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  • sessiongirlsuser
  • 59 days ago

Lora is by far one of the easiest people on this site to deal with. She responds in a reasonable amount of time to emails and doesn’t require a lot of back and forth. She’s never cancelled a session on me, and if she had to, I know she would handle it well. This is, of course, in addition to how amazing her physique is. She checks every box as far as communication and the session itself. If you can, see her before you even think about seeing anyone else.

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Meet Mistress Rose, a seductive temptress who reigns supreme in the world of Domination. With a commanding presence and a keen intellect, Mistress Rose takes pleasure in exerting control over her willing subjects. Whether it’s through the art of bondage, the thrill of submission, or the intensity of wrestling fetishes, she knows just how to push boundaries and unlock the deepest desires within her devotees. With years of experience under her belt, Mistress Rose has earned her reputation as a world-renowned dominatrix, captivating clients with her skillful techniques, unmatched expertise and delicious golden showers.   Step into Mistress Rose’$  realm, where fantasies... ... Continue Reading

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  • madmystic
  • 60 days ago

I've met with bangswitch 2 times for a session and will be seeing him for a 3rd time in May- Sessions with him are always a great time! Very thorough when booking and he is very kind and respectful in person:) He can take a PUNCH and very much likes the challege! I would say he has one of the toughest stomachs Ive had the pleasure of beating with my fists! Definitly would recommend Bangswitch anytime!-

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  • oceansurf
  • 60 days ago

I had a fantastic session with Summer in NYC. I did a d ouble with her and Blaze. Summer is unbelievable! Not only is she striking to look at she's also super strong and knows how to take you down. Once the match begins the trash talk and taunting ensues. When the match is over she's quite nice and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her 100 times over if you're in NYC or if she comes to your area!

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  • ramblerbc
  • 60 days ago

Honestly did not know what to expect. Was even thinking maybe would be to easy to beat her since i did not see any men take her on i doubted shortstop. I have to admit she got the best of me in our match. I had an edge with the strength but that did not last long i was drained pretty quick of my fight and energy. I love her style it was the grappling/ wrestling style not joint locks or bjj moves ma style...... Shortstop is so friendly but all business when wrestling starts and was one of my first times really experiencing domination and trash talk besides one match with bianca.... which really took my head out of wrestling i was really enjoying losing to her and hearing her talk trash and feeling dominating and was not painful which was nice and just right amount for me.... I honestly usually do very well in my matches besides the elites like Sheena, Veve, and the like. Recently my cardio was my biggest enemy and def was today but she is very hard and did have surprising strength.... if she gets top position she is very hard to get off... ..I was throughly beat by shortstop and its not easy for me to admit that but will def be a rematch when she comes back... it was a fun match and humbling since i honestly thought i would not have to put much effort into beating her. Her legs are great love her quads and seems like she is going work on building up her muscles and strength....which are very sneaky that do come out during her matches. If i do not get my butt in gear i think she might get stronger then me next meeting. I was really taken back be her and totally under estimated her. This was def the first of a s many matches it takes for me to defeat her.... her husband is one lucky guy ! So fun and exciting.... i did win arm wrestling lol looking forward to rematch.....

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  • oilmudwrestler
  • 60 days ago

I met Dallas online and started emailing her and just found her to be a friendly wonderful girl with a big heart. It is always challenging getting to know someone at first but I found there was mutual trust and respect in our friendship and when we got to wrestle each other, the mutual respect and friendship showed and we had some really exciting wrestling matches in oil, chocolate and mud. Dallas had me in her scissors hold in no time and even in the oil and mud, it was difficult to get out of her holds. She is strong and we had a very fun few matches where we were both exhausted and got to laugh and let off some steam together. I highly recommend Dallas to anyone. She is a great fighter and enjoys the sport of wrestling. She is also beautiful as well as strong and a very skilled Martial Artist. She is very skilled in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and someone that I can call a real friend. I was sad when she moved away to Miami but glad to see her back on SessionGirls and hope to meet up with her again in the ring or wrestling pit.

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/12/2024 10:43:51 PM

  • morfeo
  • 62 days ago

Incontrata a Napoli fine marzo! Da tempo eravamo in contatto per fare questa sessione, per mille e + motivi abbiamo rimandato + volte (non vivo a Napoli e quando sono giù non siamo riusciti a incastrarci, pur se alcune volte siamo arrivati ad un passo - nelle ultime pagine del thread Wrestling Erotico, Supereroi e Sesso possibile seguire un pò le “tappe della vicenda”!). L’attesa, lunga, è stata però ripagata! Lei è una bella ragazza, sorridente, simpatica e che ti mette appieno a tuo agio. Tonica + che muscolosa ma soprattutto forte ed esperta nel jujitsu brasiliano. Gambe che stringono come poche prima e soprattutto tecniche e capacità di sottomissione di notevole impatto. Personalmente non sono muscoloso, né soprattutto conosco nessun sport di contatto e combattimento però è evidente che lei abbia abilità importanti a prescindere dalla capacità dello “sfidante”. Le chiedo di indossare i collant e difatti si trovare con un bel paio di collant neri velati, e subito mi stuzzica le sue gambe mentre si fa raccontare un pò ciò che cerco. Ha occhi magnetici e subito comprende ciò che desidero ed è bravissima nel mix di scissors forti, di sottomissioni e di “coccole”. Non è per nulla “schizzinosa”, ti tocca e si fa toccare abbastanza tranquillamente. La vedo senza reggiseno ed è uno spettacolo inaudito, così come uno spettacolo sono le sue gambe e le sue prese. In una prova di forza pura riesco ad aver la meglio ma poi con una sua maggiore tecnica e con fiato superiore al mio mi sfianca fino a ribaltare la situazione. Si “lotta” chiaramente molto soft (altrimenti con alcune prese di gambe e mani potrebbe soffocarmi sul serio) e ci si “coccola” fino alla mia capitolazione con le sue mani lì e i piedi (senza + nylon) sul mio viso … Incontro avvenuto a Napoli a due passi da piazza Nazionale; avevo già anticipato 50 euro a quelle ho aggiunto altre 150, anche se il suo cachet è di 250. Non un cachet basso senza dubbio ma per chi vuole una Donna forte e veramente brava a lottare e a batterti e poi in grado di sensualità e dolcezza (si è dichiarata bisex con preferenza per le donne!), da provare. La nota dolente è che non è attiva 365/365 per cui non è facile, al netto del mio non vivere a Napoli, incontrarla. In ogni caso sul suo whatsapp o su un paio di siti specifici indica i suoi tour.

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  • webguy1976
  • 62 days ago

I had a session with Agatha during a trip to Vegas and what can I write about it that has not already been said? The woman is a STAR! First of all, she's STRONG. Way stronger than she looks. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, but that went away really fast. She is 100% all lean muscle. Rock hard. And mix that with skill. And when I write skill, I mean SKILL. She takes her BJJ very seriously. This is not a joke. And lastly, she is having fun and it makes the whole thing really fun. She loves it. And she knows how to be dominant and sensual, with the perfect trash talk. I am counting down the days until I go back to Vegas and can see her again.

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/12/2024 10:54:25 AM

  • webguy1976
  • 62 days ago

I recently had a session with Marilyn during a trip to Vegas and all I can say is WOW!!! She’s amazing. Her body is great. Dense, hard muscle all over the place. And STRONG. Can tap you out or knock you out with her legs and arms. Plus she was really into the session as well. Mixing dominance with sensuality. Great personality too. If you’re in Vegas or she’s coming to your town, book her. Like I will do next chance I get.

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  • leowrestler
  • 62 days ago

I had a session with Mistress Madison a couple of weeks ago and I must say, she exceeded my expectations. We initially crossed wires on connecting, but like a true professional, Madison worked to make our session happen. She provided an exceptional session, paying attention to all the things we agreed upon. Madison may be slight on paper, but she is strong and quite capable of putting you in your place. She dressed in the outfit I brought for her and boy did she look great! Great session! Highly recommend!

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/12/2024 03:19:41 AM

  • ramblerbc
  • 62 days ago

I have wrestled Mary quite a few times it is always fun she is a very cool down to earth person. Mary does pack a surprising punch in strength. I usually like to wrestle ladies with a lot of muscle and thought Mary looked very skinny and weaker 1st time but was surprised she does have good strength and knows some moves. I would like to see her again soon to see how she is doing as a person and in her wrestling. Mary uses her height and limbs well and she has 5 inches or so on me but fairly close in weight. I feel that i edge her out in strength. Mary has a great attitude and is lots of fun to wrestle.

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/11/2024 04:49:09 PM

  • hokiemike
  • 63 days ago

I had a session with Carissa today while she was traveling in Northern Virginia and let me say WOW! She is super easy to communicate with, very receptive to role play and acting out scenes, and a gracious host. Not to mention she is gorgeous and STRONG. I loved my session and can't wait for her to come back to my area!

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/10/2024 09:49:04 AM

  • brianfrompa
  • 64 days ago

This was my first session ever and I was very nervous about it, but all that anxiety went away when I met Veve Lane. She was very friendly and made everything feel normal. We did a semi-competitive wrestling session with spanking and facesitting. Even in a semi-competitive match, it is easy to tell how strong and talented she is as a wrestler. In our roleplay scenario, she was perfect as my favorite teacher. It was just like being in one of her Doom Maidens videos! In person, she looked incredibly beautiful and has a fantastic muscular body. Setting up a session was very easy and she responds to e-mails quickly. I highly recommend sessioning with her especially if this is your first time.

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  • wrestlingwimp99
  • 64 days ago

I just had the least competitive competitive wrestling match of all time. I am 6’ 1” and 180lbs and was basically her toy for an hour. She found my physical limits within the first few minutes and proceeded to push me to them time and time again. Whether she was testing my pain tolerance with her tree trunk thighs or my flexibility by turning me into a pretzel. I’m writing this the day after and am so incredibly sore you have no idea. I reckon it will linger into tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be in the gym for a few days. This was my first time with a session girl and am sad because I don’t think I will find anyone better. I am still in awe of her power. I have always grown up active, so to be manhandled by a woman was something I thought would only ever happen in my dreams. But that girl is REAL and her name is FREYJA ! There is zero doubt in my mind she could have broken every bone in my body if she wanted to. But she is the most kind person. She could see when I was out of gas and broken and would allow me to breath and drink water to recover. Allthough that wouldn’t stop her from breaking me again and again. Thanks FREYJA for the experience of a lifetime💪

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  • fran_navarro_737
  • 65 days ago

Volví a tener el placer de ser dominado en una lucha estupenda por Patricia. Sigue siendo igual de buena luchadora (se nota que ha practicado jui-jitsu), capaz de ganarme siempre con técnicas de lo más variado y siempre haciéndome disfrutar...además de humillarme, jeje. Además, es muy agradable en la conversación y es capaz de dar muy buenos masajes. Gracias Patricia, volvió a ser estupendo ser dominado y vencido por ti

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  • fittrainerjk
  • 66 days ago

Wow! Sugar ! Communication & arranging were super easy. We met for the first time in New Jersey a couple weeks back for a fun, competitive match. She was in great shape with a figure to die for. Most importantly, her easy going personality made the whole experience one I’ll never forget. I could tell she wasn’t going all out & she still controlled me most of the time. One of the best session I ever had with such a sweet person . Can’t wait to see her again! Announcements

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