the great session Bella Mia!

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/01/2024 10:02:15 AM

  • snkstr
  • 46 days ago

Had a fantasy/semi competitive session with the Goddess Adara yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Easy communication and a pleasure to deal with. Adara is very detailed and makes sure she knew exactly what I was looking for in a session. Trust me, she is even more beautiful and exotic than her pictures show. She is also very strong with a very nice athletically toned body with just the right amount of muscle. I requested certain holds and some trash talking, and she was on it. Do yourself a favor and book this Goddess, you won't regret. I'm already looking forward to my next session.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/01/2024 08:59:23 AM

  • ronerome2
  • 46 days ago

this woman is on fire - she is the devil and has the strongest legs ever. intimidating and absolutely beautiful in every way.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/01/2024 06:28:42 AM

  • tengu417
  • 46 days ago

As someone who has sessioned with many wonderful women on here, this is the first time I’ve had to leave a negative review. Unfortunately, it seems that deposits with Kira are non-refundable even if she has to cancel on you. I reached out to her in May 2023 and set up a session. She gave me her number and we talked about the details. She was incredibly receptive and quick to respond. Approaching our session date, she reached out and told me she got into an accident and was going to be recovering. She asked me if she could keep the deposit for a future session, or provide a refund. I offered to keep it for a future session, thinking that it would help her out in a time of need. I reached out a few times a couple of months later to check in, and hadn’t received a response. Fast forward to 2024, I see that she’s coming back to Boston and hosting sessions. I reached out, and set up a session with her in March. The session was set up, however she completely avoided acknowledging anything about the $500 deposit I sent her last May. She then only answered emails over a week after I had sent them, and told me 2 days before the March session that she actually had to come in April instead due to availability issues. She once again scarcely responded to my emails and avoided acknowledging anything about my deposit. April came, and so did the session date, however there was no communication from her at all. As you can see in the screenshots, her responses to my emails are typically 1 to 2 weeks after I sent them. I’m incredibly disappointed as she doesn’t seem like an untrustworthy person considering her positive reviews. I sent multiple emails, texts and requests for my deposit back with no answer. I have plenty more screenshots of our conversations but I uploaded the most relevant ones.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/01/2024 03:59:50 AM

  • danel96
  • 46 days ago

I met Lisa about a month ago in Manchester and have to say I was absolutely blown away. Being my first session, I was nervous but she made me feel comfortable straight away. We started by getting to know each other and slowly went into muscle worshipping ( she’s so big and rock solid) then slowly moved into her getting me into different holds with her huge arms and legs, all while we were still talking about anything. Mainly her bodybuilding. I was honestly in awe and hope she returns in the near future

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/01/2024 03:29:28 AM

  • loulou33
  • 46 days ago

A sincere woman who has never missed her appointment. Always welcoming and very smiling. thanks again

Updated profile: 05/01/2024 02:07:31 AM

I’m Kiki Konstrictor, weightlifter, personal trainer, and competitive athlete. Squats all day! I have some seriously thick, strong legs that love to be wrapped around your head, squeezing until your face turns pink. I truly enjoy my sessions and I will often laugh or smile while you take the pain that I dish out! I am open to different type of sessions and interests, just include what type of session you are looking for in your email. To book a session email [email protected] and include the date, time, session description. I also require a deposit and reference for in person sessions. Additionally, I offer phone and skype sessions – pre-paid. I can also travel for... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/30/2024 06:14:28 PM

  • kikikonstrictor
  • 46 days ago

I have shot several videos with Jovan. He creates wonderful content which my fans love. He has a vision for each film which he plans and executes successfully. Jovan takes into consideration the girls best features, personalities, and character moves. He is a pleasure on set, is always respectful, and thoughtful. Highly recommend working with him.

Updated profile: 05/24/2024 05:53:29 PM

Hi everyone I’m Elizabeth! I’m a new fetish model. I’ve been working with wedgies, bondage, tickling, foot fetish, and just now getting started with wrestling! I’m also open to trying more! I’m a switch! Don’t mind being tied up or wrestled sometimes! If you’re interested in something just ask! I prefer you email me at: [email protected] ❤️ I will reply quicker to... ... Continue Reading

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/06/202408/31/2024San Diego California

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/29/2024 11:39:37 AM

  • boxinglover1456
  • 48 days ago

I had a session with Ms Lana when she came down to Tampa earlier this year, beautiful doesn’t even being to describe Ms Lana in the slightest she is truly a goddess. She is very kind and accommodating to make sure that the session goes smoothly but from then on out she is an absolute threat at all times. We wrestled competitively, I was 5’8 195 at the time with zero real wrestling experience but a lifelong athlete and she controlled the match the entire time. Ms Lana is very strong, skilled and she is super competitive she’s honestly the most fun session I’ve ever had. I recommend Ms Lana 1000 times over you absolutely won’t regret it!

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/29/2024 06:10:49 AM

  • maiky2773
  • 48 days ago

Hezky dobry den, v sobotu se me splnil sen a mel jsem setkani s Larou, a velmi rad se s vami podelim o moje zazitky a dojmy. Merim 180 cm a vazim cca 94 kg a proto jsem si myslel, ze Lara pro me nebude az zas tak tezky souper, moje presvedceni vychazelo z jejich fotografii a nejakych videi na webu a zároven si nemyslím, že jsem slabý muz. Hned pri nasem prvnim setkani tvari v tvar, jsem zjistil, ze ve skutecnosti vypada Lara mnohem lepe, svalnateji, nezli na vsech jejich fotkach, ale zároven je velmi aktraktivní, jako žena. Uz pri prvnim spolecnem kontaku jsem zjistil, že nebude zadny problem ve vzajemne komunikaci s ni. Priznam se, že jsem byl nervozni, o to vic, kdyz jsem uvidel ty jeji svaly, a preci jenom jsem sel uplne do neznama a nevedel jsem co mohu ocekavat. Lara delala vse pro to aby ze me moje nervozita spadla co nejdrive. Jiz pri nasi mailove komunikaci me nabidla, v cem bych si pral aby zapasila, zvolil jsem si jen sportovni bikiny. Priznam se, ze jsem byl jejim telem uplne fascinovan a nemohl jsem prestat koukal na jeji svalnate paze a zbytek bozskeho tela. Poprosil jsem ji tedy, zda by me mohla zapozovat a nemela sebemensi problem me sve svaly ukazat, mohl jsem se jich dotykat jak jen jsem chtel. Kdyz zvedla ruce a zaťala bicepsy, hned me napadlo prirovnani k basebollovemu micku. Dalsi z ceho jsem byl ohromen jsou jeji ramena, je to uzasny pocit cist rukama po krivkach jejiho tela. Dalsi samotnou kapitotou meho obdivu byly jeji nohy. Krasne svalnate a hebke zaroven. Nemohl jsem se toho pohledu a doteku dostatecne nabazit. Pri nasi komunikaci jeste pred samotnym setkanim se me Lara zeptala, jestli mam nejaky predem dany scenar, nebo co vsechno bych si pral zazit, dala me i nejake predlohy, co vsechno bychom mohli spolu vyzkouset, samozrejme jsem chtel vyzkouset vse co jen bude mozne. Vzala tedy i rukavice na box i na MMA. Po pozovani prisel cas na samotny zapas. Lara byla usmevava uz od prvni minuty a za celou dobu ten jeji mily usmev ze tvare nezmizel. Jelikoz nejsem v zapaseni vubec trenovany, vrhnul jsem se na ni a nespis nahodou se me podarilo dostat ji do nejakeho skrceni, to byl muj prvni bod. Nicmene jsem hned po zacatku naseho zapaseni zjistil, s kym mam na zinence tu cast byt. Lara je opravdu neskutecne zkusena a velmi silna, silne nejsou jen jeji nohy ale i jeji paze. Svuj prvni bod jsem nejspis ziskal jen diky opatrnosti Lary, protoze nevedela co vse ode me muze cekat a tak byla nejsis jen vice opatrna. Dalsich nekolik nasich kol zapaseni jsem se k zadnemu bodu nedostal. Az jednou po nekolika kolech se me podarilo ji dat dalsi bod. Bohuzel nesportuju pravidelne a tak me s pribyvajicimi koly dochazel dech a trosku i sily, coz se rozhodne nadalo rict o Lare. Celou dobu byla usmevava a v dobre nalade, vubec na ni nebyla znat zadna unava. Celou dobu jsem se citil v jeji spolecnosti velmi bezpecne a mel jsem stale pocit, ze Lara vi na 100% co se mnou dela a dava pozor, abychom se ani jeden nezranili, toho si moc vazim. Po samotnem zapase jsme si dali lehky box a i tak jsem mel pocit, ze Lara presne vi co ma delat a i to jsem si velmi uzil. Ke konci uz me opravdu dochazel dech a fyzicka, Lara byla stale vesela a v pohode. Poprosil jsem ji aby me ukazala vsechny mozne drzeni, skrceni a sevreni. Velmi ochotne me vse ukazala a predvedla. Snazil jsem vydrzet co nejdele, ale diky jeji sile a skvele znalosti technik, to bohuzel bylo vzdy otazkou par vterin, kdy jsem musel odklepat. Citit, jak se ji napinaji jeji svaly na nohach je nepopsatelny zazitek a zaroven smrtici zkusenost. To same lze ale rici o dalsich skrticich technikach, i tam jsem si uzival pocitu jeji sily a nadvlady. Lara je opravdu velmi silna. Z celeho naseho setkani si odnasim uzasne pocity ze setkani s velmi prijemnou, sympatickou a komunikativni profesionalkou, ktera vam da presne to, o co si reknete. Pokud jste stejne jako ja, velkym fandou smiseneho zapasu, zenskych svalu a dominance a chcete poznat uzasnou a velmi prijemnou lidskou bytost, nevahejte a Laru kontaktujte. P.S.: Pokud ale budete po Lare chtit, competitive wrestling, pripravte se na narez a snesitelnou porci kontrolované bolesti. Po zapase budete v tele citit kazdy svuj sval, který jste v zapase pouzili. Prijenmy zazitek vsem. Ja osobne jsem u Lary nebyl naposledy, chci dalsi porci zapasu, pozovani a bolesti. Good day, on Saturday my dream came true and I had a meeting with Lara, and I am very happy to share my experiences and impressions with you. I'm 180 cm tall and weigh about 94 kg, and that's why I thought that Lara wouldn't be such a difficult opponent for me, my conviction was based on their photos and some videos on the web, and at the same time, I don't think that I'm a weak man. Right from our first face-to-face meeting, I found out that in reality Lara looks much better, more muscular, than worse in all their photos, but at the same time she is very attractive, as a woman. Already at the first joint contact, I found out that there would be no problem in mutual communication with her. I admit that I was nervous, even more so when I saw those muscles of hers, and because I just went into the unknown and didn't know what to expect. Lara did everything to ease my nervousness as quickly as possible. Already during our email communication, she asked me what I should wear to fit in, I only chose a sports bikini. I admit that I was completely fascinated by her body and couldn't stop looking at her muscular arms and the rest of her divine body. So I asked her if she could position me and she wouldn't have the slightest problem showing me all my muscles, I could touch them as much as I wanted. When she raised her arms and clenched her biceps, I immediately thought of the comparison to a baseball bat. Another thing I was impressed with are her shoulders, it's an amazing feeling to run my hands along the curves of her body. Another chapter of my admiration was her legs. Beautifully muscular and smoothly aligned. I couldn't get enough of the sight and touch. During our communication, even before the actual meeting, Lara asked me if I had any pre-set scenarios, or what I would like to experience, she also gave me some examples of what we could try together, of course I wanted to try everything possible. So she also took boxing and MMA gloves. After the interview, it was time for the match itself. Lara was smiling from the first minute, and during the whole time, her sweet smile did not disappear from her shape. Since I'm not trained at all in wrestling, I threw myself at her and almost by chance I managed to get her in some sort of a chokehold, that was my first point. However, right after the start of our relationship, I found out with whom I was supposed to live on the island. Lara is really incredibly experienced and very strong, not only her legs are strong but also her arms. I probably got my first point only thanks to Lara's caution, because she didn't know what to expect from me, so you were just more careful. I didn't get to the back point after several laps. And once after several laps I managed to give her another point. Unfortunately, I don't do sports regularly, so with the increasing number of rounds, I was running out of breath and a little bit of strength, which could definitely be said about Lara. The whole time she was smiling and in a good mood, there was no sign of tiredness at all. The whole time I felt very safe in her company and I always had the feeling that Lara knows 100% what she is doing with me and makes sure that neither of us get hurt, which I really appreciate. After the match itself, we did some light boxing and even then I had the feeling that Lara knew exactly what to do and I enjoyed that very much. By the end I was really out of breath and physically, Lara was still happy and at ease. I asked her to show me all possible holds, crouching and pinching. She was very willing to show me everything. I tried to hold out as long as possible, but thanks to her strength and excellent knowledge of techniques, unfortunately it was always a question of a few seconds when I had to knock back. To hear how her leg muscles tense up is an indescribable experience and at the same time a deadly experience. However, the same can be said about other shorthand techniques, even there I enjoyed the feeling of her power and dominance. Lara is really very strong. From our entire meeting, I will take away the wonderful feelings of meeting a very pleasant, sympathetic and communicative professional who will give you exactly what you ask for. If, like me, you are a big fan of mixed wrestling, female muscle and dominance, and you want to meet a wonderful and very pleasant human being, do not hesitate to contact Lara. P.S.: But if you want Lara, competitive wrestling, prepare yourself for a cut and a tolerable portion of controlled pain. After the match, you will feel every muscle in your body that you used in the match. We welcome everyone's experience. I personally wasn't at Lara's last time, I want another portion of wrestling, posing and pain. Announcements

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