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Updated travels: 06/22/2024 11:09:27 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/23/202406/23/2024RaleighNorth Carolina

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  • akashwrestles
  • 1 days ago

She is down right amazing and breath taking!!! Also super nice and easy going! Responds fast to texts or emails and her sensual wrestling is the best in the game please check her out!

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  • robroyblank
  • 1 days ago

I met Goddess Lauren in Vienna on her European Tour, and if you like muscular women you have to see her. She has a body to die for, beautiful from head to toe and a really nice personality. The session exceeded my expactations by far and I need to see her again.

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 09:01:28 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/18/202406/24/2024Albufeira OTHER
07/08/202407/10/2024Brussels OTHER
07/14/202407/15/2024Luxembourg OTHER
07/16/202407/18/2024Koln OTHER
08/03/202408/06/2024Haarlem / Amsterdam OTHER
09/19/202409/27/2024Las Vegas Nevada

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 07:01:28 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 04:58:38 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/24/202406/25/2024NewarkNew Jersey

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  • dmpatrick
  • 1 days ago

I had the pleasure meeting Celeste locally. She is new to session wrestling, but her excitement and enthusiasm in our session won the day. She is strong thanks to her dance background, but it was her spirit that made our session special. Throughout our experience Celeste was eager to learn and explore, and only got better as she discovered new moves and ways to gain and maintain control. It wasn’t long before I was under her control. Above it all she is sweet, curious, sensual and fun. I look forward to seeing her again soon.

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 04:45:58 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
07/05/202407/07/2024San FranciscoCalifornia
08/02/202408/04/2024CharlestonNorth Carolina
08/30/202409/01/2024CharlotteSouth Carolina

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  • willj322001
  • 1 days ago

It isn't enough words in the English language to express how amazing Karma is so I'll try to keep it brief (which will be hard! 😂) Like previously stated Karma is AMAZING. She made the session comfortable right from the beginning and she's extremely easy to talk to Speaking of the word "extremely" she's EXTREMELY beautiful as well❤️!! We sessioned for two hours and she was so great to the point I wish time would have froze. If you have the opportunity to book her, please take it! 1000/10 session. The words Queen and Goddess just aren't good enough when describing this amazing woman. (Be respectful and treat her right!!)

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 03:53:33 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/24/202407/08/2024Houston Texas
06/29/202407/01/2024San DiegoCalifornia
07/11/202407/12/2024St Louis Missouri
08/13/202408/15/2024Newark New Jersey
08/15/202408/16/2024NYC Manhattan New York

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  • jonnydonny
  • 1 days ago

I just met Veronika in Dublin for my first session in a very long time. She was awesome. She is so much more beautiful in real life with incredible eyes and a body to match. Veronika has an aura about her, is very intelligent and an amazing actress and role player. She will know what you want to do before you do and ,if you want to be put to sleep, she can do it so gently that you won't even know it has happened. Veronika can do everything from the most technical holds to just bearhugging you and slamming the breath out of you with her stomach. You will not be able to stop thinking about her after you have met her. This might sound over the top but it is totally true and I hope you find out for yourself. If you don't follow Veronika on Loyalfans then you really should. I have never met anyone like her.

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/22/2024 01:40:43 PM

  • oo7henry
  • 1 days ago

I had a text session with Muscle mistress and she was fun to text with. She loves being stronger than you, and loves being on top of you. She was born dominant, and it shows, and I love it!

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 12:07:32 PM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/26/202406/26/2024Chicago / Ohare Illinois
06/30/202407/02/2024ATL (airport) Georgia
07/10/202407/12/2024Manhattan New York
07/17/202407/18/2024Dallas/Irving Texas
07/18/202407/19/2024Austin (Airport) Texas
07/19/202407/20/2024Houston (Bush airport) Texas
07/28/202407/30/2024Tampa (airport area) Florida
09/19/202409/22/2024Las Vegas Nevada

Updated travels: 06/23/2024 08:52:04 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08/12/202408/25/2024New York CityNew York
08/26/202409/08/2024NewarkNew Jersey

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/22/2024 11:26:53 AM

  • kurushnu
  • 1 days ago

I had the great pleasure of seeing Musclemama1113 (aka Monstress) a week ago when she visited Houston. The two-way communication to set up the session was very seamless and even had a pre-session Skype call with her to break the ice. If you're fortunate enough for her to visit your city, please take the opportunity to session with this sexy amazon if you can. Very easy to talk to and a great outgoing personality, her pictures don't do nearly enough justice for her. Almost 5'8, 175 and just ripped to shreds, my session with her consisting of scissors, chokeholds, and muscle admiration was one of the best I've had and I've been doing this for years. Time just flew by! I'm extremely happy I made the decision to see this lovely lady and look forward to seeing her again real soon. If you have the chance to see her, please don't miss out!

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 10:46:02 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08/22/202408/26/2024New York - ManhattanNew York

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 09:31:00 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/25/202406/26/2024NewarkNew Jersey
06/26/202406/28/2024New YorkNew York
07/07/202407/08/2024Cologne OTHER
07/08/202407/09/2024Frankfurt OTHER
07/10/202407/11/2024Stuttgart OTHER
07/11/202407/12/2024Munich OTHER
07/12/202407/13/2024Nuremberg OTHER
07/14/202407/15/2024Prague OTHER

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  • jimbobklyn5
  • 1 days ago

Here's my Megan Jones appreciation post to one of the best underwater modeling performers to wear the Supergirl costume. I Love when she dresses as Supergirl. She has always done a fantastic job doing these custom videos for me via @GinarysKinkAd. Thank you. Megan for being one of the coolest woman on the planet and for doing these Supergirl videos for me over the years. I really do appreciate and I'm looking forward to having you do more cosplay videos for me in the future, especially before this year comes to a close.

Updated travels: 06/22/2024 05:56:23 AM

Date Begins Date Ends City Area
06/30/202406/30/2024Las VegasNevada
07/04/202407/04/2024El Paso Texas
07/22/202407/24/2024Rome, ItalyOTHER

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  • session-fan
  • 1 days ago

I was back at Ambra these days. This time we met in Cologne. We already know each other and the welcome was as always very friendly and very warm-hearted. I am always happy to meet her. Ambra is a real fighter. very sporty... Very nimble. If someone underestimates Ambra.. he has already lost. She's really strong!! I was caught in different grips after every attempt to defeat you. Only once, I was able to dominate Ambra at the beginning of a round. But if someone thinks... She would give up,... he's wrong!! She fought and won the point again.!!! It's just fun to fight against Ambra. I am already looking forward to a next meeting. If you haven't experienced Ambra yet, you should write to Ambra and book her for a session. "M" Announcements

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