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Hello guys! I am a Professional and Active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athlete BLACK Belt, and I have been on a mat since I was 9 years old. This year I was ranked the SECOND BEST BLACK BELT JIU JITSU FIGHTER IN THE WORLD (my division) I really cannot imagine my life without martial art. Since I was a kid, I like so much to make strenght and to kick some 4sses. I have won every single tournament here on Latin America! I really do the sessions because I enjoy to overcome a guy. I really dont like to hit girls because I already do this in competition. My training consists in have full power and strenghtand isometric strenght, not focused on been shredded. I have also military training to make... ... Continue Reading

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  • samurai_boy
  • 337 days ago

Currently in talks with her, she's amongst the sweetest girls in Atlanta! Hoping to work with her very soon.

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  • susannafitnessmodel
  • 337 days ago

Grazie 😘 💪🏼

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  • jojo714
  • 337 days ago

This review is loooong overdue. I am a male producer in LA and I always do reviews for the women I’ve worked with but didn’t stop to think how much this guy deserves a real no nonsense review. Darrius is an awesome mixed wrestling performer as a producer this guy can knock out numerous scenes with little to no cuts. True professional through and through and for other models/wrestlers this man is a true gentleman and makes every woman feel super comfortable my most fun shoots have been hosted at Hit the Mat an excellent facility and ring and as a host Darrius was amazing. This man is not only a business associate but a friend. I look forward to working with/co producing with him in the future and I’d 100% recommend working with him to any other talent

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  • bcaspius
  • 340 days ago

As part of my Vegas tour, I spent time with the legendary Heather Armburst. I have been following her career for over 20 years and like many of you - have tons of video. I love her in all of her forms, but seeing her in person was like meeting my favorite movie star. While she was admitted off-season and coming off vacation, I found her physique to be so very perfect. She was less bulky in the traps, but I have to say her symmetry and balance of form was so precise. Her legs were sculpted and her rear was just as sexy and shapely as God could make the female form. Personality to boot. I never know what to expect before meeting someone, but wow - what a thrill. Heather is just a darling and has such a light and free spirit. I remarked to her just how cool her handle is - "SpiritualBadass". It really fits because she is earthy and warm, but can crank up the power. Her scissors were so fierce and I could feel her adductors cutting into my neck. She had me under her feet and definitely enjoyed delivering pain. I was surprised at her receptivity to ballbusting, but she is a real professional there too. Two glorious hours rolling with one of the greatest women in the sport. Heather is a true beauty who is also a really cool person to hang out with. Her social game is on target too and I found myself just wanting to spend time with her. Again, I am a lucky man to have experienced this wonder of the SG world. Thank You Heather, I can't wait to see you again.

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  • citizentkl
  • 345 days ago

I had the fortune, and privilege, to have a tickling session with Riot when she came through my area. Aside from the fact that she's insanely ticklish basically everywhere, she's incredibly beautiful, warm, friendly, and accommodating. Will very much be looking forward to her next visit to the area!

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  • angelina333
  • 346 days ago

Hello Henry I’m so grateful of our meeting . Was amazing time where I showed all my skills against you , I really had fun . You are fantastic person thank you again for this review ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Updated profile: 04/16/2024 05:18:41 PM

Faccio solo sessioni dal vivo, non virtuali. Vivo in Italia, a Bergamo e viaggio in tutta Italia con tour. Se vuoi incontrarmi, in altre città dove non sarò in tour, posso venire ma ovviamente il prezzo cambia: non solo per le spese di viaggio e hotel ma anche per il mio tempo. SI PREGA DI CONTATTARMI PER NUMERO DI TELEFONO, NON PER EMAIL, GRAZIE. A presto 😊 TOUR A LA SPEZIA IL 16, 17 E 18 APRILE TOUR A PADOVA IL 23 E 24... ... Continue Reading

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  • kassandradark
  • 349 days ago

I'm glad it was an enjoyable experience.. Thank you for your feedback.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/06/2023 06:59:19 PM

  • angeldivine
  • 350 days ago

Thank You...Really enjoyed our session and appreciate you leaving me a review!

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  • danielw
  • 351 days ago

I had a Skyoe session with Scarlett days ago. It was amazing. Strict, kind and hot at the same time. Beauty and perfect body. 10/10

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  • mmaaiden
  • 351 days ago

Ryan is an amazing guy to session with. If you’re ever looking for a true gentleman for a semi/comp wrestling match then he’s your guy! He was even a good sport and let me tryout some of my MMA moves. Can’t wait to see you back in Vegas sometime!

Updated profile: 04/07/2024 07:59:18 PM

I will need at least 24 HOURS NOTICE due to my real life work and training. Twitter, OnlyFans, & SextPanther are connected! *please do not use my Skype ID as a means of a way to connect* Email, book, and pay a deposit, and then we can Skype. I’m a fetish actress and professional fitness model. I provide an open minded, judgement free zone! Cum be my pet, slave, sissy, pay pig OR just book me for wrestling or foot sessions!  I thoroughly enjoy head scissors and knockouts. I am not looking for competitive wrestling. Only scissors, knockouts, facesitting, smothering. All of my photos are recent. Please send a thoughtful email, full screening is required alternatively and a 50... ... Continue Reading

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Hi this is my new profile.The previous needed to change some.u can see this link to find my previous reviews. info. I do travel if the facilities r... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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