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  • Sherry_Stunns
  • 177 days ago

I swear I am going to get those feet next time! Lol

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Usa tour postposed Do you want to discover an endearing, passionate and not ordinary personality? You will be delighted by meeting Xena. The young girl,  has long proven that she is a complete artist. At the same time model, actress, and even singer, we no longer count her appearances in various clips, commercials, short films, television series, photographers’ books, and even improv matches! An artist ? Not only… Xena is also an athlete who sculpts her body for many years. If she was able to participate in one or another bodybuilding competition, many Internet users were also able to appreciate her impressive strength by watching her arm wrestling videos on her youtube... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 01/05/2023 01:45:32 AM

I am open to all kinds of sessions including, Face Sitting, Fantasy Wrestling, Scissor holds, Goddess Worship, Foot Fetish of any kind, Tickling, Trampling, Bondage I offer most everything as far as female domination goes (ask about anything specific). I cater to most all fetishes, Role-plays, and Domination from mild to extreme so just ask! I WILL never judge anyone for their kinks/fetishes! All photos are current! Check my social media account to confirm! Current Media Links KendraLynnXXX’s Profile – Porn vids, Pics & More | ManyVids Kendra Lynn – iWantClips Store Kendra Lynn Porn Videos – Verified Pornstar Profile | Pornhub Kendra Lynn... ... Continue Reading

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  • jeffgott
  • 179 days ago

Miss Cheeks is one, if not the best session I ever had in my 25 years of experiencing beautiful muscular women. You will not find a woman with better abs and glutes and considering she is all natural its astonishing. Although her beauty is unmistakable, it pales in comparison to the sweet and kind human that will greet you and win you over. There are too many gear infused women on the circuit who want your money but could care less if you enjoy yourself but Miss Cheeks is not one of them. She is a must if you like beautiful muscle and beautiful souls!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/10/2022 09:37:44 AM

  • filhorn
  • 180 days ago

I met Max Team (Kat, Viper and Siren) this week in Italy. They were awesome! Great shape and each of them with different skilly and attributes. About Siren...I was impressed. She is less then 1.60 cm but she has an incredible strength. She can beat you on armwrestling but most o f all...her scissors are letal. She could probably break easily your heat if she would... they are like IRON. And that's not all. I am 1.83, more than 20 cm more then here, but she cpuld easily carry me on piggy back and carry me also with her words for a beautiful little and nice girl. You will be fascinated by here!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/10/2022 09:33:58 AM

  • filhorn
  • 180 days ago

I met Max Team (Kat, Viper and Siren) this week in Italy, togheter with Siren and Viper. They were awesome! Great shape and each of them with different skilly and attributes. About Viper, she has a great wrestling tecnicque and hard sculped body. Her forearms are really strong and will beat you easily on armwrestling. Her legs will let you without breath during scissors. You'll start worshipping here power and beauty during her domination against you. I think she is the one who can really demolish you psicologically if you are searching for that. She's really as a true Nordic Valkirie

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  • judokahenk
  • 180 days ago

Love the interview with Sheena , have seen her a lot during her judo period at the great tournaments in Europa , at the Grand Prix , European Championships and World Cups , it always was great to see her fight but also her father , her sister and twin brother are great fighters. Ihope I will see Sheena ones again and then I would love to book a wrestling or judo session with her for sure.

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/10/2022 02:06:59 AM

  • judokahenk
  • 180 days ago

Great and nice Interview here with the London girl Denise , love to watch this girl wrestling , have seen her ones at Monica Wrestling Centre in the UK. I hope to see her soon again and hopefully I then can have the possibility to have a Wrestlingsession with her in London.

Updated profile: 05/24/2023 06:51:52 AM

IFBB Physique Pro Athlete, strong, empowered and wanting to explore her domination skills!! 💪🥊🍑😎🔥💪 Available for Skype and in person sessions, only serious and legit requests, as time is money!! 💵🤩💎💳 Initial deposit policy to PayPal, Venmo and... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 04/02/2023 10:06:50 PM

Hola soy una atleta de fisicoculturismo, latina, fuerte, conservo mis rasgos femeninos, pero mis músculos son muy fuertes. Me gustan los  desafios, la  dominación, las luchas sexys. soy una vencedora. Escucho propuestas!!! Pensando en ir a visitar Sevilla en Marzo. A los que deseen uma session pueden... ... Continue Reading

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Dutch badass babe Bodybuilder / all-round athlete / wrestler Go to my other platforms for exclusive dominatrix... ... Continue Reading

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  • themajor
  • 185 days ago

I booked the 2 ladies as a Christmas present to myself after thinking about doing this sort of thing for ages. I’m very glad I did as both Vixen and Tanya really are lovely and a couple of sweet hearts. Of course they are beautiful, stunning even. They have fantastic feminine and athletic bodies but also are kind and thoughtful I felt. They both put me at ease as I was a little nervous as it was my first time in this world. They were always laughing and happy generally and at my various predicaments! I am a gentleman and I bought them some flowers and a little gift. They loved the gesture I think. Vixen is perfectly fluent in English and she does all of the communication very efficiently getting back to me promptly. She is also careful to question and work out what you want from the session. Tanya understands most of what is said and her English is a thousand times better than my French. I choose to face both of them together for 2 hours and their objective was to encourage me to reveal pre-scripted information! They didn’t need 2 hours to do this…, I was rather optimistic! I’m a 1.7m office boy sitting at a desk all day and they train a lot so together they could easily have taken me apart. I didn’t want that really and they knew this being kind in nature. They are both strong and together they could make me submit reasonably quickly especially with scissor holds. Tanya has particularly strong thighs and made me submit at will really. One of the highlights for me was when both Tanya and Vixen were both on top of me, trying to make me say Viva La France! Haha fantastic, I loved that. I think this was the only occasion they didn’t get a submission. I loved it and will definitely book them again hopefully when they visit the UK.

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/05/2022 07:15:47 AM

  • grapple40
  • 185 days ago

I don't know how good a wrestler she is , but I can vouch for her honesty and professionalism. We had a session this week that 'she had to cancel due to illness. Despite her medical expenses, she promptly returned my deposit, no questions asked.

Updated profile: 06/07/2023 12:28:51 AM

Want to have an amazing day??? You need buff barbie in your life!!!  Get in touch with me for laughs, fun, and to see real power… I enjoy muscle worship, massage and fantasy wrestle and much more!!   England June 12-16th Paris Belgium and Amsterdam and London June 19-28th Destin Florida And Tampa or Orlando … dates coming but around July 26th Manhattan,  New York September 11th-15th  (this will book quickly so  the firsts to leave deposit get dibs) reserve your spot before I’m booked... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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