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Recieved/Replied a review : 11/01/2023 08:05:14 AM

  • fatface
  • 28 days ago

I recently had a session with Avalon. It was great. her sccissors are strong, and her wrestling skills are amazing. She is a true Alpha

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  • prestonpickett
  • 28 days ago

I saw Goddess Amanda last evening in Philly and I had an absolutely fantastic time with her! It was my second time meeitng with her. We chatted, laughed, and I had a permanent smile the entire time with her! Could not have asked for a better time with a beautiful person (inside and out)! Thank you so much for an incredible time!

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09/20/202311/08/2023RaleighNorth Carolina
11/13/202301/05/2024RaleighNorth Carolina
12/16/202312/24/2023New Jersey

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  • dxbslave
  • 28 days ago

I’m shocked to see this. I created a profile today so that I can leave reviews for wrestlers I’ve had sessions with. Been using wb70 for years now and well, that’s a different story. So, I look for the max sisters and I find this. Really don’t know what to say. I’ve had a couple of double domme sessions with Kat and Lexi and a single session with Lexi - all in Dubai. They generally put up at the same hotel and usually the same room when touring, so it’s never been as issue finding them. While both girls are stunning, I find the banter leading up to the session on WhatsApp and during the session itself as the most amazing I’ve had. As far as the monetary issues are concerned, I’ve not experienced any of it. Had to pay a deposit only the first time and after that it’s been very informal. I do hope things get better because they’re an absolute joy to session

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/31/2023 09:55:58 PM

  • dxbslave
  • 28 days ago

I met Marina in Dubai a year ago. She’s stronger and more beautiful than her pics here. She is easy to communicate with and quick to respond. We met at her hotel and after the preliminaries, we were quickly on the floor, with her strong thighs around my neck. I’m a big guy and usually ask for submission sessions instead of semi-competitive. But, this time I really had to use a lot of my strength. She just draws you into doing it. In fact, at one point, I lifted her while she had me in a headlock and immediately regretted doing it (serves me right for not limbering up). I will be seeing her again soon for an encore.

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11/04/202311/09/2023Fort lauderdaleFlorida

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  • su12pi34
  • 29 days ago

10 days ago I got the chance to meet Xena during her stay in Frankfurt. Setting up the meeting with her by e-mail was easy because she always replied quickly. When I arrived at her room I realized that she is as beautiful as she is in the pictures. According to my request she was wearing clothes that were hiding her muscles. After an initial conversation to get to know each other she started to take of her sweater and her pants allowing me to watch and feel her muscles from head to toe. For me, the following muscle worship session was a dream come true and I still can’t believe what I could experience during our the session: the perfect combination of an extremely muscular body combined with a perfectly feminine look. One of the highlights during our session was measuring her muscles (biceps : 36cm, thighs : 61 cm) demonstrating how much bigger she is than most average men including me. I will never forget the time I spent with her and I am looking forward to seeing her again (hopefully soon).

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  • curvy-muscle
  • 29 days ago

Maybe soon? 🙃😀 thanks

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  • m_spangler
  • 29 days ago

GreasyRose is the perfect combination of looks, skill, and attitude! Beautiful from head to toe (literally) she truly cares about making sure you enjoy the session. Her jiujitsu is much better than what I was expecting, tbh! I'd say maybe blue belt level. Incredible legs and feet, know how to use them! Truly enjoyable experience, highly recommend!!

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11/10/202311/13/2023MELBOURNE OTHER
11/14/202302/29/2024Sunsunshine Coast QLD OTHER

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/30/2023 07:03:27 PM

  • fitlove
  • 29 days ago

It was great to meet and talk to this great women and nice to talk about bodybuilding and other things etc. I highly recommend her and would like to meet her again!

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  • forksnsporks
  • 30 days ago

TLDR if you’re even a little curious about a session with Sheena, book it! I’ve never been dominated so easily in my life! Throughout our session Sheena was in complete control of me both physically and mentally. It didn’t matter how hard I struggled, time and time again I found myself at Sheena’s mercy with her gorgeous face smirking down at me. Sheena is a fantastic trash talker too, and can deliver brutal commentary to go with her brutal headscissors. Plus did I not mention her intense smothering? Never have I felt so helpless in a breast smother, if not for her mercy it would’ve been lights out for me! I could not have been happier with our session and can’t wait to get torn apart by her again!

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10/31/202311/17/2023Tel AvivOTHER
11/24/202311/27/2023Frankfurt OTHER
11/27/202311/30/2023Cologne OTHER
11/30/202312/03/2023Brussels OTHER
12/03/202312/06/2023Hamburg OTHER
12/08/202312/10/2023Erevan OTHER

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  • liveyourmythingreece
  • 30 days ago

Jaciara is one of the angels here! She is really good and fast in communication and here English are perfect! We worked together for some custom clips and she did deliver more than she was asked!! Her body and definition is a bit difficult to be described by words! Can’t wait to meet her in person!! Best quads in the industry confirmed!

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11/24/202311/26/2023Fort MyersFlorida
12/17/202312/19/2023Madrid OTHER
01/12/202401/14/2024Londres OTHER
01/19/202401/21/2024Amsterdan OTHER

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11/02/202312/04/2023OrlandoFlorida Announcements

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