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  • jellybean4501
  • 161 days ago

Just had a session with Ava and I wanted to make sure she sees this when she gets home! Ava is the WHOLE PACKAGE! Sweet, down to earth, sassy, professional as can be. Not to mention, she is a beautiful, radiant Goddes that will take your breath away. Setting up the session was quick and simple. Once I paid my deposit, we set up a date and time immediately. See, Ava is coming to my town in May, but I am going to be out of town. I sent her a message to simply introduce myself and let her know I would be watching her travel schedule. As luck would have it she was coming in to town today! So I couldn't resist the opportunity to schedule with her. Gentlemen, DO NOT miss an opportunity with Ava! She is strong, incredibly powerful, agile, and will really make you put in the work. Her scissors are beyond compare, and she will smile down at your pathetic body as she slowly drains the oxygen from your lungs. All while keeping you safe and giving you far beyond what you could ever ask for, or imagine! Those that have sessioned with me know that I am differently abled. She made sure I was in good hands, yet pushed my limits in ways I wasn't expecting. I will be booking again as soon as I am able to do so. Time for me to get into the new gym down the street so I can bring her even more as well. Treat Ava like a goddess deserves to be, and you will have the best session of your life!

Updated profile: 09/16/2023 12:21:52 AM

Headscissor queen and your favorite submission artist! Yes, I really am that girl that KO’d that “guy” with a headscissor in the bjj match 9 years ago. Lol. Glad we got that out of the way. But hey, I’m Gabby! A grappling domina with a VERY occasional switch side.  28 y/o jiu jitsu athlete cutting off carotids competitively for 15 years, over 200 competition wins ☺️ Majority by submission. Registered yoga instructor teaching the splits and making you watch or sit underneath. Weightlifting goon. Handbalancing and calisthenics n00b. Just shoot me a message to get started! ☺️   Things I especially get off to: Headscissoring and applying... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 09/21/2023 02:19:09 AM

I am located in the South Loop area of Chicago IL. Do you enjoy the company of a beautifully fit, tight, toned, and curvy muscular woman? Have you ever been curious of what that experience would be like? Prepare yourself to enjoy the presence of a dangerously sexy, epically powerful, and insanely strong woman. You will be pleasantly impressed and your mind will be blown as you lay your eyes on me, and search every inch of my well-detailed impressive physique. Im skillfully trained and my arms and legs look forward to squeezing you, crushing you, and leaving you speechless behind my vice grip strength! Polished, beautiful face, beautiful body, the perfect blend of dangerous curves,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 09/16/2023 02:57:07 AM

I am a female IFBB PRO Bodybuilder, 163cm and 86kg. I’m a total unique work of art because I combine lot of muscles with a sexy female body full of curves and the face of a doll. I can tell you, my photos are not photoshopped and live you will loose your breath. In reality I have more muscles and look even more beautiful. Every session is individual without time pressure and possible in German, English or French. Characteristic for my body is my extraordinary  X frame with round shoulders,  small waist and strong but elegant legs with a huge bubble butt. I’ m famous for having the best biggest butt. I am wellkown for my scissors and... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 08/29/2023 07:47:57 AM

I am a wrestler and dominatrix and I bring a combination of movement and somatic training, awareness, and experience to my sessions that is unique, complex, and full of possibility. I first trained MMA while boxing at the UFC gym in New York City, where I lived for over a decade (and I have the trash talk to prove it!). In addition to domination and wrestling sessions and making content, I enjoy working and training as a dancer, aerialist, yogi, pole dancer, and visual artist. Don’t let my good looks and sweet smile fool you – Bambi is an alpha by nature. I’m an agile yet formidable force to be reckoned with. A fierce opponent when challenged but otherwise playful in... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/14/2023 02:05:41 AM

  • masti86
  • 165 days ago

Yesterday I had my third session with Rada - excellent wrestling and striking, but we all know that already. What is important, she also can massage your back, which is very relaxing after the beatdown, when your body is sore and in pain. And what is even more important, she is a good listener and good friend, and you can feel safe and comfortable aruond her. Don't you dare to miss the opportunity of meeting her when you have a chance. Thank You!

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/13/2023 10:20:11 AM

  • anonymous111
  • 165 days ago

I had my first session with Miss Jade today, and she far exceeded my expectations. Having watched her clips for some time, I always dreamed of being at her beautiful feet, and today that dream came true. Miss Jade was extremely communicative and professional throughout the booking process, and she really made me feel at ease. The session itself was mostly fantasy wrestling with headscissors, smothering, and foot worship. Miss Jade is one of a kind! I highly recommend booking a session with her. I know I’ll be seeing her again soon!

Updated profile: 07/10/2023 02:11:43 AM

Hello baby, I am Nubia. I’m your hero ready to save you from your loneliness!! If you like a strong, black and fit woman, you just found me. Why I’m known as the black wonder woman? Because I’m strong, muscular, powerful, determined and focused and seductive. All this mixed with a great feminine energy, sensual and with an angelic face. I’ve been offering sessions for a few years and I’m great at winning and participating in different types of fights. I’ve been training for many years (13 years). I like to keep my body in shape with great muscle configurations. Does not participate in bodybuilding competitions. Simply because I don’t have the... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/12/2023 12:59:58 PM

  • drag5271
  • 166 days ago

It was my first session ever. Natalia was very nice and I was impressed how strong she was. She beat me in armwrestling, squatted me with ease, calf raises were boring for her. And her scissors can kill!! She talked about using 1 percent of her strength but I started seeing stars. Very nice person!! Don’t miss the chance to meet her.

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/11/2023 04:10:40 PM

  • grapevine_fan
  • 167 days ago

I jumped at the opportunity to book my second session with Paris Love when I saw she was once again traveling to my area. Our first encounter was a semi-competitive session where I was thoroughly dominated, and I had convinced myself that if I fought harder, I could make the match more competitive. Unfortunately/ fortunately, I could not have been more wrong. Paris is so strong that each time we would start a round she would overpower me to the ground and get on top of me. Once underneath her, she has such strength and balance that it’s nearly impossible to recover back to a neutral position. She often ended up putting me in some inescapable hold or pin within seconds of the start of the round. I felt the most helpless when I would make some progress towards escaping her holds, only for her to up her intensity and regain a dominant position by easily overpowering me again, eventually finishing with another submission or inescapable pin. Each round basically followed this pattern. After the match, I realized that even though my level may have been higher in this second session, her wrestling skill has increased significantly since then. Also, I suspect she was just toying with me during our first session. The way Paris dominates with her wrestling, as opposed to seeking technical submissions, is so unique and leads to such a feeling of helplessness. It’s this feeling that led me to seek a second session with her and will lead me to try to book her every time she travels to my area.

Updated profile: 08/08/2023 10:39:24 AM

Hey freaks and wrestling geeks I’m an experienced wrestler. I am based in Northern California. I can travel from Sacramentoto the Bay Area. I ready to kick your ass, but don’t expect a fair fight. I’m undefeated for a reason Best way to contact me if email or my... ... Continue Reading

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Tip Me CashApp:$luckydawg11 Venmo:@Therapist1111 Hi Slaves, I’m Sara! Bow down to me you pathetic loser! If you are a TIME WASTER move on!!! My sessions start off at $400, depending on what you request and the amount of time we spend together. I also require $100 deposit (NO EXCEPTIONS) I accept most digital payment methods. The deposit assures me you are serious, and not going to waste my time.  Text me if you have any further questions. 702-825-0444 My style of sessions is diverse and creative from sporty to intense & playful to sensual and seductive. I’m a former Professional Ballerina with very STRONG legs, (better to scissor you with) I’m a... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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