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Oftentimes, Your breath is mine- I love to take it away with my perfect ass. Coupling it with Fantasy Wrestling gives me the warm and fuzzies. I love to pin you down on the ground and use your face as a seat. The vibration of your muffled screams traveling along my soft luscious cheeks. The feeling of your body squirming beneath me, pointless, breathless…   Cute, Colorful and sometimes cruel. I have recently developed a very consistent gym routine so my strength and skillset is growing each and every day. While I have some experience in Semi-competitive wrestling, my heart is deep in fantasy wrestling especially as I learn more wrestling techniques and safety. I like to show off... ... Continue Reading

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  • 1nf3riority
  • 35 days ago

I did some rounds of wrestling (some striking allowed) with Luna at the Moonlight Fightclub event and I can only say 1 thing: She is ridiculously skilled and strong at whats she does. I mean it In around 6 minutes total, she managed to make me submit 7 or 8 times. She was absolutely ruthless (in a good way of course). The only time I virtually managed to stop her in her tracks lasted at most 20 seconds, when I had her in a guard position... and she managed to break the position by just lifting me effortlessly. I am around 200 lbs, keep in mind. She is extremely quick and surgically accurate, to the point whether I resisted or not seemed irrelevant. Her legs were crazy strong, whether it was to hold me or kick me. She did toy with me a bit, like by slapping my face or CBT, but what really struck was extremely focused on her goal she was...and at that time, her goal was to absolutely destroy me.Needless to say, she absolutely succeeded. I will forever remember that great time. Goddess LunaCrush, thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity and for absolutely destroying me. Maybe we will meet again in the future.

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  • ginger_kateryna
  • 36 days ago

Girls! To get to the session with this handsome man is a great luck! There are some people who leave a nice aftertaste and that's Him! Henry, you have become very dear and close, but I still want to kick your ass 😆 like it 🐈‍⬛🤘🏻❤️💪🏻😈

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  • leisurist_8
  • 36 days ago

I first saw Sheena's profile only about 7 months ago, I was so inspired by her accomplishments. She has mixed martial arts contests dating back to 2013. Sheena has a long period of practicing the martial arts. She is highly experienced. What made me yearn to meet her was after watching one of her LFC wrestling matches with Bella Madysen. Sheena proved to be a power house at times tossing her around like a small child. After watching that match, it was my blue light vision to meet Sheena for a light wrestling match. She happened to be in New York this past weekend so we made arrangements to meet. I did my Bryan Adams wrestler impression. He sadly left us in 2007. But if you're a true wrestling fan like myself, you would remember Bryan Adams as Crush of Demolition in the WWF (now WWE) and one half of the tag team Kronik (WCW). We had a wonderful improvised match. Sheena is super strong. She reversed suplexed me and gave me the longest spinning body slam I had in my entire life. It was probably about 10 seconds. It's moments like these you have to cherish for life. Sheena is one powerful woman and she is a true gift we have on this earth. I hope to see some more LFC wrestling matches with her in the near future!!!

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  • fitfights2021
  • 37 days ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Fyona for over 10 years. Initially met her as a camgirl, she eventually began producing customs for me related to wrestling. Before long she started meeting with other models to produce custom matches. Since then she has been nothing short of amazing. From continued custom production, to booked wrestling matches, to sponsored catfights, she has helped arrange, or been an eager participant in numerous projects I have requested. Fyona is one of the most real people I have met in this business, happy to interact with fans who are respectful, and always gets multiple casting calls from producers she works with. I would recommend Fyona for all of the above. Not to mention, she is tough and sexy as hell, and truly does enjoy what she does.

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  • tobychainsaw
  • 37 days ago

I met Lottie for a session in London and I know this sounds very cliche but do not be fooled by her demure manner and charm. Once she gets you on the mat, she's all business. She rode me around the mat like a horse, although I never complained and I especially loved it when she pinned me and she allowed me to pin her, briefly. Lottie makes wrestling really fun and I couldn't believe how fast the time went.

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  • --nir--
  • 37 days ago

So, i had a session with anastaxia' and it's a little bit difficult to write about it. How can I start writing about an hour that seems like it been taken from another universe..? I could say for sure that I have never experienced anything like this in my life. The first moment, I saw in front of me a really really beautiful, sexy and kind woman. That made me think that maybe she wasn't exactly the type of person to beat me in wrestling. Well, I couldn't been more wrong then that. She's strong, She's technical, and she's merciless. I found myself struggling to breathe between her perfect arms and her amazing thighs again and again, And it made me exhausted very quickly. And that's when she decided to have fun with her prey One moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life - I am helpless, completely captivated and under her control, and then she starts whispering in my ear: "I can do what I want with you" "Did you think that because you are a man you are able to face me? Look how humiliated you are. Do you know that soon you will be kissing my feet and armpit?" There is no words in every language to describe What I felt in those moments and what I feel every time I remember this moment. Of course she do what she told me. I tried to resist but found myself kissing and licking her feet and armpits afterwards This is an important moment for me to clarify why this hour under her made her a real goddess for me. She knew that feet and armpits were my fetishes. And she did incorporate them into the session and enjoyed them herself. But she managed to get me there totally humiliated and totally mentally submissive and that made everything that happened in the session so real and powerful Thank you GODDESS Anastaxia for much much more than one hour with you. You made me your true slave and admirer in just one hour.

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  • leglock22
  • 37 days ago

Here’s all you need to know about Andi! She was hurt during a session the night before n immediately got in contact to let me know she’d not be able to session the next day. She was as up front an honest as you can be as a person. So we hung out , talked, watched wrestling videos and it was so laid back and down to earth genuine that you could be in her position at the time. We will meet again!! And so should anyone else reading this if she comes to your city! Trust me, she’s tough as hell and will toy with you, but girls like this that are honest and just truly “real” people, need to be booked in every city they visit! She’s awesome on the mats! And a better person in real life! Just proves she’s not that…” vicious “

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  • muhamusman615256usman
  • 37 days ago

I had a session With GODDESSES GIA yesterday in Philadelphia it was the best session of my life I really enjoyed it and had a great time thank you so much goddess gia for this great experience

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  • lenonmoi
  • 38 days ago

Just sessioned with Monica in Miami. She was spectacular. Another reviewer said she was inexperienced as a grappler - she must have improved a lot since then because she had no trouble with me. If you’re worried about the fact that everyone is describing her as sweet and you want dominant and mean, don’t worry she can do that if you ask for it. She beat the fuck out of me, ended every rest with a surprise attack, and was a great shut talker. Enjoyed every second. Her legs are beautiful and rock hard and when she got on top of me I couldn’t move her an inch. 10/10 session, would recommend

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  • freddieherbert
  • 38 days ago

This is one of those “long overdue” reviews, but I noticed the lack of any on her page and that’s a crime considering how good she is. Crazy-sexy and strong, HT gave me the most wonderfully brutal session I’ve ever had - so much so that I was ready to call it quits on my mixed wrestling career afterwards. But of course I didn’t and am looking forward to a rematch. Recommended.

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Being under the guidance and control of a Dominatrix is what you dream of. You were created to serve and obey. Accepting this lifestyle gives you peace and a purpose. My style changes depending on the sub but my strict demeanor stays the same. It’s never too late to start your submission. Welcome to your new addiction my name is Madame Aza. You must fill out a sub-application before booking. In-person sessions must be booked 72 hours before the session date. A 50% deposit is required to book the session date you request. The remaining balance is due before you arrive at the session location. Cancellations must be made 4 hours before the time of the session. If you need to cancel... ... Continue Reading

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