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  • jessicaann
  • 4 days ago

Thank ya for the review Sabres 🥊

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Hey there, I’m Heather, a certified muscle mommy. I’m a competitive powerlifter, ice skater, and yogi. I’ve been dominating men since I was 18 years old. I love being large and in charge. If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are looking to book a session, send me a private message and we will get it sorted out. I do travel often so if you’re not in Los Angeles but still want to see me in person, we can make arrangements. My favorite sessions are one on one wrestling, trampling, mommy/son role play, toilet training, foot jobs/worship, and face sitting. I specialize in text sessions and custom videos. I understand most people aren’t in the Los... ... Continue Reading

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  • anonymous95
  • 4 days ago

Recently sessioned with Rox, communication was perfect, session was arranged the same day as initially enquired, which is well beyond reasonable expectation and I was very appreciative of. Session was also paid in full prior to session. Could not have been more responsive and professional about how things went from here. In terms of the session itself Rox was awesome, session was wrestling and lift and carry, I’ve played contact sport all my life and Rox had no issues with overpowering and submitting me, we established boundaries going in and Rox was always understanding and followed what we discussed to a tee. Also completely judgement free and with an open mind. Completed every lift requested to perfcetion which included a shoulder ride, fireman carry, cradle carry from a lapsit an even a couple attempted overheads and many more. FYI I weigh close to 90kg. Can confirm as well that Rox is a stunner and saves the pretty face for those who’ll arrange to see her. Will not be disappointed and should not be passed up on if the chance is there to session with her!

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  • monicathebeast
  • 4 days ago

Thank you!!!

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  • blkpntr0918
  • 4 days ago

This long overdue account of my second encounter with the Mythical Sybil Starr has been long delayed and overdue! This will be a LONG FORM review. About a 10 Minute Read. If you have something else to do, then just do it. As it is, you seem interested in joining the Sybilization Nation. Well, sit back and relax as I drop this proclamation on your person. Wow! I'm feeling strangely poetic. Well, hopefully once I deliver this account of my encounter with our main attraction Sybil Starr that you'll find it hard to not feel poetic, dare I say romantic. Okay, enough with the cloud nine rhymes let me start this review. (I did it again! Aghh!) Truthfully, I've never been lucky enough to witness many phenomena in my life. Maybe that’s why I typically leaned towards cautious skepticism. Phenomenon like winning the lottery, a full solar eclipse, or lightning striking twice in the same location. I submit to you that I'm not so skeptical of that last phenomenon because that's EXACTLY what happened in this session with Sybil. Honestly my head is still spinning about everything that transpired because while I've had immaculate sessions, I can only recall a couple of occasions where everything went PERFECT! From Booking, to set up, to break down. As would dare to say that this session was somehow even BETTER than our first session! And that’s really saying something as I described my first session in my previous review as 'The Perfect Session!' Which leads me to another one of the rarest of phenomena. Everyone knows that if your favorite movie gives hints or releases a trailer for a sequel there is conscious, subconscious and/or unconscious sense of existential dread. Because we know there will be an insane amount of promotion and marketing to draw an audience only to produce a lackluster film. In other words, we all KNOW for a fact they're gonna hype us up to the moon only for the $#!& to suck! Then there’s ultra-rare phenomenon of the sequel that on par or better than the original. I digress. Why the movie ramble? I just want to give you further context as to what I will now describe to you all as to what type of session that our Starr provided. So contextually give you my review of The Godfather Part II of Sessions! I'll briefly share the booking experience. Because it was really that quick. An email, a text, a date, a time, and a deposit drop. The whole process took less than an hour. Sybil has over two decades in her profession. She's well adept at quick bookings and how to be as efficient as possible. I will say it does help to build a great relationship with (one of) your favorite wrestlers/ladies. And if your favorite wrestler just so happens to be Sybil Starr, then you are truly in 10 times the luck! No trepidation, no fooling around and no threat of ghosting/blanking. Her communication couldn't be more our point if you traveled her to meet her in person just to say, "I want to session at this time." And traveled back! So far, so good! This has set the plot for greatness to come! Okay, on to the good parts... Match Day! After work I was able to make a direct line to our session location. Which was the same location of our initial session. The same brilliant location that is right on the line between DC and Baltimore. I was already cheering inside; I dare say giddy about our meeting. Honestly, even if it wasn't at the same location I was most excited just to see her! Apparently, I may have been overly excited and showed up too early. LOL! She let me know when she was ready and met me at the stairway towards her room. She beamed such a bright smile it could've been seen from space and expressed how happy she was to see me! I returned the sentiment. As walked towards her suite she and I just caught up upon everything that had happened since we've last met. She and I just talked as we changed and stretched. Our conversation must've lasted at least 20 minutes. To answer your next question, NO! This was not counted against my time. We did as Friends can do, get reacquainted! Well after we decided that both of us were limber enough, we got our match underway. In our conversation, we both share how fortunate we were to keep up with our training. Sybil's dedication towards her improvement was on full display. She was even more technical than our first session. She was even more determined to win as well! It was that much more difficult to pull off any form of attack. This back-and-forth battle would go on for about 30 Minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, 30 MINUTES of straight wrestling. All Grapple, All Gas, NO Breaks! We met each other skill for skill, position for position, submission for submission. After a while in this first scramble, we forgot about who was winning and losing and just decided to enjoy our time tumbling and tussling. At one point, Sybil was able to take advantage of an opening that I gave her in our roll she has able to use her World-Famous Legs and place me in a Body Scissor, Ezekiel Choke Combo! I had more time in my session so there was no point in delaying the inevitable and I conceded the first well-earned submission. We took about a 10-minute break before we resumed our match. We just conversed and laughed some more while grabbing some water. I just remember the vibe growing less competitive as our time progressed. Don't get me wrong we were still fiery and spirited to rumble on but it less "How can I beat you?" and more "WOW! How can we have even more fun?!" Once our energies were replenished, we returned to action. The scramble was a potent mixture of tactical chess and a roll around in the park after school on a Friday. Our scrum went across and over all four corners of the mat. We have gone outside of the mat multiple times. Keep in mind Sybil booked a suite with a living room of at least 200 sq. feet of spare room and we were still able to spill out. Even Sybil stated in wonderment and disbelief "I thought I had enough room and made the mat big enough." We decided to disregard it as a tiny inconvenience, and we rolled on. There was a flash moment where I could say that I had the opportunity to take a page out of Sybil's book to catch her in a position that was toward my advantage. A position that she fought me for tooth and nail. I knew that she wouldn’t concede to me the position that I wanted at first. But then she exclaimed, "okay I know you wanted this submission." She was referring to my Head and Arm Triangle Lock, I was granted the second submission. While I was glad that I've played around with some strategy that prove to be effective I didn't take this as a time to gloat. We pretty much gave each other a high five and just laid out on the mat to catch our collective breath. When locked up again after our final break we decided we did enough scratching of our competitive itch and decided to relax and shift the tempo. The rest of our time was spent in a non-competitive roll with our bodies intertwined in embrace. Smiling as we looked into each other’s eyes, just happy however briefly to have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. We ended our match in an amicable tie. I couldn’t dream of a better conclusion! After our time was up, whenever we decided that time was up and not according to a clock, we cleaned up and broke down a sweat drenched mat and prepped it for her next stop on her tour. We spent time building upon our solidified bond. As we changed to our clothes we've covered a multitude of topics: confirming our next session, our career paths, summer vacation destinations, her Sybilization anniversary, etc. The hardest part of our time was of course the departure. Most wrestlers have probably figured out by now, I SUCK at Goodbyes! If not consider this my admission and self-admonishment. The utter tragedy but conclusion of all good things is the end of them. Leaving Sybil's hotel room that night this time didn't just give me a dampened sadness of "I'm going to miss her" but I left with a tinge of heartbreak. This was a helluva way to close out my 2023! I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to join the Sybilization Nation! It's my goal in this review that you all will join me as well! If you don't/can't come on board this train then I don't know how to express how disappointed you'll be in missing out on Two Decades of Skills, Two Decades of Dynamite, Two Decades of Magic, Two Decades of... Perfection! I hope that this read performs the final phenomenon I'll discuss: Sticking the Landing! For as you can see this has occurred in my session with the Legendary Sybil Starr! So, I'll close with a figurative toast to our Starr! Until my next opportunity to be Sybilized! Peace, Love, and Sybilization! Now and Forever!

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