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You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of gossip about attractive women with toned bodies, and guess what? 😉 They may be true after all. 😃 Would you like to witness it for yourself? Dare you look into it?... ... Continue Reading

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  • nicksesprod
  • 18 days ago

If you're looking for the "girl next door" experience, then look no further! London Evans is incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to. She may even come across as sweet and innocent, but don't let that fool you. London is very strong and can dominate you, easily, with a smile on her face and will leave you in awe as you leave your session you'll be eager for your next one with her.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
03/04/202403/04/2024Cocoa BeachFlorida
03/08/202403/08/2024New York CityNew York

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  • victim_of_warrioramazon
  • 18 days ago

ich hatte heute nach langem probieren meinerseits endlich die Möglichkeit mit Warrior Amazon eine Session zu buchen. Ich weiss nicht womit ich anfangen soll, es hat erst angefangen mit der unkomplizierten Kommunikation per Mail/Whatsapp. Warrior Amazon ist es wichtig, dass die Session individuell nach den wünschen gerecht ist und legt sehr hohen wert auf Zufriedenheit ihrer Klienten. heute morgen öffnete eine hübsche junge Dame mit einem großen lächeln und wunderschönen Augen die Tür und ermöglichte so ein warmes herzliches Willkommen. Nach einem kurzen Gespräch, ob es irgendwelche Verletzungen gebe, fingen wir direkt auf der Matte an. Ich buchte eine domination competitive Session. Letzteres blieb mir aus, da sie klar überlegen ist trotz meiner 1,82m und 96kg. Wenn sie euch einmal zwischen ihren Beinen bekommt ist ein Ausweg nur sehr schwer möglich bis garnicht. Ich kann wirklich jedem einzelnen Empfehlen, ob Anfänger, oder bereits erfahrener Session-Fan eine Session mit Warrior zu buchen. Leider ging die Zeit so schnell rum, weil alles gepasst hat. Sie ist frech, stark, hübsch und sehr intelligent. Man merkt sie hat ein Kämpferherz. Wenn ich sie mit Punkten bewerten müssten von 1-10 wäre das eine glatte 20+ ;) - ich hoffe sehr, dass sich demnächst wieder eine Zeit ergibt, denn eins steht fest: ich werde wieder eine Session buchen und auf eine Revanche gehen. ich werde es ihr nicht wieder so leicht machen. Bis bald Warrior!!

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  • tallman07
  • 19 days ago

I recently session with Shortstop and trust me there’s no stopping her. She was very thorough in our session making sure we did everything I asked for. She takes time to know exactly what you want and how to preform. A Really good grappler and surprised me with the amount of different scissorholds and chokes she can put you in. Her thighs are super strong and will either have you tapping or napping. One of the best sessions I have ever had and hopefully I get to book with her again soon. You don’t want to miss out on a chance with her!

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  • squeezedtobliss
  • 19 days ago

I had the most amazing exciting and brutal experience with the Goddess,Tapered Physique in Saint Louis. I know Saint Louis is not considered a hot spot for session wrestlers, but I am so glad she came to my city! If you are looking to be physically and mentally drained and dominated by a powerful hard muscle Goddess, she is the one guys! She took me to the limit in the first 5 minutes of our session and continued to drain me with her scissors and facesitting. If you are in to ballbusting, she will take them to the limit and you'll be in pain and pleasure. She even put me into bliss a few times between her powerful smooth thighs and ass. I can't say enough about her, she is the best and amazing aftercare even after such a beating. I will definitely session with her again soon!!

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  • gilbertcorvax
  • 19 days ago

Today, I had a boxing session with the amazing Amata. Location is very easy, there is a metro station just 5 minutes by walking. Amata gives instructions. Amata was wearing a beautiful japenease black yukata and I was astonished by how tall she is (1.80m). She receive me in her dojo which is a masterpiece ! You have tatamis, lights for the video, some fitness stuff to do a warmup, a boxing bag. At the back, there is a place where you can rest a drink a nice glass of water serving by your favorite host : Amata himself. We talked a little bit and I was kind of a meeting with an old friend (most sexy friend ever met). We laugh together. Then we decide it's action time ! She sets the camera, she turn on the lights (there are spots like on a shooting scene, these materiels cost a lot !). And then, after she changes for the fight, I was amazed by her outstanding sexy outfit. There were also boxing gloves already prepared. We started gently but quickly it gets more intense. Amata shows her moves, you can see that she has experience in boxing moves and enough stamina to make the whole fight. Punches are exchanged and we made a lot of clinches. Sometimes I hit on her body (because she was taller then me, my only target was her body) and I notice she has serious abdominals. Even if I try harder (after making sure she's okay with that), I still was impressed by her muscles. An absolutely amazing session with her ! She is as nice as you can dream about it, really enjoying the session and I spent a really good time during that session. I highly recommend her. I do boxing on all my session but I can assure she has serious skills on wrestling. Thanks a lot Amata, I'm sure I will come again to Amsterdam to see you again !!!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/17/202405/19/2024Nuremberg OTHER

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
01/01/202409/30/2024South FloridaFlorida

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biceps: 12.5 in, hazel eyes, quads: 22.5 in, Calves: 13.5 in,             ... ... Continue Reading

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
03/13/202403/14/2024BuffaloNew York
03/15/202403/16/2024Cherry HillNew Jersey
03/18/202403/19/2024Indianapolis Indiana

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Pure femdom I love to make men suffer like they should Let’s Dive into your beta side and let me take full control of you and let me completely destroy your mind and body and give full surrender to your new ebony dominatrix obsession . I love weak white men who love to submit their weak necks  to my power thighs do you think you can survive me scissor holds…I have 7 years experience as a full time lifestyle dom .. I live to hear my piggies scream in pain especially SCISSOR & CBT session let’s just say they can get rough 😈😈😈 SEND ME AN EMAIL to chat about your fantasies and let’s make it happen !!!  [email protected] (ask about customs clips let’s make... ... Continue Reading

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
02/01/202403/06/2024costa ricaOTHER

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  • jafferhirani
  • 20 days ago

Just had a session with Red in Vancouver. The communication was smooth, the meet up was warm and the session, O my God, wow. She is strong dominant alpha and creates an experience where you are completely in her powerful and hypnotic control. The more you go into the session, the more you are submitting. I felt like I was on roller coaster ride of sensuality. She is great at grapples, confident aura, great muscles (real delight), beautiful face and what a smile. If she is talking down to you, you submit on all fours. Or she can turn to the darkside. A real alpha. Recommend you to be nice and respectful and you will get more than what you came in for. Hugs Announcements

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