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Recieved/Replied a review : 07/22/2022 03:45:03 PM

  • versmuscle12
  • 638 days ago

So awesome to see you entering the wrestling scene! Dream come true!

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/22/2022 03:33:34 PM

  • judokahenk
  • 638 days ago

Hello Amrita , My name is Henk from the Netherlands , I hope everthing is good with you , I like you profil very much and have learn about you that you are a great Judoka and Samboka , I also do Judo and Sambo here in the Netherlands , I hope you will be soon ones in the Netherlands or I can come to Moscow Russia , it is a long time ago that I had a real competitive fighting session with someone from Russia , my last was in 2012 with Xana a Russian female lived in Belgium : . What I did also was in 2019 , I have train 7 days long together with the Russian Female Judo Team in Rotterdam Netherlands where they participate at the Judo Grand Prix , I had a few judo matches then with real great judoka's : day 1 with : Natalia Kuziutina (-52kg) , day 2 with : Anastasiia Konkina (-57kg) , day 3 with : Daria Davydova (-63kg) , day 4 with : Ekaterina Valkova (-63kg) , day 5 with : Antonina Shmeleva (-78kg) and day 6 with : Ksenia Chibisova (+78kg) , I had a great time with the females and we still all have contact together. Greetings Henk from the Netherlands.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/22/2022 03:16:23 PM

  • jenni019
  • 638 days ago

She no longer has this account.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 08:54:07 PM

  • bigmusclebarbie1x
  • 639 days ago

BigMusclebarbie That’s my name on her bicep cams I’m online daily normally work 9-12 5-9pm sometimes I’m on at lunchtime to I’m sure my link to my profile is on my session girls profile x

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:17:29 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 639 days ago

Sessioning with Mistress Treasure is a blast. She'll bring the BDSM if You want and all the strength for a beatdown. She also has amazing scissors and holds. If You want extreme Domination definitely see Her. She's not for the faint of heart though so be ready

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:08:00 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 639 days ago

Miss Juliette has such a cool accent and hilarious personality. She's very skilled in Her martial arts and wrestling. She's gorgeous with all the talent. Check Her out if you want to get your butt whupped.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:05:07 PM

  • leo791
  • 639 days ago

I cannot speak highly enough of GoddessBarbieJ! Our session involved some light wrestling, trampling, and a whole lot of smothering. She is incredibly strong and will absolutely push you to your limits. She will completely dominate you. With that being said, she is a professional and is very considerate. She’ll make you feel comfortable, safe, and ensure that you’re enjoying the experience the whole time. If you have an opportunity for a session with GoddessBarbieJ, I recommend it 101%

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 06:45:37 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 639 days ago

i've seen Goddess Severa multiple times. She is very skilled with BJJ and BDSM. She'll put you in holds you didn't think of. Plus She's so tall that She knows exactly how to use Her body to Her advantage. If you prefer traditional BDSM She's one of the best for that too. She's one of my favorite people in the scene easily.

Updated profile: 03/14/2024 06:37:53 AM

I offer RT (in person) Kink/Fetish sessions. I cater to most Fetishes, Role-plays, and Domination from mild to extreme so just ask! I’ve heard it all, so don’t feel like you have to beat around the bush with me! If I’m not into it or it is not something I do, I will just tell you no thanks. I never judge anyone for their kinks! All photos are current so no catfish here, what you see is what you get! I am available to HOST sessions in St. Petersburg, FL. **FMTY: I am willing to travel almost anywhere as long as travel expenses are paid up front. *You must pay for my travel which includes round trip flight and a hotel room for 1 night as well as the session. You can... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 09/10/2023 02:10:11 AM

I am an Ebony Dominatrix who enjoys submission wrestling, smothering, foot fetish (size 11), ass worship, face sitting, verbal humiliation, fantasy play and my favorite financial domination. I can be playful but extremely aggressive and dominant so don’t be fooled by my smile. I’m only interested in submissive men that know their place. Inquire about private traveling arrangements or special date nights. References required. TIP ME CashApp: $kalibarb511 Current... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/17/2022 03:17:55 PM

  • dreambox43
  • 643 days ago

Thanks for you Time Great Person Women and my Dreams its True with You

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/16/2022 09:32:58 AM

  • botti22
  • 645 days ago

As an almost 5 decade veteran of sessioning, I rarely submit reviews, but this drop- dead gorgeous young lady is very special on every level--Her perfectly proportioned ,toned athletic body radiates both strength and sensuality --- She is a skilled Wrestler who knows various pins and holds and can move between them with a supple gracefulness --- With her long strong legs , she can apply scissors with a degree of pressure that is inescapable but at the same time ,oh so enjoyable The princesa is a genuine domme and commands respect but she is also a welcoming person and will immediately make you feel at ease and comfortable in her presence If your into sessioning, you should indulge yourself with the remarkable experience that is Princesa Warning--she is so infectious that if you see her once, you,'ll want to return again and again and......

Updated profile: 04/16/2024 05:03:25 PM

Happy Wrestling! I am an energetic, strong female wrestler with a passion for head scissors! I have been in the industry since 2011! In 2013, I transitioned to wrestling and modeling full-time! I have been providing personalized sessions on SessionGirls since 2018. I began working for the company FemWrestlingRooms. This company opened the doors for me to discover the dominant and strong woman within me! From there, I began to explore my new found passion. I began to explore other fetish productions and fell into artistic modeling! Soon after, I was so comfortable in my own skin became a very pro-active, professional artistic nude model. After this, I was determined to sharpen and... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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