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Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:16:25 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 130 days ago

It had been a long time but it was sooo good to see Brandi Mae again a few months ago. She's one of my absolute favorite Ladies for years. She's still muscular, sexy and as skilled as can be. You'll melt in scissors, smothers and holds. She's also a lot of fun to talk to. Definitely go see her.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:08:00 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 130 days ago

Miss Juliette has such a cool accent and hilarious personality. She's very skilled in Her martial arts and wrestling. She's gorgeous with all the talent. Check Her out if you want to get your butt whupped.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:05:07 PM

  • leo791
  • 130 days ago

I cannot speak highly enough of GoddessBarbieJ! Our session involved some light wrestling, trampling, and a whole lot of smothering. She is incredibly strong and will absolutely push you to your limits. She will completely dominate you. With that being said, she is a professional and is very considerate. She’ll make you feel comfortable, safe, and ensure that you’re enjoying the experience the whole time. If you have an opportunity for a session with GoddessBarbieJ, I recommend it 101%

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 07:04:55 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 130 days ago

Mistress Xena is a talented Lady at all that She does. She can give you a good boxing beatdown or put you in holds and smother you as well. She's a talented Woman. Of course if You want traditional BDSM, She can handle all of that as well. She's also very professional in communication as well.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 06:45:37 PM

  • hoodman1987
  • 130 days ago

i've seen Goddess Severa multiple times. She is very skilled with BJJ and BDSM. She'll put you in holds you didn't think of. Plus She's so tall that She knows exactly how to use Her body to Her advantage. If you prefer traditional BDSM She's one of the best for that too. She's one of my favorite people in the scene easily.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 01:04:53 PM

  • dragon2519
  • 130 days ago

I don't know why fjp1213 is saying this about Lexi Art. I have a session with Lexi and set up another one with her and she is great at responding. Even when she is busy with normal life tasks, she still takes the 15 seconds to send a quick message to say she is busy, but will get back to you. Lexi is the one of the most sweetest, understanding and genuine girls you will here. I don't like it when someone tries to discredit girls who I know are nothing short of fantastic. These ladies are making our fantasies come to life and we should be more appreciative of there work.

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/21/2022 04:03:06 AM

  • dbmac17
  • 130 days ago

7-19-22 DB I had an great session with Ms Joi Savage yesterday in Orange Co. She’s quick to respond to your emails and accommodate the type of session you want. She’s not a big woman but very strong for her size ( great scissors). We had a really nice role play scenario and she made it sooo much fun. Thanks Joi Savage for great session!! I’ll dominate next time 😂

Updated profile: 11/13/2022 08:47:41 PM

I absolutely LOVE doing all kinds of RT sessions including Scissor holds, Face Sitting, Fantasy Wrestling, Sleeper holds, Beatdowns, Foot Fetish (worship, licking, sucking, tickling, massaging, trampling) I offer most everything as far as female domination goes (ask about anything specific). I cater to most all fetishes, Role-plays, and Domination from mild to extreme so just ask! I’ve heard it all so don’t feel like you have to beat around the bush with me! If I’m not into it, or it is not something I do, I will just tell you no thanks. I never judge anyone for their kinks/fetishes! All photos are current! No catfish here, what you see is what you get! I DO NOT DO... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/07/2022 05:03:00 AM

I am an Ebony Dominatrix who enjoys submission wrestling, smothering, foot fetish (size 11), ass worship, face sitting, verbal humiliation and fantasy. I can be playful but extremely aggressive and dominant so don’t be fooled by my smile. I’m only interested in submissive men that know their place. Inquire about private traveling arrangements or special date... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 09/10/2022 10:25:41 AM

Based in walsall but travelling nationwide regularly Havoc is an exotic dancer as well as a powerlifter meaning that not only is she a feirce and powerful force of nature but she will have you begging for more with her sensual powerful body and skin like silk. She is available for all types of sessions and can be as mean or kind as you like and if you dare challange her just watch out for those powerful legs as you will never escape a scissor hold from havoc! Havoc is a catfighter aswell as a Wrestler and catfight type sessions can be discussed or if you want to scrap the violence and just be squished by her big butt that is also welcome. Havoc is a Scottish beauty so as well as the... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/20/2022 09:48:32 AM

  • deestar
  • 131 days ago

Had a great extended session with Laurie a few days back. Fast and responsive communication and we actually ended up starting a little early. GREAT physique from head to toe and just a fun person to be around. Make sure you get her to dance, too - you won't have to twist her arm too hard ;)

Updated profile: 10/04/2022 10:52:35 PM

Rates: one hour = $400 one hour plus dinner = $500 two hours = $600 two hours plus dinner = $700 Overnight (8 hours) = $2,000 *add $100 for outcall **FMTY is available under the condition that you send a deposit to cover my flight/hotel/uber Hello! I’m a transgender Dominatrix based out of Seattle. I enjoy lifting weights and training for endurance and wrestling. I started my fitness journey years ago to slim down for adult modeling, but I found that I really enjoyed the muscular look I was getting. It was then that I decided to lean in towards building muscle and strength. I was recently contacted by the Lingerie Fighting Championships to compete, and was super excited to be... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/19/2022 05:37:46 PM

  • jonesnj33
  • 132 days ago

Sessioned with Jessica a few years ago but my last review is gone now... I had a submission/scissor session with her and I loved every second. She is friendly and welcoming - you will feel like you've known her for years. She is WAY stronger than she looks and knows what she's doing. Several of her scissors had me fading but her reverse and figure four reverse are her best. You better remember to tap because she can pour on the pressure with those ones in particular. Did I mention that her facesitting is top notch too? Book with her today, you won't regret it!

Recieved/Replied a review : 07/19/2022 08:40:19 AM

  • justkid
  • 132 days ago

This was my first session. 1 Marina is very beautiful I didn't believe she was strong as she has a model appearance. Very kind and friendly. 2 She's very strong. When the struggle began, I realized how strong it was, I could not do anything, I just realized that it was the main one here, I tried to do at least something but Marina was faster and stronger. I didn't understand how such a beautiful girl could be like that strong. 3 She's a professional in her field She was very careful not to injure me, as she had the strength to break me. 4 My recommendations 100% Marina is very beautiful and strong. You will get everything you want from the session 100% Marina I will wait for you again in Riga thank you. Announcements

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