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Recieved/Replied a review : 04/18/2022 07:55:27 PM

  • davidparker
  • 680 days ago

I wanted to schedule a session with Oliv but for some reason she hasn’t responded to my emails, text messages, or phone calls. I already sent the full deposit to her for the session. At this point, I would just like to know if she wants to schedule the session or cancel the session?

Updated profile: 02/11/2024 03:34:05 AM

I have been an award nominated and internationally published fetish model since 2006.  I am professional yet fun and I absolutely love what I do.  The best part is when I can meet people such as yourself to play with and create new experiences together.  Im mostly known for my likable 8.5 size feet, my tickle wrestling sessions and my scissoring skills but I enjoy a number of other activities as well.   deposit required for first timers w/ me references preferred/ID requested... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 01/31/2024 05:12:41 PM

Hello sessioners! .   I have more than 10 years of experience in domination and wrestling sessions. I do semi-competitive fantasy, pro style, fantasy cat fighting, tickle wrestling, scissors and belly punching, and of course: Figure four leglock, boston crab, camel clutch, full nelson, scisors… I adapt to your level, your imagination or your capacity for suffering. I hope one day we can meet on the mats to see who the better wrestler is. Best wishes to you and happy submission! Regards from Spain. A ” strong hug! ” 🙂 Andrea Bertuzzi For more information: Whatssapp Phone Number: +34642625247   Hola Chic@s! Me llamo Andrea Bertuzzi, soy una mujer... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/16/2022 06:55:45 PM

  • lakeshore159
  • 682 days ago

I recently had a duo fantasy session with Goddess Samantha and Domina Incognito. Simply put it greatly exceeded my expectations. Both ladies we very professional and classy. We started by chatting for a bit to learn each other’s vibe. Once we had the plan figured out…… my world changed forever. Once changed into proper attire I was seeing stars! Both ladies are drop dead gorgeous! If you don’t get stunned by their looks you will be dazed by the punishment they dish out. They dynamic between the two was seem less, and they fed of each other. The intensity increased almost as if they were competing with each other to see who could make me submit first. Put it this way…. Several days later my body was still sore in places I never thought it would be. Top rated duo!

Updated profile: 01/22/2024 03:34:16 PM

I am a discerning Dominatrix, Scissor Queen and Video Producer.  I enjoy most physical aspects of Femdom and especially using my lethal legs to control men.  You can find many videos of me on my membership site, my favourite fansite, and of course I reside in Montreal Canada but travel regularly to NYC, DC, Toronto and Vancouver. To book visit Complete the appropriate contact form or send an introductory email. Advance booking and online deposit required. Note that I only reply to messages that are addressed to my name.  Please read through my site before contacting me and in... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 04/16/2022 04:58:18 AM

  • fbbnut123
  • 682 days ago

Please consider coming to Minneapolis on tour.

Updated profile: 02/27/2024 10:17:15 AM   Hi, My name is Ina Black (black because of the color of the belt) and I was formerly a professional Sambo wrestler, with silver medal at the European Championship, and bronze at the World Championship. Since 2010 I have been a regular wrestler at Monica´s Westling Centre in London, and a very good friend of Monica´s as well. I have my own clipstores that you might want to check as well, with mixed wrestling, female wrestling and... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/27/2024 12:06:53 PM

  ***KINDLY NOTE: I AM IN NEW YORK, PLEASE DONT BE CONFUSED WITH MY PHONE AREA CODE 🙂 Its 813 BUT ITS NYC. ***All emails, phone calls and texts answered within 24 hours. If you don’t receive an email answer do check your spam. ***I aim to create a SAFE SPACE for both of US. With safety, discretion, trust and health we can let go and escape. ***I am located in MANHATTAN. ***All Payments sent are kept discreet. ***ALL boundaries respected. No texts after a certain hour, no problem 🙂 ***Gentlemen: I have no need to ask you for a ton of personal information! I realize this is a private world. And I personally find that a turn off. If we get along via email, and all goes... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/27/2024 09:34:11 AM

Madam Mysteria is a professional dominatrix and session wrestler from the Czech Republic, now based in Athens Greece, travels worldwide. Her speciality is domination wrestling combined with bondage, spanking, trampling, foot fetish and more…. If you are an admirer of strong muscular women she is the right Mistress for you. She has the mental and physical power to make you her toy. Backround: a gymnast, circus acrobat, bodybuilder and powerlifter, a benchpress specialist winning the European Championship and placing second in the world in 2002. Best competition lifts: 2012: squat…….150kg / 330lbs benchpress..100kg / 220lbs deadlift….180kg /... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/10/2024 09:46:22 PM

FANTASY/SEMI COMP ONLY- COMPETITIVE IS DOUBLE PRICING~ I am available for customs!!! Please email me for a custom ASAP!! 💪🏻 Knockouts are a FLAT $500 tribute ON TOP of the session fees- you must do a pre-and post interview, you must have one of my chaperones present and they must take your pulse every 3 to 5 minutes. You must present legal ID & you have to sign a waiver. I TRAVEL AND GO TO SCHOOL FULL TIME- MUST HAVE AT LEAST A WEEKS PRIOR NOTICE IN EMAIL. LAST MINUTE SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE IF SOMEONE ELSE CANCELS Hey there thank you so much for inquiring about me! My name is Ziva Fey and I am a full-time Artistic and glamour nude model in the Phoenix Arizona area! I have... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 12/03/2022 10:45:35 PM

Séance de lutte compétitive ou semi-compétitive. Competitive or semi-competitive wrestling... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/27/2024 11:02:34 PM

  🔥LOCKED & LOADED🔥 THE CELEBRITY FBB MUSCLE MUSE READY TO FORCE MY BALLS IN YOUR JAWS🦾🥵 THE BICEP BADASS with the most veiny, rock hard biceps you will ever worship in your lifetime.  Also the QUEEN of most musculars, bulging peaked biceps, huge DDDs, and round gorgeous glutes. Soft and hard in all the right places. Meet IRONFIRE one-on-one and make your fantasies come true. Watch IRONFIRE beat Steve Harvey in arm wrestling to get you heated up for her huge, strong, veiny biceps  Request the link for it when u contact   Do you want IRONFIRE to be YOUR QUEEN FOR AN HOUR OR TWO OR THREE >>>or more? FOLLOW IRONFIRE on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM AS... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/25/2024 07:00:06 PM

I just “finished” my new dungeon in Charlotte! Come check it out! Lifestyle Domme for hire/ProDomme – Looking for my people NOT one timers.  I do NOT wrestle and Please send DETAILED email to book. Hi, there! I’m Anabelle Pync. I’m a domme and model. Find me on Twitter @AnabellePync or on OnlyFans @AnabellePync where you can get ALL my 5000 videos for only $9.99. I also just made a LoyalFans for my Femdom work. I make foot fetish and wrestling videos, but I do not wrestle in real life. I do offer body worship, foot worship, pantyhose worship, photo shoot, dance, smother, mummification, trampling, ball busting, and other Femdom sessions! I do not book with anyone who... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/27/2024 07:21:06 AM

  My name is Gabsyyy and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been doing sessions for several years traveling with Ina Black, mainly in Europe but also in Canada and the USA. I have a lot of experience in different martial arts and despite my age, 28, I have achieved a lot of success. Here are a few: Multiple champion of Bulgaria in judo, sambo, sumo and wrestling Three times European sumo champion In 2022 and 2023 year, European champion in Kurash Five times second place at the world championship Twice third place at the world championship During the sessions with me to do competitive wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, dominance, choke etc. I am a calm and kind person who likes... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 02/20/2024 08:48:53 AM

  Sparkles and sweat, that’s me! 💃🏼  ✨. ….. .Fitness enthusiast by day, sassy siren by night 💃🏼🔥 With a passion for adventure and a heart full of wanderlust, I’m always on the hunt for my next great escapade ✈️ My curves are sculpted in all the right places, after years of dedication, great genetics, I can afford to not train at the intensity I use to, embracing a natural hourglass figure, which turns heads wherever I go 💁‍♀️ Whether it’s long country walks, or dance floors, I live for thrills and laughter! 🌟 Published author,✍️ figure and wellness ifbb competitor, Brazilian jiu-jitsu badass (when injuries allow 🤪), and... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 01/05/2024 05:21:10 AM

Hello Fans! Come with me and indulge in the ultimate fusion of sensuality and strength with my exclusive session wrestling services. As a seasoned practitioner, I specialize in the art of fantasy-driven encounters, where every move and moment is tailored to fulfill your deepest desires. Immerse yourself in the enticing world of erotic wrestling, revel in the intoxicating allure of face sitting, surrender to the slippery sensuality of oil wrestling. Embrace a journey of heightened pleasure and escape reality through a tapestry of physical prowess and imagination. Respecting your time as much as I value the art of session wrestling, I insist on a commitment to genuine interactions.... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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