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Hey, I’m Ms.Ch3rry and Im here to offer you dominate and or submissive slut behavior. Let’s... ... Continue Reading

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  • angelina333
  • 141 days ago

Hello Henry I’m so grateful of our meeting . Was amazing time where I showed all my skills against you , I really had fun . You are fantastic person thank you again for this review ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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∞I’m not just an alt pretty girl, I’m strong and capable. I am a chameleon of a woman, excited to chat with you and see if we are aligned to bring your session fantasies to life, may they be devilishly harsh or angelically soft. Commands or compliments sound much better coming from my low and sexy voice. If you like sultry eyes on a sweet face looking over at you from a thick booty, you’ll be begging for me to put you in your place, or just have some sporty fun. ∞Can deadlift, squat, thrust ~200lbs, bench ~100. Regular weight lifter. Moderately tattooed and pierced. Experienced model, actress, role player. Long haired brunette. Plush yet buff natural body. SESH... ... Continue Reading

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Faccio solo sessioni dal vivo, non virtuali. Vivo in Italia, a Bergamo e viaggio in tutta Italia con tour. Se vuoi incontrarmi, in altre città dove non sarò in tour, posso venire ma ovviamente il prezzo cambia: non solo per le spese di viaggio e hotel ma anche per il mio tempo. SI PREGA DI CONTATTARMI PER NUMERO DI TELEFONO, NON PER EMAIL, GRAZIE. A presto 😊   TOUR A MODENA IL 27 E 28 SETTEMBRE. TOUR A TORINO IL 4 OTTOBRE SU RICHIESTA ORGANIZZO TOUR IN... ... Continue Reading

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  • kassandradark
  • 145 days ago

I'm glad it was an enjoyable experience.. Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi, I’m FlexyBitch, I’ve been creating adult content on many websites, and realised that my most popular vids were the one I was flexing, working out or doing yoga, so I’ve decided to start something new and register on SessionGirls. it started.. I’ve always liked to attract people. Since I am very young I always want to stand out from others. I did hip hop dance, figure skating and I was in a model agency. I wanted to be the superstar but I was in a small city in Canada.. so I gave up in being a super star and accepted the fact that I will probably not be the new J.Lo..  I started in the domain as a stripper. I loved that job because I love to dance,  feeling... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/06/2023 06:59:19 PM

  • angeldivine
  • 145 days ago

Thank You...Really enjoyed our session and appreciate you leaving me a review!

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  • danielw
  • 146 days ago

I had a Skyoe session with Scarlett days ago. It was amazing. Strict, kind and hot at the same time. Beauty and perfect body. 10/10

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/05/2023 10:44:41 PM

  • mmaaiden
  • 146 days ago

Ryan is an amazing guy to session with. If you’re ever looking for a true gentleman for a semi/comp wrestling match then he’s your guy! He was even a good sport and let me tryout some of my MMA moves. Can’t wait to see you back in Vegas sometime!

Updated profile: 09/23/2023 08:03:35 PM

I will need at least 24 HOURS NOTICE due to my real life work and training. Twitter, OnlyFans, & SextPanther are connected! *please do not use my Skype ID as a means of a way to connect* Email, book, and pay a deposit, and then we can Skype. I’m a fetish actress and professional fitness model. I provide an open minded, judgement free zone! Cum be my pet, slave, sissy, pay pig OR just book me for wrestling or foot sessions!  I thoroughly enjoy head scissors and knockouts. I am not looking for competitive wrestling. Only scissors, knockouts, facesitting, smothering. All of my photos are recent. Please send a thoughtful email, full screening is required alternatively a 50... ... Continue Reading

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  • shortround99
  • 147 days ago

There’s no one out there quite like Bratty Fattie, her strength, size and weight makes her sessions a truly one of a kind experience. I'll remember this session forever. When Bratty smothers you there’s no chance for air, when she pins you there’s no chance to get up until she wants you to. All you can do is struggle helplessly as she continues to crush and smother and then tap frantically until she lets you up. My favorite was when she got me in a reverse headscissor and my head was completely enveloped by her massive thighs so I was crushed and smothered at the same time. She’s easy to talk to and fun loving, she takes absolute pleasure when you’re struggling and taunts you to get out even though it’s impossible. She’s also one of the best cuddlers I’ve met. After being squashed, crushed and smothered she held me in her arms and rocked me and stroked my hair putting me in a deep therapeutic state of relaxation. It was the perfect end to an amazing session. If you like big powerful women and want to be completely overpowered and dominated, book Bratty!

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Hi this is my new profile.The previous needed to change some.u can see this link to find my previous reviews.... ... Continue Reading

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  • dominique_danger
  • 148 days ago

Merci, amour.

Updated profile: 06/22/2023 10:21:16 PM

I am in every sense a self made woman. I’ve never given up on or given in to anything and am proud of the fan base I have built in my time in the industry, I am a trans women well into my third year and an experienced dominatrix who is into giving sensation to all my clients. I can be as soft spoken or as demeaning as you wish. Either way, with just a look from my dark eyes, I’ll have you eating out of my hand. You can tip me on Kofi, on the personal website link. important note: I do not accept Postal Orders or checks. No exceptions. Do not waste my time either. Ask me if I do something, let me accept then pay the deposit. I will not have a long email back and to about... ... Continue Reading

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I’m a professional dominatrix. I thoroughly enjoy head scissors and knockouts. I am not looking for competitive wrestling. Only scissors, knockouts, facesitting,... ... Continue Reading

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  • phillyfemdom
  • 150 days ago

10/10 headscissor/KO session; already in talks about sessioning again. I highly recommend Miss Monica Wolf. I had the pleasure of sessioning with Miss Monica Wolf on her trip to NYC, and it was incredible. When I first met her, she was so sweet and friendly, she made me feel very welcome and comfortable. She was eager to headscissor me, and once she began it was pure bliss. She put me in all sorts of headscissors, and she was very careful to lock me in comfortably and securely. She began carefully, making sure to only squeeze lightly because she’s incredibly strong (she can squeeze over 250lbs for reps at the gym) but we agreed to keep increasing the pressure. I could hear the joy in her voice; it was obvious she was having a great time, and so was I. I like my sessions pretty intense, personally, so I did ask her to keep squeezing harder and harder, and she did oblige me. Eventually, after discussing safety and such, we even moved on to KOs, which she executed perfectly. Her KOs were smooth; she was easily able to get a precise chokehold on me and then increase pressure more than enough to KO me when I said I was ready, and she was talking me through it the whole time. She’s a bit newer to headscissors and KOs, but I’m very knowledgeable about all of that so I really gave Miss Monica some of my best advice on how to scissor effectively and really maximize efficiency and comfort and minimize pain and discomfort, and seeing as she made me KO quite a few times without me ever feeling the need to once tap out, I’d say she knows what she’s doing. We both had an incredible time and I cannot wait to session with her again. Announcements

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