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Updated profile: 11/25/2022 07:38:02 PM

♥Savvy & Sadistically Sweet Experience in being a Femme Domme with all the equipment You will need. 😎 Tantalizing Torture 🔥 Please contact me a week in advance and be prepared to leave a deposit to hold the date.  I will return your deposit if it’s 4 days before and you can’t make it or we will reschedule. Professional and Responsible.. and Respectful of ones time. My sessions can be as sweet as sugar or as brutal as they come. All in between tantalizes my senses as I am an adrenaline junkie, your pleasure is my pleasure and I want you coming back for more…. Over and Over My reviews are in my pictures as this is a new webpage. Role play and phone/text is... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/20/2022 05:59:20 PM

My name is Mindy. I got my start doing wrestling videos for FemWrestlingRooms . com many years ago, in 2008. I love the fun in dominating men as well as wrestling in general. I am available for sessions and am mostly flexible with my schedule. I do have mats and can host in my apartment. I am fetish friendly and my rate is reasonable. I do topless sessions for $50 more than my going rate of... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/14/2022 09:31:56 PM

When contacting me for sessions please put LOCATION in subject line Email must include: ~Name ~Session request and any extra details ~References with Name and contact info (email, #, ect) With references, 50% of session total is due for booking If you cannot provide references, 100% of the total is due at the time of booking. *****************All payments are non-refundable************************** After booking I’m always more than happy to answer any questions you may have leading up to our session. ~If you have any questions before, be clear and direct as possible so I can quickly answer you, and we can move forward with booking. My time is valuable, and I will NOT... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/15/2022 07:17:23 PM

Brigit can be initially sweet when you meet her, but once the session starts she turns into a powerhouse who does not stop until she is on top. She has an incredibly strong, flexible and beautiful body and is skilled in submission wrestling. However, this is nothing compared to her overwhelming sensual dominance. She will have you on the floor begging for her mercy in every way. Being in her presence is a gift because she brings so much joy to everything that she does, including, and especially, overpowering men. To book, email [email protected] with 1. detailed request of the type of session you would like 2. desired time/date of session @BrigitHeart is on Twitter – follow... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/09/2022 12:58:04 PM

  • bobby_the_cat
  • 203 days ago

My dream fight.  I have always been very intrigued bye strong women. Both mentally and physically strong. I am Norwegian “Viking” if you will. Tall and well built one could say and a natural “Alfa”. That’s why being genuinely overpowered is so exciting. If I knew I would be able to break free or win, and simply let me be overpowered because I want to. It would loose its excitement. Although mistress hera was clear she did not really feel comfortable with fully competitive dude to my size (1.90 and 92kg) she agreed to give it ago. Mainly because I think she could tell I was a beginner from technique point of view.  I got in touch with her found und out she sessions in Marbella and Malta. And what better way than taking a vacation and combine it with something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time. Although a bit worried I might be falling for some scam, it turned out to be the complete opposite. After I paid the deposit for my experience she took the time to talk to me and plan my experience so I would get the very most out of it. My only regret is that I only planned for one hour when i wished I had booked 2.  Once in her place, which has a great wrestling space, I was made very comfortable while the rules were laid out. And just a word of warning, don’t forget to address her properly. I must say it was quite a painful Experience forgetting the “yes mistress” 😉😂 Once we stared wrestling it was very even. But only due to my size. As someone wrote before as well. It’s insane how that “timid” body can hold the strength of a hulk. It amazes me how she managed to use my size and weight against me. After just 10 min I could start feeling my own exhaustion kicking in but we kept going through hold and locks. Standing to floor and back up. After about 20 min I was getting quite tired and she had me pinned down solidly. But I felt that I had another push in me, so I mustered ALL my strength and just forced my self to stand up, with her still solidly gripping me. I did manage to get on my knees and then stand up, she weight 40kg less than me. Know I am standing up but she is still latched onto my back by now, with her legs around my ribs and her arms around my neck. I am so exhausted by now so my plan to stand up and pry her off me and then throw her on the floor. But I just could not get her off, and she squeezed so hard with both arms and legs I just collapsed and fell forward. What happened next is a bit blurry. I did not pass out but somehow I found my self tied up. She must have had ropes next to the wrestling mat without me noticing it. And once she got my arms a bit secure she proceeded without any stress to completely immobilize me.  She proceeded to explain to me what a looser I was that could not beat a girl half her size mixed with a lot of other verbal humiliation, and to top it off she spit in my face, laughed and left the room. I have never felt so humiliated and turned on at the same time.  After 10 min, which felt a lot longer, she came back and made one final humiliating move. I had to beg to be let loose. And I mean beg. It ended with me kissing her feet. I know know who is my mistress and superior for real! This was by far the best idea I ever had. What an experience. Highly recommended

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/09/2022 07:51:24 AM

  • liftandcarryfan
  • 203 days ago

Hopefully she can answer an email.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/08/2022 11:43:12 PM

  • elgwell17
  • 204 days ago

Take on this girl at your peril . It will be the last thing you do. I was knocked out for days by her incredible thighs

Updated profile: 11/18/2022 01:51:44 PM

NEW UPDATE (Nov. 18 2022) : I now have a space in Indianapolis to wrestle. Anyone coming to Indianapolis for a session will get a 10% discount on a 1 hour session or 15% off on an hour and a half through the end of December- I’m also available for sponsored travels. I’ve also recently begun pro wrestling training and can offer some pro style sessions. PS Even though the 10% and 15% discounts end in Dec. if you book your session before the end of the year with your deposit down you can still schedule out to January or February for your session but no further than that. <3 Hi there! I’m Sassy Kae, female wrestler with FWC here in Indianapolis, IN. I got into... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/08/2022 01:42:46 AM

  • fbbabs
  • 204 days ago

Had a session with her a couple days ago. She was really nice and friendly especially considering how nervous I was. Everything on her body is rock hard, she looks amazing and feels it too. Her body is a piece of art. Would definitely recommend and also consider having another session

Updated profile: 09/29/2022 12:58:35 PM

I’m your naughty Fitness model / athletic wonder Women AVIBILE ON CAM *muscle worship with lot of oil *posing in bikini or without *I’m your bodybuilder,  You can watch me to do my hot workout in my homegym 🎥session only on... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/28/2022 04:04:11 PM

For those that don’t know me, I am Goddess Marcy.  Originally from Brazil, I am 6’2″ with size 10 feet and now residing in Tampa, FL. I have being providing fetish sessions all over USA since 2020, including but not limited to headscissors, wrestling fantasy, ko, facesitting, smothering, feet worship, ballbusting, trampling, gagging, bondage, femdom, carry and lift, age play, pet play, sissy play, pegging, strap on training, spit, butt drops, size comparison, humiliation, fart, watersports, scat, tickle, cuddling and more. I am a published author, model and actress, and available for paid gigs, VIP presence and fan meetings. If you are looking for an unforgettable... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/05/2022 06:38:17 PM

  • soles_scream
  • 207 days ago

I had the pleasure of working with Kendra during her last Texas stop. She's got a fun personality and is hilarious. She's got a laid-back vibe but is also professional in the way she does business. She's got a variety of interests and is non-judgmental. She's efficient on set as well. She's definitely got the muscle for any style wrestling sessions. She has a great presence on camera as well as off it, and I will be booking her again and recommend others do so as well. I recommend Kendra for shoots and sessions.

Updated profile: 10/26/2022 12:32:01 PM

You may call me tallfemwrestler or Avalon. My entire life has been filled with competitive sports. I have been swimming since the age of five, played varsity volleyball, and was recruited by the rowing team. Then I was invited by the US Olympic coach to train at the pre-elite training center in Southern California. I competed in Indianapolis. I picked up crew again when I moved to Austin, and earned a seat in the top boat going to the Head of the Charles in Boston, MA. I did marathon relays and triathlons as well. In the last four years, I have dedicated my free time to wrestling and this has become one of my favorite things to do and am quite skilled at it. One of the many benefits... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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