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Updated profile: 10/18/2022 12:52:29 AM

Who: Former Army Military Police Officer. I have been apart of the Health & Fitness Industry since 2004. X PRO MMA Fighter who has trained with some of the Best Big names in the Business. Extensive training in Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi & No-Gi, Escrima (stick fighting), Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Weight lifting, Weight Training, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Muay Thai / Boxing / MMA Coach. What: Services offered include Beatdowns & Belly punching, Foot worship, Playful / Endearing dominance, Therapeutic back massage w/feet & hands (NO Happy Endings!), Semi-competitive wrestling, Flow rolling BJJ, Submission wrestling, BJJ Gi & No-Gi, Pin... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/27/2022 12:44:35 AM

Hosting in San Diego November 30th- December 3rd.  Hosting downtown Chicago  December 12-14th. Fortune favors the bold, and so do I.  ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Your favorite all- natural woman.  Like a fine wine, I’m getting better with age.  Tightest glutes on the planet; capable of crushing,  squeezing, and putting one in his place. 🌎 🍑 Take a look at my athletic, feminine feet and hands; golden virgin skin; silky hair. It’s all about the details , right? Well,  I agree. 👸🏻  PEDs- free Natural chest and glutes Beautiful combination of tomboy tendencies and Goddess- like attributes.     CLASS, SASS && A$$ !! Former collegiate volleyball... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 08/27/2022 08:41:46 PM

I’m a 3x undefeated state champion, collegiate wrestler, and blue belt bjj practitioner. I am 3-0 in boxing, 1-0 kickboxing, 1-0 Muay Thai and 1-0 in mma. I’m the REAL deal. If you want your money’s worth, I am it. I can take all forms of payment. A deposit is a MUST, no exceptions! I will not entertain people who email me and aren’t  ready to send a deposit for my services. I have Many past clients who can vouch for me, and I will be making them re-do their reviews. Be a good little piggy and worship me by sending gifts to show your admiration to me at my cashapp $wrestling10101 or Venmo @theecaptn *** Deposits are non-refundable*** I DO NOT GIVE OUT FREE SERVICES. If you... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/05/2022 05:17:51 AM

I am a Latina Thick Goddess. Headmistress and Founder of The Dom House of Domination in Tampa Bay, Florida. DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING ME QUESTIONS, I WILL IGNORE IT! To be taken seriously: USE MY LINK TO CHAT: USE MY LINK TO BOOK: I’m an expert in Domination of all kinds. I’m 200 pounds of pure muscle. The strongest thighs you’ll ever see wrapped around my Good Boys. ALL WRESTLING SESSIONS ARE FANTASY WRESTLING ONLY! I will be clothed at all times. I DON’T TOP FROM THE BOTTOM. I DON’T BOTTOM Lift and Carry weight limit: 185 pounds My favorite carry moves are: Front, cradle, over the shoulder. My... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/11/2022 12:33:35 AM

Welcome to my profile! I’ve been doing this 10 years now and Nothing brings me more pleasure than head scissoring, smothering, just pushing someone into submission. I have all the “equipment” to make sure that the only breathe that you get is what I decide to give you. Luckily I’m very good at reading my victims and love going at your pace. As long as we understand I’m going to be the winner, that is. My mouth is probably the only thing that’s not controllable. I’m passionate about what I do and it shows. My repeat friends y’all know how this goes. So to my new victims I love to travel so don’t hesitate to send a message to see when I’ll be by you. I look forward... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/28/2022 08:35:25 AM

I am a professional full-time traveling session provider, producer, and model. I offer fantasy up to semi-competitive wrestling, pins, tests of strength, scissors, chokes, one-sided boxing, ball-busting, breath play, inflicting bondage, foot domination/worship, and tickling. There may be a few other I’m not thinking of at the moment. But, as long as it isn’t erotic in content, feel free to ask. I do not offer KO’s – Too much liability for my preference. I do REQUIRE REFERENCES to book. Sessions with me consist of entirely non-nude and non-sexual fetishes. I do not do sessions that run a high risk of me getting hurt or obtaining major bruises (gotta stay... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/17/2022 02:55:54 PM

If you want to book with me, please fill out my intake form. I am a young, strong, experienced mixed session wrestler, powerlifter, swordfighter, and Pro Domme, based in a Chicago, but on the road frequently. Despite all my serious pictures, I’m very friendly, and cater to all sorts of fetishes!  I am a lifestyler, meaning that I am heavily involved in the BDSM community and that I am a Dominant woman for pleasure. I also am open to filming fetish clips of all types, and if you don’t see your city on the travel schedule, email me anyway, and I’ll look at adding it. I am happy to session with men, women, non-binary folks,... ... Continue Reading

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Thank you for the review!!! Announcements

SessionGirls is a unique directory site for women who offer a variety of Athletic Fantasy Filled Sessions. These sessions include Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry, Muscle Admiration, Feats of Strength, MMA and Many More! Here you will not only discover a variety of gorgeous women with a fighting spirit, but you will also be able to purchase your favorite video clips from any girls profile! Consider SessionGirls as your One Stop Shop for everything that you Love within this special niche of the Mixed Wrestling Industry !! SessionGirls was made For the Men, but by the Girls! ENJOY!!

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