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  • thighfood
  • 2 days ago

Had a session with Luna earlier this year and am just now getting around to writing my review. She’s the total package. Awesome body, tight scissors, smothers that’ll have you tapping and begging for your life literally within seconds. At one point she had me in a figure four and told me “Try to get out.” I tried my hardest, but she didn’t even budge. She could’ve ended me if she wanted to. Brutal trampling too. First time I’ve ever tapped to a trample. Lots and lots of trash talk. Overall, really enjoyable session. Definitely worth the drive.

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  • rain203
  • 2 days ago

I recently scheduled a tickle session with Irene, and I am so glad I did. Setting up the session was a breeze, and communication was very clear ahead of time. During the session, she strapped me down to where I could barely move, and was completely ruthless with her tickling, which was exactly what I wanted. It was one of the biggest rushes I’ve ever experienced. I would love to see her again in the future. If you want to session with Irene, do it. It is absolutely worth it.

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  • rain203
  • 2 days ago

Recently had a fetish and domination session with Stella, and it was fantastic. Communication and setup was a breeze, and she emailed the day before to double check on the details of the session. Stella is simply stunning in person, and has such a delightful presence. I loved the entire session, and would love to session again with her in the future. If you’re thinking about booking with Stella, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

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  • jamiemancini
  • 3 days ago

Constance is one of my favorite models of all time! She's quirky, fun, professional - always shows up on time, ready to work. Wouldn't want to wrestle her... I'd lose! ;) If you have the chance to hire her or session with her, do it!

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07/22/202407/23/2024FargoNorth Dakota
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09/26/202409/30/2024Cunit | Segur de CalafellOTHER

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I am a beautiful post-op trans woman of unique size and ability. I work hard on my body and I’m proud of what I’ve made. My measurements are 36DD – 29 – 44. I have many years of experience with wrestling, some BJJ, and a touch of Muy Thai for striking. I’m also a fitness enthusiast with a love for weight lifting, domination, and BDSM. My PR’s are: Deadlift 130kg Bench 75kg Squat 100kg I may seem intimidating but at heart I am a kind, open-minded gal with a lot of knowledge about bodies. I’m bilingual (Spanish) and have lived abroad. I could probably be a sex educator. I love to discuss kinks and erotic art. I am also a fierce dominatrix. I... ... Continue Reading

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  • amradel
  • 3 days ago

I'm so happy because I got to know Mia I always went to her page, and I was dreaming to get to know her. Mia, wonderful, so beautiful, very friendly, Of course so strong, My big dream is to meet her soon, and I do a great session with her. I recommend for you Mia. Mia is the best

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07/17/202407/17/2024WayneNew Jersey
08/06/202408/11/2024St PetersburgFlorida

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    Hey i’m new to Session Girls ! I am a British Semi Pro boxer. My first fight was in 2017 and I have now had 78 fights. Check out my instagram to see some of those fights. I am a paid independent fighter and usually take last minute fights. I fight as a Welterweight and Middleweight. I also fight much heavier opponents. I found Fantasy Boxing in December 2023 and have had heaps of fun with it ! 🥊 I can offer Skype boxing matches and in person boxing sessions in London. I also make custom fantasy boxing videos. Email me for prices. I will do my best to respond to as many requests as possible. At the moment I am very busy with boxing and boxing is my passion so I... ... Continue Reading

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07/14/202407/18/2024ManhattanNew York
07/30/202408/02/2024WashingtonDistrict of Columbia

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07/16/202407/18/2024Fort Lauderdale Florida
07/19/202407/23/2024Atlanta Georgia

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  • geetarbrad22
  • 3 days ago

I booked today's session (July 16) with Lora a few months back when I saw she would be visiting New Jersey, because I knew her slots would go quick and I did not want to miss the opportunity to get ball-busted by a session girls legend. Lora's email reply time and meet-up instructions leading to the session were phenomenal, and she was always friendly and upbeat. The day finally arrived and when she opened the door, she was exactly how I referred to her in my introductory email: 'adorably feisty'. Lora checked all the boxes for me: cute face, petite/athletic body, cute giggle, and super nice personality. Once we began, she engaged me in conversation about how I got into the fetish, while simultaneously ball-busting me in various moves during the talks. We talked throughout the session, almost like it was ball-busting therapy. It seemed like Lora genuinely wanted to know about me and what turned me on about BB. I let her have her way with the boys for almost a full hour, and it wasn't until the last few minutes where I actually tried to resist her moves. And honestly, that was my favorite part of the session, because as I tried to keep her from inflicting her pain, the 110lb Lora pinned my 175lb self down and had no problem smashing her knee into my groin or getting a hold of the boys again to get me to tap. We agreed that during a future session, I would try to fight back more and see if I could actually stop her from crushing my manhood, which I think would be super-hot. Thank you Lora, can't wait to see you again! : )

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  • jay722087
  • 3 days ago

I had an amazing semi-competitive session with Goth Delilah in London. Don't be fooled - she is absolutely ruthless and a very skilled wrestler despite looking like the sultry model from next door. We started off light and slowly worked our way up to a good struggle where she quickly learnt my weaknesses and exploited them mercilessly. Outside of our session she was kind, easy to communicate with and a pleasure to speak to. I am already looking forward to our next session!

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  • possumpopper
  • 3 days ago

After being completely humiliated by Sasha last year, I started working out. I lost weight and improved my endurance and strength. I was shocked to see Sasha had gained mass to about 250. She now outweighs me by 10-15 pounds. Her arms , legs, breasts and shoulders are even bigger than last time. I knew that my workouts were in vain. We started with arm wrestling. Best of 5 with each arm. Sasha is right handed, I'm a lefty. I figured I might struggle with my weak side but I would win with the left hand. I was 0-3/0-3. The outcome was inevitable. When the wrestling began I quickly found myself on my back, looking up at Sasha. The rest of our session would be more of the same. I spent most of my time trying to escape Sasha's massive legs and trying to catch my breath when I wasn't being smothered by her massive breasts or firm ass. When I wasn't being smothered I was being victimized by her choke holds or scissors. Sasha's strength is overpowering, her grappling skills are vastly superior to mine. It seemed like I was fighting for my life while Sasha was toying with me and in total control. Sasha made it very clear that my continued existence was in her complete control. It was even better than our first session. Sasha remembered details of our first session and immediately seized upon my weaknesses. Sasha was having so much fun destroying me that she went beyond our scheduled hour by several minutes. I am definitely returning again. 100% happy with the session.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/16/2024 11:10:40 AM

  • dezwat-syxvew-pyjdo7
  • 4 days ago

I had a session with this cutie pie 2 weeks ago. Omg she is way bigger in person and a super sexy chocolate woman that will have you saying gyatt dayum lord have mercy. She is muscular and juicy with thunderous thighs and a big bubbly booty. She let me slap and grab her soft booty while she sat on my lap and I just couldn’t get enough of touching it. She put me in a head scissor and just had her way with me. I literally had no where to escape. She’s so fun to session with and such a sweetheart. I am definitely ready for round 2 with this delicious chocolate baddie. Announcements

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