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Recieved/Replied a review : 08/16/2023 02:37:13 PM

  • herculesalpha
  • 196 days ago

Met Asia a few years ago for a competitive boxing match She took me apart for almost a hour and we had a blast. She is a mini power Amazon with a punch thay will flatten you. I had a great time and definitely would recommend her to anyone who wants a good match.

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  • luvstrongfem
  • 196 days ago

This is overdue but let me take this opportunity to write this down. Maria is THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN you'll ever meet... and I say that for her physical, mental, intellectual self. More beautiful than her pics, v v strong, sooo professional and makes one at easy. My encounter started with some interesting conversations and she put me at ease.. the session then started and we completed all things we discussed. She was great at keeping my interests in mind but also improvised ...I am not a big guy but her body is truly amazonian.. loved every minute of the session and I just didn't want it to end. Sooo looking forward to meeting her again. Thank you Maria !

Updated profile: 01/08/2024 07:37:08 PM

No nudity in my sessions. No extras whatsoever.   My favorite sessions are beatdowns. I also offer foot worship, trampling, belly punching & wrestling... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 01/09/2024 10:07:30 PM

🌟 Embodying an irresistible blend of strength and seduction, I am the reigning queen of the Aussie Muscle worship world! 🤼‍♀️💋 With a trail of victories as 2017 Australia’s Strongest Woman and 2019 Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Woman, I’ve proven that power is my playground. 💪🏆 Crowned Miss Physique Australia in 2022, I exude a magnetic sensuality that captivates all who cross my path.  – I’m a tantalizing muscle mummy, commanding both respect and desire. My thighs, sculpted to perfection, possess a crushing strength that promises an experience unlike any other. 🔥 Whether it’s my fierce... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 08/14/2023 11:45:15 AM

(NO I AM NOT TRANS) if you’ve always had a thing for tall curvy women, then you’re in the right place. I’m looking for a long term sub. Something consistent. I’m open to doing sessions but I would prefer someone on going. I’m 6’11 in heels, I really enjoy humiliating, dominating, cuckolding, face sitting, strap on play etc.. DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOURE NOT... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/14/2023 06:47:21 AM

  • chipat
  • 198 days ago

Had the pleasure of doing a doubles session with Indica and Karly Salinas. Wow! What an amazing time. Both of these ladies are just a blast. High energy, enthusiastic, and both just really enjoyed themselves which always makes a session better. We did a scene where Karly ball busted me while Indica watched, laughed, and commented and then Karly passed me on to Indica who also busted me. The chemistry between them was electric and made the whole session magical. Can’t recommend enough. Would totally book both again, either together or separate. Wonderful smart, sexy women and an amazing time!!

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/13/2023 08:36:14 PM

  • vikingo29
  • 199 days ago

Here is my second session with Lynda she is always lovely and friendly and we always have a nice chat before begin. I gave away Lynda some pretty leggings (scrunch leggings to flatter the booty) for this session WOW...! ♥ I don't sure if these leggings were made for her or if Lynda's body was made for these leggings. OMG! Lynda's got legs and she knows how to use them...! ♥ her legs are solid steel...! Was incredible to know the strong Lynda's legs are...!, Also her jiujitsu skills are great. I was thinking in have another session with Lynda, in my first session she showed me her great skill and strength, in this second session she left me as a rag doll, and maybe in the third session Lynda finish breaking me up, but well...! I will be happy to leave Lynda to make this on me...! ♥ Lynda, break me ...!

Updated profile: 02/20/2024 02:13:19 PM

I’m Rosette, a West Michigan dominatrix and grappling top. I’m a sadist, and I am most turned on by power play in whatever form it takes. I take great pleasure in exploring and enacting your deepest fantasies, and I have a genuine interest in experiencing the spectrum of human sexuality. I cater to many kinks and fetishes, but here are a few of my favorites: -Foot and Shoe Worship – Stocking/Nylon Worship, Leg Worship – Humiliation and Degradation – Impact Play -Wedgies/Bullying – SPH (small penis humiliation) – CBT (cock and ball torture) -Fantasy wrestling – Grappling And much more….. If you don’t see your kink on the list,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/17/2024 10:01:54 PM

If you’re interested in exploring the world of Femdom and want to serve and worship a dominant Lady, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Demonia Noir, an experienced dominatrix who enjoys guiding people on their journey of submission. For many years, I’ve fulfilled my desire to possess and control those who willingly submit to me. I have expertise in various BDSM practices like bondage, mental domination, and even medical play. In the realm of Femdom, I love being your esteemed Goddess, determining your actions and when they happen. It gives me great pleasure when people trust me completely and have faith in my guidance. Trust is an important part of our... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/11/2023 12:54:15 PM

  • mattbikinis
  • 201 days ago

Wow, Goddess Fina is the perfect balance of sweet, sexy, and dominant! She rocked my world today with a facesitting and ass worship session. She is very communicable and professional when scheduling and meeting. We sessioned in her studio in lovely St. Petersburg on this hot summer day. From the time she playfully throws you on the bed to the end of the session, she owns you with her incredible tattooed body. She is bubbly and fun, but she will ensure you throughout the session that she is in control. She is the queen and you are her throne! She is also very friendly and sociable. I cannot wait to see her again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/11/2023 09:57:05 AM

  • cascobox
  • 201 days ago

I met her today in Varese (near Milan). She’s stunning looking, her body is such a combination of muscularity , femininity and grace (she used to be a ballerina) which makes her so unique. She’s also tall, 195cm when she opened the door in her sexy high heels. What impressed me the most is her strength though , I’m 90kg and I asked 3 times whether she would have been able to lift me up when I booked (very few ladies can and will to)…she eventually performed a few lifts so easily that I was completely speechless. At a certain point she was even dancing a waltz with me having my feet 3 feet from the floor!! A truly great experience, looking forward to meet again soon

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/11/2023 01:15:28 AM

  • steven51
  • 201 days ago

I recently had a wonderful wrestling session with Duchess Dani. She is very pretty and has a fantastic physique, undoubtedly due to her BJJ training and exercise program. Dani is quite friendly, and she made me feel instantly comfortable. It was as if we had been friends for many years. We started out with some strength challenges, including scissoring, and I quickly found out how strong Dani is. At that point I knew we were in for quite a struggle on the mat. Of interest, we are almost identical in height and weight and are both purple belts in BJJ. Before we grappled, we mutually decided to keep our match controlled and fun, and we kept to those rules the entire hour. Being this was our first session, we both started out cautiously as we tried to size up each other’s strategy. Dani mentioned that it seemed like a chess match. Besides Dani’s strength, I learned that she is also quick and flexible. In the end, it seems that we are evenly matched as neither one of us gained any real advantage over the other. I can hardly wait until our next encounter. I highly recommend Dani to anyone who is interested in having a wrestling session with a lady who is attractive, a skilled grappler, and has a pleasant personality.

Recieved/Replied a review : 08/10/2023 01:00:28 PM

  • muscleman3
  • 202 days ago

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Tamara in Fort Myers recently. It was my first session with a female bodybuilder and I can tell you it was without a doubt a true fantasy come true with Tamara! She is stunning in person! - extremely beautiful with the most amazing muscular body you can ever imagine - her bicep peaks are unreal, her lower body more powerful and beautiful than most men could ever imagine - she is just the total package - so kind, intelligent, and made our time together very special. When she flexes her muscles they seem to just pop out from her body, forming into huge mounds of muscle that feel like granite!!! Don't miss out on seeing Tamara in person - once you do, you'll see exactly what I mean! Thanks Tamara and I hope to see you again one day for sure!!!!

Updated profile: 02/28/2024 08:33:15 AM

Warrior Amazone, eine Namenskreation, die roh, gefährlich und auch etwas exotisch wirkt. Der Name ist Programm. Vor vier Jahren bin ich in die Welt des Session Wrestling eingestiegen. Bereits damals mit zahlreichen Vorkenntnissen ausgestattet. Mit einem blauen Gürtel im brasilianischen Jiu Jitsu im Gepäck betrat ich Neuland. Ich habe gehört, dass es viele Leute außerhalb der Kampfsportkreise gibt, die glauben, sie könnten sich in bezahlten Wrestling-Kämpfen mit starken Frauen messen. Ein Laienvertreter des sogenannten starken Geschlechts glaubte allen Ernstes, sich mit einer anmutigen Kampfmaschine messen zu können, diese sogar besiegen zu können. Eine ziemlich dumme und... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/20/2024 10:42:33 AM

Stats: 5-6, 170 pounds, 15″ biceps, 24″ quads, 42″ chest, 16 ” calves E-mail: [email protected] Specialities: Sensual Muscle Worship and Posing, Massage, Fantasy Wrestling (Only), Sensual Domination. Role play to some extend. NO Lift and Carry. NO sexual services Gentlemen, I am an IFBB Professional. I do my very best to keep a high standard and make each session memorable. I love meeting fans and share my passion for health and fitness. I take great care and pay attention to details I expect nothing less coming from my clientele. My current look is 10 weeks out, lean, round and... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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