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NOW IN ZÜRICH Come join me on the mats. You won’t know what’s hit you. I am fit, quick, agile, flexible & energetic. On top of all that, I am jolly good fun! If you think can take me on, you are wrong, but of course, you should come find out for yourself. I have mats at my private central London studio so we can really go all out.  I also do outcalls to hotels. If you are not in the UK, no worry, no cry.  I travel extensively.  If you don’t see your city on my tour updates, just cover my flights & expenses & I will have you in a rear naked choke in no time. Simple! I love what I do. I love to get a sweat on.  I love to feel you wriggle & squirm as I... ... Continue Reading

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A professional and session wrestler for over 15 years. Based at The Wrestling Factory in Manchester but can also travel to Birmingham/London.  Specialising in teaching, semi competitive and pro Style wrestling but can also provide fantasy sessions (scissors, facesit, spanking, domination) A bubbly bundle of energy you are sure for a good workout and plenty of fun. Double sessions also available with other females from the... ... Continue Reading

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  • littlerampage
  • 13 days ago

Can’t wait to do this again

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12/15/202212/20/2022Las VegasNevada

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I m very talI, 1,78 m (5′(8), and I’ ve big legs (I m tall so you cant realise how big and strong they are until you meet me in person). Defined as a True Amazone I m strong and athletic, a true dominatrice. Headscissors are devastating. You will tap in few second only. To book a session please make sure to deposit via paypal. Set up the meeting by email before. . Don’t miss the opportunity to meet a true amazone, with big, powerful and sexy quads! Note: No sex or anything related, please don’t ask! ,there will be no reply !!!! We can also set up skype session... ... Continue Reading

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12/15/202212/19/2022Las VegasNevada

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03/12/202303/14/2023DCDistrict of Columbia

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  • scissorhunter12
  • 14 days ago

I met Kayla in Chicago for the first time back in early october. She was super friendly and so much stronger than me. I just couldn't get over how strong her legs are:) She pinned me down and made sure I wasn't going anywhere. She can really wring your neck with them legs too. Easier to love them than to fight them legs! I can't wait to see her again she is a sweetheart. Thanks for everything:)

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  • scissorhunter12
  • 14 days ago

I met this wonderful woman back in July and she was super awesome. Strong woman with amazing legs. If you want to feel a woman scissor you with her leg muscles, Brain_Beauty_Brawn is amazing. She will make you feel comfortable and at ease. She is super attractive and just perfect:) Thanks for everything! Sean:) I def will be booking another session with her:)

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Charlotte based domme and wrestler. I offer fantasy wrestling sessions and cater to certain fetishes. Email me to inquire about sessions. I do not offer lift and carry... ... Continue Reading

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  • milesmadden
  • 14 days ago

I'm still buzzing from the session I had with Mother Mary -- our second meeting -- during her current tour. We did a mix of semi-competitive, lift & carry, and domination. I wish I could've provided Mary with a little bit more competition, but that's a credit to how strong she is. I'm 5-9/135, so I'm really no physical match for her in spite of my athleticism and wiry strength. Mary has a killer grapevine and the toughest leg scissors that I've endured since I started doing sessions. I'm often able to withstand a leg scissor long enough to pry my way out, but it was 'tap tap tap' over and over when she clenched her legs around my waist and torso. My utter inability to handle her strength made dominating me incredibly easy as I was helpless and forced to comply with her demands. She also thoroughly enjoyed the lift & carry portion of our session. If L&C is one of your go-to session requests, don't hesitate to reach out to Mary. She'll have as much fun as you will carrying you in a variety of ways -- if not more! Overall, Mary is such a wonderful person to share time with. We enjoyed great and easy conversation together and it felt like our time melted away in a matter of minutes. I'm officially counting down the days to Round 3!

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11/29/202212/01/2022ManhattanNew York
12/02/202212/04/2022WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
01/04/202301/07/2023Las VegasNevada
01/19/202301/20/2023ManhattanNew York
01/23/202301/24/2023WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
01/25/202301/25/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina
01/26/202301/26/2023CharlestonSouth Carolina
01/30/202302/01/2023Ft. LauderdaleFlorida

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12/16/202212/18/2022Las VegasNevada

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  • lowridaluver
  • 15 days ago

I've had the pleasure of experiencing an amazing facesitting session with Goddess D before and I can honestly say that no other Goddess made me feel more relaxed and still aroused better than her! 1st off, her body (especially her booty) is insanely sexy, she's incredibly friendly, and most of all she goes out of her way to make sure that her clients get the most out of what they wish to experience. Her professionalism is top-notch and given the chance I would 100% book another session with her again!

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02/01/202302/04/2023DohaOTHER Announcements

SessionGirls is a unique directory site for women who offer a variety of Athletic Fantasy Filled Sessions. These sessions include Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry, Muscle Admiration, Feats of Strength, MMA and Many More! Here you will not only discover a variety of gorgeous women with a fighting spirit, but you will also be able to purchase your favorite video clips from any girls profile! Consider SessionGirls as your One Stop Shop for everything that you Love within this special niche of the Mixed Wrestling Industry !! SessionGirls was made For the Men, but by the Girls! ENJOY!!

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