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  • fittrainerjk
  • 6 days ago

Wow! Sugar ! Communication & arranging were super easy. We met for the first time in New Jersey a couple weeks back for a fun, competitive match. She was in great shape with a figure to die for. Most importantly, her easy going personality made the whole experience one I’ll never forget. I could tell she wasn’t going all out & she still controlled me most of the time. One of the best session I ever had with such a sweet person . Can’t wait to see her again!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/02/202405/04/2024New YorkNew York
05/09/202405/10/2024New YorkNew York

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/07/202404/08/2024New York CityNew York
04/07/202404/08/2024New YorkNew York
04/08/202404/10/2024Washington DCDistrict of Columbia
04/08/202404/10/2024DCDistrict of Columbia

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  • dave67
  • 6 days ago

We had our second session with Kristie, it was even better than the first! My Wife ( I’m a very lucky guy) and Kristie got into various wrestling holds, posing and acting for me to film. She's amazing to be around, so friendly and fun. My Wife was much more comfortable her second session! She did great, going back and forth with holds. There were many times I was shocked at how good the action was!! Again, I have great footage to work with! Afterwords, we all went to dinner. Kristie is so fun to be around. It was a blast! Highly recommended!!!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/16/202404/18/2024Los AngelesCalifornia
05/02/202405/03/2024BuffaloNew York

Updated travels: 04/07/2024 02:27:36 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/09/202404/10/2024Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
04/10/202404/11/2024Cincinnati Ohio
04/10/202404/11/2024Columbus Ohio
04/12/202404/13/2024Buffalo New York
04/12/202404/14/2024Toronto OTHER
05/07/202405/08/2024Seattle Washington
05/08/202405/09/2024Vancouver British Columbia OTHER
05/24/202405/26/2024Munich OTHER
05/27/202405/30/2024London OTHER
07/09/202407/14/2024Montreal OTHER

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/12/202406/12/2024NewarkNew Jersey
06/13/202406/14/2024Alexandria Virginia
06/15/202406/16/2024Philadelphia Pennsylvania
06/26/202406/30/2024Orange County California

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
03/25/202412/31/2024Las VegasNevada
04/16/202404/19/2024Los AngelesCalifornia

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/19/202305/20/2027Baltimore Maryland
04/09/202404/09/2024BuffaloNew York

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/06/202404/07/2024Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
04/06/202404/13/2024New CastlePennsylvania
04/09/202404/13/2024Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
04/09/202404/13/2024New Castle Pennsylvania
04/13/202404/14/2024Columbus Ohio
04/14/202404/15/2024Indianapolis Indiana
04/15/202404/16/2024Cincinnati Ohio

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/12/202404/13/2024New orleansLouisiana
04/14/202404/16/2024Las vegasNevada
04/16/202404/18/2024Calgary OTHER
04/22/202404/23/2024Salt Lake CityUtah
04/28/202404/29/2024WilmingtonNorth Carolina
04/29/202404/30/2024Washington DCDistrict of Columbia
04/30/202404/30/2024Long Island New York
05/07/202405/09/2024Toronto OTHER
05/09/202405/10/2024Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
05/17/202405/18/2024Tallahassee Florida
05/18/202405/19/2024Nashville Tennessee
05/19/202405/20/2024Indianapolis Indiana
05/22/202405/24/2024Chicago Illinois
05/24/202405/25/2024Milwaukee Wisconsin
05/25/202405/26/2024Cincinnati Ohio
05/28/202405/29/2024Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
05/29/202405/30/2024Knoxville Tennessee
06/07/202406/08/2024Greensboro North Carolina
06/08/202406/10/2024Washington DC/ TysonsDistrict of Columbia
06/10/202406/11/2024Philadelphia Pennsylvania
06/11/202406/13/2024NewarkNew Jersey
06/13/202406/14/2024New havenConnecticut
06/14/202406/15/2024AlbanyNew York
06/15/202406/16/2024Syracuse New York
06/16/202406/17/2024RochesterNew York
06/17/202406/18/2024BuffaloNew York
06/19/202406/20/2024Chicago Illinois
06/20/202406/21/2024Milwaukee Wisconsin
06/21/202406/22/2024Minneapolis Minnesota
06/22/202406/23/2024Kansas cityMissouri
06/23/202406/24/2024St LouisMissouri
06/25/202406/25/2024Tallahassee Florida

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/06/2024 02:14:21 PM

  • nicksesprod
  • 7 days ago

After shooting scissorhold content, with Tessa for the last 2 years, I can never have enough good things to say about Tessa. She's an absolute natural, at FemDom and clearly enjoys dominating. She can easily applydeadly scissor holds and playfully degrade you, at the same time. Tessa is a great session for headscissor enthusiasts, as well as anyone who enjoys breathplay or worship sessions.

Updated travels: 04/06/2024 12:12:27 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/18/202404/24/2024Las VegasNevada
04/25/202404/25/2024Los AngelesCalifornia
04/27/202404/30/2024San FranciscoCalifornia

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/06/2024 09:07:36 AM

  • podsy009
  • 7 days ago

Recent session with Maze in Manchester after booking well in advance. Communication excellent, clear discussion and understanding of what is hope to get from the session. Confirmation day before. Clear instruction for location, easily found and clean flat to use. Mats and plenty of space. As for meeting Maze, she is so much better in person than any picture you can see. Wit and intelligence in the eyes, a ready laugh with you and at you! Physically be prepared, even with Maze holding back, I was easily pinned, squeezed and stretched. The session was planned as domination wrestling with a beat down element. All of which Maze accommodated and structured the time to suit. Checking in and adjusting to my reactions. Chokes, submissions, scissors, rear head scissors. Onto the beat down and the warmup punch shocked me. Adjustment were made and the beating went on with laughs sighs and me getting up once or twice. The I had the moment, the one that you fantasize about, with me for years. A knee strike to the gut, the grab, the pull the strike, everything I’d fantasized about made reality. It was glorious. All of it thanks to the marvellous Maze! After care was considered and important to me so much appreciated. If you’re not sure, book you will not be disappointed.

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/06/2024 07:57:46 AM

  • tokenjp
  • 7 days ago

Really late review but I saw Nikki on her most recent tour to SF. I've been a fan of hers for a long time and as soon as I saw she was in town I signed up for a muscle worship session. She was easy to communicate with and it was easy to set up a time to meet. Firstly, she really is so tall. I was so impressed by her body and physique and I really appreciate the work she puts into herself. From her arms, legs, back every part of her is so sexy. Second, she genuinely loves sessions. It was so refreshing to talk to her because it's clear she has fun doing sessions. It set a comfortable tone and I appreciated our time together. Overall, an amazing time with this Amazon and I really hope to catch her next time she is in town!

Updated travels: 04/06/2024 05:22:31 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/05/202404/07/2024Los Angeles California
04/08/202404/08/2024Las VegasNevada
05/17/202405/18/2024Washington DCDistrict of Columbia
05/19/202405/21/2024Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/06/2024 03:21:02 AM

  • fran_navarro_737
  • 8 days ago

He tenido una sesión con Mari esta semana en Barcelona. Ha sido una experiencia estupenda, de verdad. Mari engloba belleza femenina y una habilidad tremenda en la lucha. Su juijitsu es espectacular (si me hubiera dicho que es cinturón negro, le hubiera creído); estuve toda la sesión haciendo tap y rindiéndome como podía. Creo que me hizo todas las luxaciones y estrangulamientos que existen, sin darme opción alguna. Disfruté muchísimo y la recomendaría 100% a quien le guste ser dominado en una lucha así. Pero además es amable y simpática, y realiza la sesión con buen humor a pesar de no relajarse ni un segundo y de no ser muy habladora. Quedé encantado con la expresividad de su cara, a veces con ironía acerca de mis posibilidades de ganar un solo round, otras veces mostrando superiedad de forma tambíen irónica. Encantadora! Y además, habla bien castellano, entre otros idiomas, por lo que fue fácil entenderse. 10/10, no hay otra nota posible I had a session with Mari this week in Barcelona. It has been a great experience, really. Mari encompasses feminine beauty and tremendous fighting skill. Her juijitsu is spectacular (if she had told me she was a black belt, I would have believed her); I spent the entire session tapping and performing as best I could. I think she did all the dislocations and strangulations there are, without giving me any option. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it 100% to anyone who likes to be dominated in a fight like this. But she is also kind and friendly, and she carries out the session with good humor despite not relaxing for a second and not being very talkative. I was delighted with the expressiveness of her face, sometimes with irony about my chances of winning a single round, other times showing superiority in an also ironic way. Lovely! And also, he speaks Spanish well, among other languages, so it was easy to understand each other. 10/10, there is no other rating possible

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/06/2024 12:00:02 AM

  • humbleservant88
  • 8 days ago

Looking for the best boxers around

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04/07/202404/12/2024New OrleansLouisiana
04/15/202404/18/2024New YorkNew York Announcements

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