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Recieved/Replied a review : 10/29/2023 04:45:18 AM

  • jinkaz
  • 228 days ago

Un pur bonheur et une belle expérience. Vous serez probablement en confiance au début, mais ça ne durera qu’un temps. Malgré son empathie et son sourire communicatif il ne faut pas s’y tromper. Delphine vous ramènera vite à la réalité. Elle est plus forte et probablement plus musclée que vous et vous le fera vite réaliser 😅. Ajoutez à cela la technique et vous obtiendrez un savant mélange détonnant qui vous fera abandonner soumission, après soumission, encore et encore. Vous allez vous fatiguer avant elle. Qui jubilera de vous voir tenter vainement votre chance.

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/28/2023 11:22:50 AM

  • lonepilgrim
  • 229 days ago

Recently saw Kristen in Asheville & had a great hour of headscissors & facesitting. She's very sexy & was super fun. I have to admit - being buried in her thighs in every conceivable position, I wasn't in any rush to escape. A wonderful experience!

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/27/2023 10:12:34 AM

  • midwesternguy
  • 230 days ago

I was so impressed with Saskia that I scheduled an extra appointment during my trip so I could see her twice. I like the fact that she's a legitimate athlete, clearly spent a lot of time training in boxing, wrestling and jiu jitsu, way more skilled than I will ever be. She's very strong from weight training and bodybuilding. I think the most impressive thing about her was that she listened to my preferences and then put real thought into both my sessions. I can't imagine how my time with her could have possibly gone any better.

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/27/2023 09:59:11 AM

  • tripod
  • 230 days ago

I had a 2-hour session with Mindy this week and it was nothing short of spectacular. Communication was top-notch. We both suffered from a couple of medical issues at the time, so we went with a fantasy session. Her skin is like ivory, just beautiful. We wrestled for 90 minutes ( she was topless), and she spent the last of our session working out the knots in my back. She knows a lot of holds, and truly loves what she does. I can't recommend her enough.

Updated profile: 03/05/2024 04:34:54 AM

This profile was created by SessionGirls. Kat Max deleted her profile along with the other “Max Girls”  when it was asked that she refund deposits. SessionGirls always asks for proof (,screenshot of payment and any correspondence that supports the complaint) Complaint 1 I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. Firstly, I’ll start with the positive. I’ve had two sessions with Viper and they were both awesome. She’s a strong beautiful woman, was a pleasure to be around and delivered very satisfying sessions. Now the negative and it’s very negative. I’ve had two seconds cancelled without even being notified and been burned for my deposit. The... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/26/2023 04:31:21 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 231 days ago

Neon Nightmare is both a total professional, and a genuine kinkster. I've never sessioned with a gal so well-versed in the kink world. It was an absolute privilege to session with her! Setting up the session was a cinch, and she went above and beyond to feel me out so that together we could create an authentic experience for both of us. She made my fantasy even better by using her kink intuition to expand the story of our encounter beyond what I even thought was possible. Physically, she is tall, strong, and curvaceous. I tried to act like maybe I'd have a shot at getting a few taps out of her, but I never had a chance, and she knew it. Her grappling skills are incredible, and she absolutely toyed with me from start to finish. Her trash talk and name calling made me feel just as helpless as the moves that she used to crush me into submission. This was an otherworldly experience. Thank you so much Neon Nightmare!

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/26/2023 04:26:12 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 231 days ago

I had a session with Anaisly in the Orlando area a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun that I feel guilty for having been so busy that I hadn't gotten a chance to write a review yet. Setting up the session was a breeze, and she came prepared with the outfit I requested. In strode a confidant, alluring woman, and once she put on that outfit I was hypnotized by what might be the nicest ass I've ever seen. And boy oh boy did she use that ass to great effect. She used it to dance around on my face, wiggling violently back and forth and up and down. Her scissors were on point as well. The best thing about this session, though, was that I genuinely felt like she really liked me and was enjoying the session, so she's either a great actress or absolutely loves her work (perhaps both!). Thanks for a great time Anaisly!

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/26/2023 04:22:22 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 231 days ago


Recieved/Replied a review : 10/26/2023 03:55:23 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 231 days ago

Despite knowing little English, we were able to arrange a fun semi-comp session while I was in Miami (I'm guessing she used google translate). When I opened the door to my hotel room, I was greeted by a very sweet, pretty face. It was very cute and fun for us to learn a bit of each other's language by using google translate. We discussed what kind of moves I'd like, and what kind of trash talk, and she was able to use key phrases of smack talk. She has a very large repertoire of moves, and has very strong arms and leg from which to make you tap. Sessioning with Sharita was a very fun and unique experience.

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/26/2023 12:12:51 PM

  • slv4u316
  • 231 days ago

Recently had a session with Jasmin Jai and it has been to date one of the best sessions I’ve ever had over the last 10 years! Contacting her was a breeze and we decided on a sensual domination session with ball busting and nipple torture. She was super attentive to the details in the email and her ability to grab and squeeze the balls and make you beg for mercy without her nails getting in the way just blew my mind. She is in every way a goddess who delivers the goods above and beyond your wants and needs! I miss her and wouldn’t think twice to set up a session if our paths meet again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/26/2023 11:03:55 AM

  • educare123
  • 231 days ago

what can I say? In 20 years, Ive never met a session girl like her. Her body is a temple, Her smile is infectious. She is the nicest person I ever met. Her quads and calves are beyond belief; She is a real keeper. So storng. So beautiful

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/25/2023 11:48:14 AM

  • deltatau
  • 232 days ago

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing a session with Alex recently. Like Alex, I have been sessioning for over 20 years and I knew it was going to be fantastic considering how instant and deep our connection was from our very first exchange. Scheduling was easy and efficient and when we met her physical beauty and strength was matched only by her wonderful charming, witty and kind personality. But make no mistake she isn’t afraid to unleash every bit of her strength and skill through a variety of scissors, holds and smothers. She totally had her way with me while devilishly laughing as I struggled and tapped, helpless to escape except for the few times she let go so I could worship her feminine, muscular body. Alex is a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so glad we met. Can’t wait to share more laughs, stories and squeezes soon! 😘❤️ Josh

Updated profile: 06/05/2024 09:35:38 PM

I have a pro ring available for sessions and to rent out and also an indoor, matted wrestling room which I can also use or rent out.   I am bigger and stronger than ever with my weight fluctuating from 170 – 190 lbs.  My size along with my years of wrestling and session experience as well as my professionalism make me very capable of giving you an unforgettable session experience.  I absolutely love what I do and i look forward to hearing from you!  Phone: ... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/24/2023 06:03:18 AM

  • higgens69
  • 233 days ago

Hello everyone ! What a successful surprise for Eva is coming to Düsseldorf, she doesn't normally travel through Europe. I am so excited and impressed, I can hardly believe what this little power woman can do. She simply called the session between us a good workout. I was amazed. Since I'm significantly taller, Eva wasn't interested at all. A whirlwind on the mat, great technique (wrestler), in no time I was lying on my back under her on the mat. Not just once. Wonderful and always laughing, pure fun. Not boring, on the contrary, the time flew by, and at the end she did her victory pose on me, drenched in sweat. Gladly again, really good!

Updated profile: 05/05/2024 03:40:15 PM

Hey there! I’m Muscle Marilyn, an adult entertainer, cam girl, fetish content creator, fantasy wrestler, Goddess, and bodybuilder. JOIN MY FREE OF @musclemarilyn I am available for in-person Muscle Worship sessions in Las Vegas at your hotel. 50% deposit will be required up front to secure my time! BE DEPOSIT READY WHEN YOU BEGIN THE CONVERSATION! 🙂 If you want to get to know me and my vibe first, let’s set up a virtual session! I’m happy to jump RIGHT IN to your request and waste no time! From flexing, to muscle talk, to playing with toys 😉 this is your fantasy. When emailing me, please start by telling me a bit about yourself including general stats like age,... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/22/2023 09:49:17 AM

  • pinmeplease
  • 235 days ago

I met Selena this week and she is a perfect session girl. Her escort profile said she spends her time “lifting weights, running, and bjj” so I took a chance. What a good decision! She is big and strong, sexy, very pretty in an exotic way, sensual, fun, and smart, and enjoys dominating. And as is obvious from the pics, she has an ass to die for. I have seen hundreds of session girls over 25 plus years, and she is already at the top of the list. She is learning bjj and I hope she continues because it will make her invincible. I showed her the SG site and she said she found her avocation (or maybe her vocation) and here she is. Thanks tSelena for being the ultimate session girl (especially as you move to higher bjj belts.)”

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/22/2023 08:24:41 AM

  • stevied
  • 235 days ago

Before the session we had the chance to chat a bit as I gave DD a lift to my hotel. This helped break the ice for our first meeting. Firstly, she looks great, just like the photos. We started with a little arm wrestling and frankly I think I was being toyed with. She said I was strong, but not enough to do anything but delay the inevitable. Next came some belly punching and with her training she packs a punch, and loves to keep them coming. I managed to take what she said was 70-80% before calling quits. Then I was lucky to worship and apply cream to her awesome body, massaging her muscles. As she’s competing soon we didn’t wrestle much, just a few holds. But that was cool. Had a great time and would see her again. Announcements

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