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Recieved/Replied a review : 02/20/2024 06:36:19 AM

  • pad00000
  • 7 days ago

I just had a session with the beautiful and stunning Pocahontas in Orlando and let me say it was the best session I had. Initial communication was great, as I described the type of session that I wanted and immediately let me know that she was down for it. Once we met up and began the session, I immediately felt the dominant energy that she radiated. I was in full belief that she had all the power over me. We did a facesitting/smothering session and I also had her wrap me up in clingfilm, so I definitely felt as if I was powerless, which was what I was aiming for. Aside from that, she has the nicest personality and overall really enjoys what she does. If she is in your city/town, and your looking to have a session, do yourself a favor and schedule with Pocahontas, she is everything and more and will leave you satisfied with your session.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
03/21/202403/25/2024ALPHARETTA Georgia
04/26/202404/28/2024LOUISVILLE Kentucky

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  • amazonpoppy
  • 7 days ago

Thank you for the sweet words my dear! I'm still smiling and daydreaming about our lovely session 🥰

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  • jmb22677
  • 7 days ago

I have never dealt with Jennifer in person, I would love to try her on. She is a true professional and pioneer in session type wrestling. I would love to try her moves and strength on and try to knock me out. Jennifer is not a Princess in my opinion she is a Queen. I love your personality and hopefully if you come up here in Mass. in the future I would love to meet you and take you on. With love

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02/20/202403/15/2024New YorkNew York

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  • emx9087
  • 7 days ago

Lia is a skilled fighter, had no chance against her. She is very fun and nice to be with, she really enjoys overpowering her victims and being a true sadist gets a twinkle in her eyes when she is able to put the pressure on or can dominate you in other ways. Which she was able to do plenty with me :D (but always respecting my limits). Also very easy to communicate with. Lia is a great addition to the Dutch wrestling scene.

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03/11/202403/12/2024Fort LauderdaleFlorida

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  • nat2000
  • 8 days ago

I have been following Kortney online for probably over 10 years and finally had the pleasure to meet her in person a few weeks ago. I am 6’7”, #290, fit and have been doing sessions for 15 years. Kortney is super charming and we hit it off right away. She looks just as muscular and hot like on her photos…you are in for a treat! I booked a wrestling session with as much physical overpowering as she can muster…and let’s just say for now that she didn’t disappoint! We started off with some armwrestling. She had an injury on her right arm so we only did left arms….she is right handed and so am I. How did it go? It was like trying to make a concrete wall move…she didn’t move one bit…we tried two times and both times I had absolutely no chance. She let me wiggle for a bit and then just took me down…it was awesome! So we moved on to wrestling…the room was a bit small for that and the bed even smaller. So it was hard to go all out and measure each other up. She tried to squeeze me to mush with her legs a few times…but let’s just say that I am a bit bigger than a watermelon 😝 She has an incredible pressure though…and she was competitive enough to try a bunch of times. We tussled a bit and once she had herself wrapped around me it was game over…I tried to outmuscle her arms but even my right arm couldn’t make her left one budge…my left arm was hopelessly overpowered too 😂 she is incredibly strong! Then I tried to use my legs to dominate her but…you guessed right…her legs were a lot stronger. I really tried to squeeze one of her legs to make her submit but she just squeezed back with an incredible ease that it was humbling…let’s just say I have never felt so physically safe with a woman…she is able to apply a pressure that just made me want to turn into butter 😂 It was great! The only regret I have is not booking 2h…but there is always next time. Enjoy!

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  • blkpntr0918
  • 8 days ago

My Review of Our 2nd Session this past August. It's long read! You've been warned! If ever there's a Mt. Rushmore the Women of Session Wrestling, it's hard to argue how this mythological gem of a woman doesn't belong, in my opinion of course. I'm only one mere witness in this young lady's storied career. She's been such an anchor for this industry for the last decade plus. Ms. Luna Fighter is known throughout the world over as "The Best!" That is not just me gushing over her even though I would assume all guilt if you charged me with absolutely no shame or guilt. That has just been the reputation she crafted with her art, mastered with her skill, maintained with her business acumen, and been promoted throughout this industry. This is an attempt to give a review of the glorious second encounter of my friend and the women wrestling phenom known as Luna Fighter. As I stated before, this review will attempt to do our experience justice, but whatever I say will fall short of the magic that was on full display on her part. You don't like long reads, just skip to the last paragraph... NOW! Alright now that I see that you have the attention span that can endure longer than a TikTok clip it time to give my endorsement (or review... whatever you want to call it). I stated before that this is my second meeting with Luna. She was also my first session and been the catalyst of my addiction... mm-hmmm I mean my hobby of sharing grips with these extraordinary women! They say that "you never forget your first." That statement couldn't ring truer with Luna. After our first encounter, I was blessed to be granted permission to check in on her from time to time and to do the same. When it got close for her to arrive for her U.S.A. Tour, she hit me up. I made sure I was properly prepared for her arrival (deposit, balance, outfit, grooming... the whole nine yards). Luna is easily one of the most responsive women I've come across here and in this niche period. No disrespect to all you wonderful ladies, I just know that fewer women put in more time in responding to bookings, content, reviews, etc. When we got together for the final confirmation of our date and time to meet, I knew that I had to be ready for fireworks. Truthfully, I have stumbled across the threshold over-preparedness. Finally, it was the night of our session. I certainly filled with butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to make the occasion special. However, I made an egregious and inexcusable error that will never be repeated with her or anyone else. I was two hours late for our session. I thought that ANY moment she would cancel on me and just say forget it because she had to travel to NYC the next day. She didn't. I arrived bearing gifts and profuse apologies. She forgave me and expressed that she was just grateful that I arrived. While I was glad and grateful that she still wanted to connect; I will NEVER make this error again. I can see that she was disappointed. She later told me that "I'm not upset that you we're late, I disappointed that our time together has to be cut short." Wow! That's when I knew that she was a real one! So, you want to know how she whooped my tail after I showed up two hours late. Well, I'll tell you... Right Now! There was only going to be a short period for me to warm-up. I had all maybe 4-5 Minutes and I would need all of it! We spoke for a little bit about how my training was going. I shared with her that I did move up a belt since our last session. She congratulated me on my success so far. She razzed me a little when she exclaimed, "Oh so you're going to make it harder for me huh?" I was like, 'oh no... the belt color doesn’t mean much especially when it comes to you!' Of course, without my training I would be absolutely CRUSHED! After sharing a few more pleasantries, we slapped five, bump fist and got right down to business. In our first session there was a brief feeling out period because we were unfamiliar, uninitiated strangers. This time we weren't. Luna went right on the attack! As I stated earlier, ALL of my training had to be implemented. Luna is known the world over for her Amazonian strength and explosive muscle; what goes understated is her vast knowledge of how to use both of those assets. It's honest why I admire her so much. She is a true martial arts and wrestling tactician. All those factors also produce a lot of pain! She put me in so many holds that I didn't think I was going to escape. I had no choice but to revert to a defensive game plan to withstand the onslaught! There were only a couple of times I had the advantage. In one of those times was when I was able to hold a scarf hold and isolated her right arm. I had to apply all the training I knew just to keep her right arm. Once the pressure was too much for her resist, I secured a foot and leg arm entanglement for the first submission. That is an Ashi-Guarami for my Judo folks. In her sportsmanship she gave me props for the execution of the hold. While she was saying "Well Done" I wasn't fooled for I know that she was preparing herself to tap into her next gear. I didn't have the room to gloat or talk trash because I knew once we finished our break, I had to be ready. After about another 10 minutes we began round two. I'll be much more accurate and call this round Luna's Revenge! LOL! Luna wanted to even the score badly and she was determined to make me submit. I was pressed, tossed, and smashed from every corner of the mat. There was a point that we just ended up in a ball of tangled limbs. A securely and expertly Luna taped the mats there were points that the mat just came apart due to the force of our battle. Finally, she secured a Guillotine choke and was determined that this was it! I thought I had the proper framing to defend the choke under my chin but that didn't matter. She was in the proper position to use defense against me and clamp her strength. It was decision time now. I was either going to "tap or nap." I gave her the much-deserved submission by tapping her left arm before collapsing on the mat. Our Warrior Queen raised her arms victorious before joining me on the floor. And there we were sweat-drenched, battle-worn, and in a rumbled heap two bodies in complete satisfaction and wonderment of what had occurred. Either of one of us could go another round. We mutually decided to end our combat in an amicable tie. Fortunately, we had some time left. We were done fighting, so we shared a warm, and intimate embrace complete with some muscle admiration on my end. Wow! Here is where I must end this story. The inevitable tragedy of all good things... they come to an end. When our time was up, I couldn't begin to think of a time I saw so happy being beaten to a pulp! This is the type of satisfaction that this mat warrior provides! This is the trademark of her business and her craft. Leaving you with the desire for more! She is top-notch in every regard in our special niche' culture. While I believe every woman who participates in this field is special. Luna just has a unique dynamite in her fireworks. I'm glad to have an esteemed place in her heart as a client. She'll always have a special place in my heart as a dynamo and superstar. I hope we continue to share a mutual bond and regard each other as the one of most valuable titles one person can share with another... "Friend." Luna Fighter has and will always have my highest recommendation! I don’t have a score, a bar, a rank for her because she truly beyond any of those mere "standards." What I have is an experience, an endorsement, and a story. Which is probably consistent across the board for anyone who has met her, wrestled her, and even just shared an ice cream cone with her. She is Extraordinary! Book her for being an extraordinary wrestler. However, respect her time and enjoy your session and you'll receive the gift of who she truly is... An Extraordinary Person and a Phenomenal Woman! So, join me in a figurative toast as I raise my glass to the One and Only Luna Fighter! She may stay on the mat as long as she wants because her Legacy is already established and will remain Forever!

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  • dman2kg1
  • 8 days ago

All i have to say is Wow. I have been in couple of sessions but when i Reached out to Mistress Mia, the game changed. My previous sessions were good, but My session with Mistress Mia was fucking awesome. Her professionalism was in point, and she brought her A game and beat my ass like i owed her money (which i did which makes it even funnier) . Im a boxing guy, and over 6 foot and she tore my ass up with a sparring session followed by a MMA session as well. Mistress Mia has hands of Stone and sweet as can be. I will definitely be sessioning with her again and the next time, i might get a little cardio in before that lol

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  • shortround99
  • 8 days ago

I had the pleasure of seeing Kristie for a very fun session after a number of years and she’s still amazing as ever, maybe more so, if that’s even possible. Her energy and enthusiasm was unmatched as she worked me over with numerous holds. We role played that we were pro wrestlers and I was the cocky newbie who thought that I could take her. (I was very wrong, lol) Her experience shows in her knowledge of a multitude of painful wrestling holds crushing and stretching me out every which way in hold after hold like camel clutches, boston crabs, bow and arrow, lotus locks, and also smothers and numerous scissors including her signature figure four reverse head scissors! We ended the session with her wrapping this poor little beat up jobber in her arms for some nice cuddles, so she can be sweet too (when she wants to) Definitely book her fellas you'll be in for a treat, she's the best!

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
02/22/202402/25/2024New YorkNew York
02/29/202403/02/2024San DiegoCalifornia
03/08/202403/11/2024New OrleansLouisiana
03/26/202403/29/2024DCDistrict of Columbia
04/18/202404/22/2024Los AngelesCalifornia

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03/07/202403/11/2024New York CityNew York
03/16/202403/18/2024WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
08/05/202408/12/2024St. PetersburgFlorida
08/13/202408/15/2024RaleighNorth Carolina

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  • derek85
  • 8 days ago

I had an amazing session with exotic goddess yesterday in Vancouver. She's very friendly, accommodating and openminded. She asked what I liked, I told I enjoy being squeezed and pinned, muscle worship, and she delivered big time. Her legs are very smooth, she informed me that's just how they are, no shaving required. Incredibly smooth I tell you. and damn she has a fantastic butt, lost count of how many times I kissed it lol. I compared my leg strength with hers ( abduction vs adduction) and she was clearly stronger. She allowed me to massage her muscles with oil which was divine and when I asked if she wanted to trample me she happily agreed. It was a great domination experience and I do plan on seeing her again soon. 10 stars for this goddess!

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03/13/202403/16/2024Las Vegas Nevada

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03/23/202403/25/2024District of Columbia
04/05/202404/07/2024CharlotteNorth Carolina

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