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Recieved/Replied a review : 09/23/2023 08:28:54 AM

  • h05g13g1994
  • 7 days ago

I met with her in Boston. The setup was quick and easy. Very nice and personable. Will certainly try to see her again next time she's in the area.

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  • parvati
  • 7 days ago

I had a submission wrestling session with Nausi two days ago. She is a nice, beautiful woman, very tall, with strong legs and long arms. Although she stated that she is not a learned wrestler, she is very skilled and strong (especially her deadly legs). But she has another background, not a really wrestling background. That differs her, with the result that we had a fantastic fight. She loves wrestling like hell, she doesn't like to lose and maybe that fits perfectly to an unexperienced wrestler and rather light-weight like me. We both took such pleasure in fighting and she finally submitted me four times. It was so intense and Nausi perfectly knows how to inflict pain. I think that she particularly loves submission wrestling. Nausi is also exzentric, curious, special. She was so fascinated by my complete exhaustion after the fight that she watched me for one or two minutes with her great clear blue-green eyes. She is a very special girl and so was our meeting (in a perfect chemistry). Last I would like to say that Nausi perfectly handled my little injury in the back, although she was very tempted to squeeze my ribs.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10/20/202310/22/2023Derby Northern EnglandOTHER

Updated travels: 09/22/2023 11:04:58 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/20/202309/26/2023Las VegasNevada

Updated travels: 09/22/2023 10:01:57 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area

Updated travels: 09/22/2023 07:32:26 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/23/202309/24/2023BrooklynNew York
10/06/202310/07/2023New BrunswickNew Jersey
10/21/202310/22/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
10/22/202310/23/2023RaleighNorth Carolina
11/03/202311/05/2023New OrleansLouisiana
11/13/202311/16/2023San FranciscoCalifornia
11/17/202311/18/2023TrentonNew Jersey

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/22/2023 03:10:54 PM

  • vicky vixxx
  • 7 days ago

I have now seen Vicky twice and it will definitely not be the last time I meet with her. She is not only one of the sweetest and nicest people but extremely professional and goes above and beyond for all requests. I truly cannot say enough about how awesome her sessions are and how awesome of a person she is. Highly recommend!

Updated profile: 09/25/2023 07:23:32 PM

Hi there ! New to Wrestling but I know a lot of moves ! I have done grappling, mixed wrestling, holds , face sitting , a lot of foot... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/22/2023 12:02:24 PM

  • redduchess
  • 7 days ago

I an amazing semi competitive wrestling match with Rolock! He was a tough opponent, very physically strong with great power. Excellent communication, friendly, handsome, creative, and great to work. The face sitting punishment round and all around experience was memorable. Will happily work with him anytime and hope to punish him further :) Check out our session on any Clips4Sale - Red Duchess

Updated travels: 09/27/2023 08:13:33 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10/05/202310/05/2023Los Angeles California
11/18/202311/21/2023Honolulu Hawaii

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/22/2023 03:27:45 AM

  • brucey2003
  • 8 days ago

Nikki is amazing from head to toe! Thoughtful, sexy, fun and engaging all in one muscular phenom package. You could not ask for more. Aside from incredible muscles she has the sexiest large soles in the business. She will overwhelm you with her presence and the session experience in a remarkable way. She makes all things better!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/22/2023 01:01:24 AM

  • brans80
  • 8 days ago

Recently sessioned with Buff Blondi in New Jersey earlier this week. Asked for a bondage, scissor and smothering session. Honestly I couldn't have asked for anything more. From scheduling to the session everything was a breeze. As for the session itself I asked to be mummified in saran wrap and then knocked out in various holds. I knew I was in for a treat when she prcceded to tackle me onto the bed once I was immobilized. Her legs are no joke and seem to never run out of strength and energy. I would totally recommend Buff Blondi to anyone looking for a fantasy style wrestling session. You'll be rewarded with an amazing experience, and i Look forwarded to hopefully having the chance to session with her in the future.

Updated travels: 09/22/2023 12:57:10 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/29/202310/01/2023Brescia Alabama

Updated travels: 09/22/2023 12:17:37 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/22/202309/24/2023CharlestonSouth Carolina
09/24/202309/26/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
09/26/202309/28/2023AshevilleNorth Carolina
11/18/202311/20/2023AlbuquerqueNew Mexico
12/15/202312/17/2023Ft. LauderdaleFlorida

Updated travels: 09/21/2023 11:16:34 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10/01/202310/02/2023Knoxville Tennessee
10/02/202310/03/2023GreensboroNorth Carolina
10/02/202310/03/2023Wilmington North Carolina
10/03/202310/04/2023RaleighNorth Carolina
10/04/202310/05/2023Washington DC/ Tysons CornerDistrict of Columbia
10/06/202310/07/2023Philadelphia Pennsylvania
10/07/202310/08/2023BrunswickNew Jersey
10/08/202310/09/2023SecaucusNew Jersey
10/09/202310/11/2023NewarkNew Jersey
10/11/202310/13/2023San joseCalifornia
10/13/202310/14/2023Sacramento California
10/14/202310/16/2023Los angelesCalifornia
10/19/202310/23/2023Las VegasNevada
10/25/202310/26/2023New York cityNew York
10/26/202310/27/2023Long islandNew York
11/05/202311/06/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
11/06/202311/07/2023Harrisburg Pennsylvania
11/07/202311/09/2023Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
11/09/202311/10/2023Columbus Ohio
11/15/202311/16/2023Minneapolis Minnesota
11/16/202311/17/2023Kansas CityMissouri
11/17/202311/18/2023St LouisMissouri
11/18/202311/20/2023Indianapolis Indiana
11/20/202311/21/2023Chattanooga Tennessee
12/20/202312/22/2023Charleston South Carolina

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/21/2023 10:59:56 PM

  • samuel
  • 8 days ago

I had the pleasure of fighting Muscle_Babe and all I can say is WOW! I knew he was strong, but he completely outclassed me in every match! Definitely the perfect combination of beauty, strength and skill. Easy and fun to talk to her between rounds. I have been a fan of hers for a few years now and the chance to watch a fight with her did not disappoint! We had fun recording little videos as she performed all kinds of holds on me with her steel arms and legs. It was an incredible experience to feel completely dominated by her. I can't wait to return to Milan to see her again.

Updated travels: 09/21/2023 08:29:56 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/26/202309/28/2023San DiegoCalifornia
11/18/202311/21/2023Los AngelesCalifornia

Updated travels: 09/21/2023 08:04:58 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10/20/202310/22/2023New York CityNew York

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/21/2023 06:21:59 PM

  • polishpartners
  • 8 days ago

Met Bella today for a semi-comp session and she was fantastic. She was in control the whole match. If you are looking for a gal who knows all the holds and is totally beautiful, Bella is your girl. Very easy to set up the session and worth your time. If you have a bucket list of wrestlers she is a must. Just don't under estimate her. Thanks Bella! Announcements

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