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  • jojo714
  • 9 days ago

I am a producer out of LA and when I found out Agatha Delicious was coming to town I quickly scurried to be able to shoot with her just on reputation and what I’d seen alone and I have to tell you she greatly exceeded the already high expectations I had. She is AMAZING as a performer so easy to work with and the way she’s able to incorporate her grappling skills into a scene so I can only imagine that it would translate even more into a session if you book her for that. In person she is goddess like, amazing physique and one of the most easygoing and honest people you’ll ever meet I felt like I’d known her for years. Afterwards we’d talked for about half an hour she was just so real. Agatha is not only a beautiful, amazing and skilled people in the industry but also a genuinely amazing person. If she’s in your town you absolutely have to book her. I can’t begin to explain the experience. I can’t wait to work with her again

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10/22/202310/27/2023Bucharest OTHER
12/31/202301/02/2024Amsterdam OTHER
09/09/202409/14/2024Dubai OTHER

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  • lora cross
  • 10 days ago

Sam and I have shot together 4 times and each and every time he’s been easy to schedule with, communicate with, shows up on time and can wrestle and act like no one else I’ve ever shot with. He’s the best male pro wrestler I’ve ever performed with and his stage presence and look is ideal for my clips. All of my clips with Sam hit my top 5 on my clipsforsale particularly the pro wrestling and oil wrestling matches we produce stay at #1 for weeks. Super professional, very attractive and extremely talented. You won’t be sorry if you book Sam Stout for any shoot or session :)

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  • missemilly 01
  • 10 days ago

Thank you my dear 💋hope to meet u very soon finally xx

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  • clark_kent
  • 10 days ago

Do you remember that early scene in Maverick Top Gun when he broke Mach 10 and after reentry needed a drink of water? That was like my session with Tatiana. I was cruising comfortably at about Mach 6 when she grabbed the controls and I held on for dear life. After reentry, she offered me the water and skipped merrily to yoga class. Regrets? I wish I had the energy to go with her to yoga. Recommendation? Commit, Suit up, and fly!

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10/06/202310/08/2023CharlotteNorth Carolina

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Hey I’m Zura, I’ve been modeling since 2016 and doing various sessions since 2021   PLEASE READ! – I do Not do sex work. Please keep questions professional. >Only email with serious inquiries if interested in booking! I wish I had time to just chat but my job requires me to reply to people all day – it’s stressful when I get messages like “Hi, how are you?” from dozens of people who just want to chat. Please respect my time! I would not have time to model, session, or anything else if I respond to chitchat all day. Keeping messages to the point allows me to still manage this myself without having to hire someone else to. I prefer this... ... Continue Reading

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Thank you for visiting my session page! I am new to Sessiongirls, but don’t you dare underestimate me. I am a fitness enthusiast who knows how to put her strong legs, thighs, and derriere to work. I am ready to give you the experience of a lifetime. The real question is if you’re ready to become one of my victims. Are you ready to feel my muscular thighs squeeze your frail body until you tap out? Are you prepared to submit to my seductive and commanding nature? I don’t think you are, but there’s only one way to prove it. I’m very open-minded, so don’t be shy about what you crave. Play with you later.... ... Continue Reading

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  • slippy
  • 11 days ago

J'ai eu la chance de faire une session avec Lady Queen cet été et ce fut un véritable plaisir. Elle ne regarde pas l'heure est très souriante et accessible et sait mettre à l'aise. Elle est agréable durant tout la séance à l'écoute et sait très bien ce qu'elle fait. Elle a beaucoup de force et a su faire toutes les prises que j'attendais. Je reviendrai la voir avec plaisir pour une nouvelle séance, une chance d'avoir des lutteuse aussi sérieuses et professionnelles en France!

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09/30/202310/01/2023New YorkNew York

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  • jeandebarragh
  • 11 days ago

I had a session with Ms Nika in her studio in London a few days ago and it was really great fun. Her location is in an industrial area, but the space she provides is large and very clean. After laying the mats down we basically got straight to the wrestling. Nika is a very willing opponent on the mats, who has great strength (especially in the legs), really good flexibility and she never seems to tire. We wrestled for the best part of 2 hrs and Nika was as strong at the end as she was at the beginning of the session. Apart from being a great, fun oppinent for either a semi or fully comp match, Nika is really interesting to talk to about her life and views on the world. She also has a delightful sense of humour and doesn't mind having a good bit of light-hearted banter and teasing with you. I would think that if you are an untrained opponent then Ms Nika would represent a big challenge in a wrestling match. I highly recommend seeing her and I hope to see her again in the near future.

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12/08/202312/10/2023Dussleforf OTHER

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03/04/202312/31/2023Nashville Tennessee
07/27/202309/30/2023St. louisMissouri
08/25/202309/30/2023manhattenNew York
08/25/202309/30/2023brooklynNew York
08/25/202309/30/2023new yorkNew York
08/25/202309/30/2023ProvidenceRhode Island
08/25/202309/30/2023ManchesterNew Hampshire
08/25/202309/30/2023RochesterNew York
08/25/202309/30/2023BuffaloNew York
08/25/202309/30/2023SyracuseNew York
08/25/202309/30/2023Tysons CornerMaryland
08/30/202309/30/2023WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
08/30/202309/30/2023Cherry hillNew Jersey
08/30/202309/30/2023New BrunswickNew Jersey
08/30/202309/30/2023Fort LeeNew Jersey
09/10/202309/20/2023South BendIndiana
09/10/202309/20/2023Des MoinesIowa
09/10/202309/20/2023Kansas CityKansas
09/10/202309/20/2023Fort SmithArkansas
10/09/202310/16/2023Las VegasNevada

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Goddess of muscles, you will get crazy seeing each one of them and the amazing definition. I’m a competitor and a trainer so I’m very busy if I can make time for you that needs to be worth it and I know I’m the best at this. I can pose like the goddess I am and I’m dominant by nature, you would love to worship my muscles for days because you won’t see nothing... ... Continue Reading

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11/05/202311/06/2023St LouisMissouri

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Hi guys you can call me Jackie, I’m  professional athlete, since my childhood, profi Rugby player, MMA, BJJ, SAMBO, JUDO, WEIGHTLIFTER, ACROBATICS, KICK-BOXING, BOXING, WRESTLING…I love activities and especially sport. I’m qualified in many disciplines. For more questions pls PM me. 🙂 I’m also able to... ... Continue Reading

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09/25/202309/26/2023Newark New Jersey
09/27/202309/29/2023Manhattan New York
10/09/202310/10/2023San Diego California
10/10/202310/11/2023Santa AnaCalifornia
10/11/202310/13/2023Los Angeles California
10/23/202310/24/2023Chicago Illinois
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