1 How do I can cancel my Membership
Go to

2 If i purchase a video, where do I receive my download link
In your account:

3 What is a consumer?
A user register free in our website, without a profile and not taking in count the genre of profile for the website

4) Where do I register to have a profile on SessionGirls?

Here you can find a video tutorial:

5 ) Where do I purchase a Membership on SessionGirls?
After register and complete your profile you need navigate to the website menu, and will find a tabe called “membership”
You can find too in Home—> My account — > My Profile —> Options, then click in the menu “Membership Purchase”

6) How can I cancel my Membership?
Login and use this link : Click on the “cancel” link showing in the “Your Membership ” box.

You can contact us if you can’t cancel :

7) How long do I have to wait to get my profile approved?
24-48 hours max

8) Why do I see my profile in “draft” ?
Draft is a autosaved option in our system, for not lose your information already inserted…keep in draft because you not completed all fields required or not pressed the button “Submit for review”

9) What happens if my profile is still “pending”?
If still pending the admin of the website not are approved or not have all requerimients necesaries for be approved, the admin will contact you if more information is required.

10) If my profile is still pending over 48 hours, how can I fix it?
Please contact immediately with the profile name or email you used during the register process:

11) When can I add My Wrestling Tours and Events?
After a membership purchased with success, you will immediately receive a success email and the boxes of Tours and Events will be enabled in your profile :

13) Please Back To “My Profile / Edit Message?
This message appears when you try to add another profile, we only allow you to add 1 profile per account, if you see this message, you need to go back and edit your profile or add one if you have not added yet.

14) Where do I enter my payout information, if I have a clip store?

15) How i delete my profile and personal data of this website database?

You need login and confirm, all data will be deleted, incluying, email , password, profile information and videos. We will recieve your request and we will proccess between 24  – 48 hours journal office time. This action is irrevertible.

16) What is a verification pic?