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Updated profile: 11/23/2022 10:31:54 PM

I’m a full-time international pro model and competitive athlete, so you’ll get the perfect package of femininity and extreme strength. If you haven’t already been floored by a punch or a pin, I’m pretty sure my big green eyes will do the job as you stare into them. I compete in powerlifting and can squat over 165kg (over 2.5x BW); my sixpack, big biceps and even bigger quads are here all year round to submit you. I’ve got relentless stamina from over 10 years martial arts training with particular skill in Muay Thai and kickboxing and new interest in BJJ.  Travelling the world for modelling means that I am usually in a different city each week. I... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/02/2022 11:49:02 AM

I am a true Amazon, standing 6’2 with UK 11 feet to match. Strong and powerful, I delight in using my height to bully and overpower weak men. I am one of the tallest session wrestlers out there with legs so long they could wrap around you twice! I love scissoring sessions and using My long legs to crush My opponent. I train regularly in the gym, and many opponents have been surprised by My strength – while I like to keep a lean physique do not be deceived – I train hard and I am very strong. I have recently gotten into session wrestling after working as a Dominatrix for many years, and I love to combine My Domination skills with wrestling. I particularly enjoy roleplay... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/14/2022 01:04:58 PM

  • chloecu
  • 75 days ago

Thank you so much for this review 💖 I can say the same things about you...just so you know. Perfect timing for me to finally reply, since I will be seeing you AGAIN in a few days here! Lol. I'm very much looking forward to it. <3 XOXO

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/14/2022 07:05:25 AM

  • keit_d
  • 75 days ago

What can I say, I've had many webcam sessions with Beth, it's always been something incredible, she's great at communicating, she's open minded to your every fantasy. And what to say about her body, she is simply a goddess, before which your knees will tremble from her beauty and her strength! I look forward to the next session! and on her body progress keep going keep getting bigger! Strong is the new sexy!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/14/2022 02:31:42 AM

  • deejay
  • 75 days ago

HI DENISE!! I’m Darin. I have literally had a huge crush on you the INSTANT I saw you wrestle another woman. Your beauty, attractiveness, unmatched sexiness, and gorgeous muscularity melted my heart!! I literally have EVERY f vs f match featuring your beautiful self!!! AND every video I say to myself, “my God she is absolutely gorgeous and it would be a dream come true to meet u & have a session!!” Congrats on visiting the United States soon!!! I live in New Jersey, and would LOVE it if u could visit Philly, New Jersey, or New York City. My dream would be fulfilled. My w mail is [email protected] Plz keep in touch and let me know if u will have sessions in my area. (Fingers crossed…and YOU ARE AMAZING!!)

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/14/2022 02:26:49 AM

  • dsmithfun
  • 75 days ago

I had recent sessions with queen savage I came from Detroit and we had committed before she’s very fun and strong she had me locked up over all very fun person and look so good! Good scissors and headlocks

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/13/2022 02:07:27 PM

  • sampson44
  • 76 days ago

I am 6’0 195 strong and fit and had a competitive wrestling session against Emma. Man she has rock hard muscles as the pictures indicate and she is lightning fast. We wrestled for about a half an hour. I brought the best I had and man it was quite the battle. We were both exhausted and soaked in sweat. I never got her to tap as I’m not super technical but had the upper hand in the match because of my size. She got me in a few arm bars but i was able to muscle out. I probably won the battle as I edged her out because of the size advantage but if i was 160-170, she probably would’ve beaten me. Her posing is super sexy. She seems to like showing off her shredded physique especially her arms and abs! Again she has legit wrestling skills and will catch you in her traps. She is one of the best technical wrestlers out there with an incredible shredded physique!

Updated profile: 11/04/2022 10:14:26 PM

Fun young model and newbie fetish actress. Trained in a few years of jiu jitsu. Message me if you’re interested in a session! I’ll be traveling soon 11-9-11-15 ORLANDO, FL from Tulsa,... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/14/2022 05:15:08 PM

I am Lara and I come from Italy. I offer sessions in Bassano del grappa (ITALY) of semi-competitive or fantasy wrestling. Next date: 20/21/22nd of November TORINO 12/13th of December MILANO From 17th to 21st of January LONDON Contact me by mail to book a... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/04/2022 11:12:12 PM

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Goddess Tessa. Im 193cm / 6’4  barefoot and 108kg / 238lbs with foot size 45eu / 13us.   I love to do sessions which include Height and size comparisons Height humiliation Fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling Giantess roleplay Footworship, smelly feet Fantasy boxing/kickboxing Trampling Legscissors Lift and carry (max 80kg/175lbs) NO SEX OR NUDITY – don’t try For other fantasies you can ask me by email. Im very open minded and love to have... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/20/2022 07:15:29 PM

Hallo, my name is Marina. I am a WPD Pro athlet, and a model – for Sport, Fitness photographie; also – gothic photographie. Have worked as a Fitness Model for HerBiceps; Muscle Angel,  Muscle and Fitness; Also – as a gothic model in Insomnia Berlin and on WGT (Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig) Love Sport with all my heart, doing already 23 years I am hier by Session girls to notice me as a model, don’t do privat session or so on. My profil I would say – more interesting for photographs or sport/fitness advertisement. For Shooting please contact me via Email. Sincerely,... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/12/2022 11:39:46 AM

  • lz1279
  • 77 days ago

So, I had a session with Goddess Marcy this past Friday, and it was phenomenal!!! Even better looking in person, asked for semi-comp/ fantasy and she totally delivered! She’s tougher than you would expect but she totally smothered and engulfed me, facesitting, headscissors, we’re among the moves that we’re used, would totally recommend!!!

Updated profile: 11/29/2022 12:36:52 AM

Bonjour, Hi , Hola 🙂 I am an Ultra sexy well trained athlete-women, i did mostly 10 years of Muaythaii and im passionate about it. Im precise and technical, i like to see my opponents on the ground  or seing the defeat in their eyes. I like a steady flow of  heavy punches, but my strengh is in my unseen ruthless lowkicks and my razor sharp elbows.🥊 Everybody is charmed by my skin and my insane butt when they fight me. I am taking Wrestling private classes for thoses who likes to be carry and to be  take down!! I am pretty good actually, i learn so fast!! The dancing and bein a muaythai practitionner help a lot! Ican’t wait to make you lose your balance! Im also a... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/17/2022 05:24:15 PM

Hi guys!!! I’m your NEW Dubai Muscle Model 😉 Originally from the UK (London) Living in DUBAI. Welcome… i’m a female competitve bodybuilder with great ambition. I have been competing for 8 years. I train ALL year round as I’m very passionate about the sport and my physique. I love to meet up with my fans so please do get in touch! I will be living in the UAE for a while so please feel free to contact me if you would like a session!!! All fetishes and fantasies I can make come true. Let me know what you are interested in and lets book in your slot before I get too busy! I take bookings on the day as well !! If your in Dubai or coming to Dubai make sure you... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/21/2022 01:40:31 PM

Hello, I am a beautiful, tall and athletic italian fitness model and pro volleyball player. I also practiced kick-boxing for 5 years. I enjoy very much semi-competitive, fantasy and submission wrestling sessions. We can have fun with all comforts (professional tatami, possibility of shower, etc) in my place in Varese, near Milan. Please write me on Whatsapp if you are REALLY interested in a session with me. I do not show my face here for privacy reasons, but if you want we can have a brief video call before you book the session.   MEASURES: Bust/Waist/Hips: 92/64/96 Biceps: 32 Quadriceps: 56 Calves: 37 Shoe size: EU 42 – US... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/08/2022 01:10:08 AM

I am known by Heather Armbrust, Heather Policky, The Spiritual Badass or my Domina alter ego; Alpha Hughes which is my favorite! I am naturally a Domina and wish to keep most of my work in femdom and submissives. I encourage my more submissive clients to contact me at [email protected] You will be at the top of my priority. I am retired from professional bodybuilding but still stay as muscular as possible because I love it. I will never compete again but I sure look like it. My personality is naturally dominate yet kind which is a true alpha. I can be your biggest fantasy or your worst nightmare; maybe both. My meetings however, depend on the individual client as I am very... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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