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Lana originally got her start in grappling from working with Veve Lane and her production company, Doom Maidens in 2016. Lana was recently awarded the rank of purple belt in BJJ in 2022 and has trained in Muay Thai since 2020. Lana offers several kinds of sessions including those geared to fetishes such as face sitting/ass smothering, feet worship, BDSM, tickling, and roleplay. If you have a particular request don’t hesitate to ask! I do require a minimum deposit for every session. These deposits are non-refundable however rescheduling is allowed! Favorite COMPETITIVE submissions: Kimura, Armbar, RNC, Heel Hook, Kneebar, Triangle.  Favorite FANTASY submissions: Reverse... ... Continue Reading

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  • halt404
  • 209 days ago

First time in a while shooting with Megan, and she's as awesome as ever! Always punctual, professional, and communicative, both in session and out. I had the pleasure of doing a doubles session with her and Lucie Yang, which was all the more incredible! Really can't recommend them enough - don't miss out on a session with them if the opportunity arises, you won't be disappointed.

Updated profile: 11/01/2022 08:46:47 AM

Hello. Ive been in martial arts since I was six years old. I am a black belt in Taekwondo, European Champion fighter. I am also trained in Karate, Thai Kickboxing, Ninjutsu and mat based wrestling. I love what I do. I am available for sessions around the UK. I am based in Farnham Surrey/Hampshire border, but I mainly session in London, Woking, Gatwick and Manchester. I am happy to accomodate fantasy, roleplay, certain fetishes like ball busting, beatings, domination wrestling and many more. If you have something specific you would like, please do not hesitate to email me. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have a huge selevtion of outfits, bikinis, latex, swimsuits, shiny clothing. ... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/05/2022 03:52:40 AM

Hi! I’m Charly, a professional fighter living and training in Munich, Germany. When I’m not in the dojo working on my wrestling and kickboxing I’m at the gym working out and staying in shape. People often compliment me on my 40cm calves, but I also have powerful biceps and shoulders too. Because of my background in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing I can offer a wide variety of sessions with a degree of stamina and technical skill guaranteed to challenge, excite and defeat anyone. Call or write to me on WhatsApp +4917677969744 to secure your session. (via E-Mail is not... ... Continue Reading

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Phoenix Stacy is based out of Austin, TX and has been in the fetish industry since 2014.  Touring the US, she offers FemDom, and other fetish fantasy sessions. Sessions range from $250-$500 per hour depending on the activities involved.  Aside from FemDom and Fantasty Wresting, she offers Bondage, Tickling, Facesitting (non-nude), Fart, Humiliation, Sissyfication, Trampling, Tease and Denial, CBT, Post Orgasm Torture, Ball Busting, Blackmail, Smothering, SPH, Chastity, Pegging, Golden Shower, Brown Shower, Toy Play, Spitting, Sensory Play and Deprivation, Behavior Modification, Puppy Play, Role Play, Cosplay, and Finddom.   ***Info a fetish not listed? Just ask To book the... ... Continue Reading

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  • beatdowns_are_based
  • 211 days ago

Layla is a beloved veteran of this industry and for good reason. She's extremely enthusiastic and versatile when it comes to wrestling and fetish/domination sessions. She knows plenty of holds to put you in and has plenty of experience with all sorts of kink As for my personal experience with Layla - I had a wonderful extended session with her that has always left me craving more; every interaction with her is better than the last. She has a genuine confidence that makes her amazing at helping you explore kinks with her while feeling at ease. Her old page had several reviews from others singing her praises as well - I can confirm the email on here is hers and that this page is legit. I highly recommend trying a session with her if you get the opportunity.

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I love to grapple anytime. I started in boxing after playing semi competitive sports overseas.  I love competition and have a respect for sport. I’ve been doing sessions 5 years and love it. I currently am limited on travel and may not be available at all times. Please include all info for the session in the initial... ... Continue Reading

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Госпожа и борец! Я профессиональная доминатрикс и очень опытный борец из Беларуси и путешествую по всему миру. Меня зовут Рада Голд из Беларуси. Я очень сильный и опытный борец. Я занимаюсь среди единоборств с юных лет и до сих пор продолжаю упорно тренироваться, на первой тренировке вы обнаруживаете мою мягкую сторону, мою улыбку. будет атаковать сердце и контролировать ваш... ... Continue Reading

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Are you in total shock yet? lol Some of you might remember me from when I used to work for “Geri Grips” under the names “Godzilla” and “The Cuban Brawler”. Some of you Might remember me from when I worked for “Brita Inga Olsen’s” wrestling club in NYC as “Susan”….If you look at “WB270” hard enough you might find me lol the old link to the wrestling club still works. Things have changed since those days.  Some of you may know me as The Awesome yet Amazing….Loud NYC Producer and Promoter who pretty much says whatever on social media lol…..Or you may even know me as “The Soap... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/20/2022 12:00:19 PM

Im a strong, beautiful and  powerful goddess that has been doing sessions all around the world. Due to my career I need to keep my indentity private. You who already know who Iam, I hope that you dont reveal my real name. Iam an expert at Scissors, muscleworship, Striptease, facesitting, breastsmoothers, lift and carry, wrestling, etc.. I hope we can meet and have much fun. I know that you will be amazed by my muscles and my... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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