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03/07/202303/09/2023WayneNew Jersey
03/09/202303/11/2023NewportRhode Island
04/22/202304/24/2023Little RockArkansas
05/04/202305/06/2023Baton RougeLouisiana
05/16/202305/19/2023Fort LauderdaleFlorida
05/22/202305/30/2023St AugustineFlorida

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01/18/202302/09/2023NYNew York

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Recieved/Replied a review : 01/25/2023 01:33:41 PM

  • aaronok
  • 6 days ago

Amazing! That is all I can say. This was my first session ever, and what an introduction to the session world it was. Alexis is pure class, with a great confident, playful energy about her. Our communication before the session was clear, straightforward forward, and easy. During our semi-comp session, I was humbled as she showed me what years of competitive powerlifting and great grappling skills can do to a 85-87kg guy who is far from a slouch in the gym and who has years of boxing experience. There was no way of pinning or submitting her, and for most of the session, i was on the defensive just trying to survive not being submitted, which I usually failed at. Her strength, power & stamina are on another level. Even for me, there were times during our session when I thought to myself “did she just out-muscle me?!”. The worst part is I know she could have turned up the pressure if she wanted to lol. All in all, Alexis is a stunningly beautiful woman, who is also a genuine athlete and a genuine sweetheart. I'll be seeing you again Alexis, hopefully next-time I'll be able to do more than fight for my life😉

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01/25/202302/28/2023Rio de JaneiroOTHER

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  • xenaguerriere
  • 6 days ago

Merci bon pour le super scénario, j’ai adoré l’idée. Comme le fétiche est vraiment mon domaine de prédilection c’est vrai que ça n’as pas été très difficile pour moi de jouer le jeux … ça étais vraiment plus naturel… que joué ! L’idée du wedgie c étais vraiment mon coups de cœur ♥️ du scénario écris ! ensuite dans la réalisation en temps réel, j’ai aimer chaque moment , tes hurlements et la façon dont tu m’as lécher les pieds après t’avoir punis était très bien! Oui à bientôt mon petit BOB !

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/25/2023 08:25:57 AM

  • fantasyroleplayguy
  • 6 days ago

Had a nice session with Ivanna. She was easy to work with on set up and was responsive. I met her for a fantasy wrestling session. She is knowledgeable on holds and really good a roleplay and talking trash. I will definitely see her again. If Fantasy/Semi Competitive is your desire she will be an excellent choice.

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/25/2023 04:19:52 AM

  • cascobox
  • 6 days ago

I met her for the first time during her middle of January tour. First of all, she's just a great human being! She's interesting, smart and also very open; she's very easily able to put you at ease. During the session she turned out to be even stronger than I've imagined! I weight more than 90kg and she had no problems lifting me in different ways. She asked me to sit on her lap, then she stood up from the chair keeping me in a cradle position and walking me around! I was speechless! She's also extremely attractive and she's carrying real strong big muscles everywhere, I was very impressed with her biceps, her quads and her back all togeher. truly satisfied!

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Date BeginsDate EndsCityArea
02/04/202302/06/2023NewarkNew Jersey
02/06/202302/06/2023NYCNew York
03/01/202303/03/2023Long BeachCalifornia
03/03/202303/05/2023San DiegoCalifornia

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  • metvernichter
  • 7 days ago

I saw Gia somewhat recently after her return in 2022. Have only met her once, but would also say she's one of my all-time favorites. She's beautiful, skilled, and strong, and knew how to dominate me and make me submit repeatedly. Communication with her is also great. She answers emails promptly, and remembers details, outfit requests, etc. when you meet her. Some girls you have to remind about all the details, but Gia comes prepared. Hope to meet her again sometime.

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/24/2023 03:36:26 PM

  • sessioner54
  • 7 days ago

Terra Mizu is playful and sweet. I opted out of striking, she would tease me when she had difficulty breaking my turtle position, “if I can strike, I can easily crack your shell.” Communication with her was a breeze, very easy to set up a session. I’m sensitive about giving certain info about myself, she was respectful about that. I requested semi-competitive wrestling with domination and ball-busting defined as she may grab my balls first for a submission, but no striking. I feel ball-busting ads excitement to the game and makes it a challenge, and is great for a girl that’s not as versed in grappling. She stated she can only do fantasy, very light wrestling due to injury. I accepted, once I got there, she looked at my size and stated “I can take you.” She was very playful, sensual, and loved to taught me. She was intent on smothering me with her boobs and really wanted to grab my balls for submission. I didn’t make it easy for her. She was surprised I was resisting her smother, she said usually guys are submissive to that. I explained to her this isn’t sexual to me, smothering me would lead to suffocation, and if you get a hold of my balls, that leads to submission, and I don’t like to lose. I will definitely see her again she usually travels within an hour drive for me.

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  • sessioner54
  • 7 days ago

Master Kayla is the epitome of female empowerment and dominance. We met last on 17 June 22. Her more than a decade of grappling experience really shows, how effortlessly she will submit you without breaking a sweat! Very professional, responds fast to email, discreet, really takes time to meet your needs and fulfill your fantasy. When you see her you are just in awe at this 5’9 statuesque woman, with a smile that will instantly disarm you. Then when she strips down to your desired outfit, I recommend something that shows off her amazing ripped body, you then realize that you are going to get torn up! I’m not a very big guy 5’6 140 pds, but even if you are 6ft 200 pds, she will destroy you with her charm and Brazilian Jui Jitsu skills. She’s hands-down the toughest woman I faced, not person because i’ve wrestled with Randy Couture. I’ve seen her multiple times and she does not disappoint. She is platinum grade, I love with her I don’t have to show her any moves, she will teach you, if you ask nicely. Session with Kayla and you will be a client for life

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Date BeginsDate EndsCityArea
02/25/202302/26/2023Washington DCDistrict of Columbia
04/05/202305/07/2023 StuttgartOTHER
04/07/202305/08/2023 SaarbruckenOTHER

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02/01/202302/03/2023LONDONOTHER Announcements

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