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Your favorite Texas muscle chick, Sunni Ray! Going on mini tours every month! Offering Fantasy and Semi-Competitive wrestling sessions. Message me for... ... Continue Reading

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  • tkhs99
  • 21 days ago

Had a session with Mx Vex a recently, 90 minute fantasy wrestling. Vex is one of the most unique and fun experiences I’ve ever had with sessions. Every moment was tantalizing and the communication was top notch. We sat down prior to the session to discuss comfort zones, and they respected them perfectly. They have an enchanting body and are surprisingly strong, and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself struggling against their figure. Setting up the session was a breeze. Will absolutely be sessioning with again.

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  • bellykicked
  • 21 days ago

J’ai effectué une session de kickboxing fantasy avec Vixen et Tanya , et ce fut tout simplement génial ! Le premier contact et la prise de rendez-vous sont très faciles et fluides. Il n’y aura pas de surprise . Elles sont très à l’écoute de vos attentes et vont tout mettre en œuvre pour vous satisfaire . Lors de votre venue vous serez ébahis par leur beauté ainsi que leur gentillesse . En ce qui concerne la séance : coups de poings , pieds , genoux.. bref j’ai vraiment ramassé ! Et je ne voulais pas que cela s’arrête . Vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés . En tout cas moi , je vais arrêter de chercher ailleurs : j’ai trouvé les 2 perles rares !

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  • merlotmadness
  • 21 days ago

im so glad you had such an enjoyable experience !!

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/07/2022 11:41:37 AM

  • dragon2519
  • 21 days ago

Hi Goddess Velvet, looking forward to see if you can break the records and thank you for your kind words. Can't wait to see you again

Updated profile: 11/20/2022 01:19:58 AM

Hello all! I am an up-and-coming session girl and professional Dominant. I love to have my muscles worshipped and have others watch me work out, which is my main niche. So far I am not huge, but I welcome you to watch me grow! Aside from this, I am learning about performing CBT/BB and am very happy to offer that alongside my other services. SM play is an interest of mine and I love to perform it in a way that shows off my strength. I can provide Dominant sessions that do not include strength/muscle play as well, though please email me to inquire so that we can negotiate something. I practice RACK (risk-aware consensual kink) and PRICK (personal risk-informed consensual kink) and this... ... Continue Reading

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  • johnny42
  • 22 days ago

Had an amazing boxing session with this awesome lady if she's ever in your town don't miss out book a session you won't regret it.

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My name is Mortisha and I was born in Bulgaria, but as you can see from my pics, I have the looks of a greek beauty. I was formerly an athlete for many years, competing primarily in 800 and 1500 metres. I am proud of my slim and well-trained body. For the last few years I have been practising some MMA, and I offer sessions in mixed wrestling. Looking forward to meeting you soon.     !! I will be in London Nov 25-Nov 30, together with Ina Black. For sessions use my e-mail: [email protected] ... Continue Reading

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12/05/202212/09/2022Los AngelesCalifornia
01/03/202301/08/2023NYCNew York

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  • wrestleguy1000
  • 23 days ago

I have met Sassy three times so far and she has gotten tougher each time. She communicates well and setting up a session is quick and easy. Sassy is a great word for her. She is a bundle on energy, knows a lot of holds, and does not give in easily. Our sessions have been a lot of sweaty fun. I have been wrestling a long time and she is one of my top 5. I look forward to session with her soon!

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/05/2022 01:35:16 PM

  • nyjets1080
  • 23 days ago

Amazing strength, skills and beauty Master Kayla was easy to set up a session with and communicated well where it was simple for me to come from Long Island and meet her in New York City. Her skills and strength are unbelievable and I was astounded on how I tried my hardest to break out of Her holds and yet my attempts ultimately failed. Her knowledge of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is admirable in itself as She put me in many different holds that I had no clue even existed. I am 6 foot 3 and 247lbs and I was no match for Her. So basically.... She beat me in wrestling really bad and I tapped out 14 times including in between many rest holds where I was worshipping her incredible feet. So all and all She could have easily tapped me out much more than She did today. She is also gorgeous with beautiful eyes and her body is absolutely chisled.....oh and She has very cute feet :) I highly recommend to book a session with Master Kayla when She is on tour or in your area. - Shindigity

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/05/2022 12:39:23 PM

  • aurelien
  • 23 days ago

J'ai pu rencontrer Monica lors d'un évènement sur Paris il y a moins d'un an maintenant. J'ai etais agréablement surpris par sa force physique. Habitué des sessions, je me suis fais avoir par son gabarit, ses cuisses sont d'une très puissante, elle a un cardio phenomenal , elle est capable de vous tenir tête très facilement et se montre aggressive dans le deroulement de la session si c'est ce que recherchez. Malgré tout, elle recherche avant tout a ce que la session soit un bon moment de partage avec vous, cherchant a savoir ce que vous recherchez par mail ou directement en face a face. C'est une fille très agreable, souriante, chaleureuse, accueillante et sexy. Ne vous fiez vraiment pas aux apparences elle est redoutable. Pour moi c'est une des lutteuses les plus fortes en France, une lutteuse que je vous recommande tres tres fortement. En plus elle est tres reactive dans la prise de contact aussi boen par mail que sur son compte professionnel d'instagram. Aurelien Announcements

SessionGirls is a unique directory site for women who offer a variety of Athletic Fantasy Filled Sessions. These sessions include Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry, Muscle Admiration, Feats of Strength, MMA and Many More! Here you will not only discover a variety of gorgeous women with a fighting spirit, but you will also be able to purchase your favorite video clips from any girls profile! Consider SessionGirls as your One Stop Shop for everything that you Love within this special niche of the Mixed Wrestling Industry !! SessionGirls was made For the Men, but by the Girls! ENJOY!!

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