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Do you need a really good ass kicking? I am a very gorgeous and mysterious young lady with roots in the west Indies. You will adore the texture of my caramel colored vibrant brown skin. When it comes to domination using my voluptuous, curvy thighs to smother & over power is a talent I enjoy using. I enjoy: Face sitting Smothering/Breath play Spitting Humiliation Spanking Paddling Tickle Wrestling Scissoring & much more I do require a 300/hrly  tribute for my time.  Email me if youre seriously interested in booking a session  [email protected]  I cant wait to kick your ass... ... Continue Reading

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  • vegasishome
  • 37 days ago

Wow! I’ve been doing sessions for years and this, without a doubt, was the best session of my life. Best abs in the business, no doubt. She has the perfect blend of muscularity and femininity. Honestly, I think she strikes that balance better than anybody I’ve ever seen. It’s a privilege to be able to admire her hard work. Muscle worship was divine. It was an honor to feel just how hard and strong she is. It’s incredible that she can stay so lean but still have such incredible upper body development. And… Those cheeks… I think one of the most incredible things about her is that she’s completely natural. There’s something special about a woman who could have that much muscular development naturally. It’s so impressive and inspiring! Her body is perfection personified, but that’s not even the best part about her. She is wicked smart. she has a degree and loves to learn. I could just listen to her talk all day. Just insanely intelligent. I learned a lot about the industry, fitness, supplements, and even a little bit about investment. Our conversation went from the physical, to the philosophical, and covered some fun social commentary. I felt like I found a friend I didn’t know I had. She made me feel incredibly comfortable and safe. She was incredibly easy to work with, fun to talk to, and accommodating. She also has beautiful Brown eyes that have a captivating dark ring on the outside with a lighter brown near the pupil. So captivating! And she has an unforgettable smile. She has a beautiful soul, positive vibes, and a personality that is second to none. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Respect her boundaries and she will respect you right back.

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  • r3tr0b4t
  • 37 days ago

I sessioned with her a couple days ago and I have to say she was absolutely amazing. Hands down a 10/10. She's strong and knows technique and also teaches some technique too. If you are in her area or she's traveling to your area do yourself a favor and book her you won't be disappointed. Easily one of if not my favorite session ive had.

Updated profile: 10/22/2022 09:05:09 AM

Bow down to your new Qing! KK Qing is a true athlete. Played D1 level ball and has continued her training after college and is constantly in the gym. The Qing is a true Amazon Woman standing at 5ft 11in and 210lbs and is ready to take on any competitor! Do think you have what it takes to pin this Goddess amongst men? Book to find out. Along with wrestling and boxing sessions KK Qing also provides foot fetish sessions. Pleass email for booking [email protected] or TEXT... ... Continue Reading

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  • mysterj
  • 37 days ago

I can confirm this is a real profile. She is away at the moment on personal matters. But I'm sure she will get back to you when she can. I hope she I'd back soon she is a sweet and amazing woman.

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  • clcc2222
  • 37 days ago

After admiring her from a distance for many years and then being interrupted by the pandemic, I was finally able to session with Goddess Talia in New York recently. She was very responsive to my introductory email and made arranging the session easy. She writes very well and is clear and concise in her communications, making arranging the session super easy. We met at her session space which was really nice and very private. I wanted a fantasy session involving wrestling and light bondage, and my preference is for petite, athletic girls. I realize it’s cliche, but as pretty as her pictures are she is absolutely gorgeous in person. A near perfect body, beautiful face and eyes you could get lost in forever. She was warm, welcoming and delightful to talk to, her inner beauty every bit matching her striking attractiveness. I laid out a role play and she was immediately excited and all in. As soon as we hit the mats she played her role to the hilt and was a very aggressive wrestler! Although it was fantasy and my resistance was deliberately minimal, she knows her holds and has really strong legs. Terrific scissors, can just control and tease you or easily squeeze you into submission. As others have noted, she’s a wizard with the ropes as well. I’ve been doing sessions for many years, although not a high volume and have done a lot of role plays. Goddess Talia took it to levels far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. She perfectly read what I was looking for and played her role to the hilt. She made it clear who was in charge every second of our session in a sexy/dominant/playful way. Being under her spell is heaven. I’m sure she can crank up volume for those looking for a different type of session, but she was ideal for my fantasy domination scenario. I can’t say enough about what a sweet person she as and how positive her energy is. I’m trying to get another session lined up as soon as I’m back in town and suggest you look Goddess Talia up, she’s a treasure!!

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  • tslimterry
  • 38 days ago

I want to tell EVERYONE about my AMAZING good friend Sybil Starr & my NEW equally AWESOME pal Lia Labowe!!!.... I know I just wrote about them on Lia's page, but I had to show some love on my girl Sybil's page as well.... Bottom line IS THIS!!... Go see either one or possibly both of them together if you get the opportunity... They can do it ALL... Competitive, Semi-comp, Role play & Fantasy.... Once you meet them U will like them & to know them is to LOVE THEM... Thank U once again, Sybil.... And you too, Lia-lol.....

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  • steveh287
  • 38 days ago

Just had the most memorable session mainly orientated towards lift and carry with Sapphire and boy, is she strong! Such a warm friendly personality and very attractive young lady who is keen and energetic to branch out in this genre! She put me at ease from the word go. She could lift me with ease in many different positions and lifts my frame always with a smile on her face! Im 5ft 9 and 80 kilos with a dad bod! and I was light as a feather to her in every position it felt! Sapphire is going to be very successful in this she is so open and willing to try new things. Guys who have a keen interest in lift carrys, do not hesitate to book a session with Sapphire Stone you will not be disappointed! Steve

Recieved/Replied a review : 10/21/2022 08:37:17 AM

  • tslimterry
  • 38 days ago

I just came off a MARVELOUS session with Lia Labowe & Sybil Starr the other day & as expected it was FANTASTIC!!!... Lia's SO lovely & Sybil's as cute as a button & yet they R both still as deadly as EVER.... They will destroy you with their leg scissors only, forget just the basic grappling itself-lol...... They R also adept at role play which makes the session ALL the more enjoyable..... They could have demolished me if I tried to go FULL ON COMPETITIVE, but I had a few health issues going on at that time, so we did a wonderful fantasy match which was so much fun & truly kicked ass!!!... They R true blue professionals & a class act for sure..... TWO very pretty, must see ladies whenever you can!!!...

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  • slintt
  • 39 days ago

I met goddess Melanin when she was touring in London, I flew from Italy to see her. It was my first femdom session of my life, before that I only had a muscle worship/lifting session. Even if i was really nervous for my first time she made sure I would feel comfortable, even checked on me during the session. We had a long session where I enjoyed different array of fetishes: scissors, Facesitting and ass smothering (I can't explain how incredible her ass is, pics don't do justice), farting (trust me she's top tier at this and it's all natural) foot worship, strapon (trained me from taking a finger to a huge station) etc She's very fetish friendly so you will definitely find something up your alley. She knows exactly what to do and how to make you comfortable and have a good time, she has an amazing energy and presence, she's a real queen to worship and serve. Absolutely recommended, you won't regret it.

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  • aidanallgood
  • 40 days ago

Duchess is the fire that forges steel. She will beat the impurities out of you until you are the sharp tool or quivering puddle She wants you to be. I'll take every chance I can get to submit to Her power. Announcements

SessionGirls is a unique directory site for women who offer a variety of Athletic Fantasy Filled Sessions. These sessions include Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry, Muscle Admiration, Feats of Strength, MMA and Many More! Here you will not only discover a variety of gorgeous women with a fighting spirit, but you will also be able to purchase your favorite video clips from any girls profile! Consider SessionGirls as your One Stop Shop for everything that you Love within this special niche of the Mixed Wrestling Industry !! SessionGirls was made For the Men, but by the Girls! ENJOY!!

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