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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/25/202309/26/2023London eastOTHER
09/30/202310/02/2023London OTHER

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  • xxdeeheart3xx
  • 17 days ago


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  • grapple40
  • 17 days ago

Chloe isa, quite simply, an. amazing blend of power and sensuality. Her signature headlock, applied slowly out of concern for the recipient, could probably bring an ox to its knees.

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  • pekave
  • 17 days ago

I met Mel in Gothenburg for a scissor session. She is very strong and knows how to apply pressure in a scissorhold. I had to tap several times when she told me she wasnt even doing anything. Communication and setting up the session was easy. I would definitely recommend her 10/10

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/24/202309/26/2023Minneapolis Minnesota
10/07/202310/11/2023New YorkNew York
10/22/202310/22/2023San JoseCalifornia
10/23/202310/26/2023Los AngelesCalifornia
10/30/202311/02/2023New YorkNew York
11/08/202311/09/2023CharlestonSouth Carolina
11/10/202311/13/2023Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina
12/13/202312/16/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina

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  • xenaguerriere
  • 18 days ago

Hi you It was once again very, very nice to see you again. And I really enjoyed our Arm Wrestling session. Indeed it is possible that I have progressed, technically and perhaps even in terms of strength. In any case, it was always a pleasure to see you again. Many thanks for these great chocolates that you bring me every time. They are excellent. And thank you for your little gift, I was really touched by the attention you received. For our session it was really very, very nice, we laughed a lot and that made me happy. Maybe next time it’s in October !

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  • reservoir_dog
  • 18 days ago

Had a chance to session with Rexy in Hartford, and like all the reviews below, a great time!! I think what makes her a little bit special, though, is her ability to connect with who she’s with, make them feel at ease… like it’s not just a numbers game, but genuinely interested in what you’re looking for, and making sure it’s enjoyable. Communication was on point, and she was all kinds of charming, witty, and, of course, absolutely stunning 😍.. Don’t Miss out if she comes to your city!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10/24/202310/25/2023New YorkNew York
10/26/202310/27/2023WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
11/14/202311/17/2023Los AngelesCalifornia

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10/13/202310/15/2023Tel AvivOTHER

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area

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  • faithshalynn
  • 18 days ago

Mr Sexy Buns is professional, a great actor, has great industry knowledge & combat experience.. not only have we shot many times but he is also a good friend of mine! Great energy and amazing cooking skills!! I highly recommend him for content making, customs, and trade!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09/14/202309/17/2023District of Columbia
10/13/202310/16/2023Las VegasNevada

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  • ols1989
  • 18 days ago

I booked a session with Rage last year when she was in the UK, we had a competitive session, I was a lot bigger than her and strength train, so I was fairly confident. Rage’s technique was flawless and after 5 minutes she’d won and the match was already over, the rest of the match consisted of her just keep me in reverse head scissors and sitting on me and not letting me get back up, making me tap time after time and I just couldn’t get up, all my energy had just been squeezed out of me! Rage kept me in reverse scissors and wouldn’t let me go, she then said I had to say ‘please rage’ instead of tap and I had no choice as it was either that or be knocked out! Proud of her victory, Rage posted about it on Twitter. Be warned her head scissors are lethal! We’ve had 3 sessions in total now, thank you Ollie :)

Updated profile: 09/29/2023 05:07:41 AM

  Thank you for visiting my session page👋. I am new to SessionGirls BUT NOT NEW TO THIS!! I am on multiple other similar sites and I’ve done this for over 2years! With that being said don’t you dare underestimate me – – – I am a former dancer and amateur boxer, so I am combat ready💪🏽!!!  And, according to my recent wrestling victims, – I’m not just Deceptively Strong – I am Amazingly strong !!! First, I will memorize you with my Silky and Sensual Seduction💋, then, once under my spell – it’s game on, usually for you, that means lights out🫨!!! For you Role-Players and Fantasy Dreamers out there, I am ready for 🫵🏽... ... Continue Reading

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  • ithinkthatway2
  • 19 days ago

Melody was super kind and friendly easy to schedule. great experience. Announcements

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