1) Where do I register to have a profile on SessionGirls?

2) How do I delete my profile and personal data from this website database?
You need to login and confirm, all data will be deleted, incluying, email , password, profile information and videos. We will receive your request and we will process between 24 – 48 hours journal office time. This action is irreversible.

3) Where do I purchase a Membership on SessionGirls?
After register and complete your profile you need navigate to the website menu, and will find a table called “membership”
You can find too in Home—> My account — > My Profile —> Options, then click in the menu “Membership Purchase”

4) How can I cancel my Membership?
Go to

5) If I purchase a video, where do I receive my download link?
In your account:

6) What is a consumer?
A user who is register free on our website, without a profile and not taking in the account of the genre of profile for the website
Here you can find a video tutorial:

7) How do I find out which session girls are touring and where they are touring?
Go to the tours page and you will find the list of Session girls who are on tour, along with the dates and locations.

8) How do I find out information on the location of session girls, an example is searching Germany?
Go to the home page and type in Germany and you will see all the session girls who are from Germany and Traveling in Germany.

9)How can I change my Debit or Credit Card Information on the SG site?”
In order to update your debt or credit card information follow these steps:

9-A) Login
Then check if your membership is active. If it is active, proceed to “cancel” membership using the “cancel” link.

9-B) If your membership is already expired, proceed to this link to purchase a new membership using your new card:

9-C) If you are successful in canceling your membership, you will need to wait until the expiration date to purchase a new membership using your new card and using this link: