04/19/2022 London
    Mirage takes over the world

    Mirage is ready to dominate and destroy the men of the world. Do you have what it takes or will you be another victim..


    More travel dates and locations will be added for 2022



    05/09/2022 Trinidad and Tobago
    Muscle babe vacation in the Caribbean

    Contact me for more information about visiting me in the Caribbean and staying at my house for a few days of fun in the sun….

    I will train you at my gym, we will have meals and do alot of sight seeing and fun stuff during the day and of course I will show you the night life and explore session time together during your MUSCLE VACATION WITH MIRAGE …….

    It will be more than memorable!

Ruby Muscle

    05/14/2022 Dubai
    Back to the Middle East

    Back to the Middle East one off my favourite places to be always the warmest off welcomes

    a very popular place for my muscle worship fans so be quick to confirm your session asap 🥰

    05/05/2022 London / Birmingham
    Last stop in the uk
    1. I couldn’t leave for the summer without saying good bye for now to my uk fans so just a flying visit to london for one day then passing through Birmingham on the 6th do t miss out book your session asap


    05/19/2022 Houston
    The "Mighty Chloe C" invades the South!!!!!!



    One of the Cutest, Sweetest, Prettiest Girls you may ever meet is invading the South and she is looking for you!!!

    The “Mighty Chloe C.” will be bringing her special brand of Northern Charm ❤ 💘 ❤ that you Southern Gents Yearn for, Flock to and Dream of!!!

    So if you want your Butt-Kicked, your Dreams Met, your Fantasies Fulfilled, or your Role-Plays made Vivid and Real by one of the Prettiest Girls you may ever meet!

    Now’s your Chance:

    [email protected]

    ❤  ❤ Chloe ❤ ❤



    05/02/2022 Middle River, Maryland
    The Ultimate Butt-Kicking Tour!!! The Kira-Kicking


    The Call Out!!!

    Attention – All you Alpha and Beta Boys out there – you are being Called-Out by one of the Strongest – Sexist – Sweetest Girls you may ever meet for the Ultimate Butt-Kicking:

    ❤ The KIRA-KICKING ❤

    In her little secluded Oasis in Middle River, Maryland, Kira will have you Begging, Squealing, or maybe her personal favorite – “calling for your Mommy” all with a Big Smile on her face and a Twinkle in her eyes!!!

    So break open the Piggy Bank, dive into your Wallet or tap into the Trust Fund and head over to the Oasis to get your Butt-Kicked like its never been Kicked before:

    ([email protected])

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Kira ❤ ❤ ❤


    06/25/2022 Middle River, Maryland
    "LADY O" Productions Presents!!!

    The “Greatest Catfight” Ever!!!
    The “3” Way is now a “4” Way Catfight Rumble!!!
    Gia Love,

Megan Jones

    06/01/2022 EAST COAST

    It’s happening!

    It’s been years but we are touring again this summer so get ready for the shenanigans. Lol

    We’re a mixture of sweet & sassy!
    Hope you’re ready to be owned by us.

    Prioritizing doubles & you can even film your experience.
    (Personal ONLY Available)

    07/13/2022 MIDWEST

    Please review image & schedule for specific dates as well as cities.

    We are offering Tag Team sessions for a reduced rate of $700 an hour with half upfront as a deposit to confirm. If you wish to take pictures or video of your experience then it is an additional $100

Reagan Kennedy

    06/02/2022 Memphis
    Model house major shoot event!

    Hi everyone thank you for visiting my page! Myself and Tilly McReese will be available for custom video shooting June 2 through June 6. I will be excepting all Scripts . We will also have four other models available to shoot with that entire weekend and I can provide pictures and information upon request. Just email me. With the subject line “custom”