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FANTASY ONLY  ~SEMI COMP IS DOUBLE PRICING~   Knockouts are a FLAT $2,500 tribute ON TOP of the session fees- you must do a pre-and post interview, you must have one of my chaperones present and they must take your pulse every 3 to 5 minutes. You must present legal ID & you have to sign a waiver. I TRAVEL AND GO TO SCHOOL FULL TIME- MUST HAVE AT LEAST A WEEKS PRIOR NOTICE IN EMAIL. LAST MINUTE SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE IF SOMEONE ELSE CANCELS Hey there thank you so much for inquiring about me! My name is Ziva Fey and I am a full-time Artistic and glamour nude model in the Phoenix Arizona area! I have been working for Fem wrestling rooms (FWR)  for about three years and Hit The... ... Continue Reading

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                        🔥LOCKED & LOADED🔥 The Queen of most musculars, bulging peaked biceps and round gorgeous glutes. Soft and hard in all the right places. Do you want IRONFIRE to be YOUR QUEEN FOR AN HOUR OR TWO OR THREE >>>or more? FOLLOW IRONFIRE ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM AS IRONFIREEROTICA Please email for details [email protected] CONTACT INFO: Email: [email protected] Signal App: 832-472-5520 Please go to my website – check out the About Me Section. Also, check out my HOT~n~SEXY members only website where I display my sexiest & most exposed videos and photos. You can also... ... Continue Reading

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1000 minimum. I do NOT wrestle and Please Do NOT send me a short email. Hi, there! I’m Anabelle Pync. I’m a domme and model. Find me on Twitter @AnabellePync or on OnlyFans @AnabellePync where you can get ALL my 5000 videos for only $9.99. I make foot fetish and wrestling videos, but I do not wrestle in real life. I do offer body worship, foot worship, pantyhose worship, photo shoot, dance, smother, mummification, trampling, ball busting, and other Femdom sessions! I do not book with anyone who wants to even pretend to fight back. In my sessions you are to refer to me as Goddess Anabelle and be on you’re most respectful behavior. If you’ve not ever subbed before that is just... ... Continue Reading

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Hello guys. This profile only deals with custom video request and video publishing. NO session & meetings. You can also find me on HBC... ... Continue Reading

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Hello brand new here! Looking to do more semi competitive, fantasy wrestling. I love pinning and scissors. I am based In Orange County, I work in Los Angeles, and willing to... ... Continue Reading

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ЩЕ БЪДЕ В БРЮКСЕЛ – БЕЛГИЯ от 02-04 ДЕКЕМВРИ!! Шампион съм по джудо, самбо, свободна борба и още няколко спорта. Предлагам разнообразни сесии от ножици до седене на лице, повдигане и носене до доминиране и много много повече!! НЕ МИ ЛИПСВАЙ, защото нямам идея кога ще се върне отново!! Пишете ми на: [email protected]  ... ... Continue Reading

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***** MOVING TO GREECE UNTIL SPRING!  ***** ***** NO MORE TORONTO TRAVEL, FOR NOW, SORRY CANADIANS 🙁 *******     Welcome boys 🙂 Half Italian, and half Canadian, always traveling between the two… with some tours in between. Strongest scissors ever, extremely challenging arm wrestle, sweatiest fighting sessions, and overall such a great time! I can travel for the right reasons 😉 *No nudity, no sexual practices* Please get in touch with me via email briefly detailing what session you are looking for, your location, height, weight, and profession. If you do not receive a reply it’s because your offer is not exciting or… you are soliciting. I am busy,... ... Continue Reading

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If you are not happy with sending a deposit please do not email me 😘 Join my Loyal Fans to speak to me directly, with voice Notes and videos. Easy sales for my ball busting content.     BALL BUSTING, SCISSORS, FACE SITTING, LIFEGUARD RESCUE, ANGRY GIRLFRIEND, HUMILIATING PERSONAL TRAINER… 🦶 foot fetish clips…email me! to order a custom email me, I love  making all fantasies a reality, interrogation, muscle worship, angry girlfriend, lift and carry, lifeguard rescue are a few of my specialties.   …     Guys who prefer me curvy book asap this physique is transforming! Jade of London is back  • NEW exclusive Content of me facesitting and... ... Continue Reading

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Hello humans, please read carefully so you can distinguish yourself from the time thieves! xo I really enjoy sitting on faces, wrapping my thick thighs around your neck and squeezing tight! Perhaps I can get you in a scissor hold and make you gasp for air until you tap. Or better yet, I can smother you with my enourmous breasts! I offer traditional submission style semi competitive wrestling, light fantasy, role play, semi comp boxing, and fantasy MMA style. I love to show off these muscles I’ve been working on! VERY IMPORTANT … If you write an email that doesn’t include the following info, I will consider you at the least, lazy, at the worst, disrespectful,... ... Continue Reading

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Please write your location and our primary activity on your subject line. Our emails should consist of questions asked via complete sentences on your part, which can be replied to with simple answers on mine. I do not wish for constant back and forth, I do phone sessions if you would like to chat and discuss. Please also include a previous reference along with her contact if possible. Do not be coy or assume I will catch your meaning if you think you are implying something. If you wish to chat me up, this will be done over Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype or still better yet in person, as my time is ideally spent either making my physique even more peerless in the gym or on the mat... ... Continue Reading

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Please come to Texas. por favor, venha para o texas Announcements

SessionGirls is a unique directory site for women who offer a variety of Athletic Fantasy Filled Sessions. These sessions include Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry, Muscle Admiration, Feats of Strength, MMA and Many More! Here you will not only discover a variety of gorgeous women with a fighting spirit, but you will also be able to purchase your favorite video clips from any girls profile! Consider SessionGirls as your One Stop Shop for everything that you Love within this special niche of the Mixed Wrestling Industry !! SessionGirls was made For the Men, but by the Girls! ENJOY!!

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