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03/12/202403/15/2024Las VegasNevada
03/31/202404/04/2024Los AngelesCalifornia

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02/28/202403/01/2024Los Angeles California
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  • jakie-ji
  • 1 days ago

Really my dear, next time let’s go on the mats is more safe of rolling on the carpet right, and both to be dressed properly for that not you’ve slipping around. I would love to give you hard time.

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02/28/202402/29/2024Bruxelles OTHER
03/02/202403/04/202412 eme parisOTHER

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  • multiperv
  • 1 days ago

I got to see Rose again recently when she was in town briefly for a shoot. Before I get to that I have to agree with @sessionboy below, Rose has a great combination of dominant but playful, and professional without being a (at least perceptible) clockwatcher. I'm a bit of a lightweight so I can't speak to the brutal but I feel confident she has the potential and ability to go hard, and for others like me I can say that she respects your limits and adjusts to the level of what you can handle. I'm usually pleasantly dazed for a couple of days after a session with her and I recommend her highly. As fo this session, we were more limited on time so nothing too elaborate but some old 'favorites' including some nice impact play with four different implements, foot domination and worship,, a, er, taste of clothed facesitting, a bit of spitplay, and some nice, relaxed human furniture objectification, plus a few laughs along the way. One note of warning: Be careful of trying out new things with her, she may well get you addicted to them, and to only desire them from her. It's happened to me!

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  • cp3000
  • 1 days ago

Met with Kayla in Chicago a couple years ago and it was alot of fun. Session was a domination/boxing session and QueenKayla took absolute control. I agree with the other reviews on here, Kayla is truly one the best and does put you at ease if your nervous and delivers and preforms at 110%. with a smile on her face and laughing at you while you're been squeezed by her power glutes. Kayla if you read this I hope you know that you gave me the best sessions that I've ever had and you always put a smile on my face and a little pain. I've sessioned with others but none as good as you, QueenKayla. If she travels to your city or you visit the Windy City, skip the Chicago style pizza and book a session with Kayla instead!

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02/28/202402/28/2024Grand RapidsMichigan
04/16/202404/18/2024Los AngelesCalifornia

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  • higgens69
  • 1 days ago

Hello everyone ! The meetings, the mix wrestling sessions with Xena are getting better and more intense and the intervals at which we see each other are getting shorter and shorter. That means I get to see her rapid, good, strong development in her own body. Which is incredibly fascinating. I love sporty, intensive sessions and Xena's fighting spirit is often too great, so I end up on my back on the mat in no time, with Xena above me with her extraordinarily beautiful laugh and holding me immobile. Crazy, that's a great feeling. We have built ourselves to have fun for everyone, of course always with full respect and great trust. Having Xena in my mix wrestling session life is the best thing that could have happened to me personally. It was a pleasure. Thank you very much

Recieved/Replied a review : 02/25/2024 11:14:02 PM

  • missemilly 01
  • 1 days ago

Thank you so much ☺️ happy to hear you had incredible sessions with me each time ❤️💋❤️

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02/26/202402/27/2024Boston Massachusetts
02/28/202402/29/2024Houston Texas
03/25/202403/26/2024Newark New Jersey
03/27/202403/29/2024Manhattan New York
04/09/202404/11/2024Philadelphia Pennsylvania
04/22/202404/23/2024Baltimore Maryland
04/24/202404/26/2024Orlando Florida

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  • mrtibbs
  • 2 days ago

I’ve seen Jamaican Dynamite a few times now including a couple multi-hour sessions, and have another session booked next month. She’s super easy to communicate with and pays attention to what you want out of a session. I love the look and feel of a huge female bodybuilder and this woman has muscle on top of muscles! You would be hard-pressed to find anyone on the session scene as big, solid and defined as Miss Dynamite. She’s a true Olympian in her prime! Our sessions usually start with her flexing in a cute dress and sexy heels and moves on to me rubbing oil all over her solid body, and then we progress from there. She can be very sensual if you respect her boundaries and treat her like a lady. Seeing her flex those glistening rock-hard muscles with impressive pose after impressive pose, wearing nothing more than a pair of stiletto boots is to this day one of the sexiest sights I’ve ever seen. It’s always a pleasure getting to worship this masterpiece of a specimen. Considering the endless hours of hard work and dedication she’s put into building every ounce of her muscular frame, time spent with this beauty is worth every penny. If you have a thing for insanely muscular women who love showing off their lady muscles, then don’t pass up the chance to meet Jamaican Dynamite. I know I’m looking forward to our next session!

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03/15/202403/17/2024washington DCDistrict of Columbia

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  • mattbikinis
  • 2 days ago

Another awesome time with Lora! As always, she communicated closely and transparently with me. We did our usual body worship and like I've mentioned before, she's got the magic touch. She knows how to make you feel great physically and emotionally. Her killer bod has gotten even more shredded as of late. She looks smoking hot in her thong bikini. Lora Cross again and again!

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02/27/202402/28/2024PrincetonNew Jersey
03/09/202403/10/2024NewarkNew Jersey

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  • mjhmjh
  • 2 days ago

I saw Nika again, and the more time I spend with her the better our sessions become. Besides being a lovely person (and super hot), she always asks to hear about my fantasies and/or if I want to try something new, so it's never boring or repetitive being with her. She's obviously easy to get along with, athletic and skilled, and can be very dominant if that's your preference. You should never miss a chance to session with Nika whenever possible. She's even well worth traveling halfway around the world to see, although I'd suggest scheduling more than one session with her if you're going to do that. 😊 Announcements

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