Savannah Fox


Location: United States , Florida, Fort Myers

Last Activity: 05/26/2023


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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I love wrestling and all fetishes!  Book a session for a friendly athletic match,or be completely dominated by my killer thighs! Want to try something new, or live out a fantasy?  Available for mixed wrestling, beat downs, lift andcarry, facesitting/smothering, ball busting, foot fetish, farting, goddess worship, slave training, findom, pegging, sissy training and cuckolding. Email [email protected] to book your session today! Deposit is required to hold all bookings.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Grappling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
06/13/2023 06/15/2023 Lake Tahoe California United States
06/17/2023 06/21/2023 Las Vegas Nevada United States

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23 days ago

Savannah is famous for a reason. I had a great time in our session. Savannah dominated me both physically and mentally the entire time. Those are some damn strong thighs. I asked for a certain type of trash talk and Savannah jumped right in character and brought my fantasies to life. If you have a chance you must session with Savannah. Beauty, intelligence and pure strength.

25 days ago

Savannah is lovely and personable . Her communication was fantastic when we set up our session. During the session I couldn’t have asked for more. . She scissored me into jelly. Her trash talking skills are second to none. It was a wonderful time can’t wait to see her when she comes back to the bay

2 months ago

Had a session with Savannah a few days ago for a beat down. For those into beat downs, I cannot recommend her enough. She is easily the best that I’ve sessioned with. Her communication is exceptional, she responds quickly and precisely.

Her physique, voice and strength are top tier. Her punches and kicks were the most powerful I’ve felt, which made the experience remarkable. Other women can’t do it like Savannah does. Whenever she would sit on me, it was euphoric. I asked her to be very rough, and very rough she was. Her punches went right through my abs, she easily broke me multiple times. She didn’t hesitate nor go easy like other sessiongirls do. I have been sore for days, which is a testament to how well she did.

If she is in your city, she should be your first choice! Highly recommend.

2 months ago

Had a session with Savannah today, very accommodating with a good line of communication. If you are on this site you probably know who she is, and she lives well up to the hype. Opened with a quick introduction, very nice and amicably, went over preferences and history and started the session. The other reviews do a better job explaining everything than i do, so keeping it short and sweet, 11/10 experience. I enjoyed every second and agree with the other reviews highly recommending her!

8 months ago

When I first saw her profile on here I was shocked that such a beautiful, sexy woman was offering competitive sessions, and so I jumped at the opportunity to wrestler her. I found it a breeze to set up the session, and she was very accommodating with my request to do competitive and then transition into role-play and fantasy.

When I arrived I was absolutely blown away by her physique: big hips and a perfectly round booty, but taught, strong arms and a trim tummy. That combined with her gorgeous face and sultry, sensual voice made her the absolute definition of most men’s fantasies. My only reluctance at this point was whether she really could wrestle competitively or if that was just something this beauty used to attract more clients. Boy was I a fool to doubt her! Within seconds she had me down and was flipping me around into whatever position she wanted me in. I was tapping over and over and over again, and each time we got ready for the next fall I was losing confidence while her trash talking became more and more aggressive.

Eventually she had completely drained me of my energy, and at this point I was just trying to escape from her. She just dragged me back into her clutches and made me tap every 15 seconds. One moment she was ball-busting me, the next she was scissoring me, and finally she face-sat me as I lay on the bed and she stood up on the edge. Her booty is so amazing that her butt cheeks were draped over my face. I was her victim, and her victim was in heaven.

Thank you so much Savannah, you are god’s gift to every man with a wrestling kink. I can’t wait to see you again!

10 months ago

This review is long overdue but I had the pleasure of meeting Savannah Fox at the Women on Fire event in Chicago and again in Indianapolis and she was an absolute pleasure to meet and wrestle with. The infamous ’Big Booty’ had been on my bucket list to see for a while being a big fan of kinks Ultimate Surrender and Evolved Fights series. I told her she was free to do with me as she liked and go as competitive as she saw fit and boy did she deliver.

I held back a bit as I probably had a good 100lbs over her and our fighting space was a little smaller to what I was used to for competeive fighting but I quickly learned she wasn’t the champion of US and EF for nothing as I could not score a single point on her. And the whole time she had a fun attitude and big grin on her face while besting me with her superior skills. Not only was she absolutely beautiful in person she was also super fun to talk to (her voice makes her every word so alluring and sexy) she was happy to fulfill some requests for a longtime fan. She’s an all around fun person with killer skills and I look forward to seeing again when I get back into shape and get some more professional experience under my belt!

11 months ago

Every video update I do for a producer that has Savannah involved, I know it’s going to a great day at the office! Her seductive voice, perseverance, killer beauty, and attention to detail is truly outstanding!

Keep up the amazing work!!

11 months ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Savannah today and I enjoyed absolutely every second of it.

This was my first session in years but Savannah put me at ease from the get go. She’s extremely nice and just has a great personality.

The session itself was outstanding. It was mostly scissors and facesitting, with a little ballbusting thrown in. Her legs are a lot stronger than I was expecting. And if you’re into facesitting, I don’t think there’s a better ass to be beneath. Even when I would turn my face to get in a quick breath, there was still her gorgeous booty in my face.

She was also really easy to communicate with when setting up the sesssion.

I highly recommend seeing her. Hopefully I get to for a second time soon.

1 year ago

Incredible feet and such an amazing body witha soothing voice. I am 6 foot 3 and about 245lb and she threw me around like a ragdoll then made me tap out a number of times only for me to worship her sexy feet that have a perfect pedicure. Kissing her feet showed how superior she is as a strong woman.

Such powerful legs that felt like a vice and I couldn’t escape even when I was trying. Her muscles are rock solid and all I felt was sheer power that made me practically helpless. I was totally at her mercy and I have never felt that from a woman before….well I absolutely loved every minute of it and will totally do it again.

She is very nice and sweet as a person and I highly recommend doing a session with her when she is in town.

– Big guy

1 year ago

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting with Savannah on Sunday in the Philadelphia area!

She could not have been more friendly and welcoming when she opened the door. Right off the bat, she put me at ease.

After exchanging pleasantries, it was time for her to mop the mats with me. She is powerful and very well versed/trained in holds and how to get a 300+ lbs man to tap out very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining about being dominated, but I thought I could give some resistance.

She is the total package of skill, looks, and personality! I’m still beaming thinking of the wonderful time I had yesterday afternoon!

I highly recommend booking a session with her if she is in your area!

Ms. Fox, thank you so much!