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I am offering muscle worship sessions including posing, lift and carry, armwrestling, oiling, massage (nothing sexual) I started learning BJJ on private lessons so I am offering some non-competitive submission wrestling. If you want me to travel – just cover my flights & expenses and I will come to you. 50% Deposit will be required (paid with card via Revolut – link in my profile. I have no PayPal). No time wasters! I do not offer topless or nude. Any reasonable wardrobe requests will be considered. I am not offering any sexual activities!!!   You e-mail should contain: – your full name – type of session are you interested in: – all your... ... Continue Reading

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  • mewrestle
  • 9 days ago

Kira is a sweet lady with a gorgeous body and personality to boot. Haven't been able to get to Maryland but was able to set up a Skype show with her. Set up was real easy as she is responsive and professional. She worked with my schedule to make it really eadsy. Got to see this gorgeous woman in all her glory and that trademark yellow bikini she wears on her profile. Easy to chat with, told me how she got started and some of her adventures in the in the FvF world as well as upcoming shoots. She whet my appetite to the point where I'm looking forward to seeing her in person. Just an outstanding lady whom you should see in person or on videoconference.

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04/11/202304/16/2023BrooklynNew York
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  • vettelover
  • 9 days ago

I'll be more than happy to teach you a few lessons on the mats. 😉

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  • midnight60
  • 9 days ago

Was it a beatdown session? Did she hit you in the face?

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/22/2023 12:28:31 PM

  • grapple40
  • 9 days ago

I sessioned with her in Philadelphia today and it was an unbelievable experience. She's over 400 pounds now and her submission holds are excruciating, including a one-arm headllock that made my feel as though my neck was exploding. Her thugs are massive and shew can use them too either suffocate as well as overpower.

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  • mattslapper123
  • 9 days ago

There's a new wrestling superheroine on the scene, striking fear in the hearts of jobbers from San Diego to Syracuse. Her name is Mighty SheHulk! Had a great session with her Friday. Setup was thorough, to say the least. Michelle wants to be sure she knows your expectations so she can give you a session your happy with. She delivers. I want a rematch! A consummate professional, this buff beauty told me up front that she's still learning her wrestling holds. She's a quick learner, wrecking me with front, rear, and reverse headscissors, butt drops to the chest, and camel clutches. Safe and sane, Michelle finished me off with a sexy chin lock applied with her bare feet that had me begging for 'more' and 'mercy' at the same time. Prolonging my 'agony' she teased me with that sexy smile and taunted my loss in our mixed wrestling battle. After our match, she joined me for dinner and an 'old souls' conversation I didn't want to end. Don't miss a chance to session with the Mighty SheHulk!

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  • gentileman1
  • 9 days ago

I just finished a session with Andi a couple days ago. When I picked her up from the airport, she looked like a sweet innocent young woman. Boy was I wrong! She is the ultimate professional, prompt and intelligent. Besides all this, she has a delectably devilish look about her that makes you melt! After a few minutes of chatting, we began wrestling, her impressive strength and skills over whelmed me , despite her small stature, and to top it off , she sang cute 'lil songs that would frustrate you as well as LOVE at the same time! After she destroyed me time and time again, we chatted some more while I rested and licked my wounds. I can not wait to see her again, and you would be a FOOL not to session with the Amazon Queen who also goes by the name Andi. She was on a 5 point scale..........she was easily a " 7"

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  • forksnsporks
  • 9 days ago

I’m still in awe of how incredible my session with Nadia was. Not only is she smart and freaking gorgeous, but she has the skills and power to kick your ass and make boys cry. I can’t stress how much I loved every second, from Nadia’s strong scissorholds to her suffocating smothers and pure grappling ability she put me down at will. This is paired with a wicked tongue as Nadia’s trash talk is second to none. Despite this Nadia is very down to earth, loves all things wrestling and is a great communicator. She made sure our session was tailored to what I was after and scheduling was a breeze. If you have a chance to session with her don’t miss out, I already can’t wait to see her again.

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  • minhastam
  • 9 days ago

I recently met Ms. Killpussy for a wrestling and domination session. I can sum it up by stating that she is tall, she is strong and very dominant, but she is also very easy going, friendly, caring, generous and just the kind of person you want to spend time with. Starting with our initial communication up to the session itself and even after, she was genuinely focused on my expectations and desires, wanted to know every detail that may be relevant, so she could give the best experience possible. And so it was! I usually don't write or say too much before a session, hoping things will just flow favourably in my way, but this time I was actually very detailed with what I like. I even suggested a light role play scenario. Killpussy took it all to a new level. She incorporated every little detail I might have mentioned, and did it as if she was doing it for her own pleasure, not just mine... She took my role play idea, and even though I'm a terrible actor so I was basically just playing myself, she was doing it for both of us :) I was lifted, out muscled, scissored, smothered, made to worship her feet and experienced all the many things I wanted her to do to me but too shy to share... Her approach is so confident yet casual, knowing she is going to kick my ass easily but not making a big deal of it, just focused on both of us having as much fun as possible. Physically, I was completely helpless, and was handled in more ways I could imagine. It was fantastic and I wished the session could last forever. It was everything I hoped for. Killpussy is such a nice person, and I also enjoyed our conversations before and after the 'action'. She was very generous with her time as well, not rushing anything. I just have to wonder what would happen if the next time we meet I ask her to be extra mean ;)

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/22/2023 07:06:44 AM

  • stingray
  • 9 days ago

I had a fantastic fantasy session with the stunning Angelina this afternoon. I've met her a few times and just can't keep myself from going back for more punishment!! A black belt in judo, she's incredibly skilled. Don't let her gorgeous looks distract you. She'll pounce and have you begging for mercy in no time. Angelina has it all. Beauty. A warm, friendly personality. The ability to floor you in the blink of an eye. I never stand a chance with her, but then that's why I sign up. To be totally dominated by her. To be pinned and lie helpless beneath her, her looking down on me, victorious. If you get the chance to meet her, she'll truly make your day. Thank you, Angelina 😀 As always, a pleasure to see you ❤️

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  • camila702583
  • 10 days ago

Thank you :)

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/21/2023 01:56:58 PM

  • knockedoutmikey
  • 10 days ago

Had a really fun session with Inferno today. Sessioned with her before and enjoyed those sessions. This one was also exceptional. We agreed on a fantasy/domination session involving face sitting, cbt. Scissors, kos, feet smothers and forced feet worship. She included all of the above and then some, effortlessly manouvering me around the mats. She was bubbly and had really good banter, and we both seemed to click and enjoy the session, which was great. I loved every second even with the humiliation of the cbt to which she took great delight in performing, using hands AND feet! Highlight for me was when she had me in a camel clutch then forced my face in between her feet and wouldn’t let me up until I’d given them 100 kisses…! She took some photos at the end and will use them on social media (with my permission - she was very careful and considerate about that) in the near future. Will definitely get dominated by this lady again. Book her - you will regret if you don’t!

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/21/2023 01:46:22 PM

  • knockedoutmikey
  • 10 days ago

Had an amazing session with Venom at the submission room today. I requested a mix of sensual and dominant and she delivered the perfect balance of the two My request included knockouts, facesitting, cbt, smothers, licking and verbal stuff. She remembered and ensured it all happened! She was very warm, friendly and put me at ease straight away. I loved spending time in her company. I got a taste of how dominant she was going to be though when she squeezed me into unconscious within the first two minutes! It wasn’t painful, just slow and squeezy, and she teased and taunted me as it happened. That set the stage for the rest of the session! As well as destroying me on the mats, she also very kindly agreed to record the session on her camera and I look forward to seeing the results! Do not miss out on the chance to wrestle this amazing, skilled, powerful woman. She’s up there as one of the best of the best.

Recieved/Replied a review : 01/21/2023 08:37:44 AM

  • issios90
  • 10 days ago

I meet with NataliaHotGoddess today in Göteborg Sweden, to say that it was great is an understatement. For those who never seen her you will be in for a great surprise , she is an amazing and beautiful woman, tiny but built rock hard under the skin. Even clothed you could see that she was built diffrently than others. She allowed me to decide what to do during the session, and then she went all out with it. I am at the moment of writing the sore in my neck after that she squished me so hard during the scissoring, and I will tell you, it was worth it. While dealing with the Muscle worship, she never stopped smiling and and later while doing face sitting she really let you fell that you had nothing to respond with. She is amazingly sensual while performing breasts mothering, first teasing you and then let you suffocate while she squeezes herself down on you. I booked a two hour session with her, and I can say that every minute of that was worth it. Announcements

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