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Recieved/Replied a review : 06/07/2022 04:43:21 AM

  • roy760
  • 174 days ago

So I've never really participated in any type of fetish sessions before and I felt terrible having to reschedule after making an appointment. Luckily she was awesome and accomodating. I drove an hour and 40 minutes to see KK Qing yesterday for a ballbusting & trampling session. Never before experienced either and I was extremely nervous. I stayed up the night prior watching ballbusting and videos of guys getting hit in the nuts. I kept trying to talk myself into it saying if 90% of these guys can take it and survive I should be fine. I met her and my first impression was that she was absolutely gorgeous and she seemed like just a really cool/amazing person. She let me know she was going to kick me at 3 different levels and they were progressively going to get harder. and wow.... I'm glad there was padding on the floor because she FLOORED ME. this gorgeous woman definitely has some strong legs. She was telling me how it's worse when she is wearing heels or shoes and at that moment I couldn't even fathom the idea of it. I legitimately had to ask to switch it up because she literally was just perfect accuracy and there was definitely some strength in those legs. I'm not done having children yet so I had to save myself lol I wasn't sure what to expect from trampling. She is tall and mentioned how she was 200+lbs and I've never been walked on before so I wasn't sure how I was going to react... She literally got on me full weight. I was expecting her to just stand on me but she gave me the full floor treatment. she walked all over my torso and upper torso. she even started jumping on me. at one point she told me to put my head to the side. I wasn't sure exactly why but then she put her foot on my face/head and stood on top of it, and walked on and off it. driving home I kinda regretted being such a baby. I feel like I shoulda tried to take more or at least taken one full force kick with shoes. I don't like knowing that I didn't last as long as I wanted to but I'm convinced she is definitely capable of handling all levels. I came home sore, went to bed, and woke up feeling tenderized. If you want a gorgeous woman who has some strong legs busting your balls or if you ever want to feel like a human carpet. I'd say KK Qing is the way to go. I think the video is going up on some of her websites/pages so i'd suggest checking it out! I can assure you none of those groans, and whining was faked.

Updated profile: 06/15/2022 07:57:11 PM

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my page. I’m Goddess Yaya, superbly standing at 5’11 weighing 200 lbs. I workout 5x a week to keep little boys like you under my size 11 feet. I have had the pleasure of having good boys travel from all over the country to be overpowered by me, here in the Midwest. I can’t blame them, because having a glamorous Amazon like me throw you around the room with ease… is a once in a lifetime experience. I prefer you come visit me, if interested, because I will only travel under the right circumstances. Tribute is required for all sessions, whether online or real time. My tribute starts at 1,000 and increases depending on what kinks we engage in. I... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/06/2022 12:48:19 AM

  • davo1313
  • 176 days ago

I had my first ever double session with Calisa and Bella Luxx a few months back, and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience! Calisa was very personable and made me feel completely at ease right away. Despite being substantially larger than both of them, I was no match for them, and they both had me tapping out repeatedly throughout the hour long session! The whole experience from beginning to end was great, and I am definitely going to be looking out for the next time these two are around!

Updated profile: 11/25/2022 08:22:57 PM

BJJ Brown Belt/ 6x Master World Champion Limiting my sessions to ONLY submissive and respectful men willing to make a deposit (Deposit is REQUIRED ) Respectful, Sensual and Spiritual. Strong/Technical, dominant, playful, intellectual. Semi-competitive Submission holds Specialist, FaceSitting, Scissors and more. Love Submissive men that enjoy grappling and being controlled. Price: $300 an Hour . 2 hours : $500 Paypal/ Zelle / Venmo deposit required : $100. E-mail: [email protected] 35 minutes North of Downtown LA/LAX/Hollywood Serious Inquiries only. Honor, Respect, Privacy. Professional Mats in Room Email your Age, height, weight followed by a brief introduction to you and any... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/25/2022 07:01:50 PM

I’m the Goddess you’ve been searching for. I may seem good natured, but I’m just laughing at you. This voluptuous Goddess weighs in at a smashing 400 + pounds all wrapped up in My petite stature. This Goddess specializes in face sitting, smothering, lift & carry, and much more. Prepare to earn your reward, but if you are naughty I will deny you. I don’t put up with back talking and disrespect. I look forward to having you serve My needs or punishing you for not meeting them.    My sessions are strictly fetish non-nude, non-sexual. Sessions I do regularly are: Squashing Smothering Worship Feedism  (Needs to be discussed) Humiliation If you are... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/13/2022 08:25:43 PM

NY Born and raised D1 Athlete and Medical Student at your service.  Whether its foot play, fantasy or semi competitive,  I will definitely get your heart rate up 😉 I offer a variety of other sessions; I can be your Goddess, or your Mistress! I do all sorts of role play, including dominant role play sessions.  Whatever you are into please do not be shy to reach out; I dont do awkward and would love to know exactly the type of session you are looking for so it will be well worth your while! **Virtual Sessions will be available 3-4 days of the week.  Days will vary from week to week so make sure to email for availability!*** Other Specialties Foot worship (Clean or VERY Stinky... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 10/15/2022 07:25:50 PM

Dominant curvy Goddess with strong arms and even stronger legs. I LOVE wrestling. Of course, I love winning the most, but I do enjoy the feeling of being outmatched. I have always loved to grapple and hold and play around with my strength. I don’t have any formal wrestling training so I am always happy to learn some new moves! While I don’t mind being genuinely outmatched, I do not submit. I am always interested in a fair fight, even if that means I lose, but I am not open to acting submissive. I also love fantasy wrestling! Don’t even bother trying, just let me scissor hold your neck while you wiggle around!! I have lost a bit of mucle mass over the lengthy period... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/25/2022 12:25:21 AM

Предложение услуг: смешанный грэпплинг-смешанная борьба (соревновательная, полусоревновательная, фэнтези), бандаж,  удары по животу (односторонние), ножницы-ножницы- ножницы, боди-ножницы, армрестлинг, фейспиттинг, подъем и ношение (лимит не более 80 кг), топтание, прыжки, поклонение мышцам, ролевые игры, поклонение подмышкам, доминирование и унижение (порка, избиение, плевки в... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 06/02/2022 12:04:33 PM

  • soles_scream
  • 179 days ago

Shoot with Paisley this weekend and I'll have to say, other than seeing her photos and scanning her website, I didn't know that much about her. However, I loved her look, so I decided to book her for a multi talent shoot. This was a great decision as she smashed my expectations. Prebooking was stress free, she showed up on time and moved efficiently on set. We did some one-on-one scenes and multi talent scenes and she did a wonderful job at both. She is on my must rehire list, and I recommend her for shoots and sessions. I was very satisfied in booking her.

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/31/2022 10:59:04 PM

  • punchdrunk
  • 181 days ago

I was fortunate enough to see Muscle Doll a few years ago in Boston for a beat down session. She wore a pair of tight leather gloves, which I brought for her to wear, and she gave me a beating of a lifetime. I highly reccomend her to fulfill your deepest fantasy.

Updated profile: 11/24/2022 01:53:08 AM

Hey I’m Viper Max, and like a viper, I’m quick, perceptive, and at times… venomous! I have previously done boxing, but I now like all types of wrestling – from fantasy to competitive. Whether it’s a playful rumble with some good banter, or a competitive match that gets the heart pumping, I put my everything into it. I enjoy meeting new people and travelling while doing something that I love. I train hard at the gym, and wrestling only further brings out my inner warrior. Expect the... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 11/27/2022 12:20:56 PM

I am a lover of movement. I like to go fast and hard and I like to slow things down and breathe through the motion. I love to sweat and win. I am a certified yoga instructor who has this mysterious power side…..I dare you to challenge... ... Continue Reading

Recieved/Replied a review : 05/31/2022 03:59:01 PM

  • mick859
  • 181 days ago

I had a session with Gaia yesterday and it was an incredible experience! We met into an apartment in Bologna which she had equipped with mats and it was very easy to reach. First of all she is very gorgeous, from her magnetic eyes to her muscular upper body and legs, you can clearly see that she has a background in bodybuilding. I’m not a wrestler and I’m more into some kind of playful domination, and she gave me probably the best session I’ve ever had. She dominated me the whole time using her BJJ skills and her power always smiling and truly enjoying my useless struggles. I don’t give up easily and I like to try hard but there was simply nothing I could do against her. At some point she even told me what kind of holds she was going to use to make me tap and seconds after I had to submit exactly as she pictured it. I felt totally powerless! What I can say is that she is very skilled (and started BJJ only one year ago) and very strong, I’m not a big guy but she could easily lift and carry me in various ways. But the best thing for me is that she is very keen to hear your story and curious about the dynamics of domination and sessioning in general. I had a great time and obviously I hope to see her again soon! Mick Announcements

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