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  • bernie
  • 17 days ago

What can I say about Strong N Tasty. She is an absolute sweetheart of a human being. But don't let that kind and gentle spirit hide the fact that is a powerful woman with one of the most amazing physiques in the world. S N' T, honestly I am at a bit of a loss for words when coming to describe her and our time together...she love being touched (appropriately, gentlemen respect her boundaries) and will let you know where to touch if you need to be reminded. She has decently strong head scissors though I must admit my head is big and she's doesn't have the longest legs in the world. I would have spent all day exploring her body, feel how hard and full her muscles are under her soft skin and never grown tired of it. She is a gem in this industry, guys treat her right and you will have an amazing time with her.

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  • sixxpackmiri
  • 17 days ago


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12/09/202212/10/2022NewarkNew Jersey

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11/01/202212/12/2022Las VegasNevada
12/21/202201/15/2023Las VegasNevada

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11/30/202212/02/2022NewYorkNew York

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  • alex37
  • 18 days ago

Première séance avec Barbara, une charmante athlète française. Une Shape magnifique, en préparation pour sa prochaine compétition. Massive, dessiner avec de jolies veines. De plus d.etre sublime, C.est une personne très agréable, ouverte. Une séance agréable d.un point de vue humain et professionnel. Ou j'ai pu avoir le plaisir d'adorer ces muscles. Masser embrasser, top avec un petit test de force sans surprise ou elle a dominée. En espérant pouvoir la revoir. Si vous souhaitez rencontrer une femme musclée, ouverte , allez y messieurs. Vous ne serez pas déçus Alex37

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  • mathias
  • 19 days ago

I had a delightful time with Freya yesterday. I knew I could not match her strength and power, and she certainly knew how to ragdoll me all over the mattress. Her scissors are extremely powerful, so much so that I can say that I'm pretty proud that I could take her bodyscissor at 60% x) She didn't hradscissor me much, as it was obvious my head would have ended up just like the watermelon on her Instagram profile... Communication was very easy, the session was booked within an hour, and Freya is very easy to communicate with. Her English is good too. I certainly hope to see her soon :)

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  • kickboxguy
  • 19 days ago

I just booked a beat down kickboxing session with Dez today. I have done sessions all over the world and I’d say that she is hands down one of the best. She excels at everything from her communication to her actual fighting skills. It’s not easy to find a girl that can be beautiful and still know how to actually fight. Dez really knows how to deliver an amazing session and she does so with her great personality. She’s so easy to talk to and makes you happy to be around her. I cannot recommend her enough.

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  • foottickler
  • 19 days ago

Had a great session with Kristen. Kristen was very kind, professional and fun! She was very easy to talk to and transparent about rules in the beginning. We had a great session full of conversation and lots of laughter because we had a tickling session. She is very ticklish on her feet which made it fun. :) She is beautiful all the way around. Her looks, laugh, personality and simply everything....I really enjoyed our session!

Updated profile: 11/26/2022 08:08:44 AM

NOVEMBER 2022 !!!!!!   EMYBLACKANGEL is BACK  in LAS VEGAS, back  in Bussines !!!! Available everywhere  upon requests !!!     RESERVE YOUR SESSION !!! International fitness star and champion ex gymnast. Wrestler. Session girl I offer the following sessions Wrestling boxing fantasy. Scissor sessions. Foot Fetish and worship. Dominatrix. slavesTraining. MMA. judo. BJJ. taekwondo.  karate.  Fantasy role play. Boxing. Muscle workship. Face sitting.Humiliation. Comparison.Fantasy domination. Face sitting. Role play. Pics. Videos. Other fetishes let me know. Customized sessions.  Available for Photoshoots video shoots. For sessions app and pricing contact me !!!!... ... Continue Reading

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  • knockedoutmikey
  • 19 days ago

WOW. Is all I can say! I asked for a domination session involving scissors, facesits, feet smothers and worships, and some mild cbt. She delivered massively. She was really welcoming and friendly, easy to chat to, and took the time to find out exactly what I wanted. She is very strong and I had no chance when trying to escape her pins and scissors - and I did try. Made her genuinely laugh in hysterics when she realised I was actually trying...which was rather humiliating! She is capable of wrestling to a much more competitive level too, but that isn't the kind of session I go for, but just fyi in case anyone wondered. She did almost put me out in a reverse headscissors - she got carried away with some 'small penis humiliation/groin grabbing' and decided not to release me after my first taps (I did give her permission to ko/ignore taps - she wasn't being unprofessional) She is a superb facesitter and equally skilful with her feet... I cannot wait to book with her again

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12/17/202212/19/2022Las VegasNevada
02/19/202302/26/2023New-YorkNew York

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  • kickboxguy
  • 20 days ago

Had a kickboxing beat down session with Aiden. She was very friendly and super skilled with beautiful looks to go with it. I loved the pink Muay Thai shorts she specifically picked up for our session together. Her punches and kicks were accurate with KO power behind them. I’m 6’1 and she was still able to reach my head with head kicks. She hit me with a spinning back heel kick which would have KO’d me cold if it didn’t hit my shoulder first. If you’re ever in Vegas and want to session with someone that can actually fight and look beautiful doing it, then I highly recommend contacting her. You won’t regret it. I’m looking forward to future sessions with her.

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Date BeginsDate EndsCityArea
12/15/202212/19/2022Las VegasNevada
12/19/202212/22/2022New YorkNew York

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  • shrek00
  • 20 days ago

Amazing body, supernatural beauty and strength out of this world. Can make any man get on his knees and beg for mercy after squeezing the crap out of him with her powerful headscissors

Updated profile: 11/16/2022 02:26:34 AM

Hey friends! Thank you for visiting my page. Contact me with questions about services. Also please understand that everyone is different and you may not agree to my terms or pricing which is fine. I may not be the session for you but I still love and appreciate all my friends here. Play nice and we can all have some fun, can’t wait to talk with you... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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