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Hi Im IFBB PRO WPD and love being strong and powerful. ᴄʟɪᴋ ᴍʏ ᴏғ ʟɪɴᴋ 🥵       Contact me to BOOK SESSIONS.   Booking your session     • Please contact via email. I will always try and reply within 48 hours if I can but please allow 72 hours.   • Please only contact me if you would like to book a session.   • Please be specific and concise about your session request, and have the utmost respect.   • Email Template * Age, height, and weight followed by a brief introduction to you and any specifics of your session. Please share references from previous sessions if applicable.   • I am clean, polite and... ... Continue Reading

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As far as FEMALE MUSCLE goes, I have been a professional bodybuilder for 35 years, powerlifting champion and bench press champion. All varieties of fetish, kink and muscle acting, modeling and video work for over 30 years, and a personal trainer. I am still actively competitive, and always in GREAT shape! Strong, Sexy and Seductive FEMALE MUSCLE…I do private meetings for upscale gentlemen. My travels take me worldwide…International Muscle Goddess WILDKAT…my site has all information. For the best in FEMALE MUSCLE… My NEW will get your muscle blood boiling, and  and... ... Continue Reading

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Tour Dates: Los Angeles, CA December 7th-9th I am all about having fun when I take you down and I adore getting rough and physical. An elegant mix of hedonism and affection, you will know your place when you kneel before me. Beating you into submission, whether it be through scissorholds, trampling, smothering, ball-busting, or tickling, makes me grin with mischievous delight. As a professional dominatrix, I am no stranger to power exchange and love fulfilling fantasies. Other activities I enjoy include foot and body worship, roleplay, and corporal punishment. I enjoy sessioning with submissives, fetishists, and bottoms, but am open to playing with all genders, ethnicities, and people... ... Continue Reading

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  • bernie
  • 356 days ago

Layla just left my room about an hour ago and I am still in a daze. This may linger for a while. I am going to say before anything else she is gorgeous beyond words. She looks amazing in her pictures and I had seen her on webcam, but in person she is breath taking. Kind, sweet and nurturing are the three words that come to mind for out time together. I am pretty laid back in session and let the woman take charge. she quite literally gave me the session I needed tonight bar none. Her physique is flawless from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. For her listed 5'3 125lb frame she packs it with some amazingly shaped and toned muscles, her skin is smooth as can be and she is just an absolute treat to be with and be around. No words could ever fully express how much I appreciated and enjoyed my time with Layla. I am kind of glad we do not live in the same city or every last dime I earn may go to her. On top of that her communication was amazing, setting up our session was a breeze and she was early showing up. I cannot speak more highly of this amazing woman.

Updated profile: 11/13/2023 04:45:46 PM

Back in the Midwest!!! 24yr pro wrestler in the u.s and Mexico, lingerie fighter for the LFC. 6 pack abs, muscular super model type. Strong. Libra, my favorite colors are sea foam green, lavender, and yellow. Based out of Chicago and Louisville every week wed-fri. Workout gear/ pro style gear/ bikini Since I’m back to wrestling pro regularly semi competitive sessions are very limited. Gotta save my strength for the ring. But you’re more than welcome for muscle worship or schedule a fantasy/ pro wrestling style match with me. Don’t be shy…   Same day beatdowns available at additional price so plan ahead! Yes I do eat. Dinner companion available. No back/... ... Continue Reading

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  • Sherry_Stunns
  • 358 days ago

I swear I am going to get those feet next time! Lol

Updated profile: 12/05/2023 09:30:44 AM

  Do you want to discover an endearing, passionate and not ordinary personality? You will be delighted by meeting Xena. The young girl,  has long proven that she is a complete artist. At the same time model, actress, and even singer, we no longer count her appearances in various clips, commercials, short films, television series, photographers’ books, and even improv matches! An artist ? Not only… Xena is also an athlete who sculpts her body for many years. If she was able to participate in one or another bodybuilding competition, many Internet users were also able to appreciate her impressive strength by watching her arm wrestling videos on her youtube channel, facing... ... Continue Reading

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  • judokahenk
  • 362 days ago

Love the interview with Sheena , have seen her a lot during her judo period at the great tournaments in Europa , at the Grand Prix , European Championships and World Cups , it always was great to see her fight but also her father , her sister and twin brother are great fighters. Ihope I will see Sheena ones again and then I would love to book a wrestling or judo session with her for sure.

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  • judokahenk
  • 362 days ago

Great and nice Interview here with the London girl Denise , love to watch this girl wrestling , have seen her ones at Monica Wrestling Centre in the UK. I hope to see her soon again and hopefully I then can have the possibility to have a Wrestlingsession with her in London.

Updated profile: 10/08/2023 09:47:17 AM

***Spanish & English*** Hola, como estás 😏😈? Soy Nanni, tu diosa fitness 🏃‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️. ¿Quieres conocerme? ☺️ En pocas palabras: soy una adicta al fitness y la musculación y tengo un carácter sin complicaciones🧘🏼‍♀️. Por ello, entreno CADA DIA en el gym y tengo un cuerpo como nunca has tocado. Mis músculos son duros como una piedra y mi piel es muy suave al tacto 🌸. Siempre recibo cumplidos por mis piernas. Puedo asegurarte que tengo una fuerza DESCOMUNAL. Si quedas atrapado, no podrás escapar. Tengo una mente abierta, déjame escuchar tus propuestas. Me gustan los desafíos y soy competitiva 💪🏻 Si quieres ver más fotos y... ... Continue Reading

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  • grapple40
  • 367 days ago

I don't know how good a wrestler she is , but I can vouch for her honesty and professionalism. We had a session this week that 'she had to cancel due to illness. Despite her medical expenses, she promptly returned my deposit, no questions asked.

Updated profile: 10/11/2023 07:58:49 PM

Want to have an amazing day??? You need buff barbie in your life!!!  Get in touch with me for laughs, fun, and to see real power… I enjoy muscle worship, massage and fantasy wrestle and much more!! Chicago October 20th-22nd Northampton England November 12th- November 21st reserve your spot before I’m booked... ... Continue Reading

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  • tony_1065
  • 368 days ago

I met Mortisha in London at a wrestling event, she is absolutely stunning fantastic personality, I had a mini session with her she is absolutely amazing, strong , skilled really good fun, I didn’t have time to book a full session but next time she’s in London I will definitely book with her! So yes I would recommend booking this amazing lady.

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  • menzocool
  • 370 days ago

J'ai eu le plaisir (façon de parler ^^) de combattre Milana deux fois. La premiere fois, je l'ai sous-estimé et cela m'a valu une côte fêlée. La deuxième fois je l'ai prise au sérieux et nous avons lutté comme des diables. J'ai remporté la première manche, elle a remporté la deuxième. Elle a une endurance incroyable et une resistance à toute épreuve et elle est extrêmement belle, ce qui mérite d'être souligné ^^ Après chacun des combats, nous avons eu des discussions intéressantes. Une personne vraiment sympathique que j'apprécie beaucoup. Ces derniers temps elle semble surbooké car je n'ai plus trop de retour de mes messages. La rançon de la gloire j'imagine ^^ Si tu me lis Milena, au plaisir de croiser de nouveau le fer avec toi ;) Bises Announcements

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