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The Hi!  I’m Mistress Diana I’m into all manner of fetish. From ball-busting to face sitting, I am a fem goddess offering sensual domination. Ready to... ... Continue Reading

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You may call me Queen Kelsey.  I am a feminine goddess who specializes in a variety of sensual domination. My personal favorites are foot worship, body worship, boot/shoe worship, trampling, face sitting, smothering, scissor holds, flogging, caning, paddling, spanking, role-play, and... ... Continue Reading

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  • motherfather456
  • 195 days ago

I had a session with Jenny over the weekend and it was absolutely amazing. It was an incredible experience and I could not have been more pleased. Jenny is super friendly to correspond with and is super easy to get everything set up. She is just as sweet in person, has a great sense of humor and is so easy to talk to. We had a body worship session mixed in with some roleplay and it was the most sensual experience I've ever had. Jenny has a body to die for and I could definitely tell she could kick anyone's ass if she wanted. If you see Jenny is traveling to your area, book her. If you are in Vegas, go see her. If those 2 are not an option, then sponsor her trip to come out. You will not regret it. Thank you again Jenny!

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  • rubin6789
  • 197 days ago

I've sessioned with Carla before and had the opportunity to do so again in London. Like before, it was easy to arrange and Carla was very responsive and communicated well. Carla herself is in amazing shape and looked stunning. She has a very warm personality which only enhances the experience. I really look forward to meeting again for another session

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  • fitnessphysique9
  • 197 days ago

Thank you Joe. It was nice to meet you again 🙏🙂❤️

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Big, powerful alpha female wrestler/dominatrix. International level powerlifter and strong woman competitor. I am superior to you in every way. I was born to dominate men physically and verbally. I offer a variety of sessions tailored to match your every desire. I can crush you between my huge thighs, curl you like a barbell or reduce you to tears, it is entirely up to you. A session with me will be a truly unforgettable experience. If you are interested in booking a session contact me by email. Serious inquiries only please and strictly no timewasters (I DON’T travel so, from now on any guys emailing to ask me that, will be classed as timewasters) I am based in Glasgow. If you... ... Continue Reading

Updated profile: 06/19/2024 10:48:11 PM

Jessy Jamessy is back for sessions! You knowed me some months ago and can’t wait to meet you again for a lot of fun together! I enjoyed propose you sessions (Muscle worksip, scissors, lift & carry, boxing, fantasy wrestling and more…). Nothing changed. Deposit is required. Thank you to respect this and ask to my serious to kind men I already sessionned with (cf comments). Can’t wait to read from you! Male and female more than welcome. On prep for another competition season. Any help or “muscle” sponsor welcome 🙂 (Need some prayers too for getting my US VISA. Thank you!)   Paypal : [email protected]   Je suis de retour sur ce site.... ... Continue Reading

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  • mrclem2020
  • 198 days ago

I sessioned withPrincess sophia a few months back and it was a lot of fun. She has great stamina and spunk. She is definitely fun to roll around with. Definitely recommend if you're travel to va. Also looks better in person than in the pics which is rare.

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  • blackbelt707
  • 198 days ago

oh wow, even my black belt in jiu-jitsu could not prevent me from seeing Gabi from this point of view, that is how each of our matches ended, with Gabi's fat rolls in my face...

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I enjoy traveling and doing sessions. I love meeting new people, Exploring giving them the best experience ever. I love to travel and also travel with my beautiful friend Pocahontas who I do doubles with as well.♥️   Contact me through email... ... Continue Reading

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  • joreyy10
  • 200 days ago

Did a session with Tyler Lynn in her last trip to Atlanta and man it was the best!!! She was drop dead stunning and she’s great at communicating and setting up, totally recommend her and would session again!

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  • ninja999
  • 201 days ago

This was a session to last a lifetime! Lana is without doubt the most powerful person I have ever come across. And if you're thinking of sessioning with her, just go ahead and book it. You will not be disappointed. The session was really easy to organise and Lana arranged the location. When we first met, I was amazed at how even more stunning Lana is in real life! We started the session off with some muscle worship and to say the muscles were rock hard would be an understatement! They were like concrete! Perfectly shaped and extremely powerful! We then started doing a lot of lifts, some of which defy belief including: - Piggyback where Lana walks around and does deep squats with me without any hint of struggle. Also doing a few donkey calf raises along the way. - a front piggyback (my favourite) where you feel so safe and secure in the arms of a powerful muscle mummy - a powerful cradle carry followed by throwing me onto the bed - at one stage Lana flexed her biceps and I proceed to put one hand on each bicep and lift myself up off the ground. Lana just smiles at me! - sitting on her powerful shoulders along with plenty of squats - a reverse shoulder ride where I sat on the front of Lana's shoulders (the view from this point of her back, glutes and legs is incredible) - legpress for multiple reps - benchpress for a single rep (although my fault for being too floppy) - an overhead press (yes, Lana pressed me over her head) for a single rep. Again my fault for being too floppy - three pushups with me lying on Lana's back. The first time Lana has done weighted pushups - fireman's carry and over one shoulder - lifting me with her right arm only - lifting me up under the armpits - deadlifting me and lifting me parallel to the ground entirely with the power in her arms! Intertwined with these lifts we did a number of strength challenges which will amaze you: - I had Lana in a wrestling pin with my arms holding down her arms to see if she could get out. Lana simply raised her arms and took me along for the ride. So I tried pinning her using both my arms against her right arm. With an ever so slight amount of effort, she once again raised her arms and took me along for the ride! Lana then pinned me and let's just say I was never going to escape! - we then did a challenge to see who could push the other one. And again I did not stand a chance against Lana. Using maybe 2% of her strength she was able to resist all my might! - and finally we did a reverse bearhug to see who could escape. As Lana wrapped her arms me, it was like escaping from a python. Could not even budge. At one stage I lifted my legs up and Lana just held me like a paperweight! And of course when I wrapped my arms around her, she escaped in a fraction of a second! This was a once in a lifetime experience. The power, the beauty, the passion, the openness, the muscle and the strength. And Lana is such a beautiful person inside, so caring and approachable. She deserves all the accolades that come her way! Thank you Lana for an experience I will never forget!

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  • texas09
  • 201 days ago

So I’ve had 2 lift and carry sessions with HardBodyBarbieX and all I can say is wow , she carried my 5’8 160lbs with complete ease , she carried me various ways and she did numerous squats with me when she carried me in a fireman’s carry, she’s is beautiful tall and strong, and is super nice and down to earth , she is very good on communication on setting up a session , I’d definitely recommend her to anyone for a session you won’t be disappointed :) 💪 Announcements

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