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  • thedartedrhino
  • 17 days ago

Another spectacular session with Electra. A fun devious personality with serious fighting skills. This time around we mixed in some bondage wrestling and some domme play. We both got into character and had a blast. The session ended with our plot line finishing up like an M Night Shyamalan moment that wrapped the 90 min session up nicely.... "It was me the whole time!!!". I'll never forget that. Thanks for another memorable session Electra.

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Hi! I’m Vera, a german mom living in Spain. I’m a bodybuilder with a national bench press record of 145kg and a trained psychologist. At 1.72 cm tall, I have the strength and presence to impress. If you’re interested in muscle worship session, you’re in the right place. I offer a unique experience where you can appreciate my strength and physique up close. Wether you’re in awe of muscle power or simply curious, I’m here to provide an unforgettable session. Sessions and Inquieries: For sessions or inquiries, contact me. Be clear and precise in your messages. Serious inquiries only – time wasters will be blocked. Session Rates: Prices start at... ... Continue Reading

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  • ginger_kateryna
  • 18 days ago

Oooh before the session started I wondered how it would go and was a bit worried, and for nothing! Benny is a lovely person, a strong and accurate fighter, he is a pleasure to spend time with and knows how to joke and keep the conversation going. I'm happy with it! And smells nice too 😍 🐈‍⬛

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09/10/202409/10/2024Detroit Michigan

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  • vicky vixxx
  • 18 days ago

My session with Goddess V was perfect. We briefly went over what our session plans as she was friendly and straightforward for what we had planned. She is also personable as we briefly spoke about the background to my fetish too. Goddess V is pretty and soft spoken so you know you will be well taken care of. As for shooting we got all the angles that we needed to make our movie 😈😌, as she even stepped in to help with the lighting and positions as well. And for our session I can tell you it was great enough to come back for her soles since you can’t help yourself to one plate🦶🏻🤩.

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  • jerzey86
  • 19 days ago

Exhilarating and empowering! The service I experienced from Mistress Jasmin was nothing short of transformative. The atmosphere was welcoming, and she was skilled, professional, and attentive to my boundaries. It was a thrilling exploration of power dynamics and consent, leaving me feeling liberated and satisfied. Highly recommended for those seeking a safe and exhilarating journey into the realm of BDSM."

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  • fitnessivonne
  • 19 days ago

Thank you for your comments, it fills me with satisfaction to know that I met your expectations. I hope to see you again . A hug🦵🦵🦵

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Hello,  My journey as a Dominatrix has spanned over 10+ years. I love being served, pleased, and obeyed. I may be a strict and demanding. I care about the well-being of my subs. I gain great pleasure by observing the reactions of my subs as they suffer for me. I love masochists…😉 I’m an of the exotic type, I am half Vietnamese half Mexican I have a bachelor in Public Administration/ Business Administration Minors in Math, physics, engineering >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Currently, I have sessions on Wednesdays/Thursdays after 4 PM I... ... Continue Reading

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06/23/202406/24/2024Cincinnati Ohio

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Hello, I’m Calista Homicide I am an Irish/Italian 28 year old fetish creator. I am 5’6 165lbs I dominate both males and females, I am built from years of sports and working out that I have VERY strong legs and broad... ... Continue Reading

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  • blkpntr0918
  • 19 days ago

Where We Go... Another Long Review... This is your opportunity to scroll to the last paragraph and be on your way! Okay you're still here. Well, good because the account that I share with you is my honest report of my experience of with the INCREDIBLE Kim Chi! I'll be as tempered as I can, but I won't be tight-lipped. Alright let's get this going and let's see where to begin. I guess at the... Beginning. LOL! Unbeknownst to our Star, I've been following her for a while. Now before I sound stalker-ish, please allow me to explain. When I first dipped my toe into this world, I was planning to have my first session with another lovely lady, but she couldn’t make it to my area at the time. However, KimChi was and as I looked her up, I saw that she had an illustrious career portfolio! I was looking forward to booking her but unfortunately, I had an emergency to handle while she was in my city. Now fast forward another year and my schedule became a lot freer and clearer. Once I discovered that she would be in my city again and I jumped at the opportunity to contact her! I sent my initial contact email about Five (5) Days before her scheduled date to meet. For my standards at least this was short notice. She answers back in 14 MINUTES! I had to check back with you all later to see if that's a PR (personal record) for response time! I was astonished! We shared a couple more emails including an offer for a double session with another extraordinary young lady that I unfortunately declined. It still pains me to this day. (But from that pain I learnt a valuable lesson in being prepared for doubles from this point forward!). I digress, still amazed at the ease and SPEED of communication! This made my decision to send my deposit much easier. The total time from initial email to booking was 30 Minutes! Ms. Kim may have the record for fastest booking! Yeah, she doesn’t play those games (shout out to Jersey Girls, LOL!)! A consummate professional down to the very syllable of that term. Now that I have boasted about her professionalism let’s get down to "THE MAIN EVENT of the Morning!" Yep... Match Day! When I parked and was able to enter the building, I was greeted with a gigawatt smile and one of the most Boa Constrictor-like hugs I've experienced lately. I loved it! I can see that this was going to be an exceptional time! We began to converse with her apologizing for the tightness of the hug. She exclaims, "I'm a Hugger!" Which I was perfectly fine with as a Hugger myself. However, I could help but sense that there was some strategy involved as well. A crafty way to disguise her intentions to "Size Me Up!" as it were. She'll correct me otherwise. As we continued to converse, I had to apologize that I didn't come as groomed as needed to be and asked her permission for a quick shower. It was granted without repudiation. I appreciated her kindness! So, after cleaning myself from the work grind and smelling the lovely aroma of her partner in session's cooking (I'm still dreaming about those pancakes!) We were able to get down to the business end of our meeting! Now I've booked this session for a Semi-Competitive Match. I typically take heed to the "Services Offered" tab and comply accordingly. I'm one to look for specifically look for "Competitive" or "Semi-Competitive" Wrestling so that I avoid unnecessary questions. During the session though, I typically love to free flow and adjust accordingly! I prefer my host to express herself freely! Now even in a fully Competitive situation I've NEVER underestimated ANY Ladies that I've booked. I learned to be ready for ANYTHING! All this to say that Ms. KimChi while she is a gorgeous, captivating sweetheart off the mat. On the mat, as many have discovered, your girl is a True Warrior! An Absolute Beast with a motor that's all torque and rev! Simply put, the "Semi-" nature of our session was all but omitted. In the best way possible. LOL! A lot of our scrambles were reminiscent of old school cartoon dust-up scrums. LOL! Our jostles were action-packed. The only thing that I had to keep up with her energy was my technique and training. Submissions were shared on BOTH sides. I can't give you exact details upon setups or specific methods used because it was all just a Blur. I can give you certain submissions used that gave us our breaks. Americana, Head & Arm Triangle and RNC were connected by yours truly. KimChi obtained it in an RNC of her own. Now while I may have scored more submissions (3-1) I didn't end our squabble. Our superstar connected with what would prove to be the KO Blow so to speak. LMBO (Book her for further details.)! We ended up just laughing and cracking jokes after we finished (mostly by her. Ha!). As we both laid our sweat-drenched, exasperated bodies on the mat for a moment to catch our collective breath she had the where with all to ask a special inquiry, "How did you enjoy your experience?" I only had enough energy to repeatedly gasp aloud one word, 'AMAZING!' And that's how we concluded how time! After I collected the heap the was my carcass, and I bowed to our gracious host. I was allowed a few minutes to freshen up and quickly change. We exchanged more laughs and hugs! I told her that 'I'm the absolute WORST at Goodbyes!' So, she aptly states, "Well, then I'll implement my Inner-Jersey Girl. Here's one more hug, now... GET OUT!" As she exclaims with her gigawatt smile! I collected my stuff and complied with her orders. One last hug and I was out the door. Phew! What a time huh?! Now, I said that this session was unique. I've had plenty of hearty and competitive sessions. But on woman before (and no woman since) has worn me out the point where I laid my creaky old body down in the hatch of my SUV for an hour nap! Yeah, it was that real! That is the one-of-a-kind satisfaction that Ms. KimChi has given me! I hope that she provides half the satisfaction for you as you send in your booking request. Yes, YOU! If you made it this far into this review you mind as well go ahead and send that email and ready that deposit now! If I must say it, 'Yes! KimChi has my HIGHEST Recommendation." There you have it! I hope that helps you further make up your already made-up mind. A final piece of advice, if you decide to book her "Semi-Competitively" and think you're gonna get an "Easy Win." Underestimate this Jersey Jubilee at your own peril! You'll be grinded into dust to be blown away like chaff and BEG for more of this treatment to complete exhaustion. You've been duly warned. Our superstar during our match exclaimed, "We MUST have a REMATCH!" A request that I hope to grant sooner than later. Thank you, KimChi! While you are in fact, 'AMAZING!' Now that I have time to catch my breath I can also say, 'you're truly a phenomenal woman, phenomenally!" Until we cross paths again in my native DMW, your native NJ, your residence NC or anywhere in between I wish you Peace, Much Love and Blessings! And huh... go a little easier on me next time... SIKE! XD Announcements

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