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Recieved/Replied a review : 09/25/2022 08:59:22 AM

  • jdaeee
  • 574 days ago

I met Renny and had a very good height comparison session. I had never met a girl this tall, truly 205cm and 225 with heels I would definitely meet her again

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/23/2022 02:33:57 AM

  • sven94
  • 576 days ago

I just had a pretty incredible semi-comp to competitive wrestling session with Ivy - boy is she a lot stronger than she looks. She is beautiful and fit and sweet to converse with, and is able to quickly submit you before you even know it. She even beat me in armwrestling which no girl has done so far that I’ve seen.. you should definitely give her a try!

Updated profile: 04/09/2024 08:47:47 PM

You’ve seen my videos online, now here is your opportunity to book a session with me. Along with wrestling I offer a variety of other fetish sessions, but nothing pleases me more than imposing my will on the weaker sex! My athletic body and STRONG legs are a challenge for anyone brave enough. When contacting me please write a detailed email, short – back and forth messages will be ignored. Please be ready to SCREEN, it is required not optional. Deposits are required as well. My schedule allows for both weekday and weekend sessions, and I do travel often.   RATES START AT 500ph – I do not haggle, please don’t waste each others... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/04/2024 10:34:45 PM

Ok, you might have thought you’ve seen the toughest and most skilled session wrestlers on the scene, but not until you meet the one and only Kaos – a professional MMA fighter. Kaos lives for fighting. She has been training in Muay Thai since 2011 and has been training full time in wrestling, mma, kickboxing and jiu jitsu since 2016. In 2019 she was the European Submission Wrestling Champion! She became PAWFC MMA World Champion after dominating 5 tough rounds in Canada in March 2024. And she trains several times a day, six days per week. Prior to her dedication to martial arts, Kaos was a model and an actress. A fierce opponent with stunning model looks, the combination... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/18/2022 05:35:37 PM

  • sammy12
  • 580 days ago

I had a session with Carmyna on saturday and i booked her for a full day experience. We had the first session earlier in the day then went to lunch. She’s super fun to be around, the first session was perfect! She pushed my limits but left enough for another session later in the evening. A total high class lady. It’s always a shock how she can turn from girl next door to a complete dominatrix. This was my first time booking a full day experience with her. Thank you Carmyna for the unforgettable day. See you next time! Xoxo

Updated profile: 04/14/2024 06:10:16 PM

I’m a full-time international pro model and lifetime natural competitive athlete, so you’ll get the perfect package of femininity and extreme strength. If you haven’t already been floored by a punch or a pin, I’m pretty sure my big green eyes will do the job as you stare into them. I compete in powerlifting, squatting 162.5kg and deadlifting 180kg (over 2.5x BW); my sixpack, big biceps and even bigger quads are here all year round to submit you. I’ve got relentless stamina from over 10 years martial arts training with particular skill in Muay Thai and kickboxing, and started BJJ in 2022. I’m also a BDSM model and pro domme, which means that... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/10/2024 08:25:56 PM

I am one of the tallest Mistresses and session wrestlers in the UK – a true Amazon, standing 6’2 with long legs and UK 11 feet to match. Strong and powerful, I delight in using my height to bully and overpower weak men. I am an experienced Dominatrix, and have been exploring fetish wrestling for the last year and a half. I train in the gym 5 days a week, and have developed a muscular physique that demands worship. I particularly enjoy roleplay scenarios and dressing up for My sessions. Feel free to ask about My extensive wardrobe of different outfits. While I am often the demented sadist, taking pleasure in your suffering and humiliation, there is an undeniable warmness and... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/11/2024 09:48:02 PM

 Fun young model and newbie fetish actress. Trained in a few years of jiu jitsu. Message me if you’re interested in a session! (include references in your first email please! ) I also offer custom videos and skype sessions, if interested send me an email- [email protected]   traveling 4/20-21 Kansas City, Mo from Tulsa,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 12/19/2023 06:42:26 AM

I am Lara and I come from Italy. I’m a wrestler 🤼‍♀️ fetish and bondage model/actress 🫦 I offer semi/competitive or fantasy wrestling sessions. NO SEXUAL INQUIRIES Contact me by mail to book a session to [email protected] Next date: 11/12th of January... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 01/13/2024 06:17:21 PM

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Goddess Tessa. Im 193cm / 6’4  barefoot and 108kg / 238lbs with foot size 45eu / 13us.   I love to do sessions which include Height and size comparisons Height humiliation Fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling Giantess roleplay Footworship, smelly feet Fantasy boxing/kickboxing Trampling Legscissors Lift and carry (max 80kg/175lbs) NO SEX OR NUDITY – don’t try For other fantasies you can ask me by email. Im very open minded and love to have... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/15/2024 11:58:36 PM

               Bonjour, Hi , Hola 🙂 I am an Ultra sexy well trained athlete-women, I did more than 10 years of Muaythaii and im passionate about it. Im precise and technical, I like to see my opponents on the ground  or seing the defeat in their eyes. I like a steady flow of  heavy punches, but my strengh is in my unseen ruthless lowkicks and my razor sharp elbows.🥊 Everybody is charmed by my skin and my insane butt when they fight me. I am taking Wrestling/BJJ  classes for thoses who likes to be taked down!! I’m actually pretty good at it, I’m such a quick learner! Dancing and practising muaythai have helped me a lot! I can’t wait to make you lose... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 12/25/2023 12:30:25 PM

  **Contact:** Please contact me via email, providing a brief introduction and detailing your interests. Choose a date from my availability and send an email to [email protected] with the following information:  – Name:  – Age:  – Height:  – Weight: – Location:  – Preferred date: – Type of session:  -References (if applicable): – A 20% deposit is required in advance to secure your booking. Details for payment will be provided in our email correspondence. I’m an IFBB PRO women’s physique Overall I currently live in Dubai, UAE but in Originally from the UK (London). I’m prepping for a competition so my physique is shredded right... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/09/2024 03:50:58 PM

Hello, I am a beautiful, tall and athletic italian fitness model and pro volleyball player. I practiced kick-boxing for 5 years. I enjoy very much semi-competitive, fantasy and submission wrestling sessions. I’m also into BDSM. We can have fun with all comforts (professional tatami, possibility of shower, etc) in my place in Varese, near Milan, or in Rome. Please write me on Whatsapp if you are REALLY interested in a session with me. I do not show my face here for privacy reasons, but if you want we can have a brief video call before you book the session.   MEASURES: Bust/Waist/Hips: 92/64/96 Biceps: 32 Quadriceps: 56 Calves: 37 Shoe size: EU 42 – US... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/28/2024 05:55:56 AM

I am known by Heather Armbrust, Heather Policky, The Spiritual Badass or my Domina alter ego; Alpha Hughes which is my favorite! I am naturally a Domina and wish to keep most of my work in femdom and submissives. I encourage my more submissive clients to contact me at [email protected] You will be at the top of my priority. I am retired from professional bodybuilding but still stay as muscular as possible because I love it. I will never compete again but I sure look like it. My personality is naturally dominate yet kind which is a true alpha. I can be your biggest fantasy or your worst nightmare; maybe both. My meetings however, depend on the individual client as I am very... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/10/2022 04:48:26 PM

  • shrek00
  • 588 days ago

I don't know what to say about her. I had a session a while back with her and I was amazed. First of all she has a body sooo beautiful that you can't take your eyes from it. I booked a session with her cause since she's so short I figured I could easily overpower her and make her my bitch but I was soo wrong. At the beginning of the session I lured her into putting my head in her thighs and scissoring me thinking I'd break out easily but it was exactly the opposite. She had me tapping in less than 3 seconds. You can't imagine how many times I begged for mercy. At some point I found it hot and I just let her to do whatever she wanted with me. She played with me, she made me worship her and she made me her bitch. I am muscular but her thighs were no match for me Announcements

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