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  Travel Notes: Northern California – Mid April 2024 Southern California – Late May 2024 idaho – August 2024   Hello Everyone!!! I am Gabi, a ssbbw model (orginal name Gaining Gabi), squash queen and wrestler, I have been doing various sessions for well over 15 years, first squashing/crushing and then wrestling. I have returned to my quest to overpower and squash men like pancakes. To date I succeeded every time and flattened every man who has dared to challenge me ;-). Proud to be a mancrusher!! The type of sessions I offer are the following: Squashing Trampling Smothering Human Furniture (350 an hour) Face Sitting (750/hour) I would prefer other... ... Continue Reading

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Xenia Vs Bond – THIGH CRUSHER BOUND AND RODE FACESITTING   Serve an award winning & Elite Dominatrix, Tempest Luxx. Welcome, I know what it is you seek. you seek to submit to the control of a true Goddess that can guide you into states of euphoric bliss. you crave the experience of a true power exchange as you fantasize about being rendered helpless, and subservient by a Powerful Woman. you dream of serving an Elite Dominatrix that seduces your body and fucks your mind. you feel yourself begin to weaken at My words, as you crave My control, My command, My attention…you ultimately crave, Me. . My play style is sensual, seductive & slightly sadistic. I value... ... Continue Reading

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  • champ123
  • 660 days ago

Saw this girl get dominated in a catfight against Kira a few years ago. Quite possibly one of the funniest Catfights Iโ€™ve ever seen. This woman cannot scrap her way out of a paper bag.

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  • matt2025
  • 661 days ago

I am matt I met Zumbagirl in the past she Is a very nice person and cool

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  • liveitfullest
  • 662 days ago

I recently had a session with Dominique. It was my first 'session' and certainly first time wrestling. Dominique is so bubbly and friendly that she immediately made me feel comfortable and we just had so much fun and banter while doing the session. I felt like I was having fun with a friend. We did fantasy/semi-competitive wrestling, some humiliation and lift and carry. She is in great shape and very strong!! She lifted and carried me with such ease that I literally felt like her tiny toy! I have plenty of experience with lift and carry and no other girl has made me feel that way! Was just awesome, would love to repeat!!

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  • willem
  • 663 days ago

Nice pictures

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  • soles_scream
  • 663 days ago

There is so much to say about Calisa! I booked her along with Bella Lux and we made some great content. Calisa communicated her boundaries clearly and had all the outfit selections I requested. She put her stamp on the shoot which enhanced the content ideas I had in my head going into the shoot. I booked her for the day, and she was efficient moving from scene to scene. Absolutely a joy both in and out of scene, and just owns the scenes she's in. Calisa can do it all and was extremely helpful on set. Definitely recommend her for shoots, sessions, customs, and whatever else she does. She is absolutely on my rehire list.

Updated profile: 01/16/2024 02:30:11 AM

Iโ€™m a professional wrestler currently based in Florida. Iโ€™ve been in the business for 10 years and currently wrestle for WWN Shine. Professional model for 16 years. I love to fight ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘‘ Iโ€™m available for wrestling, worship, customs, and hiring for in house slave work. Contact me via OF or email to book.... ... Continue Reading

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My name is Mistress Karma. Are you looking for a strong woman who can control you both mentally and physically? I am a strict, assertive Mistress who appreciates formal communication and manners above all. I am fit, strong, and I offer safe, sane and consensual sessions. I offer both hard and gentle FemDom. I am known for my sensuality & creativity when it comes to performing role play. We can act out your script, but if youโ€™re brave enough & want a more exciting session, then let me take the reigns. I am not a typical role play artist as I love to be spontaneous. Youโ€™ll find that with my creative ad-lib, a collaboration for our session can be mutually beneficial as it... ... Continue Reading

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  • doolzthedaring
  • 664 days ago

Allie is one of the most caring and sweetest professionals out there! Our session was pro wrestling based and we even did alot of pro wrestling spots (ie using the bed as a ring apron) She's also an awesome seamstress and can make quite the gear for any occasion! Indy wrestlers and major org wrestlers (Impact, WWE, NWA) all have had gear made by her! Total Professional! <3

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  • joesoul56
  • 664 days ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernibernadetta in Manchester very recently for the second time. Let me say that this meet could not be better than before and it was sheer enjoyment. She has a real warm personality with a great sense of humour. Not only is she very beautiful, but muscular and extremely strong too. I've met 4 other women in the past 2 years and without exaggeration, Berni is the smallest in height and weight, but pound for pound the absolute strongest.. We started with a little roleplay, with me being playing a sceptical journalist, who was trying to establish that female bodybuilders are all show with no real strength, compared to an average man. Also that media shots are enhanced or photoshopped to make them look more muscular than in real life. This resulted in her counter arguments followed by examples of how wrong I could be. What ensued was one sided arm wrestling, light grappling, some lift and carry, then posing of impressive muscles especially biceps, triceps and quads. Her quads are world class, but what really surprised me again were her rock hard 13 inch forearms which bulged out three ways with clear separation and definition. Her lifts of my bulky 81 kgs (179 lbs) seem effortless and forget the other tests of strength as I was humiliated in a fun way and I'm no wimp as a young at heart 60+ fairly fit example, of what I can now describe myself as the new weaker sex. On the hand grip machine, she recorded 115ibs with her right hand compared to my reading of 83 lbs. Obviously what followed was inevitable real muscle worship and lots of insightful conversation. Also prior to the meeting, the communication was also fun and she never kept me waiting long for any sort of reply. A must see for any admirer of strong, muscular beauties. Thank you Berni, I'm still on a high and I can't wait to meet you again.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜‚

Updated profile: 04/16/2024 10:22:49 PM

Hi, welcome to my space; My name is Patricia, a Wellness athlete. I am a woman with a dominant attitude, in me you will see the art of a muscular and aesthetic body formed based on many years of training and dedication, with a mixture of skill and strength. The combination that leaves me naturally perfect. In Submission, I apply Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves (blocks or finishes), the triangle choke is one of my favorite moves, where I see my opponents struggling to escape my strong thighs. This if what you are looking for is a hand-to-hand fight. I can offer you a mix of sessions ranging from: Muscleworship, semi-competitive wrestling, beat downs (nothing too brutal), fantasy Wrestling... ... Continue Reading

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  • spiceman997
  • 669 days ago

Has anyone been able to get ahold of her? I tried reaching out back in December and again recently. Not sure if she's still doing sessions :/ Announcements

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