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05/19/202405/22/2024Albany (Clifton Park incall)New York

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  • johnny42
  • 20 days ago

After months of missing each other I finally had the boxing session with this amazing lady and she did not disappoint, don't miss out to book her if she's in your town..

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  • roger50000
  • 20 days ago

I have sessioned with many dommes and I can honestly say that Tempest Luxx was my favorite. From the ease of actually booking the session, to her attention to detail, and the intensity of the session itself, she is amazing. She quickly adapted to what I was looking for in an ideal facesitting session, pushed my limits, all doing so with attention to my well being. I can vouch for all the other reviews on here as well. She is a true professional and you're missing out of you don't book with her!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/01/202405/31/2024Los AngelesCalifornia
06/09/202406/14/2024Rome OTHER

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  • rhymeswithhattrick
  • 20 days ago

Nixie is an absolute delight! I met her during her visit to the San Francisco Bay Area. Setting up the session via email was a breeze. We agreed on a semi-competitive submission match and she overwhelmed me with her superb skills. Even though I had a considerable weight advantage, she was able to submit me 12 times in a row while I was lucky to have gotten side control once. Equally as enjoyable as her owning me on the mats were the conversations we had during the breaks in action. I intend on booking her any time she's nearby on a tour or if I ever make a visit to England.

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  • the_mallu_guy
  • 21 days ago

I had my second session with Pinky earlier this year. As always, she was absolutely amazing in welcoming me. She hardly keeps track of time and is absolute bulldozer of a wrestler. She is not your average Indian woman. I'm 6 feet and about 75kg and she could match me stride to stride. We started off with some arm wrestling and the submission wrestling. She is strong and her scissors are deadly. Word of advice, try to stay away from her headlocks and scissors as much as you can. The session ended with a challenge to a rematch, which we'll do sometime later this year. With some higher stakes this time. Can't wait to face her again!!

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  • shortround99
  • 21 days ago

This was my second session with Megan and my first solo session with her. Megan looked incredible in a stars and stripes one piece swimsuit with pantyhose leggings that showed off her gorgeous curves! I'm a big fan of pro style sessions which Megan is great at, she knows her holds and her trash talk is on point. After a big greeting hug we locked up and she took me down easily and pinned me sitting on my chest with her big booty. Then it was time to test my flexibility with a couple of pro holds. She first put me in a boston crab bending me in half until I tapped out. She then put me in a camel clutch and added on a tight sleeper forcing me to verbally submit or nap. We did some scissors next and I enjoyed being trapped between her thick thighs and she let me rub my hands up and down them before clamping down and making me submit. Her big thighs may feel warm and cozy at first but once she clamps down you realize how much power is under there! She put me in a reverse headscissors which gave me an amazing view of her gorgeous booty as my head was smushed between her powerful quads. Then she sat me on her lap for some much needed cuddles after my punishment. After that it was time to spank my bottom for being such a pathetic jobber. Once she was done my butt was the same color as my red speedo! She wrapped me up and crushed me in a tight bearhug then it was time for more lap sitting cuddles and she cradled me on her lap. We finished up with a few more scissor holds and I enjoyed every second of being trapped and getting to rub my hands up and down her powerful thighs. Megan then celebrated with a victory pose standing with her foot on her defeated opponent. It was an amazing session and I look forward to the next one with Megan!

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  • wphs1901
  • 21 days ago

I enjoyed a 2 hour session with Miss V during her recent visit to Memphis! I love Ballbusting and so does she so it made for an extremely fun afternoon. One thing that has really stuck with me is for the two hour session she acted like I was the most important person in her life. To me it felt like having the undivided and playful attention of the super hot girl next door. Looking into her eyes and watching her expressions was seductive, exciting, and terrifying while she kicked, kneed, punched, slapped and squeezed my nuts repeatedly. To finish the session she sat on my face while she punched my balls over and over. After nine days my right nut has finally stopped hurting so needless to say the session did not disappoint. If you’re ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet Miss V I highly recommend it!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/30/202406/02/2024Phoenix Arizona
08/07/202408/12/2024St PeteFlorida
08/08/202408/11/2024St. Pete TampaFlorida

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  • noah14794
  • 22 days ago

I recently had the pleasure of meeting London Evans while on my trip to Chicago, and I can confidently say that it was an experience beyond my wildest dreams. From the moment we connected, London exuded an irresistible charm that drew me in completely. She professionally executed every single fantasy I’ve ever had and then some, I can’t recommend her enough!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05/04/202405/05/2024Cannes / NiceOTHER
08/21/202408/23/2024New JerseyNew Jersey
08/23/202408/25/2024New York City New York

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  • amradel
  • 22 days ago

I knew Lee Keyrouz a little while ago, She did a great video for me. Lee Keyrouz, wonderful, So beautiful, respectful, Of course so strong, She is very friendly. I dream all time to meet her, and I do a session with her. If you want a real session or a wonderful custom video, I nominate to you Lee Keyrouz. Lee Keyrouz is the best.

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05/01/202405/02/2024Manchester OTHER

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08/07/202408/12/2024Tampa/St Pete/FetishconFlorida

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06/14/202406/26/2024Epping NSWOTHER

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04/27/202404/27/2024WestburyNew York
05/03/202405/05/2024EdisonNew Jersey
05/18/202405/22/2024Las VegasNevada

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  • socalcpl
  • 23 days ago! Chazzie's photos are hot, but fail to do her justice. Truly a beautiful woman, with intelligence and a positive personality to match! Pre-match communications were brief and to the point; we understand, it's a business for her and she probably has to deal with a few knuckleheads so don't be put off by that. Once we met she could not have been more outgoing, fun, and just pleasant to be around! This was a F/F semi-competitive match (at least as competitive as a 120 pound woman with limited wrestling experience could make it. Although Chazzie said it was her first session with another woman from this site, she made the experience absolutely perfect. She was gentle, firm, patient...just an absolute delight. Definitely looking forward to another session Chazzie, and thank you for making our visit to Las Vegas so wonderful! Announcements

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