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Recieved/Replied a review : 10/09/2022 03:46:49 PM

  • xftp71
  • 559 days ago

Absolutely outstanding experience! Reached out to Jessica by text to inquire about a fetish session and she got back to me right away. Let her know what I was into and just generally how I wanted to the session to go. She was responsive, easy to talk to, and very receptive to my needs and wants to make sure I got what I wanted. Safety and limits were also discussed with a safe word in place. Arrived to an up scale hotel in the area and was met with a big hug, smile, and big bubbly energy. She was freshly showered and wearing the outfit I requested. She welcomed me in and again went over what I wanted, how I wanted it to go and confirmed safe signals. After that it was off to the races with a copious amount of facesitting, bouncing, smothering, and full weight squashing under an amazing ass. She quickly found out how far she was able to push me and kept it right at that point the whole session until I had my fill. Winded down with worshipping her freshly pedicured toes and cuddled up for some aftercare. Jessica is great and I could not have asked for a better session. Looking forward to the next to she comes through town! This girl is an absolute gem.

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/09/2022 05:33:52 AM

  • razorsedge
  • 560 days ago

I had an amazing 2 hr session with Mistress Muscle. I was extremely nervous as this my first session, however within few mins I was completely relaxed around her. She just makes you feel comfortable and is so easy to talk to. Had a great time!…

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/08/2022 01:40:59 PM

  • pin2win
  • 560 days ago

Had a amazing time with Nataliya! So beautiful, strong and passionate about making sure my session fantasy become reality! Her legs are lethal and her endurance never ends. I asked for a intense encounter and she delivered big time! All with a smile and a hug afterward. I highly recommend her! You will be glad you did!!

Updated profile: 02/18/2023 03:10:52 PM

Please contact me via [email protected] if you would like to book or have any questions. Please refrain from using WhatsApp for bookings. My number is to be used strictly for meeting the day of the session, not chatting or soliciting information or photos. Thank you, Amber... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/05/2022 11:46:44 PM

  • judokahenk
  • 563 days ago

Anji , I have seen a few times at BJJ Tournaments in the USA , My wish is still having a BJJ session with her ones in Gi , I hope it will be happen soon ones.

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/05/2022 11:23:09 PM

  • judokahenk
  • 563 days ago

Robin , I meet in 2008 at my trip true the USA , we had a nice session in Gi there , she is a very nice and very strong fighter with a lot of great Skills .

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/05/2022 11:20:36 PM

  • judokahenk
  • 563 days ago

Very nice interview , with a great session wrestler , I meet Gia long time ago in Europe , in London and we had a great competitive wrestling session there , I was ver surprized by her BJJ experience holds and she let me tap a lot of times. I hope she will be visit Europe soon again ones.

Updated profile: 03/31/2024 02:52:36 PM

  I am the Goddess Mia, your deepest desires made into a reality. I am a kink shrink, board certified sexologist, behavior interventionist, certified love and relationship coach, fetish model and professional dominatrix based out of the Inland Empire. I am also a trained fighter with over 20 years of boxing experience. I enjoy Muay Thai and played Soccer competitively thought out my childhood. I am strong and aggressive, I incorporate my athletic experience in Pro Domme sessions regularly and enjoy full force: slaps, kicking and punching of the entire body including face and private regions (CBT). I work professionally helping kinky individuals like ourselves fur-fill their... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/02/2022 10:46:33 AM

  • bigfan
  • 567 days ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Vox in Sofia yesterday, I had booked a 45 minute session with her. At first I was somewhat nervous due to the fact that it would be my first time having a live session, and I haven't worked out anything in my life besides the occasional gym visit. Until yesterday, I had only watched mixed wrestling videos. Miss Vox gave me a very warm and pleasant welcome. During the session I enjoyed her speed, agility and beauty! She managed to relax me from the embarrassment and behaved very friendly with me! She gave me pointers on how to position myself in bed. I was able to feel her strong thighs wrapping around my neck, she gave me an amazing facesitting, rolled me over, pushed on me, gently kicked and squeezed my balls and covered my head with her sweet breasts, locked my arm, applied more locks. All the while we were having a great time and having fun! I will never forget her smile as she held me in her scissors! I felt warmth and how the thigh muscles tightened around my neck. A very kind, very nice and wonderful person who knows how to make wrestling a pleasure, very easy to communicate with! I will definitely visit her again to feel her scissors again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/01/2022 01:52:45 AM

  • liftandcarryfan
  • 568 days ago

I saw this woman a few years ago maybe 2018-2019 In Long Beach, CA. Easy to contact. She has a very mysterious vibe to her in person because of her Romanian background which I absolutely LOVE! She was very strong. Did many lifts. I was 5’8 220-230 at the time. I would say she was in the 180 pound range on the thick side which I love. Solid legs and buns! The most impressive one was probably a shoulder sit. Not a clockwatcher at all. I know the last few years she has had health issues and I hope she is doing better.

Updated profile: 02/20/2024 10:06:36 PM

You know you love getting your ass kicked by a strong and sexy woman, you’re the one for me.  I’m available for all fantasy types of sessions. You can come to me or I can come to you. UPDATE: I moved to the Bay Area!! ¡¡¡ CUSTOM VIDEOS AVAILABLE !!! EMAIL FOR... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 03/29/2024 01:00:02 PM

French will bellow I do rent My dongeon/dojo (tatami judo mattress, à lots of BDSM equipment into a beautifull decor) The dedication of the condo is all about BDSM and wrestling. I’m a karate black belt and I won many provincial meritas in WAKO karate shorin ryu. I also served My country 14 years as a Military Police (MP) so I got trained to fight with or without weapons (war combat, some JJB and judo technics). I started JJB and a complete mixe martial art(kenpo, Aïkido, judo, jj, karate,etc.) I took it seriously and always improved My skills. Apart from My training, My soul was always a fighter and I never give up even if it’s hard. My name is Mistress... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/27/2022 02:57:14 PM

  • beefstu69
  • 571 days ago

Kristiana is Super Kristiana & Killer Kristiana. Nothing but the Best. She is the BOAT. The Best Of All Time. Kristiana & I have had Sessions & I get the Greatest Coolest Best Custom Photo & Video Shoots. Kristiana is Fantastic Phenomenal. She is so hot. She always makes me feel good & laugh. She put me in a figure 4 scissor smother hold 1 time I was Hurting & Impressed. She is a Bad Babe. I love supporting her clips store. She is talented in sexy shape. Her pics are pretty. Kristiana is a Natural. You won't be disappointed you'll leave begging for more. She is the Dream Team. Very funny friendly & flirty. I cant wait to wrestle her again in NYC or LA. I hope to continue getting My Favorite Custom Clips. She is one of the best in the business a true trailblazer. Biggest Booty Smothers Lol.

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/27/2022 08:15:59 AM

  • evafighter31
  • 572 days ago

Yeah ! Megan !! I would love to meet you one day ! Hit me up if you are coming in MTL (canada) xoxo

Updated profile: 04/19/2024 07:54:40 PM

I am a female bodybuilder since 15 years I do webcam online and personal training contact me [email protected]   Also you can join my web I have more than 1000 videos check my... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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