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Recieved/Replied a review : 12/17/2023 06:52:52 AM

  • marcos
  • 73 days ago

Ayer tuve una sesión de lucha con Kiniku. La verdad que cuando vi su anuncio por primera vez no me pareció ni muy fuerte ni me daba la impresión de ser muy buena luchadora, pero aún así quería tener la experiencia aunque no me resultase difícil ganarle. Tras varios meses de espera por fin tuve la oportunidad. Al llegar Kiniku es muy amable y simpática y te pregunta como quieres la sesión y si algo no te gusta, y como quieres que vaya ella vestida. Yo elegí topless. Cuando ella se quitó la ropa pude apreciar que tiene un cuerpo muy atlético y musculado, mucho más de lo que esperaba y de lo que aparenta en fotos. En ese momento empecé a dudar de ganar tan fácilmente, pero aún así pensé que sería al menos una batalla igualada ya que yo soy más corpulento que ella. Quise enpezar con unos pulsos pensando que iba a ser fácil, esperaba resistencia por parte de Kiniku pero creía que le ganaría más o menos fácil. En el primer pulso yo haciendo toda la fuerza no conseguía moverle su brazo, y estuvimos quizá un minuto igualados pero al final mi fuerza empezó a decaer y ella seguía empujando igual de fuerte contra mi brazo con lo cual mi derrota fue inevitable. Todos los demás pulsos que hicimos tuvieron el mismo resultado, y ademas cada vez Kiniku ganaba más fácil ya que yo tenía el brazo más cansado y ella seguía con la misma fuerza. En lucha me esperaba lo peor ya que ya me había demostrado que era mucho más fuerte que yo. Ella es muy rápida y tiene mucha técnica, sabe defenderse muy bien y es muy difícil atraparla, y cuando ataca es capaz de inmovilizarte sin que puedas evitarlo, te atrapa de mil formas tanto con sus brazos como con las piernas. Y cuando lo hace es imposible salir, solo queda rendirse. Todos los combates tuvieron el mismo resultado a favor de ella. Incluso me dejó que la inmovilizara y luego ella consiguió escapar e inmovilizarme a mi sin yo poder evitarlo. Fue una sesión increíble y realmente muy humillante para mi ya que en ningún momento tuve opciones de ganarle. Sin saber realmente cuantos combates hicimos yo creo que al menos 15 veces me ganó en lucha y unos 7 u 8 pulsos. No pude ganarle en nada. Incluso al terminar hicimos una flexiones y ella también pudo hacer más sin problemas. Sin duda una luchadora increible y muy fuerte, pero también una mujer muy simpatica y agradable. Repetiré cuando pueda. Gracias Kiniku!! ________________________________________ Yesterday I had a wrestling session with Kiniku. The truth is that when I saw her advertisement for the first time she didn't seem very strong to me nor did she give me the impression of being a very good fighter, but I still wanted to have the experience even if it wasn't difficult for me to beat her. After several months of waiting I finally had the opportunity. When you arrive, Kiniku is very kind and friendly and asks you how you want the session and if you don't like something, and how you want her to be dressed. I chose topless. When she took off her clothes I could see that she has a very athletic and muscular body, much more than I expected and what it appears in photos. At that moment I began to doubt that I would win so easily, but I still thought that it would be at least an even battle since I am bigger than her. I wanted to start with some arm wrestling thinking it was going to be easy, I expected resistance from Kiniku but I believed I would beat her more or less easily. In the first pulse, using all my strength, I was unable to move her arm, and we were evenly matched for perhaps a minute, but in the end my strength began to decline and she continued to push just as hard against my arm, so my defeat was inevitable. All the other arm wrestles we did had the same result, and each time Kiniku won easier since my arm was more tired and she continued with the same strength. In wrestling I expected the worst since she had already shown me that she was much stronger than me. She is very fast and has a lot of technique, she knows how to defend herself very well and it is very difficult to catch her, and when she attacks she is capable of immobilizing you without you being able to avoid it, she traps you in a thousand ways both with her arms and legs. And when it does it is impossible to get out, the only thing left to do is give up. All the fights had the same result in her favor. She even let me pin her down and then she managed to escape and pin me down without me being able to prevent it. It was an incredible session and really very humiliating for me since at no time did I have a chance of beating her. Without really knowing how many fights we did, I think she beat me at least 15 times in wrestling and about 7 or 8 arm wrestling. I couldn't beat her at anything. Even when we finished we did a push-up contest and she was also able to do more without problems. Without a doubt an incredible and very strong fighter, but also a very nice and pleasant woman. I will repeat when I can. Thanks Kiniku!!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/16/2023 03:06:25 PM

  • queen_savage
  • 74 days ago

I'm really just reading this. So delusional. I sat at the bus station for hours and this is a week after my fiance passed away. I didn't delay nor did I cancel. Greyhound delay all of us there going to Dallas and I told you that. You were blocked from messenger for you constantly messaging non stop about shit that had nothing to do with sessions? You weren't liking things I was posting. Saying they were "dark" In reality they were memories and tributes to my fiance that just passed away. Your so totally right. Not your problem at all. AGAIN IF I AM THE ONE THAT CANCELS I HAVE ALWAYS REIMBURSED. I don't have no reason to scam anyone. This is just a FUN income for me because I enjoy wrestling and boxing. FOR FUN. I have 2 great paying jobs I don't need to scam nobody nowhere in my life. Nor have I. Also you owe me more than what you paid when we did meet. I didn't report it because I had fun. I don't do sessions so much for money. I actually enjoy them. You, definitely different experience. But have it my guy. I have great people that know way better then your funky delusional comments and this is all you get from me moving forward.

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/16/2023 10:50:44 AM

  • zammie
  • 74 days ago

In the month of December 2023 I have had the honor to session with Miss Cheeks and the time was an unforgettable fantasy come true. She is easy to setup with, accommodating, and not a clock watcher. She packs a ton of power into her muscular frame, even if she is too humble to admit to. Plus she leaves no pressure into leaving a review, I have decided to do this on my own accord. Don't miss an opportunity to see this considerate hardbody, sweetheart!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/16/2023 06:57:26 AM

  • skylarsbbc
  • 74 days ago

Long time findom sub of Skylar's, first time IRL session with was long overdue! I can't say enough amazing things about her, not only is she commanding and sexy, she's a total sweetheart as well💖. I had the great honor of being featured in a number of her new clips, and let me tell you it was unforgettable! Skylar knows how to exploit your femdom fantasies while revealing other's you never knew you had! All in all she is an amazing woman, capable of dishing out pain or pleasure! Can't wait to be under her heel again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/15/2023 11:00:39 PM

  • fernandonz
  • 75 days ago

I met Astrid a few months back now for my 2nd session which was very easy to arrange. She is stunning! The session was mostly based on submission holds, let me tell you, there is absolutely no escape once she gets you, I had an amazing time and looking forward to my 3rd session with her. Best in Sydney!!🔥🔥

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/15/2023 06:31:36 PM

  • teddybear
  • 75 days ago

Met Savannah for the first time, had a fantasy wrestling session. The experience was perfect, Savannah listens to your needs and specifics perfectly. Her scissorholds are amazing she knows how to put the perfect amount of pressure. Great experience and would highly recommend

Updated profile: 12/15/2023 04:46:45 PM

Do you need a break from constantly being in charge? Are you ready to explore your kinky fantasies of being dominated by a bossy, muscular beauty? Longing to let go and submit yourself to outmost obedience? I’m Ava Reyes, your newest – one of a kind – upscale, fit femme fatale. Pro fitness model by day, bossy mistress after dawn. Whether you’re looking to get crushed by my juicy muscular quads or simply worship them, cater to my every demand, serve as my doormat and personal slave – MY wish is YOUR command. Some of my favourite kinks include, but are not limited to: Findom Cashmeet SPH Whipping, flogging, paddling Foot/Muscle worship Scissoring Pegging Ball... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/15/2023 11:50:26 AM

  • iamsomeguy
  • 75 days ago

Recently had a 1 hour foot fetish session with Koven during her trip to Florida. She was great to work with leading up to the session and her feet are a dream come true. They’re small, ticklish, and incredibly soft. Highly recommend booking her if she’s in your area!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/15/2023 09:40:51 AM

  • lvfeist1
  • 75 days ago

I had a great session with Skye yesterday in NJ. Setup and arranging the session was very easy as Skye was super responsive throughout the process. She greeted me with a warm smile and made me feel very comfortable throughout. She adapts very well during the session to make sure you have a fantastic experience. Afterwards, we had a nice chat which was really cool too. I highly recommend booking a session with her and I’ll be sure to do so next time she comes around the area.

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/14/2023 11:34:33 AM

  • anon1244
  • 76 days ago

I met Jet in London. Upon meeting Jet, I was struck by how tall and beautiful she is. Her pictures don’t do her justice. Her physique was insane. Very muscular, much better than her pictures. However, what surprised me the most was Jet’s approach to the session. She is incredibly lovely and takes her time to understand your needs and how she can fulfil them. She very friendly and makes you feel so welcome. Truly has a great personality. Aside from Jet as a person, she is incredibly strong! I opted for a lift and carry session and she exceeded my expectations more than I could of ever imagined. Jet lifted me up very easily and done various types of lifts including balancing my whole weight on her left shoulder! Could not recommend Jet enough! If you ever have the opportunity to meet these Persian princess, take it!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08/04/202408/12/2024St. PetersburgFlorida

Updated profile: 02/20/2024 06:38:53 PM

Soy Jesi Catler, original de España, ahora estoy en Barcelona,soy una culturista que me gusta mucho que me adoren. Amo los musculos, son muy sexys y me gusta mucho hacer sesiones de todo tipo. Puedes contactar vía email:... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 01/06/2024 02:40:19 PM

Hi!  I’m Mistress Diana I’m into all manner of fetish. From ball-busting to face sitting, I am a fem goddess offering sensual domination. Ready to... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 12/20/2023 07:30:30 PM

You may call me Queen Kelsey.  I am a feminine goddess who specializes in a variety of sensual domination. My personal favorites are foot worship, body worship, boot/shoe worship, trampling, face sitting, smothering, scissor holds, flogging, caning, paddling, spanking, role-play, and... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/11/2023 04:11:16 PM

  • motherfather456
  • 79 days ago

I had a session with Jenny over the weekend and it was absolutely amazing. It was an incredible experience and I could not have been more pleased. Jenny is super friendly to correspond with and is super easy to get everything set up. She is just as sweet in person, has a great sense of humor and is so easy to talk to. We had a body worship session mixed in with some roleplay and it was the most sensual experience I've ever had. Jenny has a body to die for and I could definitely tell she could kick anyone's ass if she wanted. If you see Jenny is traveling to your area, book her. If you are in Vegas, go see her. If those 2 are not an option, then sponsor her trip to come out. You will not regret it. Thank you again Jenny!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/11/2023 02:04:09 PM

  • scapularis31
  • 79 days ago

Had a very nice session with Veronika on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was my first time ever having a wrestling session and Veronika was absolutely easy, friendly and uncomplicated to write with, already in the contact phase. The session itself was so nice and and perfect from the beginning, when she welcomed me in a warm and very freindly manner already when I entered the room. She offered me a cup of tea, we talked a little and she gave me all the options for the session. When the session started; I immediately felt her immense power and skills that she possesses. After a while, I could not keep pace with her, since she is ery strong and fit, so we took little breaks in between. The time of the session (1,5h) flew by like nothing. The session willl definitely stay in my mind for a long time! Conclusion: Veronika is very beautiful, intelligent, easy to talk to and an absolute expert when it comes to wrestling or anything she offers in her list above. Highly recommendable: 6 out of 5 stars!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/11/2023 05:51:25 AM

  • user1942335
  • 79 days ago

Absolutely INCREDIBLE. 11 out of 10. By a WIDE margin, THE best session I have EVER had. Communication beforehand to set up the appointment was very easy. Sybil replied almost instantly, and answered all of my questions. We were able to arrange a time, place, and preferred attire with incredible ease. As for the session itself, I was VERY nervous (I'm always nervous before sessions, but also because I hadn't sessioned with Sybil before), but from the moment she arrived to greet me and lead me to the space, she RADIATED a friendly warmth that put me instantly at ease. We took some (pre-agreed-upon) photos as we discussed the session. She was again very friendly and was very understanding of what I was looking for in a session. Then it was right to it. And ho-lee CRAP. I'm still not sure how to describe it. Sybil instantly seemed to "get" what I was looking for in a way that other session wrestlers just... hadn't. Communication was easy, but hardly even seemed necessary. Everyone's limits were well-defined, and everyone's limits were respected. At one point, I straight-up got "lost in the moment" and was no longer "there" in that physical space. I don't know how else to describe it. The closest I can think of is what BDSM calls "subspace." Heck, maybe it WAS subspace (I *was* in a submission hold after all.) Either way, I've never experienced anything like it, and I'm still riding that high almost 24 hours later. Absolutely euphoric. I'm finding it hard to physically type this sentence simply because I'm thinking about that experience again. Aaaaaaanyway, afterwards, Sybil was again extremely friendly and caring. She posed for a few more photos at my request, and hugged me on my way out. I simply cannot recommend Sibyl Star enough. I made an account on here JUST so I could leave this review. It was that amazing. My only regret is that she's not local haha. (Then again, that's probably good news for my wallet!) Again, just absolutely INCREDIBLE. Book a session with her YESTERDAY.

Updated profile: 12/11/2023 03:23:15 AM

I am the tan taut queen of your wildest dreams. I am the perfect mix of sugar and spice: I love yoga, ball busting, silky lingerie (on me or you), flogging & the beach! I am Victoria’s Secret with a nasty edge, the hot girl in high school that laughed at you from afar. As an ex ballerina, I am no stranger to discipline. At 5’11” and 122 pounds, I am used to men slobbering over me. I may look sweet and pretty  but I have a savage side—you’ll see how cruel and nasty I can be. I’m an expert at torture (both mental and physical), pushing you right up to your edge. I love to make men break! I’ll be your hungry Giantess, wrestling champion or your relentless... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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