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Updated profile: 04/19/2024 03:22:52 AM

I enjoy traveling and doing sessions. I love meeting new people, Exploring giving them the best experience ever. I love to travel and also travel with my beautiful friend Pocahontas who I do doubles with as well.♥️   Contact me through email... ... Continue Reading

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  • joreyy10
  • 193 days ago

Did a session with Tyler Lynn in her last trip to Atlanta and man it was the best!!! She was drop dead stunning and she’s great at communicating and setting up, totally recommend her and would session again!

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  • ninja999
  • 193 days ago

This was a session to last a lifetime! Lana is without doubt the most powerful person I have ever come across. And if you're thinking of sessioning with her, just go ahead and book it. You will not be disappointed. The session was really easy to organise and Lana arranged the location. When we first met, I was amazed at how even more stunning Lana is in real life! We started the session off with some muscle worship and to say the muscles were rock hard would be an understatement! They were like concrete! Perfectly shaped and extremely powerful! We then started doing a lot of lifts, some of which defy belief including: - Piggyback where Lana walks around and does deep squats with me without any hint of struggle. Also doing a few donkey calf raises along the way. - a front piggyback (my favourite) where you feel so safe and secure in the arms of a powerful muscle mummy - a powerful cradle carry followed by throwing me onto the bed - at one stage Lana flexed her biceps and I proceed to put one hand on each bicep and lift myself up off the ground. Lana just smiles at me! - sitting on her powerful shoulders along with plenty of squats - a reverse shoulder ride where I sat on the front of Lana's shoulders (the view from this point of her back, glutes and legs is incredible) - legpress for multiple reps - benchpress for a single rep (although my fault for being too floppy) - an overhead press (yes, Lana pressed me over her head) for a single rep. Again my fault for being too floppy - three pushups with me lying on Lana's back. The first time Lana has done weighted pushups - fireman's carry and over one shoulder - lifting me with her right arm only - lifting me up under the armpits - deadlifting me and lifting me parallel to the ground entirely with the power in her arms! Intertwined with these lifts we did a number of strength challenges which will amaze you: - I had Lana in a wrestling pin with my arms holding down her arms to see if she could get out. Lana simply raised her arms and took me along for the ride. So I tried pinning her using both my arms against her right arm. With an ever so slight amount of effort, she once again raised her arms and took me along for the ride! Lana then pinned me and let's just say I was never going to escape! - we then did a challenge to see who could push the other one. And again I did not stand a chance against Lana. Using maybe 2% of her strength she was able to resist all my might! - and finally we did a reverse bearhug to see who could escape. As Lana wrapped her arms me, it was like escaping from a python. Could not even budge. At one stage I lifted my legs up and Lana just held me like a paperweight! And of course when I wrapped my arms around her, she escaped in a fraction of a second! This was a once in a lifetime experience. The power, the beauty, the passion, the openness, the muscle and the strength. And Lana is such a beautiful person inside, so caring and approachable. She deserves all the accolades that come her way! Thank you Lana for an experience I will never forget!

Recieved/Replied a review : 12/05/2023 07:51:25 PM

  • texas09
  • 193 days ago

So I’ve had 2 lift and carry sessions with HardBodyBarbieX and all I can say is wow , she carried my 5’8 160lbs with complete ease , she carried me various ways and she did numerous squats with me when she carried me in a fireman’s carry, she’s is beautiful tall and strong, and is super nice and down to earth , she is very good on communication on setting up a session , I’d definitely recommend her to anyone for a session you won’t be disappointed :) 💪

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  • chriss84
  • 194 days ago

Had a great fantasy boxing session with Locke today. She is super sweet and has a great personality. She hasn't been doing this long but she knows how to throw a punch! She hits hard and has fun doing it. I told her what I wanted and she delivered. I cant say enough positive things about her. If you have the chance, take advantage of it. You wont be disappointed. I know i wasn't! Until next time.........sooner rather than later hopefully!!!

Updated profile: 03/11/2024 03:40:39 PM

Hard bodied, sexy, strong, powerful and busty Amazonian Goddess available for sessions in Glasgow. Former 5 time Scottish bodybuilding champion with a real passion for beat downs, muscle worship and roleplays. Very strong back, big powerful thighs perfect for twisting guys into preztels during wrestling sessions. I can also be your ultimate face-sitting queen, the perfect blend of Scottish muscle and Celtic sensuality. My incredible butt will leave you breathless. If you are interested in booking a session with me, get in touch via my email address, then we can get on with the task of you living out your deepest fantasies! You can also drop me an email to discuss custom videos and/or... ... Continue Reading

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  • mus303
  • 195 days ago

Had several wrestling sessions with Kim a bit ago, and each time she easily squashed me flat.. she is out of wrestling due to a knee injury but can still do strength contests, she was able to beat me in arm wrestling two arms to one...

Updated profile: 05/28/2024 07:16:43 PM

Hello, thank you for visiting my page. I have been a bodybuilder since the 90s. competed professionally since 2008 , titled most my career and I am a former Olympian competitor and runner up Rising Phoenix..  I retired in 2019. Became quickly online coach for posing and choreography as well do meal prep planning. I always been on webcam. herbicepscam. You can find me there. Tip.. please say hello when coming in. Because i have been there since 2005 I have boundaries and I try to weed out and block free loaders. it is a place of business. What is very great about it, is you men can hire us to see how we look, feel the vibe make sure its a good fit.. I have been doing MW sessions since... ... Continue Reading

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  • vinitjoshi
  • 199 days ago

Good article

Updated profile: 12/31/2023 05:19:41 PM

I am a 35-year-old English rose standing more than 6 foot tall in heels and will tower above most of you little men. You will be dazzled by my two best attributes – my flame red auburn hair and my perfect peach behind. My piercing blue eyes and my mischievous smile will immediately have you captivated. I have for many years been and still am I’m a bit of a gymoholic which means my 10/12 fit body is in an exquisite shape because keeping fit is very important for your mistress as it enables her to be able to maintain control of my subs. I also wear size 6 boots for you foot lovers. Mistress is friendly, intelligent, very spontaneous, fun passionate, independent, i.e., perfect to... ... Continue Reading

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  • tinymonster
  • 200 days ago

I had a brilliant session with Inferno. She is amazing: staggeringly beautiful and naturally dominant. Inferno is also a very skilled wrestler and is incredibly strong. I was helpless within seconds of our match beginning. She was able to lift me over her shoulder as though I was a rag doll, as though I weighed nothing. When held in a body scissors between her powerful thighs, I was completely at her mercy and utterly unable to escape. What truly amazed me was how easily Inferno was able to increase my pain and my sense of helplessness just by tensing her leg muscles. Off the mats, Inferno is kind, supportive, and reassuring. She put me totally at ease as we talked about what we were going to do in our session. I was made to feel completely safe. Let me just stress, once more, how breathtakingly gorgeous Inferno is.Her body is lithe and toned; her hair is striking; and her face is beautiful (and her smile can be enticing, wicked, or intimidating). I really do recommend booking a session with Inferno - she is fantastic!.

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  • hyenaharry
  • 201 days ago

Beatrix is everything she describes herself to be and then some. I’ve met with her for several sessions and each encounter is better than the last. She’s always genuine, inquisitive and adaptable to my session requests; in fact, she’ll take an idea I have for a session and add her own creative flair. In that sense, she’s both an artist and a work of art. Her laugh is lovely and she truly is she truly is tenacious. If tickling is involved, make no mistake, she’s a firecracker, and can turn the heat up right back at you!

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  • lanaluxor
  • 201 days ago

Zack is great! Very professional and awesome to work with in both a session and filming clips. I highly recommend.

Recieved/Replied a review : 11/27/2023 02:58:22 PM

  • eckobelle
  • 201 days ago

I loved everything about our session and I appreciate your kind words I look forward to seeing you in the future Announcements

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