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Updated profile: 07/31/2023 01:29:52 PM

Hi there! ***PLEASE READ ENTIRE PROFILE BEFORE REACHING OUT TO ME!!  THERE WILL BE A QUIZ!!!***   Thanks for your interest!  I’m Ashley and I am a 55 (!!) year “seasoned” FBB. <3  I am still competing on the pro stage, and of this writing (typing?), I am 3 weeks out from my 2nd show of the season.  I included a few stage shots… these are from July 20th. I would not consider myself a wrestler…I do not want to get hurt!  I am okay with doing some basic holds, scissors, and the like… but no wrestling!  I prefer sessions that include muscle worshiping, feats of strength/challenges, massage, etc. I have a 5 email msg’s limit per client. ... ... Continue Reading

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  • ds4011209
  • 267 days ago

Just had a session with Goddess Velvet. BY FAR, it was the best time and the best session I have ever had. She was very responsive from the first email and very accommodating. She was full of (pleasant) surprises and an absolute professional. I highly recommend and I will absolutely book with her again the next time I am in town!

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/04/2023 05:00:59 PM

  • cabral
  • 269 days ago

Se está procurando uma luta de verdade ela é a escolha certa. Extremamente profissional, muito simpatica. E o que não tem de altura tem de sadismo haha. Podem ir sem medo, até porque medo vão sentir quando estiverem lutando com ela.

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/02/2023 07:03:53 PM

  • celem27
  • 271 days ago

I invited Killpussy to Istanbul for 2 days sessions. . We met 15 days ago at a beaituful, large hotel room. She's real a beautiful women , does not show her strength but she's very dangereous and strong. İ'm 178 cm and 97 kg. She's same height with me and nearly 20 kg lighter than me. She greeted me with a hug. Than we talked nearly 10-15 minutes on the sofa. Then she jumped on me and the 2 days domination began. Nearly 2 hours she plays with me. Scissors with her strong legs, facesittings, foot worship with her big feet. Than we went to dinner , We had a nice meal and chatted . Other 2 sessions were the same. She's always on top of me and controls me with her invisible strength. She deserves all good reviews about her.

Updated profile: 12/02/2023 07:14:31 PM

            SPONSOR Asia to your CITY, COUNTRY anytime! Nova – Amazon Latina, blonde hair tan skin,5’11”190#s bust58FF size12 feet INTERNATIONAL FAMOUS JAPANESE DOMINATRIX Empress Asia -World Famous Japanese Body Builder Licenced Pro-Wrestler Ultimate Top, Therapist; Genuinely caring! for your Personal Psychological & Physical needs! 3 times Golden Gloves Champion, National Champion,Mixed Martial Arts, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Love Physical Domination! Love slaves! Beat downs! hardcore Face Sitting,Beautiful giant Roider C,Sqirt/showers,BODY Worship,foot worship PERFECT SIZE 8 baby soft Japanese feet…                               ALL FETISHES... ... Continue Reading

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  • lc29an
  • 273 days ago

I had an amazing session with Lauren a few weeks ago. She’s a very sweet, kind and good looking women. I asked her for a roleplay naughty teacher session and she absolutely nailed it. What an amazing and fun session to add to it as well I asked her to lift and carry me and she did pretty well. It was her first time ever carrying a guy and she did great for her first time. She me got me in a few of my favorite carries and was able to hold me for quiet some time. I am a bit taller than her and weigh a little more than her so if you’re a slim guy and looking for lift and carry she’s your girl. I truly wished the session lasted longer as time flew by to quick and there were still some other lift and carries I forget to try with her. Hope to see her again soon.

Updated profile: 10/14/2023 06:45:45 PM

I’m not the one you’re looking for.  Probably. 😉 I am here for my own enjoyment, and not interested in sessions that do not genuinely intrigue me. I am not here for any illegal sexual services whatsoever, so do not disrespect me by asking. Thank you kindly, gentlemen.  The galaxy of foot fetish is a vast one, and a favored beloved pastime. I also dearly love size comparison, height humiliation, shoe fetish, trampling, crushing, training, D/s, being served, devouring a fine dinner slowly while staring deeply into you.  (No lift & carry). I am highly skilled with impact play, from soft, sensual, and sweet to severe and cruel and every millionth of a degree in between. Your... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/27/2023 04:31:08 PM

  • soles_scream
  • 277 days ago

I've had the pleasure of booking Jett for a multi-model shoot last weekend. They were punctual, brought the energy and personality, and was open to trying concepts that were new to them. In addition, Jett was great at improvisation and a clear communicator. Jett's booking process was seamless as well. Definitely recommend them for shoots or sessions.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/27/2023 01:27:56 PM

  • laylanilove808
  • 277 days ago

Thank you for all your kind thoughts of meJohn! I had a blast with you once again! Your an amazing kind soul and I love your stories and easy going ways. It was a pleasure to see you again and have that 2 hour session with you… which just flew by!!! 😍 I hope to see you again soon 💗

Updated profile: 02/06/2024 03:12:21 AM

From a young age, I have always been in control, dominant, and assertive. I know what I want and I always get it. I currently have two incall locations in Las Vegas and Downtown Los Angeles. As a professional dominatrix, I specialize in and enjoy a long list of BDSM interests. Some of my most popular and favorite sessions include foot worship, toilet training, strap training, rope bondage, and sadistic play. I also love using my electro wand during sessions. While most of my clients are male, I also session with women and couples. I have a wide variety of outfits, including latex, leather, thigh-high boots, and stiletto heels, and even have uniform outfits like nurse, schoolgirl, and... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/24/2023 10:45:43 PM

  • duliee1993
  • 280 days ago

I'm currently in the process of custom ordering from Sarah and she is one of the most friendliest people I've ever talked to on this platform. She is always kind and responsive to messages :) I highly recommend ordering from her as you will definitely be a satisfied customer.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/24/2023 05:12:20 PM

  • camila702583
  • 280 days ago

Thank you 😘

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/24/2023 01:35:41 PM

  • punchdrunk
  • 280 days ago

Boy am I out of breath!! I just finished my third session with the beautiful Dakkota and she gave me everything I asked for and more. I had asked for a punching session and Dakkota beat me like a rag doll. She is a consummate professional, and she knows where and how hard you want ro be hit. Dakkota is not a clock watcher and when you meet her she makes you feel like you've known her forever. If you have a chance to see her, do not want to pass her up. Dakkota is one of the best session wrestlers out there and I will definitely see her again.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/23/2023 07:12:08 PM

  • higgens69
  • 281 days ago

Hello , ... ! Conclusion: wow, highly recommended Sessions with Sophia are always super intense, often led by her in a dominant way. Which is incredibly good! She is a very well trained fighter, super strong (too strong for me definitely). Very funny, always a nice saying for you when you are lying defenseless on the mat under her again. She knows exactly what she's doing, super prepared. Always with respect and clear rules. A real sporting challenge for any man, you get your chance but you won't be able to win. Sophia loves to fight and show she's better, you'll have to get used to that. Incidentally, it's very easy, I've had so many sessions and they're all really good. Always a pleasure to fight with her is addictive. Great woman . Henry xx

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/22/2023 10:14:30 AM

  • musculoadicto
  • 282 days ago

Recientemente, tuve otra memorable sesión con Muscle Goddess. Ella estaba muy grande (casi 89 kg de peso), masiva, y con músculos realmente duros. Con enormes e increíbles hombros y biceps, piernas masivas y sólidas. Ella es realmente grande sin grasa corporal en ninguna parte de su cuerpo. Femenina, impresionantemente fuerte. Muy buena persona. Hicimos muchas comparaciones del tamaño de nuestros músculos, en las que yo estaba ridículamente empequeñecido por su tamaño. También hubo poses, flexiones, adoración de músculos, algunos levantamientos, y unas luchas de brazos increíbles, en la que no tuve oportunidad de mover ni un centímetro sus fuertes brazos. Muy recomendable conocerla. Sin dudas sobre la sesión. I recently had another memorable session with Muscle Goddess. She was very big (89 kg in weight), massive, and really hard muscles. With huge, incredible shoulders and biceps, massive, solid legs. She’s really big with no body fat anywhere on her body. Feminine , impressively strong. Very nice person. We did many comparisons of the size of our muscles, in which I was ridiculously dwarfed by her sheer size. There were also lot of posing, flexing, muscle worship, some lifts, and some amazing arm wrestling, in which I didn't get a chance to move an inch from her strong arms. You must meet with her. No doubt about the session Announcements

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