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02/17/202403/01/2024Los AngelesCalifornia

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  • whiteg
  • 11 days ago

A very good player has technique and strength, you have to be a good player, really good, at least a blue belt to beat her.

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  • masokyle
  • 11 days ago

I saw Chloe for the second time when she came through Denver in January. I know from experience that she can beat my ass so I went semi-competitive transitioning into domination. She smothered me with her beautiful ass, made me gag on her feet, spanked me, gave me a wedgie (I whimpered like a bitch and had to reassure her that I did enjoy that) and in general humiliated me for an hour and a half. She’s also very nice, very professional, is not a clock watcher, and has a lot of fun doing what she does. I will always be sure to book her when she comes to my city.

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04/25/202404/28/2024Zurich OTHER

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  • chicagodavid
  • 11 days ago

Two amazing sessions! I saw Electra when she visited Chicago, and loved it enough to jump on the opportunity when she next visited. She is fun and gorgeous (see orange bikini picture - what else can I say!). We had great switch (taking turns) tickling sessions, and I highly recommend her whether you like to give or get for that kind of session. I'm certain she would be great for other kinds of sessions, due to her personality and killer strength!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
03/10/202403/11/2024Siesta KeyFlorida
03/17/202403/18/2024ManhattanNew York

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  • constancecakp
  • 12 days ago

I have worked with Ebon when he was doing sessions. He has since grown into a producer and I enjoy working with him. Whether it be for fantasy style filming or semi-comp, it is always a blast. :)

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02/24/202403/02/2024New YorkNew York

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  • ebonwolf
  • 12 days ago

I have worked with Constance on numerous occasions over the past few years! Whether it was semi-competitive to straight up fantasy wrestling, she delivers a spectacular performance every time!! She has a lot of experience and background in this industry and I highly encourage you to book her if she is visiting your area! ~Ebon Wolf

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  • lenna147
  • 12 days ago

I have had the honour of sessioning with Miss Bela three times now, I have to say she has the strongest thighs I have ever felt. Her scissors are amazing and she chokes me out with ease!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
02/21/202402/23/2024St PeteFlorida
02/23/202402/24/2024Palm beachFlorida
03/08/202403/08/2024Miami Florida

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  • nicksesprod
  • 13 days ago

I was able to shoot with Faith at FetCon, last year. First impressions? She seems carefree, approachable, and a lot of fun to be around. When it came time to film, we shot a few scissor-hold/hand-over-mouth clips, and wow did I have no idea what I had gotten myself into! Her legs are some of the strongest I've ever experienced. She was able to make me tap out and struggle, with minimal effort. All the while she had a big smile on her face, clearly enjoying what she was doing. If you're looking for the "girl next door" type of session, then Faith is a good choice. I would also recommend her to first-timers, who may be a bit on the shy/nervous side, as she has a great understanding of fetish/kinks and can help ease you into that world.

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  • nicksesprod
  • 13 days ago

I was very excited to shoot with Cay Baby after meeting her at FetCon and she did not disappoint. Her legs are very strong and she knows how to use them. If you catch yourself going into her reverse scissor hold, just know that you're in for it. For me, she was sensual and gave natural degrading and sadistic dialog. From meeting her, when you arrive, you may be tempted to underestimate her due to her friendly demeanor and beautiful smile, but when it comes time, get ready for a fantastic session.

Updated profile: 02/21/2024 03:00:34 PM

Traveling to Melbourne in March 2024   Are you able to withstand a true Sadist? I am a tall, young woman with a cruel nature; what turns me on most is torturing and humiliating men. Don’t let my feminine appearance and figure fool you: I am a passionate and capable fighter. I’m quick, agile, and much stronger than you might expect. With two years of experience in Judo and (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu and many more years in weight training, I have made countless men tap out with my powerful moves. My technical skills are always developing, though I have more than enough mean tricks up my sleeve. What could possibly be better than having my thighs wrapped around your neck? My... ... Continue Reading

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03/22/202403/29/2024Toronto OTHER

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  • daveinme
  • 13 days ago

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Boston and have my first ever session, and couldn't be happier that it was with Nikki. I went in nervous, but it didn't even take a minute before she had eased all of my nerves. She is kind and genuine, stunningly gorgeous, and has a smile that lights up the room. She made sure I was comfortable and that I understood I was in good hands, so I knew I was in for a blast before we even started. Once we started though, I quickly learned that Nikki is much more than just a pretty face. She is deceptively strong and has more than enough skill to twist you into submissions before you even know what's going on. Even with a distinct size advantage, she repeatedly had me completely locked down and at her mercy. Flowing effortlessly from hold to hold, I was often in a new predicament before I registered what she was doing. Once she had me where she wanted me, she started in with the smack talk, enjoying her dominance over me. Whether I was locked up too tight to get words out or if she had her foot over my mouth, I was often in no position to respond and was left to see how long I could hold out before she inevitably got the tap out of me. The session flew by and left me with a big smile on my face, wanting nothing more than to do it again as soon as she's back in town. Two thumbs up, 5 stars, 10 out of 10, whatever rating system you want to use, Nikki is incredible. Playful, sweet, stunning, skilled, and dominant, she's the total package. Do yourself the favor and book a session with her if you can, I know I will be watching her travel schedule for the opportunity to have her wipe the floor with me again.

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  • strongman917
  • 14 days ago

I have had a few sessions with Bratty so overdue for this review big time. She mentions she is an undefeated wrestler in her profile, and I can confirm that. I am 6'2" 275 lbs. Have done a bit of wrestling, workout regularly and do strong man contests but if you saw Bratty and I wrestle, that would not show,. Each match and session she has dominated me 100 % of the time, any move or hold i managed to get on her had zero effect and she powered her way out every time and easily and very quickly took me down and crushed me flat... Bratty is truly capable of beating anyone (man or woman) and I mean ANYONE!!. I do strength contests and she is way more powerful than any man I have ever met. If there were no gender or weight classes Bratty would have a huge chance of being the world champion in pin wrestling... and that is not a exaggeration Announcements

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